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    Okay. Makes sense. After all, the whole idea of a "game" is "fun", huh?
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    Just an update to my last posted settings above:

    To make any of those "crazy" configurations (any of the ones I posted as graphics) more stable, just soften the front springs. I've actually been running the front springs at only 6 in all these configurations recently and loving it because I can brutalize the car a bit more :-) Even with the front springs at 6 it has less on-throttle understeer than almost any other car.
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    I've also been playing around with the Ford GT road car in Two Player Battle Mode (TPBM). Because the physics are different in TPBM, cars drive differently in that mode. Also, even if you "trick" the game into using your tire and nanny settings properly, it isn't smart enough to handle mixed-tire configurations, so you can't use my mixed-tire setups in TPBM.

    However, the Ford GT road car seems to one of the few cars which handles better in TPBM with mostly default settings. This seems to work well:

    Tires: R3 / R3
    Downforce: 30 / 50
    Suspension: Full Racing at default settings
    LSD: Default settings
    Brakes: Racing
    Brake balance: 5 / 7
    Nannies: 0/0/0

    Tune it to whatever HP you wish and have fun.

    If you try to use softer tires, you'll get the snap-oversteer issue if you throttle-off during a turn, so stick with R3s.
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    Here is something related to this thread.


    Essentially, if you turn on the "Active Steering" function the Ford GT instantly becomes a different car.

    I had this setting turned off except for the first couple of days I owned the wheel. Big mistake. Hours and hours of tuning the Ford GT to get it to stop spinning, when all I really needed to do was change one option. :banghead:

    Why doesn't turning this feature off make other cars go nuts too? :rolleyes:
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    Autocar have just published the details of their annual 'Britain's best drivers car' test and one of the cars included is the Ford GT. The following paragraph caught my eye:

    I have to say given my own experiences and opinion with the Ford GT in GT4, I just have to re-enforce my opinion that far from getting the GT wrong, PD have actually done a damn fine job on the car.


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    I'm much more inclined to agree with you now that I discovered that
    a single DFP setting was largely responsible for the handling woes. I've mentioned it above. I can't stress enough how much of a difference there is. It *is* interesting that some (major reputable) magazine reviews mention how nicely the Ford GT drifts and how easy it is to bring back in, and how others mention how it doesn't drift well at all. Maybe they were testing the car with different tires.
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    I agree with Scaff.
    The '05 is an update of the GT40. A no-frills car that is heavy for it's class, and has a high center-of-gravity. No driving aids of any kind, and it inherited a body with aerodynamic issues. The engine sound is wimpy, I have to keep an eye on my speedo. For all of that, it's a blast. I also discovered that if you put a brakes-controller on the '05 set rather low, don't need racing brakes, the high-speed pull goes away, but I still have to brake earlier than others. The rl car has anti-lock brakes...

    '05 Ford GT road car settings
    tires; S1/S1
    brakes: normal
    brake controller: 2/3
    stabilizers: 3/5
    no driving aids
    LSD: 25/38/26
    no ballast, weight at +7
    transmission: 1st/3.554, 2nd/2.269, 3rd/1.605, 4th/1.195, 5th/.936, 6th/.772, FD/3.36, auto13. The transmission is matched to performance data from a rl road test. It makes a difference.

    '04 Ford GTLM 'Ring settings
    No N/A tuning
    tires: R2/R2
    Springs: 12.0/13.2
    shockB: 7/8
    shockR: 8/9
    camber: 1.7/1.0
    no toe
    stab: 3/5
    transmission: as above
    no driving aids
    downforce: 25/42
    LSD: 25/38/26
    no ballast
    F/R: +7

    These settings are with a GT Force wheel/pedals, active steering is 'off', the cars feel pretty good. The line between Yahoo! and @^%$! is not very wide.
    I originally thought that it should have been a better car, but found that the car needed a better driver. Ford says: "Nothing between you and the road."(except anti-lock brakes)
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