The Sound of Speed: A Look Back at GT's Original Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GTPNewsWire, Jan 11, 2017.

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  2. RodolphoPNeto

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    Oh yeah, that takes me back. I actually have a curated list from all GT games which i use (or used) in GT6 as a custom menu ST. It's brilliant. Specially Isamu Ohira's GT4 stuff.

    GT2's East City, oh... it's the most GT track ever for me lol. Hope we can use all that again in the next games.

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  3. Qronicle

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    It's a bit weird that this article makes no mention of Feeder, while they also had songs in 3 mainline entries (GT1, 3 & 4) and were used as title tracks for GT3 & GTC and lots of promotional material in Europe.

    Anyways, I always liked the jazzy menu music. :)
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  4. nissman

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    Those were the days. :)
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  5. SlipZtrEm

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    Let me say it publicly: really enjoyed your first article, @glassjaw. Always enjoy a trip down nostalgia lane! :tup:

    I hope so too. I was just playing GT6 yesterday, and I've had the GT1 menu music set since day one. It really makes the game so much more enjoyable to me, and I couldn't even tell you what the original music sounds like.

    Music has such a major impact on my memories of the series. Listening to the GT3 menu music immediately makes me think of sitting (cross-legged) on my mom's living room floor, hunting down the F1 cars and playing with MK's program.
  6. Master Weasel

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    Slipstream is one of the reasons why GT3 is my favorite game in the series.
  7. optiongamers

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    I love the jingle that plays when you finish a race in Gran Turismo 3.

  8. 35mm

    Portugal Leiria

    The original Gran Turismo tunes (from the menus, manufacturers, etc.) still plays often in my car. :)
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  9. Driving Park

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    I have a pretty big selection of GT menu music as one of the playlists in my car. My favorites are:

    - Mr. 4WD (GT1 JP. It got remixed for a later game (I think GT4) but I don't remember the track name)
    - Slipstream (GT3. This was the Arcade Mode selection music)
    - Light Velocity Ver. II (GT4. Again the Arcade selection as the article mentioned)
    - Don't Kick Yourself (GT4. This is the one that plays at GT Auto.)

    Honestly I love all of Ohira and Andoh's work in the GT menus. There some decent tracks in the American GT1 soundtrack (I always liked the Honda dealer one) but they're not really in the GT style.

    Of course Moon Over the Castle is great, and I like the one with the orchestral intro in GT4 the best. But you can't forget GT's other theme, Like the Wind! The vocal version in GT1 is something I always associated with GT just as much as Moon Over the Castle.
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  10. blafak1


    I still have whole GT1 OST + besto of all other games in GT5... I really love the original!
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  11. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    Feeder isn't really touched on because their songs were licensed. The article is focused on music made for the series. :tup:
  12. Obelisk


    My favorite has to be the GT Auto music in GT4.
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  13. glassjaw

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    Thanks Slip! I have a flash drive constantly plugged into my PS4 with GT music, as well as stuff from Wipeout, the first handful of NFS titles, and even Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2. Used it for Driveclub and Project Cars, and I'll probably drag it out for GT Sport too.

    Mr. 4WD is wonderful, and yeah it made it to GT4. I never heard the JP GT1 soundtrack until like five years ago, and although I don't have quite the same nostalgia for those songs cause I didn't grow up with them, I particularly love Take Your Dream On and Final Lap.
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  14. Ridox2JZGTE


    Nice read, great first article @glassjaw . Now I want to look for the old GT soundtracks, I have them in the past, but was saved on one of the HDD that failed. Will need to find them again :D Really hope the next GT will have the old GT magic in songs, memorable soundtracks that adds to the fun when playing ( still stuck with PS3 atm, not by choice )
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  15. mrnascar242424


    daiki kasho <3
  16. radix023

    United States ATL

    No love for the cardigans, huh...
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  17. Griffith500


    Nice piece. :tup:

    GT's soundtracks have long inspired me as an amateur musician of sorts, and it's still my ambition to be able to play some arrangement of Soul of Garage (and /or its derivatives in other games) from start to finish:

  18. ToyGTone

    Bahrain No stalker please

    Earlier today, i decided to look up some old Gran Turismo Music including that Honda (And Acura), Chevrolet and Nissan from GT1 (Western Version ofc).So here's my most memories of Gran Turismo's Menu Soundtrack:
    Gran Turismo 1:
    Arcade Menu and car/track selection Theme:

    Go Race/Licence Theme:

    And the Sim/GT Mode Theme:

    Gran Turismo 2:
    Again...Arcade mode:

    Home Menu, sticks out much more than GT1's IMO (I remember GT1 Japanese version having this theme instead of what we got):

    Go Race:

    Gran Turi...okay i quit, i can't simply add and spam pretty much every song from every Gran Turismo...

