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Absolutely chuffed to have the a USDM available Evo in the game. I owned an VIII for 18 years, in Electric Pearl Blue. The car in the game is a blast to drive and brings back a lot of good memories. Love it.

So far so good...



First few laps at RBR before getting to tired. 🙈
Not a fan of the track, because i lose most of my time under breaking compared to the top guys. 😂
Could have been a nice comp at Midfield, Apricot Hill or Autumn Ring... 🥺

Alright some more laps, starting to understand what the car wants. 😬

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Another short session (just 5 laps without motivation for more) on RBR.

The circuit have zero interest (already mentioned by many here) but worst, the tyres give a weird/unpleasant behaviour to this poor Mitsub' :nervous: So for now, I have some issues to place the car on the right line at the right time.

For now, I'm 0.1 sec from gold - 1:48.153 - with an optimal at 1:47.940. I'm not even satisfied about this.
If I can reach 1:47.5xx I'll be safe and I could close this TT.


For those who are already in 1:46 or under: hats off guys!!!
While everyone else hops on over to Austria, I'm still plugging away at GV.

I took yesterday off from the TT to focus on the new GTWS season, so today was just to get used to the combo again.

I didn't have high expectations, I had hoped for fewer Red Laps. However, I did manage the tiniest bit of improvement. 8 thousands, to be precise.


I guess any progress is worth celebrating even a little.
I like RBR pretty much, even though it can be very frustrating when you invalidate your lap in one of the last two corners.
Couple laps for beeing into the Gold Ringe with a 1:49:9xx after 15 more laps of which 12 or so didn't count i made it to a 1:49:660. That should be enough, but i thought give it another 2 or 3 laps as the optimum was a low .4. 2 more laps and i got a 47.507.
I don't have time the next days so i guess that time stands, except i find some more motivation during the following week. But pretty happy with the time for now.
I love how predictable the grip/sliding is and just play with it, it's rallye rewarding
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First steps in yellow territory with the Mitsub' in Austria: 1:47.978

This very low gold won't probably hold so, I need to secure it by saving minimum +/- 0.5 sec ASAP.


My optimal is now 1:47.759. Ok, this is clearly not glorious - see @Jeje6410 insane scores - but let's see things positively:

- I'm absolutly not venal because even with possibly Cr. 2.000.000 in 2 weeks, I'll not change my mind on this combo.

- I'm making progress: this is my 3rd TT on RBR and this is my 1st yellow score on that circuit.

- As soon I'll secure my gold here, I'll have time to take care of @NicoGmbh 's case after his totally inacceptable (but hilarous) threats about my ranking on Grand Valley. For the record, there's a 0.002 sec gap between us (obviously, he is the slowest of us...).
#SorryNotSorry :sly:
First short session in Austria, and I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly I arrived at a decent time. Maybe I'm really getting better at this.


Definitely will be back here to fight you guys for each position on the leader board, but for now I rest in the knowledge that my gold streak is not in danger, and head back to Grand Valley to defend my top 200 position. Who knows when I get the next chance to achieve that ...
First impression of the EVO at the RBR...
Even on remote this car feels awesome!
Once you master the turbolag those exits are fire.... and that sound....

Can't wait for a proper big screen session!

Not a bad start sorry @Jeje6410 😜

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I was sure this was going to happen !!!! 😭😭😭
But why !!!! Can we ever have hope !!!! 🙏🙏🙏🤣🤣🤣. Bravo mon ami for this great introduction !!!!👏👏👏 :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: