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    hello all,

    thought id make a contribution to the forum.

    I love this game and have been trying to find my 4wheel soulmate. So ive been testing them and keeping a record of my performance. By the end of this I'll have my top 10 cars. I think this should help other people too, give you a vague idea of how good a car is before you spend all that hard earned cash on a car that turns out to be crap. so im gonna post my results up here since i havent seen anyone else doing this here.

    Note that driver, track, driving line and technique are constant. The only variables here are car tuning setups. which i dont mess with too much. I set downforce on max, car height on minimum and racing soft tyres. TRC =1, ABS = 1. All cars are moded to the max (i.e they cant get anymore difficult) If a car gives me a hard time, i make incremental changes in suspension/lsd (using default as a benchmark) whatever suits me best.

    If you want, you could do a lap around the same track with the same car and then compare our time.
    lets say you are 2 seconds faster than me in some car. you can assume youre 2 seconds faster on the other cars as well. makes sense to me. whether a car handles better or not is a matter of technique.

    I chose Deep forest raceway for the testing ground. This track has alot of nice quick corners. Need a car with good grip to get a good lap time. It doesnt have any looooong straights so top speed doesnt really matter here. (no shortcuts)

    Also included is all the power and weight info and ratio (After max modding) and ive added a personal rating in the end there as well. Its my opinion on how the car is overall, handling, acceleration, braking and how much i enjoyed it.
    1 = crap, 5 = ok, 10 = great, 15 = Amazing, 17 = super duper kick ass!


    Round 1: All Cars @ DeepForest. Longest straight: 0.779 Km

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------P-rating (1-10)
    ------Make----model------weight--hp---w/p ratio---deepforest-----Acc---Brk---Hndling--overall (fun)

    RACE CAR like performance (lap times < 1:10)

    1)--Redbull X1 S.Vettel----545--1557--0.34------0:35:965--------17---17----17---------17
    2)--Formula granturismo--550---920----0.58----0:50:011-------15---15-----15--------15 (wheel)
    4)--Ferrari ---F2010--------560--708---0.78------0:51:112--------14---16----16---------16
    5)--Formula granturismo--550---921----0.58-----0:54:565-------15---15-----15--------15 (DS3)
    6)--Nissan R89C RC'89----900--1043---0.85------1:00:453--------13---13-----12.5------13
    7)--Merc SauberC9 RC'89-893---983----0.83-----1:00:480--------13----13-----13-------13
    8)--Audi R8 race car'01---900----897----0.98-----1:00:492-------13----13------12.5-----13
    9)--Toyota---GT1 RC '99--900---929----0.95-----1:00:685--------13.5--12.5---12.5-----13
    11)-Toyota 7 RC'70--------620---933----0.65------1:00:842--------12-----14-----13-------13
    12)-BMW-----LMR RC------900---910----0.97------1:00:956--------12.5--12.5---13-------13
    13)-Peugeot 905 RC'92---750----852----0.85------1:00:965-------12-----13------14-------14
    14)-Mazda 787B RC'91----830---869----0.94------1:00:992--------12.5---13-----13-------13
    16)-Bentley--Speed 8-----900---859-----1.03-----1:01:300--------12----12---11.5------11.5
    17)-Audi R8 Oreca RC'05--950---910----1.02------1:01:457--------13---12-----12-------12
    20)-C60 hybride Judd'05--900---1015---0.87------1:01:626--------13---11-----11--------11
    21)-pescarolo Judd GV5---900----960---0.92------1:01:885--------12.5--12---12---------12
    23)-Peugeot--908 HDI----930----852----1.07------1:02:281-------12----12----12--------12
    24)-Nissan-R39 Gti RC'98-1000--890----1.10------1:02:439-------12----12-----11-------12
    25)-Suzuki Escudo DT'98- 800---1048---0.75------1:02:869-------11----10-----10-------10
    25)-Nissan GT-R R35 TC--1215--870----1.37------1:02:979--------9-----9------9--------10 new
    26)-Merc CLK-GTR RC'98-1000---858---1.14------1:03:235--------12-----12----10--------11
    27)-Chaparral 2J------------821---790----1.02-----1:03:353--------10----9-----11--------11
    28)-Audi-R10 Tdi RC'06----925----781---1.15------1:03:456-------11----11-----11-------11
    29)-Mclaren F1GTR RC'97-950----780---1.19------1:03:693--------9-----9-------9--------11
    30)-Zonda LM Race Car---1150---893---1.25------1:04:087--------10----10----10--------11
    30)-Nissan skyline R34 TC-1130---790---1.40------1:04:795-------8.5----9------9---------9 new
    31)-Oreca ViperGTSR RC--1150---833---1.35------1:05:287--------9-----9------8.5-------9
    33)-Ford GT LM test car---1165---708---1.62------1:05:468-------8-----10------9---------10
    34)-Gillet Vertigo RC'04---780----959----0.80-----1:05:857-------13------8------8---------8
    34)-Nissan skyline R33 TC-1115---711---1.54------1:05:923--------8------9-----9----------9 new
    35)-Ford GT LM race car---1140---786----1.42-----1:06:383--------9----9-------8---------8.5
    36)-Mazda RX-7 TC-------975-----642---1.49-----1:06:403--------8----9-------9----------9 new
    37)-Woodone Advan GTR-1100---694---1.55------1:06:681--------9----8--------8---------9
