The GT5 Matrix - Complete Guide with Credits/XP Spec 2 ver 3.5

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    Do you notice how hard it can be to find all the info you need, when it comes to GT5?

    - Master car list?
    - Credit grinding guide?
    - Event list and reward cars?
    - XP (Experience) levels?
    - Trophy list?
    - For both A-spec and B-spec?

    Well, wonder no more, as I have created the ultimate in guides. The one guide to rule them all. I call it The GT5 Matrix... mainly because the main page is a matrix of credit/xp formulas for all the events. With the help of some of the various lists and guides scattered around the web (credit is given in my file, on a separate tab), I've put everything in one.

    Here is a sample screenshot of the file (from ver 1.0). The download link is below. If you have problems downloading, please try a different browser, as there are some known issues using Internet Explorer.



    This was designed with Excel 2002. For those without excel, you can get a free viewer from Microsoft here:
    OpenOffice will also read the file properly.

    Update Spec 2 v3.5

    I've added the latest seasonals. I've decided that the addition of the Performance Adjustment warranted an update. The file now has an extra tab for the calculation of this adjustment. You can enter the event info, car PP, etc and it will tell you how many credits/XP you will receive. Conversely, you can enter the desired credit amounts to figure out what PP car you need. For a quick reference, for every PP below the event amount your car is, you will receive 11,986 credits and 1,247 XP.

    Update Spec 2 v3.4

    I've added the latest seasonals. With the disappearance of the thread stickies, I'm not sure this file will get much more views, and therefore may not be worth it to keep updated any more. I'll see how it goes in the future, but there's a possibility this is the last update.

    Update Spec 2 v3.1, 3.2, 3.3

    Added the latest seasonal, and begrudgingly removed the expert B-spec seasonal, which is no more. Note that the A-spec challenge #4, Nurburgring, is now the king of grinding, netting 150k credits/minute, and 30k XP/minute.

    Update Spec 2 v3.0

    Added some new DLC cars, and the latest seasonals. Note that there are now 2 versions of the Jaguar XJR-LM Race Car '88; the regular standard version, and a new premium DLC one. Also note that the 3rd race in the new A-spec seasonal will net you nearly as many credits/min as the hard B-spec race, however the B-spec race is still the king for xp grinding.

    Update Spec 2 v2.1

    No big changes; Just the latest seasonal

    Major Update Spec 2 version 2.0

    It's a new year, and that means some changes. Version 2 now has the new seasonals (and old ones removed), as well as an updated car list. Note that if you can complete the two Online Expert B-spec races, you will get an astonishing 10 million credits, and 1.7 million XP, for just over an hour's work.

    Update Spec 2 v1.2

    No big changes in almost a month; Just the latest seasonals

    Major Update Spec 2 version 1.1

    Spec 2.0 is out, meaning a re-design of the Matrix. I've added the new cars, gear, and seasonals, as well as adjusting all the credit and xp amounts. Be aware that the amounts are assuming a maximum 2x multiplier (you log in 5 days straight). Version 1.1 has the X2010 separated into 3 cars, and I've also added in the missing seasonal information.

    Update 5.1-5.4

    I've added a few things; probably warrants a bigger revision number, but oh well. I now have tabs for the gear, museum cards, tickets, special paints and horns, and have updated a couple of items, including the newest seasonal events.

    Major Update 5.0

    After a nice vacation overseas, I'm back to updating The Matrix! In the car list, I've added a column with the car class. The car class has also been added to the car summary. There were also a couple of small updates to the car info. Finally, I've added a new tab for the current seasonal events, including the XP and credits received.

    As of this writing, the La Festa Cavallino seasonal event, Circuit de la Sarthe race is the best for grinding credits. a 3.5 minute race will net you a half million credits, and nearly 50,000 XP. The new Tokyo Bay track in the World Compact seasonal comes close as well.

    Update 4.7

    A small-ish update that I wanted to get out there: I've added the PP (Performance Points) for most the cars, thanks to I've also added a sort column to the end, that coincides with the car order at, so that it will be easier to add items in the future.

