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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5: Prologue' started by PSTC555, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. 750F-RM


    United Kingdom
    I'm sure i've had their car go solid again before i'm completely through it. Seems whichever end you're nearest to decides which way you get fired out

    I'm not imagining that, am i? :scared:
  2. Factory Driver

    Factory Driver

    I haven't seen many punters at all, but I haven't played beginner level, only PP600, Intermediate and PP700. Even on intermediate, I can only recall it happening once or twice. I must be living a blessed existence.
  3. nick09

    nick09 (Banned)

    United States
    Its at beginner level where most of the ramming and swift side blows happen.
  4. Stonemonkey


    raffa666: didn't appear to have any concept of going round someone to pass them, I rarely make any move to block anyway but giving him room to pass he had chances on straights and corners but insisted on driving square into the back of me in a couple of races.

    Also, sorry to someone called mike***** somebody I think in a yellow car that i knocked off in turn 1 in suzuka. You braked earlier than I expected and I tried to move over but clipped your back corner and sent you off. I slowed down to wait for you but you quit (as the server).
  5. MasterGT


    "Have you stopped playing online because of the punters?"

    Not a chance! I got on-line for the first time last night, had a ball and finally won my first on-line race. It didn't take long to figure out how to avoid trouble amongst humans. All those years of racing ToCA on-line paid off just like I figured it would.


  6. Youngdubber


    I know it's already been posted, but I want to punch MightyMoose in the face.
  7. bicycleshorts


    It is really annoying when you're having a good race and someone rams straight into you on the last corner of sending you into the gravel and dropping you from 2nd to last. Polyphony will work on their collision judgement system and it will hopefully get better.

    People will always exploit games, Gran Turismo punters are no different from your FPS "campers" etc.
  8. Beefaben

    Beefaben (Banned)

    Happy to spend hours online and only find the odd punter. Those guys who are "refusing to play online because..." what a waste. Suck it up, and stay clear of the beginner rooms. It maybe the time region I play in but nearly every race is punter free.. if there is a guy who punts me in a couple races I will let him past and then pressure the hell out of him from behind until he makes a mistake and goes off, or hand him his a$$ in the last few corners if he turns out to be reasonably quick.

    Stop being so precious. :)
  9. Rayray625


    No its not gonna keep me offline, when it goes well i win by a mile, and when it goes bad..........oh well next race:)
    it is a shame some people try to ruin it for others by being totally talentless and ignorant, but being behind them when they screw up and go off always makes me chuckle:)
  10. Monkey House

    Monkey House

    I've been quite discouraged by the competition out there. Every time I think I'm going to get a good, clean race, some hammerhead rear ends me or knocks me into the grass. I had a nice duel going down the straightaway at Daytona last night, neck and neck with another racer who I thought was in it for the sport, then POW! He steers me right into the wall.
    I've tried to be a gentleman, but at this point, when someone intentionally takes me out, my focus for the rest of that race is finding that guy and putting him into the wall.
    But I still refuse to just go out and race dirty.

    And you can see the bad ones a mile away, because they have names like "Death Dealer" or "Head Hunter" or some other such crap. Ugh.
  11. slicecom


    The only races I do are 700pp Suzuka, Fuji and Daytona road, and I get punted off MAYBE once every 10 races. If the punting annoys you that much, lower your PP so you can start ahead of everyone. The good racers will catch up and the punters will all punt each other or themselves off the track behind you.
  12. riivaaja


    United States
    I can live with it, though when I bump into someone, I feel like crap.
  13. deadlyz33


    I love playing online. $45-50k every win. I have basically every car in the game and 1.5 mil left over...
  14. jibber


    I have stopped playing online because of the boost system. :indiff:
  15. speedthrill



    Truly spoken!:tup:
  16. superwally


    United States
    Drop your PP a tiny bit, and you will start ahead of many of these Tools (capitalization intended). You'd be surprised how much starting up front and practicing the first few turns will help.
  17. KakCAT


    I use the following:

    Instead of building your car to 700pp, make it 690ish.
    The order of the cars is sorted from low to high, making you start pretty advanced. Punters doesn't seem to know that :)

    Make the first corner well (try to avoid people ramming you) and you'll get a clean race, only good racers will be able to catch you if you drive well, and you'll have nice battles.

    There's a big difference, really. I've been playing today on Daytona road, and tested this. With a 696 GT-R I got 5 or 6 clean races and 4 wins. With a 700 GT-R I've been battling lots of nasty drivers kicking me out of the track every time, and finished in the 6th or 7th almost every time. Once you're in the mud, you're in the mud.
  18. homeforsummer

    homeforsummer Premium

    I've noticed exactly the same. In the PP600, my Integra has a max of 581PP. Start from the front every time and very rarely do people catch me because I can blitz the first few turns even with the online 'grip loss' feature.
  19. klondike


    I think there is just about as much maniac bumpers in any class as the other.

    I race mostly in the 600 PP events EU version, and I think about 90 % of the races i am in, some smock will bump into me.

    I am not a particulary good driver as i think most people here are. Also I am using the PAD so far, as I dont have room for a wheel setup yet. So I mostly stayed away from 700 PP as i found it very hard to control the cars there. Anyway sometimes i tryed 700 PP just to see if it was better, but i found most of the time some idiot would bump into me here also, maybe problem is i am not good enough to get away from the pack in the first few corners.