    38)-BMW---M3 GTR RC---1120---678---1.62------1:06:683--------9----10------10--------10
    39)-Nissan R390 Gti '98--1062---722----1.44------1:06:693--------9----9-------9---------10
    40)-Xanavi Nismo GT-R---1100---690---1.58------1:06:698--------9----10------10--------10
    41)-Xanavi nismo Z'06----1100---648---1.67------1:06:703--------9----10------10--------10
    42)-PetronasToms SC430-1100--676---1.60-------1:06:733--------9----9-------9----------8
    43)-Lambo Nomad Diablo-1200---859---1.37------1:06:760--------9----10-----10--------12
    44)-Merc CLK touring '00--1000--625---1.57-------1:06:769--------9-----9------10--------9
    45)-Epson NSX------------1150---706---1.60-------1:06:794--------9-----8-------8--------9
    46)-Calsonic GTR---------1100---697---1.55-------1:06:857--------9-----9------9---------9
    47)-Mazda RX7 LM -------1080---754---1.41-------1:06:894------8.5----8-------8---------8
    48)-Audi R8 LMS----------1300---726---1.76-------1:07:013------8.5---9--------9---------9.5
    49)-YellowHat GTR-------1100---693----1.55-------1:07:139------9------9-------8---------9
    50)-Denso Sard SC430---1100---643---1.68-------1:07:006-------8------9-------9---------8
    51)-FordGT LM,RCspec2--1130---749---1.48------1:07:262--------8-----10-----10--------10
    52)-Motul Autech GT-R----1130---705---1.57------1:07:292--------9-----10-----10--------9
    53)-Corvette---Z06 RM---1090---840---1.27------1:07:329--------9------9------9---------9
    54)-Camaro---SS'10 RM--1210---684---1.74------1:07:329--------8------9-----9----------9
    55)-NSX-R LM proto RC---1120--608----1.81------1:07:386-------8.5----8-----8.5--------9
    55)-Nissan skyline R32 TC-1145--664---1.70-------1:07:423-------8-----9-------9--------9 new
    55)-Jaguar XJ13 RC'66----998----679---1.44------1:07:433--------8-----8------8---------9
    56)-Chapparal 2D----------771----517---1.45------1:07:580--------8-----8.5---8.5--------9
    58)-Corvette ZR1 RM'09--1100--905----1.19------1:07:816--------9-----9------9---------10
    59)-Ford----Mark IV RC---1000--561----1.75------1:07:818--------8----8------8.5--------9
    60)-350Z concept LM RC--1120--584----1.89------1:07:879-------9----10-----10---------9.5
    61)-VW Nardo Concept----1290--829----1.53------1:07:942-------9-----9------9----------9.5
    62)-Nissan GT-R Schulze--1505--835----1.77-------1:07:997------8.5----9-----9---------9
    63)-YellowHat Supra------1090---615----1.74------1:08:094--------8-----9------9---------8
    64)-Bandai SC430----------1100---640---1.69-------1:08:131-------8-----9------9---------9
    65)-ABT Audi ttr TCar'02--1080---625----1.70------1:08:192--------8-----9------9---------9
    66)-VauxhallAstra Supertr-1000---631----1.56------1:08:212--------8-----8------8----------9
    66)-Ferrari-330P4 RC'67--792-----604----1.30------1:08:231--------8-----8-----8----------8
    67)-Raybrig NSX-----------1100---600----1.80------1:08:273--------8-----9-----9----------9
    67)-Mazda RX8 CnceptLM-1100---582-----1.86------1:08:327-------8-----9-----9----------9
    68)-Eunos SC430-----------1100---641----1.69------1:08:345--------9-----8-----8----------8
    69)-Jaguar XJ220 LM RC---1180---627----1.85------1:08:639--------7.5---9-----10--------10
    70)--Citroen GT Road Car--1450--768----1.85-----1:08:653---------8-----8------8----------9
    71)--Caddilac Cienconpt'02-1208--965----1.23-----1:08:699---------9-----8------8----------8
    72)--Citroen GT Race Car--1200---632---1.87------1:08:763--------8----9------10--------10
    73)--TVR-cerbera sp12'00-1020---1027--0.97------1:08:779-------13----7------7----------6
    73)--Ford RS200 rally-------980----534---1.80------1:08:831-------8.5----9------8.5------9
    74)--Tommy Kaira ZZII'00--910----743---1.20------1:08:996--------9-----7------6.5------8
    74)--Dodge challen srt8 tc-1285---644---1.57------1:09:053-------8-----7.5-----8--------8 new
    74)--Audi A4 Touring Car---1080---616---1.72-------1:09;065------7.5----9------9---------9
    75)--Ford falcon XR8-------1350----658---2.02------1:09:154-------7.5----9-----8.5--------9
    76)-Viper GTSR concept----1298---986----1.29------1:09:182-------9------8------8--------8
    76)-denso sard supra-------1100---567---1.90-------1:09:241-------8-----8-----8--------8
    77)--GTcitroën concept'08-1400---755---1.82------1:09:660---------9-----9-----9---------10
    78)--Au Cerumo Supra------1100---560---1.93------1:09:329--------7.5---8-----8---------8
    78)--Subaru impreza TC----1140---536----2.09-----1:09:545-------7-----9------9--------8 new
    79)--Nissan-GTR blk mask-1416---825---1.69------1:09:675--------8-----8------9--------9
    81)--Nissan gtr specV'09---1362---806---1.66------1:09:766--------8-----8------9--------9
    82)--RenaultMaxi TRally'85-905---486---1.83------1:09:894--------------------------------7
    82)--mitsulancer superrally-1230--478--2.53-------1:09:901-------8-----9-------9--------9
    83)--Viper SRT10'06-------1268---982---1.27------1:09:905--------9-----6------6--------7
    84)--Zonda-C12S 7.3'02---1240---923---1.32------1:09:952--------9-----7------7--------8