    Update 4.6

    After a long delay, due to laziness, I've finally uploaded an updated Matrix. I've now personally acquired all the cars I can, and the ongoing psn issues mean that I haven't focused my attention on the Matrix. That said, here is the latest version, with the added extra cars, and the other odd tweak here and there. Note that I have not yet updated the google docs file, or pdf.

    Major Update 4.5

    All new credit and XP amounts have now been entered, effective from patch 1.6. I have also added some items to the car list and summary, including a 0-mile column to tick, and a list of the "untradeable" cars, since patch 1.7. I've also added longest straight, elevation change, and number of corners to the track list. Finally, I've also added tick boxes to the trophies list. New links below.

    Major Update 4.1

    Thanks to patch 1.06, all credits were set back to pre-1.05 levels. XP has been increased. I/we are still currently collecting all the new amounts, however it was high time I updated the Matrix and make it available. Please note that the red amounts in the matrix are the NEW amounts, while the black amounts are those from patch 1.05 and still need to be re-entered.

    I have also tweaked the car list and car summary. There is now a "rarity" ranking (thanks to, and a price summary. You will find a new download link and google docs link below. I will retain version 3.5, for comparison's sake.

    Update: Ver 3.5
    Some events have been properly updated, the car summary page has been expanded to list categories by make and year, and shows how many of each you own, and have yet to acquire. The main car list has been slightly reformatted, prices updated, and 2 new columns for average repair costs added. This list shows my current garage, but feel free to delete my checklist and add your own (enter the number of each car you own in column C, for the summary page to work properly)

    Major Update 3.0

    Added nearly all car data, thanks to MiseryStreak. This includes prices, HP, and levels at which they are available. I've also tweaked the layout to include the events for which the cars are available to be won, and created a combined column for New, Used, RM, DLC, and others. Lastly, I've created another page/tab which gives a total count of all cars, broken down by country, levels, premium, etc.

    Major Update 2.0

    The Matrix is complete!

    All Experience (XP) and Credits for every race have been entered. The best races for grinding have been highlighted in purple.


    Grinding any time before Professional (level 11) is not worthwhile, and therefore no races have been highlighted. If you want to grind the earlier levels for some reason, just look at the matrix for the best one. For the ones below, use whichever is available to your level


    Level 11 Supercar Festival, Daytona track
    Level 17 Turbo Challenge, High Speed Ring
    Level 19 Polyphony Digital Cup, Championship (3 races)
    Level 21 Like The Wind, Indy Speedway
    Level 23 American Championship, Indy Speedway
    Level 28+ Endurance (use for XP only, and whichever is available to your level)

    Summary: use the level 23 race for farming credits, and the level 21 NASCAR for XP, until level 28 endurance is open


    Level 11 Supercar Festival, Daytona track
    Level 18 Japanese Championship, Championship (5 races)
    Level 19 Polyphony Digital Cup, Championship (3 races)
    Level 21 Like The Wind, Indy Speedway
    Level 23 American Championship, Laguna Seca
    Level 24 Dream Car Championship, Championship (5 races)
    Level 28+ Endurance (use for XP only, and whichever is available to your level)

    Summary: Always use the level 24 race for farming credits, and level 28 endurance for XP, once it opens

    ***NOTE: The B-spec level 24 race will net you almost a million credits in 5 races, which is the best option for car shopping


    All tabs of the workbook have been set up for printing, however there are a couple of notes:

    - The matrix is best printed in colour, to see the divisions more clearly
    - To print the main matrix, print A-spec and B-spec separately (each one can be hidden temporarily from view)
    - It is best to keep the levels under 20 in the "XP Levels" hidden. They are not very helpful anyway
    - The car list now has an area for ticking off cars you have. The list is 14 pages long, when printed
    - Remember that some of the trophies are hidden, and should be unhidden if you want to print them

    Thanks again to everyone who has provided information for this file. Now I can rest :)

    Remember if you have any info to help (especially with the car list), then feel free to post here, and I will update it when I get a chance.

