The hybrid showcase thread [Read OP before posting!]

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Awww man, sorry to hear about your PS3. I still miss my 60gb PHAT :( Good Ol' days :)

Anyways, got few more hybrids to post!

1. HONDA NSX '90 C32B + 5 Speed to 6 Speed Conversion KSP STYLE
This NSX was built based on the KSP Engineering Tuned A/T base NSX '90 that appeared in Hot-Version. I did many accurate modifications and I was careful for specific parts to use. I used many of the Type-S '01 parts and asides that is the Type-S Zero '99 Engine (which is 276hp clean stock w/o oil change + 0km). With exhaust, intake and ECU modifications; it has about 315hp (320ps). I used the Type-S '01 6 Speed Gearbox along with a 4.440 Final Drive. LSD setting is based on OS Giken Super Lock (Using 1.5 way). Brake Balance is about 6:4 for better bite for the brake pads modification it's suppose to have.
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_54.jpg
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_55.jpg
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_56.jpg

2. Amuse S2000 R1 Titan Touge Monster
The best grippy Street N.A. S2000 is the R1 Titan. The car seemed to lack a bit of detail from it's actual counter part so I decided to clear that up, starting with the downforce on the front since it's a front bumper with downforce and not a front lip. I use the Cusco RS 1 Way LSD setting for the car and it's just a damn monster like usual. I also switch the Final Drive from 4.100 to the 4.500 it's suppose to have. Lastly, I gave it the original color of what the car's life started before its numerous extensive modifications; Monte Carlo Blue Pearl.

Deep Forest Raceway_25.jpg
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_57.jpg
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_58.jpg
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_59.jpg
Eiger Nordwand Short Track_60.jpg

3. F20C Honda S2000 '06
Ever wanted a Premium F20C equipped S2000? Well here ya go! lol I just did some minor work similar with the R1 Titan. I swapped in the '03 S2000 Engine and Transmission. Everything else was fine! My F20C S2000 going against 2.2L F22C S2000s in a one-make race :)

Suzuka Circuit_3.jpg
Suzuka Circuit_4.jpg
Suzuka Circuit_5.jpg

Most of my other hybrids are usually just fix overs, and corrected rather being something else different like replicas or my own "project" cars like 4.4 Final Drive NSX with C32B, Type R Chassis on NSX Type-S Zero, etc.
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this mustang is inspired from the mustang in fast and the furious tokyo drift that had a rb26det engine in it... now the model is not exact but the car has an rb26det with r34 gearbox and a ford AU falcon xr8 wheelbase with the original driveline... car is set up brilliantly for general road use unlike the one in the movie which was a drift car...

comparing it to the v8, it has about 100 more hp and a little less torque but of course the v8 is better int he lower rev range. on a track it is faster than the v8 however on a windy track a v8 would probably keep up, but the v8 is blown away in a straight line with the extra gear and more hp.
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Yokohama, Japan
This was my attempt at a Scion FR-S with a Supercharger.

No matter what I did. It somehow got 4,001HP, I dumbed it down to 1991HP, yet acts like a 600hp car, reaching 217mph.
The supercharger was from a Ford GT for testing purposes. Might make it turbocharged instead.

So, Ridox. You're good at this. 🙇
How did you take off the license plate?


United States
United States
Oh okay thanks appreciate the insight. Still if anyone would want to make a license play to go on the front of one of my GTR's that would be sweet.

You can't add or delete textures from cars, unless its spoilers or bumpers.
Damn how i miss hybriding.. :guilty:
I must go to buy PS3 and GT5 again soon :sly:

@ oatmeal so good :
That picture with Mercedes is stunning! :eek:
Where have you taken this one? :)
I also miss the days of hybriding! I took that picture at the redbull hanger. I used the photomode glitch to move the car out of the normal boundaries! I miss that car :(
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '69

Old Camaro with BMW M3 Coupe '07 chassis and newer Camaro SS '10 technique ;)
Custom gear ratios, 5/60/60 LSD and suspension settings for drifting, love it! :sly:

People ought to get this thread moving again. I don't want to be the only one posting, but I got back into hybridizing and have whipped up some nice ones.

Lexus IS 200 "Super Time Trial Car" '04
-Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM Race Car '98 chassis swap (higher downforce)
-Lexus LFA engine swap
-1162 hp@8900 rpm
-696 ft-lb@7900 rpm
-Redline@9900 rpm
-1000 kg
-718 pp


Soo....I'm back again....anyways...
This seriously makes all my other hybrids look tame. It's crazy fast, sticks to the track, and wails like a banshee. Completely epic, if totally unrealistic.

Maserati GranTurismo S '08
Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Team Peugeot Total '10 chassis swap
Ferrari F10 '10 engine swap (Ferrari owns Maserati) 125% power
-1241 hp@18,400 rpm
-355 ft-lb@16,900 rpm
-Redline@19,400 rpm
-691 kg
-749 pp


Big props to TakumiFuji01 on the idea of a premium F20C S2000. Works flawlessly. She revs for days.
-Honda S2000 (EU) '99 engine swap
-5% reduction in original weight
-422 hp@9100 rpm
-249 ft-lb@8900 rpm
-Redline@10,400 rpm
-1007 kg
-531 pp

Lotus Esprit Turbo HC '87, sounds epic and the wider track looks great on this car.
-Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca Race Car #91 '00 chassis swap
-Lotus Esprit V8 '02 engine swap (one of the best sounding engines in the game)
-770 hp@7900 rpm
-530 ft-lb@7400 rpm
-Redline@8400 rpm
-979 kg
-678 pp


At this rate I'm going to have pages all to myself on this thread. I have to share these with the hybrid lovers though, they're turning out too great not to share.
Epic 600 pp race car
Honda Accord Coupe '88
-FR conversion
-Toyota WEDSSPORT CELICA '03 chassis swap
-Spoon CIVIC TYPE R (EK) '00 engine swap
-498 hp@10,400 rpm (s'chg'd)
-251 ft-lb@10,400 rpm (s'chg'd)
-Redline@13,400 rpm
-893 pp
-600 pp (s'chg'd)


I don't know what Top Gear was getting on about. I had no problems beating an Evo X's time around the Top Gear Test Track in a Renault Avantime... that had the drivetrain (AWD) from an R35 GTR... and the chassis from the Mazda RX-8 LM race car weighing 892 kg... and the engine from a Z34 Fairlady making 710 hp and 513 ft-lb of torque.



(For those who are wondering, the Evo X did a 1.28.2 around a lap. My Avantime, it managed a 1.09.2 from standing start. :lol:)
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Stats and parts?
Engine: V8 from Tickford Falcon XR8
Transmission: Any 6 speed
Drivetrain: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R AWD
Chassis: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 (Premium)

I forgot what the torque figures were, but the engine puts out 845hp. I need to re-do the transmission since when I first tried it was a 5 gear instead of 6. Also weight I didn't have a clue what the actual weight is of the real Mustang so I just reduced all weight except windows.