The Assetto Corsa Photo Thread

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So a friend told me since I did a Vaillante, I had to do a Leader. Hence this :



I am in love with your skins. Are they currently seeing anybody? Do you think they'd be interested in a date with an American? :D Seriously, you make awesome liveries. 👍

Well... I remember using to regularly update my personal gallery on the GT6 photomode section long time ago. After starting college a year and a half ago my Play Station days ended and so on my photomode edits.
Last month though, I bought Assetto Corsa for PC, and oh boy, I couldn't resist snaping some pics. Don't know where else to post them. The first of more to come, I'm still taking the rust off :P

Very nice work! 👍 If this is your work with not much AC Photomode experience, I can't wait to see what you might have for us to drool over in the future.

That 2nd photo could be in Sports Illustrated 1983. The dirty noses of the cars bring life to the composition. There are many talented shooters in this community of ours, but many refuse to post anything but crisp, perfectly clean shots. Not that there's anything wrong with those photos, but experiment. Real life isn't perfectly clean. It's dirty. The sun is hitting #5 perfectly for this shot. Just lovely. Marlboro liveries are probably my favorite, if not they're in the Top 5 without question. :cheers:
What track is that? I don't recognize it.

That's Road Atlanta. My home track is represented by 2 mods, the one you find on Race Department (which is crap) and this one which is pretty good. "Road Atlanta 2009" is the name of the mod. I can send you the files if you're interested-I had to go pretty far to finally find this one.