    ROAD CAR like performance (lap times > 1:10)

    85)-Nissan falken GT-R---1360--610----2.19------1:10:164-------8------8------8.5-------8.5
    87)-NSX-R LM proto road-1230---670----1.81------1:10:242-------7.5----9-----10---------9
    88)-Impreza Suprtouring-1030---528----1.92------1:10:307-------7------8------9---------8
    89)-Lister storm-----------1438---764----1.85------1:10:327------7.5---7.5-----8---------8
    90)-Lexus IS F RM'07----1185---719----1.62-------1:10:354-------8------8-----8----------8
    91)-Amuse-S2000 GTi---1120---610----1.84------1:10:638--------8-----10-----10---------9
    92)-Castrol Toms Supra--1100---567----1.90------1:10:654--------7-----8-------9---------8
    93)-Impreza Rally Car'03-1230--492----2.45------1:10:660---------------------------------9
    94)-VauxhallCalibra ST----1060---529----1.97------1:10:689--------7-----8------8----------9
    95)-Alfa 155 2.5 V6 TI----1010---512----1.94------1:10:746--------7-----8------8----------9
    96)-Tvr-Tuscan spd6 RM--885----560----1.55------1:10:867--------8-----8------8----------7
    97)-Ford GT40 RC---------998----551---1.78------1:10:892---------8-----7------6----------6
    98)--Focus RSWRC07'08-1230--460----2.63------1:10:899--------------------------------10
    99)--Focus Rally Car'99--1230--469----2.58-------1:10:920---------------------------------8
    101)-Lexus ISF Rconcept---1350---745----1.78-----1:10:993--------8-----8-------8----------8
    102)-Delta S4 Rally Car'85-890---487----1.80------1:11:056----------------------------------9
    103)-Viper-SRT10 ACR'08-1257---952----1.30------1:11:091--------9-----7------7----------8
    105)-Peugeot205 T16 rally-940---405----2.28------1:11:286-------7.5----8------8----------8
    105)-Corolla Rally Car'98-1230---445----2.72-----1:11:306---------------------------------10
    106)-Celica GT-4 Rally'95-1200---444----2.66-----1:11:343----------------------------------8
    106)-Opel Calibra Touring--1040---509----2.01-----1:11:548--------7-----8------8----------8.5
    107)-Wedssport IS350-----1150---498----2.27-----1:11:568--------8-----9------9----------9
    109)-Suzuki SX4 WRC'08--1230---463----2.61------1:11:613---------------------------------9
    110)-Mitsulancer evox TC--1115---545----2.01------1:11:736--------8-----9-----9----------9 new
    111)-Ferrari California'08--1321---652---1.99-------1:11:790-------7.5---8------8-----------8
    112)-Honda NSX typeR'02-1051---446----2.31------1:11:667--------7----8-------9----------9
    113)-206 Rally Car'99------1230---447----2.71------1:11:794---------------------------------8
    115)-Lotus Esprit V8'02----1144---696----1.61-------1:11:836-------8------7------8----------8
    117)-Vette Z06 C2 RC'63--1168---730-----1.57-----1:11:859--------8-----7-------7.5-------8.5
    118)-Amuse Carbon R34---1123---734----1.49------1:11:905--------7-----9-------8---------8
    119)-Dunlop ER34 Skyline--1252---594----2.07------1:11:950--------7-----8------9---------8
    120)-Merc190E2.5-16 tour- 980---481----2.00------1:12:008--------6.5----8------9---------8
    121)-Amuse 380RS SL-----1120---520----2.12------1:12:040--------7------8------9---------9
    122)-FT565 tturbo Audi TT-1338---714----1.84------1:12:054--------7.5---7.5----8----------7
    122)-BMW M3 GTR 03------1124---572----1.93------1:12:062-------7.5----8------9---------9
    125)-Citroen C4 WRC'08----1230---419---2.88------1:12:188---------------------------------9
    126)-Impreza WRC'08------1230---467----2.59------1:12:203---------------------------------8
    128)-Ferrari F430'06--------1208---659----1.80------1:12:240-------7.5---7.5---7.5---------7
    129)-Lancer EvoVIRally'99--1230--421----2.90------1:12:263---------------------------------9
    130)-Weddsport Celica'03--1050---411----2.51------1:12:359--------7-----8------9---------9
    131)-XSARA Rally Car'99----960---367----2.57-------1:12:383--------------------------------9
    132)-Altezza touring car----990----399----2.44------1:12:413-------7------8------8---------8
    135)-Impreza rally car'03---1230---492----2.45------1:12:489-------7-----8-------9---------8
    137)-Maserati Turismo S---1337----660----1.99-----1:12:643-------8------8-------8--------8
    138)-Ferrari---SP-1 (430)-- 1203---630----1.88-----1:12:659--------8-----8-------9---------8
    139)-Option Stream Z ------1267---847----1.47-----1:12:673--------7.5---6-------7---------6
    141)-Delta HF integrale'92--1120---411----2.68------1:12:677---------------------------------7
    142)-Alfa 8C competizione---1284---629----2.01-----1:12:754--------7.5---7------7.5-------7.5
    143)-Lancia--delta S4 rally----890---485----1.80-----1:12:780--------7-----7-------7.5-------7
    144)-Mitsu Lancer EvoIX RM-1080---512----2.08-----1:12:803--------7-----8-------8--------7.5
    144)-Lotus motorsport Elise--658----332----1.92-----1:12:824--------7-----8-------9--------8.5
    145)-Audi------R8 fsi'09-----1313---829----1.55-----1:12:834--------8.5----9------9--------9.5
    147)-Acura Nsx'91 RM-------1045--413-----2.49-----1:12:885--------7-----7.5------8-------8
    148)-Jeffgordon impala24---1565---824----1.87-----1:12:968--------7-----8-------7---------5
    148)-Aston vanquish 04------1384--639----2.13-----1:12:985--------7-----7.5-----8--------8
    149)-HKS-GenkiSilvia rs2'04-1130--575----1.93------1:12:992-------7------7-------7--------7
    151)-Merc SL55 Amg R230--1470---809----1.78------1:13:034-------7.5---7-------7---------7
    154)-Camaro Z28'69 RM----1085---548----1.95------1:13:415--------7.5---7.5----7.5-------8
    159)-Autobcs ArtaGraiya03-1125---362----3.05-------1:13:582-------5-----9------9---------9
    160)-Trial Celica SS-II'03-----970----400----3.38------1:13:692-------7-----8-------9--------8
    162)-Nissan Sylvia RM-------1000---456----2.14-------1:13:781-------7-----7------7---------7
    163)-Cusco Dunlop Impreza-1100---376----2.88-------1:13:789------7-----8------9----------8
    164)-Lambo Miura P400'67--872-----506---1.69--------1:13:820------7-----7-------7---------7
    165)-Callaway C12 vette----1233----714----1.70-------1:13:825-------7-----7------6---------6
    166)-Stratos Rally Car'77---880-----357----2.42------1:13:985--------------------------------6
    167)-Opera S2000----------920-----386---1.45-------1:14:085--------7-----9------9---------8
    169)-S2000 LM race car----1050----382---2.70-------1:14:118--------7-----9------9---------8
    171)-Mitsu HSR2concept'89-1022---630---1.59-------1:14:419--------7-----6-------6--------6
    171)-honda CRZ TC--------910-----327---2.74------1:14:446--------7------9------9--------9 new
    173)-Impreza 22B sti'98---1056----522---1.99------1:14:484---------7-----8------9---------8
    174)-HondaIntegraTypR RM-950----386---2.42------1:14:518---------7-----7.5----8---------7
    178)-Toyota 86GT'12-------1092----365---2.94-------1:14:942--------7-----8------9---------9 new
    178)-AC 427 S/C'66--------1101----750---1.44-------1:14:956--------7-----6------7---------6
    178)-Mugen S2000---------1056----431----2.41-------1:14:983--------7-----8----8.5-------8.5
    179)-Aston Martin DB9'06--1392----614---2.23-------1:14:995--------7-----8------8----------7
    180)-Mustang Transcammer-1470--706-----2.05-----1:15:021-------7-----6------6---------6
    184)-BMW Z4 Mcoupe'08---1240----443----2.76------1:15:241--------7-----8------8-------7
    185)-Amuse-S2000 R1'04--1120----433----2.54------1:15.358--------7-----8------8--------8
    186)-Spoon civic-------------820-----284----2.84------1:15:377--------7-----8------9-------9 new
    187)-Spyker-C8 lavioltte'01-910-----597----1.50------1:15:382--------7-----7------8--------7
    188)-Honda Civic TypeR RM--845----389----2.14------1:15:423--------7-----8------9--------8
    189)-Mazda roadster TC----795-----277---2.82-------1:15:591--------7-----8-------9--------8 new
    191)-Spoon--S2000 RC'00-1050----372----2.77--------1:15:643-------6-----8------8--------8
    193)-Citroen C4 WRC-------1239----419----2.89--------1:15:688-------6-----9-------9-------8
    193)-Mercedes SL500-------1358----557----2.40--------1:16:012-------7-----8-------8--------8
    196)-Lancia StratosRallycar--880-----355----2.44-------1:16:273-------6------8------8--------7
    197)-Honda-NSX typ-s0'97-1056----455----2.28--------1:16:354-------5-----6-------6--------5
    198)-Amemiya FD35 RX7---1240----442----2.76--------1:16:365-------5-----8-------8--------8
    200)-Art Morrison Vette-----1264-----641----1.94------1:16:592-------7-----6-------6---------7
    202)-Tommy Kiara zz-s'00--624-----305----2.01-------1:16:986--------6-----7-------7--------7
    203)-Caterham fireblade'02--369-----241----1.50-------1:17:114--------6-----7-------7--------7
    206)-BMW 320i touring'03--1140----355-----3.16-------1:17:535-------6-----8-------8--------7
    206)-TRD celica sports M----970-----320----2.98--------1:17:997------6.5----8-------8--------7
    207)-Mines---evo VI'00-----1210----446----2.67--------1:18:559-------5-----8-------9--------8
    208)-Merc EvoII 190E-------1115----360----3.05--------1:18:624-------5----8--------8--------7
    209)-VW Golf IV GTi RM-----980------315---3.05--------1:18:785------6-----8-------8--------6
    210)-Jaguar E-type coupe---1038----397----2.57--------1:18:968------6.5---7-------7--------8
    211)-Tesla Roadster---------1049-----269----3.83-------1:19:135------5-----7-------8--------6
    212)-Merc 300SL coupe '54-1077-----377---2.81---------1:19:374-----6-----7-------7--------8
    213)-Suzuki cappucino RM--590------133---4.36---------1:25:157------4-----8-------8--------5

    Best cars, imo:

