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    The BoD has determined that Friday night will be a night reserved for SNAIL racing which will include the SNAIL Invitational along with other forms of racing that don't necessarily have the need to run on a weekly basis.

    This night could also be used as a testing ground for potentially new series under the SNAIL umbrella. Basically, if someone wants to run a race on a Friday night, they can request an open date and run their race. It can be any type of racing or event. Some examples of previously used events that already have a structure in place would be Cat and Mouse, Oval Racing, and Index Racing.

    Here are the steps you must take in order to reserve a date for an event.

    1. You must have a concept in place. This means you need to have cars, tracks, and other rules and regulations figured out. You can't just say, "I want to have a multi-class race night" and expect to get a date.

    2. You must present your concept to the BoD for approval. (BoD members are as follows: @zer05ive @CoachMK21 @Rednose58 @MajorBlixem @JLBowler @nmcp1 @SAMHAIN85 )

    3. Once you have BoD approval, you should start a thread for your event. This thread will serve as the location from which you run your event so the first couple of posts should include rules and regulations along with space for a drivers list and anything else you may need to run your event. If you started with an "interest check thread" (see below), you may use that thread for your event.

    4. Once you have developed a roster of drivers, you need to reserve a date for your event. This can be done by asking the BoD for any open date. At this point, your concept already has BoD approval so any open date will, in all probability, be given to you.

    "Interest Check Threads" - Let's say that you have a basic idea and want some input from other members to flesh out the details. This would be the purpose for an interest check thread. If you want an interest check thread for an event that you are working on, you will need BoD approval. Simply start a conversation with the BoD (members listed above) and state your idea and that you would like an interest check thread. If approved, you may create your interest check thread. Once you have the foundation for an event, you may return to step one of the above process.

    This thread will remain locked to further replies. Posts for events will be added so all the rules and regulations for events are in one place.

    If you wish to sign up for any of these events, you will need to visit the dedicated thread (which will be linked from the schedule and the rules post in this thread) for that event and follow whatever process they have for registration. Usually that process involves posting in the thread and maybe selecting a car or a number.

    Anyone wanting to bring back a previously existing series as an event should check with the original owner of the series and ask their permission to use their idea. Many of these old series can be found in the SNAIL archive.
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    Calendar of Events

    2019 Calendar

    Jan. 11- SNAIL Invitational

    Jan. 18-

    Jan. 25- SNAIL vs. Lobanaro Lounge

    Feb. 1-

    Feb. 8-

    Feb. 15- SNAIL Invitational

    Feb. 22- SNAIL Index Racing

    Mar. 1-

    Mar. 8-

    Mar. 15- SNAIL Invitational

    Mar. 22-

    Mar. 29-

    Apr. 5-

    Apr. 12- SNAIL Invitational

    Apr. 19-

    Apr. 26- SNAIL Challenge

    May 3-

    May 10- SNAIL Invitational

    May 17-

    May 24-

    May 31-

    June 7-

    June 14- SNAIL Invitational

    June 21-

    June 28-

    July 5-

    July 12- SNAIL Invitational

    July 19-

    July 26-

    August 2-

    August 9- SNAIL Invitational

    August 16- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series - Presented by SNAIL

    August 23- SNAIL Challenge

    August 30-

    Sept. 6-

    Sept. 13- SNAIL Invitational

    Sept. 20- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series - Presented by SNAIL

    Sept. 27-

    Oct. 4-

    Oct. 11- SNAIL Invitational

    Oct. 18- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series - Presented by SNAIL

    Oct. 25-

    Nov. 1-

    Nov. 8- SNAIL Invitational

    Nov. 15- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series - Presented by SNAIL

    Nov. 22-

    Nov. 29-

    Dec. 6- SNAIL Invitational

    Dec. 13- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Series - Presented by SNAIL

    Dec. 20-

    Dec. 27-

    May 11 - SNAIL Invitational (April season)

    May 18 - Cat and Mouse hosted by @SAMHAIN85

    May 25 - No event

    June 1

    June 8

    June 15 - SNAIL Invitational (May Season)

    June 22 - SNAIL Survivor Series hosted by @SAMHAIN85

    June 29

    July 6

    July 13 - SNAIL Invitational (June Season)

    July 20 - Cat and Mouse hosted by @SAMHAIN85

    July 27

    August 3

    August 10 - SNAIL Invitational (July Season)

    August 17

    August 24 - SNAIL FIA Challenge hosted by @Neutty

    August 31

    September 7 - SNAIL Survivor Series hosted by @SAMHAIN85

    September 14 - SNAIL Invitational (August Season)

    September 21

    September 28

    October 5

    October 12 - SNAIL Invitational (September Season)

    October 19

    October 26

    November 2

    November 9 - SNAIL Invitational (October Season)

    November 16

    November 23

    November 30 - SNAIL Survivor Series #2 hosted by @SAMHAIN85

    December 7 - SNAIL Invitational (November Season)

    December 14 - SNAIL Challenge Hosted by @Neutty

    December 21

    December 28
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    Click here for Cat and Mouse Thread

    Cat & Mouse is a team format event and the rules are simple:

    A team consists of 1 Mouse and at least 1 Cat (depending on how many people we have)
    The Mouse is generally a low powered car while the Cat *usually* has much more power.
    The object is to get the Mouse on your team to finish the race 1st!

