Special colour CAR codes

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    Forget about Panoz :D
    Now we can bring back every car we want (or part of it).I managed to hybrid in GTPSP.
    I m repeating i managed to find car parts codes.Now i can edit selected car (the one you race with, not favorites or another car in the garage).
    I made a example for Skyline engine the other parts are coming soon :)
    I will post all the data to hybridding section of this forums.

    Skyline R34 GTR M engine
    _C0 ENGINE
    _L0146B268 0x0000071C

    Now try this code and give me some feedback.All you have to do is select a car
    (non Skyline) for example i use Lupo gti :D .
    Its easy .Enter the code select the car.
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  2. lo2


    HELP! The codes don't work! I made sure a have the US version, cwcheat is working properly, and yet nothing happens when I insert the codes... :mad:

    What I do: I go to the main menu, turn the cheats on (engine, chassis and gearbox cheat at the same time), select the car from the car library, change the setting and go to the pre-race screen. When I race, nothing is happening, not even a sign the code is working!

    When I check the advanced vehicle settings, there is no change at all, where there must be 700hp is something...
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    GTCr@zyPSP (Banned)

    So this means that I can use ALL of the Special Color Cars, even the cars that were only for The Euro Copy, like the Rd Merc SLR?