    0-Redbull X1 Vettel (Taking this car to deepforest is madness)
    0-Ferrari F2007(Amazing. Perfect blend of speed and grip. If i had a choice, I would choose this one. easy to drive, FUN!)
    0-Ferrari F2010 (Just as great as the F2007. I think the F2007 corners better at high speeds and is a little bit more controllable/stable)
    1-formula turismo (Compared to the ferraris, its over powered, harder to control and less predictable)
    2-SLS (Great car. perfect first or second supercar buy)
    3-Vette ZR1 RM (best buy, RM is amazing as everyone knows)
    4-GTR specV (good grip, good acceleration, overall one of the best buys)
    5-Mclaren F1 (Must have)
    6-Scuderia (best handling ferrari road car)
    7-Zonda R (overall amazing car, pricey 2.6M but worth it)
    8-RUF ctr2 (I enjoy driving this RUF the most, Torque 50/50)
    9-Audi R8 (Great car! amazing grip, set torque 50/50)
    10-Ford GT LM spec 2 (Awesome handling, effortless driving, Prize car somewhere, i cant remember)
    11-Minolta (get it as a prize car in "like the wind", amazing car)
    12-RUF BTR'86 (great car, needs tweaks to make it handle right, FUN!)
    13-Amuse S2000 GTI Turbo (Must have! amazing car, GRIP!)
    16-Mazda Furai concept (doesnt get any better than this car. Get it as a prize in Bspec amateur roadster challenge)
    17-Ferrari italia 458 (great car, but scuderia is better)
    18-Jaguar XJ220 (suprisingly good grip. good overall car, slowish acceleration)
    19-Honda NSX-R prototype LM road car (Amazing car! amazing grip, will let you corner anything easy. Must have!)
    20-Lambo Nomad Diablo Gt1 (the best lambo in the game imo. great grip/easy to handle. Must have, i love mine)
    21-Impreza Super Touring car (really good grip, >500Hp)
    22-Autobacs ARTA Garaiya'03 (used store 250K. dont let the high w/p ratio fool you. GRIP!!! low power. suspension adjustments necessary)
    23-Lexus IS F RM (Dont get the LFA, get this one. Good overall car)
    25-GT by Citroen concept (its the batmobile! Fast and handles really well too. Pricey! Race Car version should be incredible)
    26-Nissan GTR concept LM race car (Better than the Vspec, used store)
    27-Merc 190E 2.5-16 evoII touring car'92 (great car! loved it in GT4. this is the "Sonar" tuned version. dont get the regular cheap one)
    28-Mclaren F1 GTR race car (Must have! amazing. lower HP than the regular modded F1 but handles a bit better. 3.5M used store)
    29-Jaguar XJ220 LM Race car (another great race car. really good grip. slow acceleration. 2M used store)
    30-TVR tuscan speed6 RM (good grip. very light. Best car for 300hp class. Will beat much more powerful cars.)
    31-Arta NSX'06 (really nice JGTC. great grip!)
    32-Wedssport Celica'03 (for a 400HP car she kicks some ass! cheap too. get it!)
    33-Team Oreca Viper GTSR RC (ofcourse, this is the best viper in the game. great grip, very responsive yet still feels like a viper. 1.9M)
    35-Tommy Kaira ZZII (Best car for the price. its like a junior mclaren F1 for < 100K. FAST! great deal! used store. MUST HAVE!)
    36-Nissan R39 GTi RC (great car! 2.9M used store)
    37-FTO supertouring (1M used store. This car is kick ass. I love it. Must buy! <500HP. great grip and very easy to drive)
    38-Lotus Elise 111R RM (great car, very responsive, easy to drive, great grip. best car in the 300hp range)
    39-Suzuki Escudo (Very fast and grips decent too. 2M used store)
    40-Mercedes CLK-GTR (Do i need to tell you this car kicks ass? 3.5M used store. gold prize car in AMG driving school)
    41-Mercedes Sauber C9 Race car (My fave LMP)
    42-Mazda 787B (awesome race car)
    43-Nissan R89C (another really nice race car. better than the R92CP imo)
    44-Audi R8 Team Oreca Race Car (great car, more power than the R10. Doesnt grip better though)
    45-Nissan R390 Road Car (for a road car, this has to be one of the best. brakes/handles better than the mclaren F1, imo)
    46-Castrol Toms Supra (great car)
    47-Xanavi Nismo GT-R (Great car, great grip. great acceleration. 950K new)
    48-Xanavi Nismo Z '06 (Great car, great grip. great acceleration. 950K new, high torque at low rpm, will out accelerate GT-Rs in lower gears)
    49-Highend performance G37 (good car, good grip. 200K new)
    50-Toyota GT1 Race Car '99 (Fastest LMP, Can reach speeds over 400 Km/hr without draft, good handling. 3M used)
    51-350Z concept LM race car (1M used store. really good car. less power than the nismo, but still a good car, great grip)
    52-Peugeot 908 (great car! solid handling, good acceleration. Well balanced LMP, very high torque at low rpm, still easy to drive)
    53-Corvette Z06 RM (best buy)
    54-Honda Civic Type R RM (very responsive, light feeling car. fun to drive)
    55-Camaro SS'10 RM (nice car. good buy)
    56-Cusco Dunlop Impreza (500K pricey, but worth it. Great car for <400Hp)
    57-Toyota Super Autobacs MR-S (great car, good competition for the Arta garaiya)
    58-Zonda LM Race car (better handling than the Zonda R. great car! and a bargain compared to the R. 1M used store)
    59-Impreza Rally Car (good drive. good handling. drives well on asphalt)
    60-Lambo Murcielago SV (the murch is a good addition to any garage. 4WD grips well. needs suspension tweaks)
    61-VW Nardo (Great car. fast and Grips well. I'd compare it to the R390 GTi. feels and is a bit heavier. but still a great car)
    62-BMW LMR (really nice LMP, will compete with the 787b)
    63-BMW M3 GTR (great overall race car, solid handling and performance)
    64-Jaguar XJR-9 (good race car, fast, stiff-ish steering response, handles well)
    65-Woodone Toms Supra (the fastest supra ive seen in the game. Can be modded to 700hp)
    66-Calsonic GT-R (One of the best JGTC GT-Rs)
    67-Takata Dome NSX (handles very well, very responsive)
    68-Yellow Hat GT-R (good handling, good car)
    69-Yellow Hat Supra (good supra to get, Toms supras handle better, but this one is faster)
    70-Nissan GTR Black mask (just as good as the specV, looks cooler)
    71-Autobacs ARTA garaiya'08 (GRIP!!!)
    72-Citroen GT Road Car (great car. Good buy. for 2M its a bargain compared to the Race car)
    73-Ford GT LM specII Test car (ofcourse its great, need to retest the white LM version again, should do better)
    74-Any castrol Toms Supra (need to test the '00 version again, can do better)
    75-Peugeot 905 (brilliant race car, if you see it, buy it. I loved it. low top speed. Will use it very often)
    76-Audi R8'01 (this ones better than the oreca, imo)
    77-Toyota 7 RC (this car has great cornering, was expecting it to be faster as its stats suggest. stats getting close to F1 cars, 930Hp, 620Kg)
    78-Amuse 380RS superleggra (great handling, very easy to drive)
    77-Honda NSX typeR'02 (really good car, handles awesome. one of the best <500Hp cars)
    78-Chapparal 2J- awesome handling. 3 gears. Will corner anything
    79-Altezza touring car (good car for <400hp. stiffish steering response)
    80-Ford Falcon XR8 (A bit heavy, but pretty easy to drive)
    81-Audi A4 Touring car (effortless driving. great car)
    82-Opel Calibra touring car (good car. 11000rpm handles well)
    83-Vauxhall Astra Super Touring (the only FR super touring car. more powerful than other ST cars aswell. Doesnt handle as well as the 4wds)
    84-Vauxhall Callibra Super Touring (12000rpm. Great car. good grip, easy to drive)
    85-Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 TI (12000rpm redline aswell. Good car, easy to drive)
    86-Audi R8 LMS (prize car. Nurburgring 4hr. Easy to drive, amazing cornering. Just a bit heavy 1300kg)
    87-lotus motorsport Elise (cheap and drives well. Great car for <350hp races)
    88-BMW M3 GTR (great car. corners very well)
    89-Mazda RX-8 LM (sturdy feeling, good cornering, easy to drive. slower than the RX7 LM)
    90-MAzda RX-7 LM (faster, more powerful and more responsive than the RX8, corners worse)
    91-Mitsubishi lancer super rally (wow, this car can corner anything. Awesome grip)
    92-Ford RS200 rally (the fastest rally car, good grip and handling to match)
    93-Viper GTSR concept (good car, 980 hp. not as good as the oreca viper race cars, but better than the dealership vipers)
    94-Honda NSX-R LM proto RC (good car, 600hp, drives easy, light and responsive steering. Kind of like the takata dome)
    95-Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze (very easy car to drive. Heavy >1500kg. Sticks to the road like glue)
    96-Spoon Civic (284hp 820kg, great performance for it's class. Very nimble and easy to drive)
    97-Toyota 86gt '12 (great car, well balanced drive)
    98-DLC car pack 1 touring cars (All these cars are really really easy to drive)
    99-Nissan Skyline R35 TC (this car is insanely fast around corners, and super easy to drive. The fastest GT-R in the game. unbelievable lap time 1:02ish)
    100-RX-7 TC (better handling than the RX-7 LM
    101-Mitsubishi lancer evo X TC (drives easy. slower lap time compared to the super rally which seems odd. Will test this car again. I mightve messed up somewhere)

    Decent cars/buys:

