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BMW M3 Track Car (V10)
Power: 718HP
Engine: Viper ACR '08
Weight: 1340kg

View attachment 750624

View attachment 750625
Top Speed: 226MP/H max, but can go higher

It's heavy, yes. But it's so stable that it's hard to spin unless you do so. I'm making this a bit better, but I do plan on adding a Turbo for extra HP, but I'll need a part spreadsheet (which I am making and will take ages without help).
Instead of turbocharging it, try modding in a supercharger like the actual Viper has. Cool build btw. I did the same engine minus two cylinders ;)

What type of spreadsheet
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Engine: R26B (4-Rotor from 787B)
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02

Clubman Stage Route 5.jpg

For specs, just ask!​
Engine: N54B30 (straight-six from the BMW 135i Coupe '07)
Suspension: BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07



For specs, just ask!

Wow, it's been 7 whole years since I last posted here! :eek: Been an even longer time since I've posted any hybrids here as well and I think it's time I finally change that! :D

So here is my 779hp battery-powered 2CV hybrid I started on all the way back in 2013, but it wasn't until today I finally completed it. It was a complete mess when I started on it and recently picked it back up again, but I reworked it and now it's a million times better! It has the engine, drivetrain, and transmission from a GT by Citroen Concept along with a bunch of in-game parts and some tweaks here and there you can read about in greater detail below. It has 2 tune sheets, sheet A being the one I would use on tracks with a lot of turns and sheet B being for the much faster tracks.
Tune Sheet A: What I have done here in terms of save editing is give it the engine, drivetrain, and transmission (and all of its gear ratios) from the GT by Citroen Concept, turned the grip multiplier to 120, set the torque to 45, and set the steering limit as high as it can go. As far as in-game upgrades, I threw on pretty much every upgrade that didn't add hp including some unused parts, but I left out transmission upgrades. It has 779hp and tops out at 216.7 MPH.
Gran Turismo 5.png

Tune Sheet B: Literally everything I just said about sheet a, but with all the parts that add extra hp including some unused ones, except engine upgrades. I found the engine upgrades caused it the create a trail of smoke at Route X, so I left them out. Since this sheet is intended for faster tracks so it's rolling on 1181hp and tops out at 235.9 MPH.
Gran Turismo 5_1.png
Kyoto - Shoren-in.jpg

Ahrweiler Street_1.jpg

Ahrweiler Street.jpg

Special Stage Route X.jpg

This thing is very fast and although it's a bit understeery, it's not too hard to drive once you get familiar with its handling. In fact, I got a lap time of 1:07 at Midfield Raceway with it. At the end of the day, I love taking slow cars and making them fast and since I love the 2CV, I wanted to make a 2CV hybrid that could break 200 MPH with ease and still handle well on the track and I feel like I have achieved that with this. While it's not perfect, it's probably the best hybrid I have made yet and I am very happy with how this thing turned out! :D

It's honestly encouraged me to go back and finish a lot of old ones I started long ago since I know more now. That said, I might have more to share later, but that'll be it for now! :cheers:
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So here is my 1839 hp Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car hybrid I started just last week and finished on the 22nd.

This car has an R390 Race Car engine which I thought would be a sensible choice for this, Escudo drivetrain and LSD because I wanted it to be 4WD, X2010's transmission for high top speed along with a bunch of in-game upgrades (including hidden ones), steer limit set to FF, and grip multiplier set to 150. I tweaked the transmission a bit so it would have a very high top speed of 315 mph. Had to do a lot of fiddling to balance the weight out a bit on Route X since it had a tendency to lift up at 270+ mph, but now it's a lot better. The color is from the Blitz Skyline and I don't even remember what the white for the wheels was. I wanted a glossy mint green color for this one with bright white wheels, so this was what I chose. Truth be told I wanted a brighter green than this, but this is all I could find, but hey, it works, and it's fitting since it's from another Nissan! :)
Gran Turismo 5.png
Bern - Market Street.jpg