    To be honest, i think every GT soundtrack are good (GT5 and GT6 as well but i feel like i'm alone on that one). One thing that always bothered me about GT4, GT5 and GT6 is that some songs are disabled by default for no reason and i had to enable them all. Can't believe GT5 is over six years old already! GT5 and GT6 felt like it got released yesterday. The sad thing is that i haven't played any GT ever since i started playing Forza on my Xbox One. I want to go back but my PS2 isn't working and my PS3 decided to have heat problem starting from October 2015.
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  19. For me, soundtrack is a big part of the exeperience and that's why I like GT. I would like to see the next FM with a proper soundtrack. Rock/DNB/industrial music, the key for a good soundtrack.
  20. ToyGTone

    Bahrain No stalker please

    One problem i had with Forza Motorsport 6 OST is that while it's pretty good, i find it out of place and not that suitable for a racing game. During Menu it's fine but during races too!? Maybe i'm just too used to having Licensed Soundtrack while Racing/Driving around which's why i massively prefer all the 3 Horizon's Soundtrack over FM6.
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  21. GTRufus


    This is my favourite in GT1 since the DEMO :D

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  22. Elitekilla29

    United States chicago

    I love GT lounge music soundtrack. I think it's a hard choice between GT4 and GT5 of which is the best. I try to find a playlist on Spotify of GT lounge music but couldn't find one. I would appreciate if someone that has Spotify to link a me a playlist of that if it's one out there. Also I hope GT sport continues the lounge music.
  23. Michelin Man

    United Kingdom A Rock in the Sea

    @SlipZtrEm Couldn't agree more about the music. likewise for me GT's music has played a massive part in defining the series for me, and have many happy memories thanks to its original soundtracks. I personally think the in game music is just as important as the rest of the features, and can ultimately make or break the game imo.

    My personal favourite is the GT2 soundtrack, and whenever i hear one of its classics such as From the east, or the north city theme, it trigger's many happy memories.
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  24. C-ZETA

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    Daiki Kasho did F-Zero music? Tell me more...
  25. tankuroded

    Indonesia GT2 and GT6

    I really wish Jason Page's GT1 menu music got released on a CD or featured in a future GT game. I mean, Capcom Music Generation - Rockman X1~6 (a compilation 5-disc album consisting of music from first 6 Mega Man X games) included the opening and ending themes from the international versions of X3 (PS1 version), X4, and X5... so why GT can't do the same thing? :idea:
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  26. JacoJa

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    Everyone loves the Cardigans, but this thread is about the original non-licensed music in GT.

    Sky scraper by Daiki Kasho was probably my favourite. I miss having an individual song for each car manufacturer like in GT1... They were some great tunes.

    Another good menu tune: Hypnosis - Isamu Ohira :tup:

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  27. Griffith500


    I remember this one from hammering split-screen races with my dad and brother. For some reason (as in I have no idea why now), we all gravitated towards the C2 Stingray...
  28. girabyt3

    Peru Lima

    Obscure, Glowl and Mirage are way better than Sky Scraper IMO ♥

    And, returning to the GT BGM's, NOTHING will match this one ♥
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  29. torque99

    England England

    Nice article @glassjaw
    During December it is nice and relaxing to hear the Christmas music they put on (nice touch):)

    I don't know why but 'Red' and 'tyme' are my faves in the menus choosing cars

    Overall none of the music in GT games have ever really been annoying and most of the music is uplifting to get you ready for another race. i.e 'Black Mist'

    Videos @Shirrako :tup:
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  30. glassjaw

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    It was F-Zero GX/AX. The soundtrack for those games was massive and consisted of two halves: the character themes (there's one for every pilot, and F-Zero had a lot of pilots), and the rest of the game. The character themes were all composed by Kasho, and range a variety of genres, from top 40-style pop and rock to trance, like this song:

    Thing is I honestly prefer the other half of GX/AX, composed by Sega's Hidenori Shoji, way more. Some of my favorite game songs of all time are on that soundtrack: Planet Colors, Shotgun Kiss, Infinite Blue, Zen, Feather, One Ahead, so, SO much good stuff. Wings For My Way is probably my favorite, though. It plays over the attract screen and used to get me so amped back in the day, it's hard to imagine a more perfect intro.

    Although this isn't a Christmas song, I remember hearing it for the first time around the holidays and it just seemed so fitting. I can't explain why I like it, it's sickeningly cheesy but strangely comforting...

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