    0-Ferrari 330P4'67 (Dont spend 20million on it. get it as a trade or bday gift. handling enzo-like at times. Great car, crazy price to pay)
    0-Jaguar XJ13 Race car'66 (again get it as a trade or bday gift, its a great car. Grips and handles a little bit better than the ferrari P4, imo)
    1-Ford Mark IV Race car (I'll have to retest her alongside the jag and P4 to see which one handles better. laptime is pretty much the same)
    2-Chapparal 2D Race car (i really liked this car. lighter than the other classic race cars ive tested. handles well. the 3 gear aspect is cool)
    2-Ferrari enzo (great car, if not for the handling. scud or italia can kick its ass in corners)
    3-Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR'08 (Fast but lacks grip. overall nice to have lying around)
    4-Turismo skyline GTR (good car, not as good as the Vspec. still a good car)
    5-Spyker C8 (cool little dutch car, overall decent performance)
    6-RUF RGT'00 (not as much fun as the CTR2 or the BTR'86. its ok)
    7-Lambo Gallardo (good car, 4WD, suspension tweaks necessary)
    8-Ferrari F40 (fun to drive, needs tweaks)
    9-Ferrari 512bb (handling takes a little getting used to, after some tweaks its fun to drive)
    10-Mclaren Mp4 (good car, not great, not bad. good grip. F1 is MUCH better overall)
    11-Acura NSX RM (feels, performs better than other stock modded NSXs, ofcourse)
    12-Shelby series1 supercharged'03 (cool car, feels like a sub version of a viper)
    13-Countach 25th anniversary'88 (if your gonna modify a countach, do it on this one. under 100K in the used store, bspec prize car)
    14-Spoon S2000 (Nice!! get it! grips really well. amuse is better)
    15-Amuse S2000 R1 (GTI is much better, still a good car used store, 150K used store)
    16-Callaway corvette C12 (looks really nice, drives ok)
    18-Amuse Carbon R34'04 (I got mine at the usedstore.S2000 Gti is better,needed lots of adjustments for handling. good car)
    19-Ford GT'06 (Suspension tweaks necessary to make her handle better. Great road car)
    20-AemS2000 (all these tuning company S2000s are really good. great grip. slower than the amuse S2000 GTI)
    22-S2000 LM race car (Good car for the <400hp class)
    23-Aston Martin DB9 coupe (its an ok car. handles good. i prefer an italia /scuderia or SLS over it anyday)
    24-Zonda C12S 7.3 '02 (slightly less HP than the R version. more weight and handles worse. 1M used store)
    25-Suzuki GSR-4 superbike car (what a cool little cute car, it can beat older stock supercars! novelty item, used store, under 100K)
    27-Mines BN34 Skyline GTR (another great handling tuning company skyline. 200K new)
    28-Corvette Z06 C2 Race Car'63 (need to brake early with this car. Lacks grip but fun to drive)
    30-Cadillac Cien Concept 02 (prize car in Bspec. fast, and good handling)
    31-BMW 320i touring car (handles well, good car for the 350HP class)
    32-Impreza 22B (really nice impreza. Used store. cheap)
    33-Lexus IS Racing Concept (same lap time as the IS F RM. Dont have the RM anymore, so cant remember if its better or the same)
    34-Trial Celica SS-II (good car. tough decision between it and the Wedssport. good buy)
    35-FT565 Twin Turbo AUDI TT (Prize car, its ok)
    36-Camaro Z28 RM'69 (great car for a classic, good grip)
    37-Integra Type R touring car (75K used store. 11,000rpm, great handling and braking. slow acceleration. Good buy for the money)
    38-Opera S2000 (great car for the <400Hp class. lighter than the amuse GTi. Handles great, ofcourse)
    39-Nissan R92CP (One of the fastest LMPs. I prefer the R89C over it)
    40-Cusco Impreza'03 (Awesome! grips like glue! can corner anything. low power, slow acceleration. used store 150K i think)
    41-Wedssport Is350 (i really like anything from wedssport. Nice car, slightly slower than the ISF RM)
    42-Bentley Speed 8 (good car, responsive handling. >100 torque at low RPM. Redlines at just 6000)
    43-Raybrig NSX (handles well, is slower than the other NSXs)
    44-Yellow Hat Supra (Decent supra, Toms supras handle better, but this one is faster)
    45-Eunos SC430 (the only lexus JGTC i thought was enjoyable to drive)
    46-Any lexus JGTC (they are all easy to drive, i dont particularly like em)
    47-Citroen C4 WRC (wish it was a bit faster, handles great)
    48-Citroen GT race car (i love this car, but its not worth the money. The road car is just as good, but heavier. It corners and brakes better than the road car, ofcourse)
    49-Epson NSX (the fastest NSX JGTC. Handling/grip isnt as good as the ARTA or takata)
    50-Pescarolo courage C60 Peugeot (When buying a pescarolo, buy this one)
    51-Lotus Esprit V8 '02 (good road car, will compete with the italia/scuderia)
    52-Merc 300SL (while its not very fast, it is fun to drive)
    53-BMW Z4 coupe (not bad, ok car, agile)
    54-Maserati Turismo S (good car, good handling. a little bit slower than the ferraris)
    55-Ferrari California (you can get it for free as a prize car somewhere. Was expecting it to be crap, but its not bad at all. overall good ferrari)
    56-Lambo miura (great stats. 872Kg/506Hp. but tough to control. tail happy car. With the right tune and driver this car might be amazing. dont buy it, trade for it. Was going to put it in the "bad buys" but i think she might have potential)
    57-Ford GT40'69-This car is tough to drive. The back comes out easy much like the miura. Unpredictable. I'd put it in the bad buys, but I'm sure it has potential (like the miura)
    58-Lister Storm-good car if not for it's weight. 1438kg. requires more braking than it's competitors.
    59-Ford GT LM race car (pretty good car, it will spin out coming out of corners if not careful)
    60-Mugen S2000 (very nice road car. Easy to drive, good grip and handling)
    61-Jaguar Etype coupe (tail happy, but fun. Evenly matched with the merc 300sl)
    62-Aston Martin Vanquish (decent car. A little lighter, more powerful and a better buy than the DB-9)
    63--SLR mclaren (feels too heavy compared to the SLS, cornering isnt as good, I've grown to like it over time)
    64-mercedes SL500 (decent car, not very powerful. But drives easy for a road car)

    bad cars/buys:

    1-Jay Leno (Dont ever buy this from the used store, get it as a prize car in the american championship)
    4-veyron (use this car and be ready for highspeed wall scraping, prize car for the turismo championship)
    5-Saleen S7 (bad handling, nice novelty item)
    6-Ciezeta V16t (ok car, not really worth spending cash moding it)
    7-Jeff Gordon Impala#24 (forced to get a one for the nascar race, i dont like it)
    8-Shelby Cobra 427'66 (not worth moding at all. BAD braking. prize car in Bspec amateur muscle car)
    9-Lexus LFA (just feels inadequate in everyway, acceleration, grip. Handling is ok)
    11-Ferrari 599'06 (feels too heavy. handling not worthy of a ferrari, imo.)
    12-Option Stream Z (its a 850HP 350z. braking and handling isnt very good. fast acceleration)
    13-Mercedes 190E EvoII (the regular version. Underpowered. handling is great! cheap price, ok car. get touring car version)
    14-Ferrari SP-1 (a better looking Scuderia, with lower power and more weight. grips about the same. costs 1.5M. not worth it)
    15-TVR cerbera Speed 12 (veyron fans should dig this car. 1027HP/1020kg. Fast and a bit more controllable than a veyron)
    16-Gillet Vertigo (Fast beast of a car, just needs more grip, another car for veyron fans)
    17-Suzuki Cappucino RM (i dont know who buys this car in the game, or in real life. Its sloooow. good handling, i guess)
    18-C60 Hybride Judd RC'05 (has the worst handling/grip compared to the other LMPs ive tested. it has enough power though)
    19-Audi R10 TDI race car (slow compared to other LMPs. But does have good grip. Hardly worth the price. careful coming out of corners. Do yourself a favor and buy the 908)
    20-Art morrison vette (looks good, wont win you any races with similar stat cars, i didnt like it)
    21-Ford Mustang Transcammer (probably good for driving around in circles, not a good car for deepforest or turns)
    22-Tesla Roadster (that stupid george clooney owns one, enough said?)
    23-Lambo Murch LP640'09 (get the SV, this one isnt as good)
    24-Merc SL55 AMG (just weighs too much = more braking. SLR mclaren is a better buy)
    25-Ferrari F430 (no adjustable downforce on this car. she corners accordingly. scuderia is better anyday)
    26-Viper SRT10 (>900 Hp, fast! low grip. need to brake early to keep her in line)
    27-AC cars 427 S/C'66 (like the shelby cobra 427, weighs more and a little more powerful, hectic braking and cornering)

    Will test more.

    Keep driving


    I say:

    Grip is much more important than power on a track like this one. More grip results in less time braking: decreasing your lap times by alot.
    Amuse S2000, NSX-R prototype, Castrol Toms Supra are a good example.

