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How many laps do you guys drive in one go? I did around 8 yesterday with 2 restarts but it was hard staying focused.
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My big old Maine Coon mix cat was sleeping on my recliner footrest so I decided to try Nurburgring out with my DualSense Edge after doing some of the weekly "challenges".

Following my own ghost, on some corners I'm way faster with a controller. I can perfectly tap the brakes and get the car into a slide at the perfect angle going a lot faster and more consistently with a controller on some corners. Feels like "skid recovery force" compared to the wheel sometimes. No aids on.

I think I made up 7/10 of a sec. in a couple corners compared to my fastest wheel lap.. Crazy. But it's a lot harder to be consistent throughout the entire lap. Most of the time I end going off where with my wheel I never have a problem. I do like that FFB brake lever on the controller though. It helps a ton, I wish we had FFB brake pedals with a wheel.

edit- best wheel time 7:44:418
Controller lap - auto transmission, analog stick and analog throttle/ brake:
GT7 Porsche 911 Carrera RS CS 993 '95 Nurburgring Nordschleife Online Time Trial DualSense Edge.jpg

Cat's not dirty, I just brushed him all out and then he decided to roll around in catnip and then go to sleep. 😸
Gotta love these fur balls!


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Here were my splits if you are interested. You got me in sector 2 (thanks, Flugplatz! :lol: )
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Meanwhile, I took a trip back to Brands today. I'm #44 globally and really worried it won't hold for top 50 by the end of the TT. 180 miles of frustration with no improvement. Multiple 44.9's (with one lap in particular that would have put me in the 44.8's or possibly 44.7's, but had a most awful sector 2). Optimals in all my sessions were 44.5's. :boggled:
I totally destroyed my lap on mutkutve and karussell 😂🙈🙈🙈

How many laps do you guys drive in one go? I did around 8 yesterday with 2 restarts but it was hard staying focused.
Mostly 4 or 5 at The Ring. The other day I drove 180 miles, several hours.. many cups of coffee, dropped 3 seconds though.
Are you sure?
What about the Maine Coon?

Yeah he's good moral support/ leg warmer!
Helps me out in the garage too. Haha. Playing his roll as dirt bike fender inspector.. 😆
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Job seems to be done...

..but, new optimal down to 44s tempts me to try to lower this further, sub 45.5 would be satisfactory

This lap was done with MT, but it took many laps to find the rhythm to do this properly (i.e. faster). I just don't like this track with its elevated apexes and semi-blind exits. Still some corners are just hit-or-miss cases.
Now I'll need a distraction really badly to stop myself from going for top 1000 👀
Welp, I'm sorry to report that Assassin's Creed Chronicles failed to distract me enough.


The time is probably gonna fall out of the top 1000 pretty soon though. I probably have a sub 7:40 in me, but I'm not going to force it. I'll use this TT to complete my daily workouts, but no more than that. If the improvement comes, it comes. If not, I'm happy either way 🤷‍♂️
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Initial lap at the Nurburgring put in last night, with a 7:38.839 which places me 288th currently. Took me a couple of laps to actually set a time as I kept invalidating the lap towards the end, twice in the corners before the 2nd carousel :irked:. Still some time in that lap as I missed a few apexes and braking zones, but knowing the Nurburgring, any lap I put in will have these problems :lol:

This car seems to react poorly to bumps and kerbs which seems realistic but surprising compared to other street cars in the game. Luckily it is consistent about the way it reacts to those bumps so its easy to predict what it will do. General balance is quite nice though, slides are controllable and there is nice rotation when on throttle. Maybe a tiny bit of understeer on turn in but not too much of a problem. Looking forward to continuing with this one.

Also currently 42nd at Brands Hatch, getting a bit close to top 50. Might give it a final go tonight (won't have another chance to improve before it ends), but not expecting to beat my current time anyway.
Gave brands one last shot and managed to cut my time down a little. I really enjoyed this combo.


I wont have another chance to try and improve on that so time to mentally switch to the nord. Another combo i like, but i don't know if i will be able to get gold there, but i am gonna give it my best shot
A lot to catch up as I’m back from my trip. Green Hell is super fun with this car but super annoying at the same time. First couple of tries resulted in invalidated lap times. I was on course for 40s..will have to dig deep for this one. Top times are out of this universe. I’m starting to believe in the theory of we living in a simulation:D

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