    In the 600 PP races I can hold my own against most drivers. If no one bumps into me I will uasely finish top 3 with a lot nr 1 spot, but lately the frustration has just been ruining the fun for me. I dont think I will play much more online until we get private rooms.
  20. Ren-Tec


    Wally does that really work and what was going on with your lotus man, looked like you was having a hard?

    ps im getting white hair have these dam punters
  21. superwally


    United States
    Ren-Tec, try dropping just a bit on the PP it will help. When I was at 700 I was at the back, every time.

    LOL a hard what? :sly:

    If you mean a hard time, well it really depends on the situation you may have seen! I'm sitting in the middle of the busy livingroom of a 2-room apartment where people have to walk between me and the screen to go anywhere else. I'm playing with headphones, they help, but it isn't hard to get distracted.

    Aside from that, I'm not the most consistent driver, and my car is 667 PP-heavy, a bit underpowered, with R2 tires on the front. It's twitchy and any dirt or grass makes it impossible for a bit. Offs lead to more offs.

    Earlier today I ran 4-5 races with mostly wins and seconds, (nice driving by GTP_magburner in a few) and if I run 3 very good laps I can stay out or near the front. If I can run 3 on the ragged edge I can almost keep up with GTP_Ron.

    Also, If I get punted badly, sometimes I'll stop at a nice viewpoint on the track to watch everyone go through the corners. Oh, and once I started a race with my foot on the brake. Really sorry about that.
  22. SolidSnake15


    When I finally get a PS3 I'm going to get this game, and help some of yall out by giving the 'punters' some of their own medicine.:dopey: Nah, I would race as cleanly as I possibly can and try to keep ahead of the 'punters.'
  23. JackB


    I was racing the 700p Suzuka race, but if the lower class races are worse, then I'm glad I stayed away.

    In the 20 or so races I had, it was really hard to tell, who was ramming you and who had lag issues. Without voice chat it's hard to know who would like to apologize and who is trying to hit you. There were so many lag issues and the ghosting issues, where people were ghosts for a second and then boom they were a real car again. It was often chaos. When I was running free and clear it was still a bit laggy compared to single player. Single player has a very smooth frame rate. Online seems to have frame rate and/or lag issues.

    I'm going to get back online when they fix the host of issues. It's way more than just lag and punters. PD has to fix about 10 things about online. Driving offline is still a blast though. I'm afraid I may get bored in a while doing time triials, but it's fun for now.
  24. slipp3h


    I've stopped playing just about everything except the Daytona road course on 700P. The majority (n00bs) screw up the first corner and it's extremely easy to win or have a close race with skilled players.

    Whether I'm playing beginner or expert, people will always try to ram me etc. and it's extremely hard to have a clean race.

    Hopefully PD will continue to work on the online play, especially the apperance of the other cars driving online. I haven't seen any other complaints about this, but I HATE how strange they look. Shouldnt be that hard to smooth out the motions, should it?
  25. Earth


    civic_sir (US)

    Another guy who will side swipe you everytime you try and pass

    FourSeconds (US)

    Consistant wall riding at High Speed Ring through multiple races. If he sees a hole that only a motorcycle can get through he'll take it.

    formaldehyde (NTSC)

    Brake checked me in the middle of the Daytonabackstretch

    Mouth4War (NTSC)

    Can't remember for what, but I have him written down on my list.

    tonyrichkid (NTSC)

    brake checking at very start of the daytona backstretch, cutting me off and making contact, and sideswiping on the last lap causing me to crash
  26. VanHelzer



    I couldnt agree more. Patience is key. It's often(like today) I get set back (last 3 or so) and have to fight my way up front. I may not get first in a lot of cases. But if I start in back I get to see who the Jackees are and hopefully I get to see them wipe out! If they are behind me, I let them pass, more often then not, they'll crack, giving me the easy pass later. Happy motoring!
  27. jgda9rs


    i second that. ran into those goofballs at the ring before. total assholes
  28. Chadwicksracing

    Chadwicksracing Premium

    United States
    That is the best thing about racing a child. I've done that countless times... It really fills me with joy watching them over drive the car when I get right behind them. But my fav move I made that at Daytona. This a$$hole was ramming be blocking me very straight and would not let me pass at all. So I was drafting him I faked right, then ducked left. I got the pass off and all I could see was him doing 360's on the backstretch because he hit the wall so hard trying to wall slam me, and to think it could have been my car spinning. lol

    There is this other story about racing online today. I was Suzuka today trying to follow GTP guys. Well I was a lot faster in the Essues than this Viper, this one turn I got my noise in the inside and I drifted up the track and naturally hitting this guy, subsequently causing a him to spin. Now what did I do? I stopped dead on the track and waited for him to get out of the sand pit and let him have P1 again. Then I ended up passing him clean to win the race on the last lap!
  29. zuggerat


    Man, online play is so damn frustrating. I'm in the process of beating the A class (I'm low on cash and saving for teh F430 for my last race). But omg, these people in the beginner series, no idea wtf they're doing. No clue where the line is or both to use the racing line assist, it fricking tells you where to brake.

    Example -- I'll be braking for the third turn on the high speed ring (over the bridge -- breaking down into third -- to the somewhat tight right hander) right in the middle of dropping down a gear and rolling into the turn, the next thing I know I'm hitting the rev limiter in 3rd gear, flying nose first towards the wall, and all because a$$clown behind me doesn't believe in braking.

    I've lost many races because of these tards... :scared:

  30. Z


    United States
    Look for them in your rear-view, let them pass and screw up (they will get a penalty or spin, usually), then go by. :)
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