    The more powerful and/or bulkier a car, the more unforgiving it becomes. vipers, lambos are a good example. Veyron an extreme example.
    you spend alot of time braking with these cars and that will definately increase your lap time. They can only make up time in acceleration and long top speed straights.


    Round 2: Sarthe LMP test results. Top Speed Straight 1.679 Km

    ------Model------------------Lap time-----Top speed--rating
    1)--Nissan R89C RC'89-----3:08:998-------385-------9.5
    2)--Merc SauberC9 RC'89--3:09:773-------384-------10
    4)--Toyota---GT1 RC '99----3:10:272-------402-------9.5
    5)--Audi R8 race car'01-----3:10:966--------391-------9.5
    7)--Mazda 787B RC'91------3:11:549-------378--------9.5
    8)--Audi R8 Oreca RC'05---3:11:846--------391-------9
    9)--Peugeot--908 HDI------3:12:334--------379-------9
    10)-Pescarolo Judd GV5----3:12:369--------387-------8.5
    11)-Pescarolo C60peugeot-3:12:899--------368-------9
    13)-Peugeot 905 RC'92-----3:13:161--------358-------10
    14)-C60 hybride Judd'05----3:13:546-------391--------7
    15)-Toyota 7 race car'70---3:14:397-------344--------8
    16)-Audi R10----------------3:14:842-------372-------7.5

    The best: Mercedes Sauber
    Fastest: Toyota GT one (highest top speed too)
    Slowest: Audi R10 (lowest top speed as well)
    Worst handling: C60 Hybride
    Best handling/grip: R89, Sauber, 787b, 908, R10, R8'01, 905, toyota 7
    Best overall: 908, sauber, 787b, Minolta, R89C, BMW LMR, R8'01, Pescarolo C60 peugeot
    Personal fave: Sauber, 787b, 905, R8'01
    Best sound: 787B

    1-The sauber is my favourite. period.
    2-The 908 is a great car. best buy for anyone. Easy to drive and handles really well.
    3-Toyota GT one- fastest and with great handling. very responsive. Great car. Can reach >400km/hr without draft!
    4-C60 hybride is the worst out of the bunch. Powerful but lacks in grip.
    5-Minolta: she actually gave me my fastest lap (3:08:454) but got disqualified in the end (chicane). Once you get used to her handling, she performs amazingly!
    6-Nissan R89C-I think shes better than the R92CP. grips better.
    7-Audi R10-not really worth it. Its got great grip/handling but she will get out accelerated by any of the above. Torque is way too high at too low an rpm for my taste.
    8-Audi R8-This is the Audi one should get. Faster, but grips a bit worse than the R10. but its nothing you cant get used to.
    9-Peugeot 905-brilliant car! amazing grip and handling. low top speed
    10- Audi R8'01-i feel this one is better than the oreca
    11-Pescarolo courage C60 peugeot-the best pescarolo, imo and overall good LMP


    Round 3: Race Car/LM/Touring Car @ Fuji Speedway F.

    Top speed straight length: 1.475 Km

    ------Make-----------------Lap Time----TopSpd--Rating
    1)-Nissan R390 Gti RC-----1:26:292----355----10
    2)-Merc CLK-GTR RC'98----1:27:561---350----9
    3)-Mclaren F1GTR RC'97---1:27:566---342-----8
    4)-Zonda LM Race Car-----1:27:995----335-----10
    5)-FordGT LM,RCspec2-----1:28:873----326-----9.5
    6)-Oreca ViperGTSR RC----1:29:095---330-----8.5
    7)-Lambo Nomad Diablo---1:29:436----335-----8
    10)-Xanavi Nismo GT-R-----1:31:906----312-----7.5
    11)-Jaguar XJ220 LM RC----1:32:197------308---7.5
    12)-Xanavi nismo Z'06------1:32:343----308-----7
    13)-Merc CLK touring '00---1:32:978----306----7.5
    14)-BMW----M3 GTR RC-----1:33:164-----307----8
    15)-ABT Audi ttr TCar'02----1:33:873------300---7
    16)-350Z concept LM RC----1:34:020-----309----7.5
    17)-NSX-R LM proto RD-----1:34:103------312----8
    19)-Impreza Suprtouring----1:35:129------296----7.5

    Best: Zonda LM, R390Gti, Ford GT LM spec II
    Worst: They are all pretty good. I personally didnt like the Audi TT. Mclaren gave me the hardest time.
    Best handling: Ford GT LM spec II, Zonda LM, GT-R concept LM, Xanavi GT-R
    Fastest: R390, CLK-GTR, Mclaren
    Slower: maybe Jaguar XJ220 (needs a hundred more kittens for her to compete with the viper. good grip)
    Best Grip: Ford GT, Zonda, Both GT-Rs,
    NSX vs GT-R: GT-R
    Best overall car: Ford GT LM spec II, Zonda LM

    I didnt think the FTO or Impreza would be able to keep up, but their lap time was surprising. just a second away from way more powerful touring cars. The impreza shouldve beaten the FTO but it didnt happen.


    Round 4: SuperGT (GT500) @ Tokyo R246

    1)--WoodoneToms Supra---1100-----703----1.54---1:29:991-------315--------8
    2)--Xanavi Nismo GT-R-----1100-----702----1.54---1:30:794-------306---------9
    3)--Calsonic GT-R-----------1100-----696----1.57---1:30:903-------307---------9
    4)--Epson NSX---------------1150-----702----1.61---1:30:914-------312---------7
    5)--Xanavi Nismo Z---------1100-----654----1.65---1:31:316-------302 ---------8
    6)--Motul autech GT-R------1130-----703----1.58---1:31:332-------306---------8
    7)--Yellowhat GT-R----------1100-----693----1.57---1:31:406-------306---------8
    8)--Takata NSX--------------1100-----621----1.74---1:31:410-------302---------9
    9)--Petronas toms SC430---1100-----676----1.60---1:31:475-------302---------8
    10)-Woodone GT-R----------1100-----694----1.57---1:31:493-------306---------7
    11)-Arta NSX-----------------1100-----640----1.69---1:31:556-------305---------8
    12)-Yellow Hat Supra--------1090-----612----1.75---1:31:779-------302---------8
    13)-Eunos SC430-------------1100-----639----1.69---1:31:897-------296---------9
    14)-Bandai SC430------------1100-----638----1.69---1:32:003-------297---------7
    15)-Denso SC430-------------1100-----641----1.69---1:32:185-------297---------7
    16)-Raybrig NSX--------------1100-----598----1.81---1:32:535-------298---------8
    17)-CastrolToms Supra'00---1100-----567-----1.90---1:32:683-------288--------9
    18)-Au cerumo Supra---------1100----560-----1.94---1:32:923-------289--------8
    19)-CastrolToms Supra'97----1150----534-----2.12---1:33:013-------283--------9

    (sorted by manufacturer)

    1)-Xanavi Nismo GT-R--1100----702----1.54---1:30:794-------306---------9
    2)-Calsonic GT-R--------1100----696----1.57---1:30:903-------307---------9
    3)-Xanavi Nismo Z-------1100---654----1.65---1:31:316-------302 ---------8
    4)-Motul autech GT-R---1130----703----1.58---1:31:332-------306---------8
    5)-Yellowhat GT-R-------1100----693----1.57--1:31:406--------306---------8
    6)-Woodone GT-R-------1100----694----1.57---1:31:493-------306---------7

    ALL Nissan JGTCs are overall solid cars (as expected)

    Fastest: Calsonic, Xanavi GT-R
    Slowest: Xanavi Z
    Best Handling: Calsonic, Xanavi GT-R, Xanavi Z
    Worst Handling: Woodone (comparatively)
    Personal Favourite: YellowHat, Xanavi GT-R, Xanavi Z
    Special Mention: the Xanavi Z will probably beat all of the above in a track like cote de azur. Very agile.

    1)--Epson NSX-------------1150---702----1.61---1:30:914-------312---------7
    2)--Takata NSX------------1100---621----1.74---1:31:410-------302---------9
    3)--Arta NSX---------------1100---640----1.69---1:31:556-------305----------8
    4)--Raybrig NSX-----------1100---598----1.81---1:32:535-------298---------8

    All NSXs are a little tougher to handle than GT-Rs. But are way more fun to drive.

