The Video/ Streamers Thread

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SCCA Spec Miata Win @ Willow Springs Raceway

15 minute race against 500PP AI with +10 HP advantage over my tune

Cool thread, I'll make my way through it. Been making YouTube videos for years as a hobby, started off making highlight videos of local rallying, then started a new account for gaming. Recently I've focused on doing lap guides for the Sport mode Time Trials - quite a step for me as I'm putting my voice on it.
Ride Along (In-Car Cam)
Ride along with me from last to 1st in a (virtual) Group 3 Race Car. All victories were with a Clean Race Bonus.
Sundays endurance race was lit. If you love a great stream then this will not disappoint you -

From today's stream and in 1440P. Nothing more fun than having an A+/A lobby running all afternoon