    Update: Ver 1.4
    Car info added/revised
    Update: Ver 1.3
    All lap times and credit amounts entered. Best races for credit grinding highlighted in purple.
    Update: Ver 1.2
    More credit/xp amounts added/verified. Separated RM cars so the list is a total of 1045 cars.
    Update: Ver 1.1
    Now includes trophy list. Added/changed some credit/xp amounts.

    For those unable to download or work with the file, here is a PDF version:
    PDF Version 4.5 - 26 pages

    I've also managed to create a google docs file. To view it, click here:
    GT5 Matrix v5.2 via Google Docs
    GT5 Matrix Spec 2 v3.0 via Google Docs

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    you could upload it to google, and use the spreadsheet tool in google, or install openoffice
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    There is a Free Excel viewer from microsoft. You can open the files but not alter or save anything!
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    Heh, I like :D

    Point of interest - some of your data is pre-v1.05 and some post-v1.05. It may be worth demarcating the two.
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    Yes. First, "pls" is textspeak and not permitted on this site. Second "Excel" is a proper noun and requires a capital letter - as does "Any", since it starts a sentence - as the site rules instruct.

    Lastly, try downloading the file with a different browser - I'd guess you're using Internet Explorer, so try Firefox (free), Chrome (free) or Opera (free) - and you'll see more success.
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    We honestly have no idea, but IE and FF download zips from this site (and other vB sites) at different sizes.
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    Yes. I have the main grinding ones as post-1.05, but it may/will all change in a week or two, anyways, once the credits are put back to normal. I used a list of credits from someone else, but there are still many holes to fill as well :)

    I will have a look around and see if there is another list of the credits/xp that I can use.
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    Oh, and thank you, Famine, for your help as well. It would have been more difficult without your contribution :)

    Edit: Famine, you may notice that I have filled in the list of cars, where you were missing some. There is a total of 1045, including the stealth/chromes, and those RM-able. The ones in green, I have added to your list, and the ones in purple are the ones that can be race modified. I have not decided if I want to separate the RM's as another line... maybe I will.

    Would someone be able to confirm that there is a Ford GT '05 (standard), and a Ford GT (No Stripe) '05 (also standard)? The official list does not have the "no stripe" one, yet I have the "no stripe" in my garage, but not the normal '05. I just want to make sure it's not the same car (and on the list twice).
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    Pfft, half of the reason I do lists is for other people. I tend to use them a lot for my own reference as well and as the basis for other things. So long as they're helping you do something you want to do, they're doing their job.

    Yeah, I haven't quite confirmed sightings of all of them yet. My list includes RMable cars with their normal counterparts, just with an infobox/comment added to indicate the RM and the price of it.

    I've checked through my used lists and, yes, I've got separate Ford GT '05 and Ford GT (no stripe) '05 cars - you're quite right that the no stripe isn't on the official PD list.
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    Hah... so it IS 1032 cars, and not 1031 :)

    Thanks for confirming.

    And I agree... half the reason I made this file, is for my own benefit. It was hard finding answers to my own questions, when so much helpful info was scattered around the web :D
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    Did a little update to it. Now with the trophy list and some credit/xp changes.

    And if anyone has info they can add, please feel free. Especially needed are credit and xp amounts for the events I haven't filled in yet.

    Oh... and ironically, the Ford GT '05 just showed in my UCD, and so I bought it to go along with my Ford GT '05 No Stripe :D
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    Impressive guide, nice work. :tup:
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    Haha... no basement here. I use spreadsheets in my job, so it's second nature to me. And I just put it all together. A lot of people have already done a lot of work already.

    But thanks :)
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    First off, thanks much for all the hard work.
    Also, I just brought it up in OpenOffice and it appears to work just fine.
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    Thanks. I added a note to the first post, and also a download for the Excel viewer for those without Office or OpenOffice
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    Thanks for your help however :)