    Fastest: Epson
    Slowest: Raybrig
    Best handling: Takata Dome, Arta
    Worst handling: Epson
    Personal Fave: Takata Dome, Arta

    1)-Petronas toms SC430-1100---676----1.60---1:31:475-------302---------8
    2)-Eunos SC430-----------1100---639----1.69---1:31:897-------296---------9
    3)-Bandai SC430----------1100---638----1.69---1:32:003-------297---------7
    4)-Denso SC430-----------1100---641----1.69---1:32:185-------297---------7

    ALL Lexus's are boring to me. They are easy to drive, very predictable, and dont feel very fast. They drive like they dont have any soul. except maybe the Eunos. All lexus's need atleast 100 to 200 more hamsters to make em exciting.

    Fastest: Petronas Toms
    Slowest: Bandai, Denso
    Best handling: They all handle easy.
    Personal Fave: Eunos, just because it handles slightly worse. Makes it a tiny bit enjoyable....(yawn)

    1)-WoodoneToms Supra--1100---703-----1.54----1:29:991-------315--------8
    2)-Yellow Hat Supra-------1090---612-----1.75----1:31:779-------302--------8
    3)-CastrolToms Supra'00-1100---567-----1.90---1:32:683-------288--------9
    4)-Au cerumo Supra------1100----560-----1.94---1:32:923-------289--------8
    5)-CastrolToms Supra'97-1150---534-----2.12---1:33:013-------283--------9

    All supras kick ass!

    Fastest: Woodone toms (fastest JGTC, with Fastest lap time, stats compare to GT-Rs)
    Slowest: Castrol toms'97
    Best handling: both Castrol Toms
    Worst handling: Woodone toms (because of its high Hp), Au cerumo
    Personal Fave: both Castrol toms, Woodone Toms (just because she beat everyone else)


    Round 5: Deep Forest Rally Car Tarmac Test. Top speed straight: 0.779km

    --------Model-------------------------------weight----Hp---Ratio----Lap Time----TopSpeed-----Rating
    1)--Ford RS200 rally-----------------------980-----534-----1.80----1:08:831----------------------10 4WD
    1)--Renault Maxi Turbo Rally'85-----------905-----486----1.83----1:09:894---------265----------7 MR
    2)--Mitsubishi lancer super rally-----------1230----478----2.53---1:09:901------------------------10 4WD
    2)--Subaru Impreza Rally Car'03---------1230----492----2.45-----1:10:660--------246----------9 4WD
    3)--Ford Focus RS WRC 07'08-------------1230----460----2.63----1:10:899---------253---------10 4WD
    4)--Ford Focus Rally Car'99---------------1230-----469----2.58----1:10:920---------255----------8 4WD
    5)--Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car'85----------890-----487----1.80-----1:11:056---------257----------9 4WD
    8)--Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 rally-----------940-----405-----2.28----1:11:286------------------------9 4WD
    6)--Toyota Corolla Rally Car'98----------1230-----445----2.72----1:11:306---------251----------10 4WD
    7)--Toyota Celica GT-4 Rally'95----------1200-----444----2.66----1:11:343---------253-----------8 4WD
    8)--Suzuki SX4 WRC'08-------------------1230-----463----2.61----1:11:613---------252-----------9 4WD
    9)--Peugeot 206 Rally Car'99-------------1230-----447----2.71----1:11:794---------249----------8 4WD
    10)-Citroen C4 WRC'08-------------------1230----419----2.88-----1:12:188---------250-----------9-4WD
    11)-Subaru Impreza WRC'08-------------1230----467----2.59-----1:12:203---------245-----------8 4WD
    12)-Mitsu Lancer Evo VI Rally'99---------1230-----421----2.90----1:12:263---------251-----------9 4WD
    13)-Citroen XSARA Rally Car'99----------960------367----2.57----1:12:383---------243-----------9 FF
    14)-Lancia Delta HF integrale'92---------1120-----411----2.68----1:12:677---------245-----------7 4WD
    15)-Lancia Stratos Rally Car'77-----------880-----357----2.42-----1:13:985--------247------------6 MR
    16)-Lancer GSR 1600RallyCar'74---------825-----253----3.20-----1:18:898--------225------------7 FR

    Fastest: Renault Maxi Turbo'85, RS200, super rally lancer.
    Slowest: Citroen XSARA, Delta HF integrale, Lancer GSR'74 (lowest Hp)
    Best Handling/Grip: Tough to decide, all the 4wd cars are great. Lancer super rally, corolla, focus
    Worst Handling/Grip:Both MRs, much tougher to handle (Maxi, Stratos)
    Personal Faves: Corolla, Focus WRC, Maxi, lancer super rally, rs200
    Dissapointing: Impreza WRC (impreza rally'03 is better)

    Rally cars are amazing on asphalt. Probably the best choice for <500Hp races. 4WD cars give very consistent performance and laptimes. All cars tested with a wheel.


    Round 6: Bombes Rally car test @ Eiger K trail 1

    1)--Ford RS200'85--------------3:46:906----9---------9------Doesnt feel out of control with its 428Hp
    2)--LancerEvo Super rally'03--3:49:545----7---------9------Only lacks power compared to the RS200
    3)--Ford Focus RS WRC'08-----3:50:424----7--------10-----Best looking car, imo. Great handling
    4)--Subaru Impreza Rally'03--3:51:163----7---------8------Very similar to super evo, just slower
    5)--Subaru Impreza WRC'08--3:52:237----7---------8------Premiums have great looks, right?
    6)--Lancer EVO IV rally'97-----3:53:605----7---------8-----Evos are all great. Love the way it handles
    7)--Suzuki SX4 WRC'08--------3:53:669----7---------9-----Amazing fun, a fast swift :D
    8)--Impreza rally proto'01-----3:53:849----6---------7-----Very similar to Impreza rally'03, just slower
    9)--205turbo16 EVO2 rally'86--3:54:406----10-------5-----Can feel out-of-control-like
    10)-Lancer Evo VI rally'99------3:54:704----5--------7-----Good handling, Lacks speed
    11)-Citroen C4 WRC'08---------3:55:302----5--------7-----Shouldve been faster, the champs car
    12)-Escort Rally car'98---------3:55:813----5---------8-----Great fun, feels great to drive
    13)-Corolla Rally car'98--------3:56:105----5---------7-----Good rally car
    14)-205 turbo 16 rally'85-------3:56:196----10-------3-----Terrible to drive, Super fast
    15)-Starion 4WD rally'84-------3:56:326----4--------8------Very easy to drive on dirt
    16)-Lancia Delta S4'85---------3:56:373----10-------3------Whoa, slow down!
    17)-peugeot 206 rally'99-------3:56:532----3--------5------Disappointingly slow
    18)-ImprezaWRXspecC RM'05-3:56:567----4--------4------Looks like a rally, belongs on tarmac
    19)-Ford focus Rally car'99-----3:56:963----4--------6-----Get the new one, would you?
    20)-Impreza Rally Car'99-------3:57:430----3-------5------Too slow, find another impreza
    21)-Delta HF integrale'92-------3:59:849----3-------3------Had high expectations, way too high
    22)-Celica GT-4 (ST185)'95----4:07:389----2--------4------For sunday drivers only

    based on ratings:

    Fastest: Delta S4, 205 turbo 16, 205 turbo 16 evo 2,
    Slowest: Celica GT4, Integrale, Impreza Rally'99, 206,
    Best Handling: Focus WRC, Evo Super rally, RS200
    Worst handling: Integrale, Delta S4, 205 turbo 16,
    Best overall: RS200, Lancer Super EVO, Focus WRC
    Personal Faves: RS200

    you can also access this test list in google excel:

    Thanks to Bombe for testing out all the rally cars on dirt.
    If this test has helped you in anyway, please show your appreciation by leaving a comment directed towards Bombe32

    All cars tested stock, Dirt tyres and w/o aids


    Some Car statistics

    There are 1089 cars in GT5

    441 FR
    220 FF
    210 4WD
    160 MR
    17 RR

    Highest PP cars in each category (stock PP)


