Thrustmaster Reveals New $350 Ferrari SF1000 Wheel, Available Now

Err, the F1 rim isn't the only Formula style rim that TM do, they also do a generic open-wheel rim, called the 'open-wheel rim'.


It's actually both cheaper and better built than the F1 rim.
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The Open Wheel rim is a little too small for my taste so I might be interested in this if it has a larger diameter and more buttons.
I hope that this new F1 wheel is supported by 300 serie in order to use it with Quick release. I already have the F1 add on but I will buy another one in case of Quick release.
Yeah it looks very nice. Unfortunately with me being on Xbox I doubt half of the functions will work for me :lol:
PS4 and eventually PS5 gamer so same here.

In the video there's a brief view of a base. It seems narrower than any TM base that I've seen. A new base? A DD base?
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It looks a lot like T-GT.
It looks very similar on the left hand side but the right looks slightly different to me. I think the curve I've highlighted with the arrow is much higher on the T-GT base but it's hard to tell with the way these sort of early pictures are taken to be deliberately misleading sometimes. Perhaps it's the new model T-GT base that Pagnian thought was likely coming.

These are the two best shots of the base that I could get with my phone. It does seem to match up with the T-GT as far as I could tell. I would also imagine Thrustmaster's existing quick release wouldn't be strong enough for a DD base.


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Looks amazing! I use a Fanatec DD1 and love it but I’m jealous of that F1 style LCD screen! Looks very cool. Love seeing so many great sim-racing wheel choices out there for our hobby.
I would imagine the display works like the Thrustmaster BT - guess it could be USB for PC tho.
Either way I think functionality for both the screen and controls will be quite heavily limited for console players but it could a real step up for PC players compared to current offerings, especially if all the switches and dials are genuine. Not sure if the current wheel bases can process so many different functional controls tho so not holding my breath... Unless a new DD wheel base comes out soon!! :D
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I know this is a stupid question, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just turn on the HUD in-game?
I agree with what you are saying but not just from a cost point, LCD screens continue to go down in price but I think from a reliability point that adding in a feature that is already available on screen in game is just adding in electronics to the wheel that are just an added point of failure in the product.
I can see the use of smaller screens that may show certain mode or tuning options within the product but I also like a cheaper less complex product. I see no need for a function that is only duplicating what I can already get on screen in the game. Every added function is adding an extra point of possible failure to the product.
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I know this is a stupid question, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just turn on the HUD in-game?
Yes cheaper but the purpose of this wheel is not to be cheap. You can buy an open wheel rim with much less features. Even the old F1 rim. I expect this will be easily over £200
I know this is a stupid question, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just turn on the HUD in-game?
Depending on the game and your setup in terms of wheel position, FOV, screen position etc you can often find useful onscreen stuff obscured by your wheel. Having a display on the wheel is a great idea - and also authentic for a number of race cars.