The Crew® 2 Photo Mode Thread

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Doubt anyone else went for this as a drift car yet ...or for that matter the first vehicle bought in general, the 4C from Closed Beta comes later



And some of traffic-car pictures that I've taken back during the Closed Beta, featuring my favourite two vehicles respectively, the Daewoo Fiesta sedan(s)

And the Daewoo Crown Victoria

...That's the exact same headlight texture
And yes that's seriously the Daewoo badge
Overall a pretty impressive photo mode with all the options available. The best new one for me is the ability to rewind the frames back i.e if a tree or lamp post is in the way, also great to see time of day back but with 30m intervals this time. I hope they add post processing to remove some jaggies on the final press of the button but otherwise looking forward to working my way around the map 👍

For those who like the power boats, get on out into the Atlantic or Pacific - hell, even the Gulf of Mexico has some pretty decent waves to bounce off. Not too impressed with the trial bike so far, but I've not upgraded it much yet - the rest are fun but I've still not taken any street races on.
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180621233504_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180621235238_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180621235547_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622000257_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622000554_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622001446_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622002515_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622010939_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622014422_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622131106_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622131906_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622134509_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622134823_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622135423_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622135809_.png
I've missed having cockpit view available in photo mode a few times. It worked in TC1 - where you could clip the camera through the car - but not here unfortunately.
Last batch from me from the beta. Currently contemplating buying the gold version for those sweet three days early start (I think there might be a few other bonuses too :P).

The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624222305_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180623235130_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624003241_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624223558_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624224849_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624235641_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180625001722_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180625005740_.png
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180625010148_.png

Oh, and max altitude on planes - and bikes :) - appears to be 4.5 km.
Open beta photos!

The more photos I took, the more I led myself to think that this is one of the most compelling photomodes I've seen in a racing game. So I ended up taking more of them than I did during the closed beta.

EDIT: I'll just post the images directly, as the embed isn't really working right now.
The Crew® 2 Beta_20180621141042_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180621203856_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622133707_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622134102_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622140626_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622142907_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180622162042_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180623171539_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180623172024_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624114938_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624120151_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624120452_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624121716_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624124714_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624151158_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624151543_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624151846_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624152041_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624152621_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624152918_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624154031_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624154216_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624154840_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624155147_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624155850_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624160609_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624181010_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624181258_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624200028_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624200653_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624201202_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624201758_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624202047_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624202720_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624204231_.png The Crew® 2 Beta_20180624204523_.png
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So I had fun....

My beastly ND (changed the color from Soul Red to Arctic White):

Of course this was the first thing I grinded credits for:

Obligatory "Of course you bought that." for people that know me:

Why didn't I use noise here? The color banding is just...ugh.

I couldn't resist:

The finale (I wanted the AMG GT but didn't feel like grinding with so little time left, so I settled for its predecessor):

I only messed around a little with the photo mode, heres a few i took


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