    1-Gillet Vertigo Race car&#8217;04----------672
    2-Panoz Esperante GTR-1 RC&#8212;-------656
    3-TVR Cerbera Speed 12&#8217;00----------640
    4-Corvette C5-R (C5)&#8217;00-------------635
    5-Nissan Fairlady Z concept LM RC---634


    1-Citroen Xsara Rally car&#8217;99----------488
    2-Honda integra Type R touring------488
    3-Honda integra type R RM-----------465
    4-Trial Celica SS-II &#8217;03---------------464
    5-Honda Mugen Motul civic si RC------450


    1-Suzuki Escudo Dirt trial car&#8217;98-------734
    2-Bugatti Veyron 16.4-----------------638
    3-HKS CT230R&#8217;08----------------------609
    4-Mines BNR34 Skyline&#8217;06--------------592
    5-Tommy Kaira ZZII&#8217;00----------------583
    6-Lambo Aventador-------------------583

    MR (excluding F1)

    1-Toyota 7 Race car------------------737
    2-Toyota Minolta --------------------723
    3-Sauber Mercedes C9----------------722
    4-Pescarolo C60 Hybride--------------720
    5-Peugeot 905 RC--------------------719


    1-RUF yellowbird CTR-----------------518
    2-RUF RGT&#8217;00------------------------490
    3-RUF BTR&#8217;86------------------------489
    4-Alpine A110 1600S-----------------409
    5-DMC Delorean S2-------------------401


    Thanks to all the guys who've donated, lent or traded their cars to help make this list. You guys made making this list that much easier, and give me motivation to continue. cheers :):tup:


    Dont take my ratings and comments too seriously. The only way to find out whether a car is good for you is for you to test it out for yourself.
    My ratings/laptimes are a result of my own skill level, experience, personal preferences and bias. I try to be as objective as i can.
    If you do notice something that should not be, bring it to my attention and i'll look into it and hopefully resolve any mistakes/faults.

    I didnt create this thread to incite competition. If all you want to say/imply is that you are a better driver, dont bother, and please dont PM me with that sort of a comment. However, if you accompany this info with your tuning setup and tips etc, id be interested in checking it out. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.


    To get the most out of this game, you must get a Racing wheel. Your driving will improve and you'll enjoy yourself alot more. If u use a controller, youre really missing out. I recently got myself a G27 and it works great. Im enjoying the game more than ever.

    It will improve your laptimes. check out my FGT lap time in deepforest. there is one with the controller and one with the wheel. (5 second difference)


    Listening to jazz while racing will decrease your lap times by atleast 3 seconds! Tis the power of jazz!


    Do you play call of duty or any other fps games? Here's a tip on how to use gt5 to improve your aim. Btw I play on 10 sensitivity and my k/d ratio has increased from 0.9 to 1.5-3.0 since I started using GT to improve my game and I get at least 18 to 30 kills in TDM now. Highest tdm kills ever: 49. Highest K/D ratio: 44

    1-get yourself an X1
    2-change right analog stick to steering control
    3-R1 = acc, L1 = brake, set manual gears to whichever buttons you feel comfy
    4-turn on skid, driving line, abs= 1, trc = 1 or 2, no active steering or asm.
    5-load Suzuka east
    6-do x laps in 1st gear (no braking)
    7-do x laps in 2nd gear (no braking)
    8-continue until 4th gear (no braking)

    Racing line is very important, and so is smooth movements with steering. Try to drive exactly as the racing line suggests. This helps you train your thumbs sensitivity.

    9-try other tracks (they all help, Suzuka east is the best imo, i do nurburgring pretty often)

    After doing this for 1/2 hr or an hour a day or so for a several days, play cod, incrementally increase your sensitivity, and watch your aim and looking around movements become super precise. I know it helped me become a much better player. Hope it does the same for other COD fans. Kontrol freeks help immensely too.

    Last edited: Apr 26, 2012
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  2. storm8ring3r


    It's so funny you have the same nick! You need to test the Minolta race car!
  3. mini_roofer_S


    The SLS and mclaren f1 are two of my favs as well.
  4. stormbringer


    hah, i saw u here in the forums earlier, was thinking the same thing.
    I will be testing the minolta tomorrow.
  5. freshseth83

    freshseth83 (Banned)

    Looks like your list is road cars so far, you should keep it separate from Race Cars if you do happen to test them around the same track. There is no comparison to the times you can put up in the old Group C cars.
  6. No 787B?
  7. GT_Prologue5


    Very cool, but there's one car that will whoop every car there. Get your hands on a Mazda Furai. (B-Spec N-RA Roadster Event) The thing is unbelievable. Also wondering where the Ford GT and Nissan GT-R are, but I'll give it some time.
  8. Ozmondo


    Find it funny my 300bhp Lotus RM can lap faster than a 1200+bhp veyron.
  9. georgecat315fat


    What about a fully tuned Audi R8 V10? Mine has 890hp an weighs about 1250kg
  10. euros only

    euros only

    my veyron only has 1096 hp at the most :( what am i doing wrong?
  11. s15specr


    I agree :tup:
  12. s15specr


    Tried changing the oil?
  13. BAR-ZoNdA


    i have some cars id like to add to this list, im liking your idea hopefully my driving is accurate to your driving times. will post tonight.

    i agree with the SLS being a great car and the Veyron an absolute pig to drive.
  14. stormbringer


    I have yet to unlock the furai, will get it soon.
    Will test the GT, GTR, RUFs, JeffGordon today along with the formula turismo, minolta and others. Should be able to add 10 cars a day. dont have a 787b :(
  15. stormbringer


    will test the audi today.
  16. SWL


    :tup: Totally! What color did yours arrive in?
  17. stormbringer


    Added 14 more road cars. all with max specs. 2 RUFs, R8, GT, GTR etc

    Still have quite a few cars left. 3 more RUFs to test, Spyker, mustang Cobra, minolta, formula turismo to name a few.
  18. stormbringer


    Man, i loved the R8 after tuning. what a great car.
  19. Pedal-Force

    Pedal-Force Premium

    Your Zonda R is down on HP. The max is actually about 956.

    Another 80 hp might be the difference to get it on the top of the list. It's a really, really fast car. It also depends on the setup.

    I think the only cars faster are the Formula cars, the Group C cars, and the LMP cars.
  20. stormbringer


    Ill check it out and give it a redo.

    Faster lap time doesnt necessarily mean an enjoyable drive. The veyron is a good example. Im looking forward to seeing how the race cars compare with each other once i get em. its gonna be fun.
  21. stormbringer


    have started training "lil Shumacher", Ill get the furai by tomorrow.
    Added 2 X Ford GT, and 1 GT-R
  22. saidaouita


    Subaru Impreza 22B

    550 HP -Engine rebuilt and multiple oil changes.
    1055 kg -Max weight reduction
    420 ft/lb torque@5900 rpm

    My personal favorite.
  23. stormbringer


    Will test imprezas and evos soon
  24. Geedorah


    I'm a little higher on the 458 Italia than you are. What didn't you like about when driving? just curious.
  25. stormbringer


    The italia is a good car, i won alot of races with it. I didnt like its handling, grip and recovery, after i got the Scuderia. The scuderia is a overall better car to get, imo
    The italia does drive better than the enzo, ill give it that.
  26. gtone339


    New Zealand
    Test out the Peugeot 908 hdi fap lm race car. It has great speed and aerodynamics.
  27. stormbringer


    Man, i really want to test it asap. problem is ive been spending all my cash on roadcars and mods. Im pretty much at $0 at the moment. Have to do some serious farming.

    Am thinking about trading some of my cars for race cars.
    0ff the top of my head, I have a '53 corvette, Zonda C12s'00 and a RUF ctr2 up for trade.
    I have plenty more rare, collectible cars, will add a list later.
    If anyones interested, PM me.
  28. Gerner


    Im dissapointed, you should try the MINOLTA, i tried for my first time yesterday, and omg it drives super good.
  29. stormbringer


    I agree, The minolta is amazing. Im expecting it to give me a laptime atleast 4 to 5 seconds faster than the Ford GT LM.

    I will test it as soon as i get more race cars to compare it against .
  30. Geedorah


    Strom have/are you planning to try the Lexus LFA? I just like getting other opinions on cars because sometimes some different perspective can shed new light.