The "Ultimate" Driving Rig

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by cwbetb, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. cwbetb


    Maybe I have been watching to much SRT lately on you tube. Looks like a lot of new gadgets/wheels out lately, Was wondering what would be the ultimate driving rig for the PS3 "GT5". Im talking wheels, TV, headphones, etc.
  2. Cheshyrkat


    Budget? There are a lot of options and hardware available.
  3. UK-Gamer

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    Wheel: Thrustmaster T500RS
    Rig: Gamepod GT2 Evo Pro
    TV: Not too sure
    Headphones: Logitech F540
    Speakers: Bose 7.1 Gaming ones (or 5.1)
  4. Joker-GTBR


    That GT rig they sold in Dubai for over 9000 dollars can be considered ultimate (at least in cost?)?
  5. cwbetb


    More or less anything and everything that would make the best setup. Im thinking about picking up some Tritton AX Pro headphones "5.1" surround, to improve my audio.


    And love the idea of the KORFX


    Maybe some headtracking also.....
  6. Gunstar

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  8. CloneHead

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    Looks a bit like the Force Dynamics one, but as far as I know Force Dynamics use a projector instead of a monitor.
  9. DustDriver

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    'ultimate driving rig for the PS3'

    As far as I know, those last 2 setups can't be used with the PS3
  10. Gunstar

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    Probably, not, but something LIKE that would be ultimate, right?

    I think for my rig I'm going the converted arcade machine route... (like thesharkfactor, but probably not as faithful to the original machine) but if I was gonna store buy everything...

    Wheel: Fanatec GT2 with Clubsport Pedals and Shifter (upon release) for it's compatibility and peformance.
    Rig: VisionRacer VR3 with DBOX Motion Code upgrade (again, upon release.)
    Monitor - Triple monitor rig (your choice of brand) with a custom adjustable stand (since I can't find a store bought one I like.)
    Sound - Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System
    Hardware - PC, 3 XBOX360's (for tri-monitor Forza) and PS3 (of course!)

    If you want it just for PS3, of course, you can drop the level of the wheel, the DBOX, the tri-monitor and stand (since the VR3 has an included stand) and the extra hardware. But I was thinking "realisitically" ultimate. =)