Still no news about patch and British DLC for console

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
The patch had supposedly been submiited week's ago, but still there's no news about it, and virtually no communication from the devs.
Not really fair is it ?
I expect the DLC next week with the update landing Friday or Monday. I'm not basing that on any new info and it's purely a gut feeling. Could be indigestion though...
The GT4 cars, are going to be so good at Donington.

While I like Donington as a track, it’s a little too smooth in ACC. Not enough FFB for me unfortunately to really enjoy it. Oulton is amazing and Snetterton is my home track so naturally I love that. You’ll have an awesome time with the GT4’s at Oulton. Heck I even love the GT3’s at Oulton.
Good that it is on its way. I am not going to play it untill a next gen version is released. Current gen version does not run very smooth on my Series X.