Bern - Market Street_1.jpg

Of course, it wouldn't be me if it didn't drive on dirt! :D

Not going to lie, although it may have been done in 4 days, I spent more time on this one than I care to admit. In fact, I think I put at least 250+ miles on it before I found a setup I liked, but it was well worth it! It looks good, drives smooth, and is VERY fast and I am very pleased with how it turned out despite the frustrations I had along the way. I said earlier the 2CV was the best I had done, but I think this thing has already taken the crown from it! :lol:
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Im thinking of making my own hybrids.. I have few ideas but couldn't pull off what I wanted in past. I played today GT5 after so long and had blast in Arcade Mode with master mode and setting way to hard opponents with tyre choice trick..I want to get back to making my Suzuka 1000 km Honda S800 RSC :)
Now here's a Honda Life Step Van hybrid I started back in late 2019, but it seems I got frustrated and later abandoned it, and only recently did I pick it back up again. Fortunately thanks to Razerman's editor, I was able to pull this car from a backup I had dating back from before I removed it and now it's finished! So what I did was buy a bunch of in-game parts including hidden ones and turn the power multiplier up to 45. According to the data, I apparently did something to the suspension, drivetrain, and transmission back then, but it's been so long, that I no longer remember what I did. The engine however is still stock.

Once I got a hold of the car again, all I really had to do was install weight reduction stage 5, a wing, and a new set of wheels. Then drop the ride height, adjust the anti-roll bars, and set the grip multiplier to 115 and it was done! I added a wing for downforce but later removed it via hex editing since I thought it ruined the cosmetics, but the downforce I needed is still there. The fastest I have gone was 228 mph and it apparently tops out a lot higher than that, but it handles surprisingly well! Strangely, this thing has a tendency to slide in one direction when braking really hard and it can drift around corners fairly well without spinning out. It would seem I unintentionally built a drift van. :P
Gran Turismo 5.png
Ahrweiler Gate_1.jpg

Ahrweiler Gate.jpg

Trial Mountain Circuit.jpg

Trial Mountain Circuit_1.jpg

I don't even know why I abandoned it now because it was fairly decent to boot and didn't need many improvements at all. It turned out a lot better than I ever thought it would and it has amazing handling, which I genuinely didn't think it would. Wanted to make a decent hybrid of the Step Van long before hybriding was even a thing in GT5 and now I finally have one! :D

Thinking about doing another soon, this time with an engine swap! :dopey:
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So here's a Honda S800 RSC Race Car hybrid I did back in 2022, but haven't bothered to post it until now. I saw nostradavor2 post a picture of his somewhere, and I thought "I should do that too!", so I did! Been a while since I messed with it, but from what I can remember, it has an Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo engine in it, Escudo LSD and a bunch of in-game parts installed. However, it doesn't have weight reduction because this thing is WAY too light with it and even without it. It was drifting a lot even with super slicks, which would be acceptable if a drift car was what I wanted, but it wasn't. So I did something a bit unorthodox, I added extra weight to help stabilize it and from what I can tell, I added a bit of downforce to do this. Some other things I did was increase the grip multiplier to 150, tweak the LSD a bit, and probably some suspension work. As far as the color goes, it's been so long, I no longer remember what it was, but it was probably one of those normally unusable green paints from a racing kart.
Gran Turismo 5.png
Ahrweiler Gate_1.jpg

Ahrweiler Gate.jpg

And of course, it can drive on dirt even if it wasn't meant to because it wouldn't be me if it didn't!
Liège (Gravel).jpg

Won't lie, it's a little swervy with its erratic steering and it has a tendency to slide when braking at high speeds, but it's a very fast and capable car that isn't too hard to drive when you get used to it. Won't lie, it took a lot of effort to make and even required starting from scratch again to get it right, but it was well worth it and I love the way it sounds and how it drives. I always had a soft spot for this car and I am glad I finally have a hybrid of it that I like to drive because I never drove it as much as I had wanted prior to this.
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