    Thats it? Sounds boring. Why should I join this?
    Because its EXTREMELY fun. This is an event where anything goes (to a degree) Crashing, blocking, cutting turns, driving defensively, better yet...driving like a complete d*ck. Its all part of the game. But there is a method to the madness and teamwork is required to win.

    What are the teams going to be?
    This will be decided once everyone has joined the lobby. We want everyone to have a fun night where the skill levels are balanced evenly. There are no points being kept. Teams will constantly change throughout the night. Our player pool will also be changing with different people leaving/joining as the night goes on.

    Can I drive dirty even if I'm the Mouse?
    Yes! If you're the Mouse its up to you to win for your team. Bob and weave your way to victory. The Cats on your team will try and help you win. And the opposing Cats will try and help you NOT win.

    What do I do if I'm the Cat? I just wreck other Mice?
    It depends. If the Mouse on your team is in last place, you're going to want to help him catch back up while also slowing down the other Mice ahead of you. Thats where teamwork comes into play. 1 Cat should go help your Mouse while the other Cat(s) go up front and wreck the other Mice.

    This sounds confusing. Multiple Cats and 1 Mouse make up a team? How am I supposed to know whos who?
    In the spirit of SNAIL all of the Mice will be in the same low hp car. The Cats will all be in the same mid-high hp car. Tuning prohibited. Each team will all be painted the same color - there will be no need to memorize who's on what team. Any car on track that isnt your team's color is your enemy. But more importantly, its the enemy Mice you're after.

    What happens if a Cat wins the race?
    It means you're doing it wrong. The cats are merely protectors/helpers for their Mice. The Mouse is who wins or loses for your team, not the Cats.

    And what are the rules? Anything goes?
    Yes - except: NO DRIVING BACKWARDS. You can use Reverse gear all you want - just drive in the correct direction

    Do I have to stay for the whole night? How long is this supposed to last?
    Absolutely not, stay for as long as you'd like. Depending on our turn out I'd guess we'll be on for at least 2 hours.

    Anything else I need to know about?
    If you wish to participate you must buy MULTIPLE Cats and Mice of the current "combo" and paint them BEFORE you join the Lobby. This means you'll have a total 3-5 Cats all painted appropriate colors, and 3-5 Mice all painted the appropriate colors.
    This way different teams can be organized on the fly - and you will be able to swap between your role of Cat and your role as Mouse while changing teams. No need for people to leave the lobby to go paint their cars and come back. We have wasted way too much time in the past doing that.
    So please take 5 minutes before you join and make sure you have everything bought and painted correctly. Please no custom liveries, only paint the car which is offered in Brand Central.

    Do I have to be an active member in SNAIL to participate?

    What if the Lobby is full and I cant get in?
    Be patient someone will eventually drop out. I will make sure to boot anyone that hasn't RSVP'd in this thread.

    Do you have a demo of what this looks like?
    This is from our last C&M event in January. I am a Cat on the Yellow team:

    And here is @zer05ive showing how its done as the Mouse

    How do I join?
    Post a message in here saying you're interested. I will try to get a confirmation list going the day before to get an idea how many people are showing up.

    What cars and tracks are we running?
    See below
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    Click here for Survivor Series thread

    Tenative Date:
    Friday June 22, 2018
    Lobby opens @9PM EST
    • A series of short sprint races where the last place finisher in each race is "knocked out".
    • We start the next race with everyone but the last place finisher from the previous race.
    • Once there are only 2 drivers left, the stage is set for an epic 1v1 match race/prize fight.
    • The races will be short enough where you wont get bored spectating if you get knocked out.
    • Everyone in the same cars, but with a BOP based on Division. The goal will be to have everyone be capable of running the same laptimes (ie. D3 guys run full hp, D2 less hp, D1 even less)
    • We can use a previously run SNAIL combo for our first go, since we have race data from it which will help with testing/de-tuning/figuring out who gets what HP.
    This is meant to be a fun yet competitive night of racing. A Last Man Standing/King of The Hill event. If theres enough interest we can start to look at combos and do some testing.

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    Our Friday night schedule has been updated to include the SNAIL Challenge on April 26.
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    The Friday night schedule has been updated to include the running of the SNAIL Challenge hosted by @Neutty on August 23rd.

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