Sony Reveals New PlayStation 5: Slimmer, Smaller, and With More Storage

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Seems to be an assumption based on this picture
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Price will be exactly the same as the existing model. Once stock of the original runs out it’ll just be this one on sale instead.

Still need to see if it’s louder now without some of the cooling from the big one, and if they’ve eliminated or reduced the coil whine.
Apparently the November 10th bundle with CoD is for the regular version, not the slim.

There's actually 2 bundles, one with the current PS5 version, one with the slim revision. Pot luck which one you get if you order online.

Retailers already discounting the old version:

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There's been slim revisions of every PS console since the very beginning, it was always a given there was going to be one.
In this particular case, the source for both Slim and Pro (Tom Henderson) mentioned that the Slim would have a detachable disk drive last year. On top of that, he's also leaked the PS Portal, Sony's Inzone lineup and the DualSense Edge, he definitely has a source on Sony's hardware side.

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