PS4 THE LOBANARO LOUNGE - PCars2 test night Sept 25

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    This thread just won't go away will it @aerolite ?? :)
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    @aerolite @Mike Lobban

    Hello Gentlemen. I met Mike in playa's race room. He was extremely friendly and mentioned this group.

    I'm currently racing as a reserve in the group organized by @Sick Cylinder on Mondays and Wednesdays. Problem is that they are all in Europe and while I'm proud to be the only American driver in their group, getting home by 3:30 on those two days isn't always easy.

    I've only been doing this for a year so I'll usually find myself in the back of the pack, maybe 7th or 8th in a group of 12. If all 16 drivers show up, I'd probably be somewhere between 11 - 13.

    While I'm not an elite racer, my on track etiquette is considered elite by those who know me.

    I started with Sick's group by invitation because they've read many of my posts and felt I was likely a mature enough driver to not disrupt what they have going.

    I started out by joining them for practice sessions only and eventually became a reserve driver. I was just as happy spectating them as I was racing with them because I was learning. When I'm able to make it home in time, I'm always able to race with them because there's always somebody who doesn't show up.

    I wouldn't presume to ask to race with your group immediately but I wonder if I might be able to spectate you guys if you have open slots and perhaps join you for practice if you need a filler car. Then, after the practice I can just spectate your race.

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    Hi. You’re unfortunately on the wrong game forum. This was for PCars 1, and we’ve been over at the PCars 2 forum since it came out in 2017. Try posting this over there. I’ll try to send you this link, hopefully it works:◆-snail-the-lobanaro-lounge-mon-nights-full.359293/page-205
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