Tire Deformation Spotted Within GT Sport

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GTPNewsWire, May 19, 2017.

  1. GTPNewsWire

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  2. PzR Slim

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    I think it's great that PD are adding tire deformation, it's an added layer of realism. However, what is the point of adding this when the basic physics model is so lacking. Form over function?
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  3. SlipZtrEm

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    Er, because progress is good.

    Regardless of any existing deficiencies, I'd say it's good to see Polyphony exploring other aspects of what is undoubtedly the hardest part of physics simulation. Tires are deeply complex, and if this has a knock-on effect that encourages further changes elsewhere in the system, that's a good thing IMO.

    Also, as a surprising aside, it's a little shocking to think FM3 is now eight years old.
  4. TS050

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    I feel like this is a sign of good things to come with the physics model. Good job, PD.

    Damn, I feel old.
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  5. dimassa19

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    Tire Deformation? Cool!

    Australia Sydney

    HAHAH yep, that means its a hardcore sim! :cheers:
  7. PzR Slim

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    Don't get me wrong, I think progress is a must. Just seems that it's always the look of their game that see's the most progress. I'd prefer it if progress happened at a more consistent pace across the whole game.
  8. karelpipa

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    lets hope its not just an animation.
  9. TRGTspecialist

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    GT physics engine beginning to flex its muscles?

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  10. Streeto

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    That would be tremendous and so very PD.
  11. 2clickswest

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    Why do I have the feeling that PD forced Sony to close Evolution Studios and now it started using their ideas and technology?
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  12. MrWaflz55

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    I don't think so, Driveclub and GT Sport have two very different handling models.
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  13. SlipZtrEm

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    It seems unlikely — though possible — that this would be a graphical-only upgrade. I agree that ideally, every aspect of a franchise move forward with each iteration, but one can make the argument that isn't really needed.

    Way ahead of you. :p
  14. PletdeKoe


    Of all the things GT does, this is for me, the least interesting feature. No problem it is in. But I really don't care. I just want to enjoy racing cool cars on cool tracks.
  15. ss3

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    Oh that's really cool, was not expecting that!
  16. Michelin Man

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    That's a neat little feature, didn't expect that, think it's a nice addition, after all, it's the smaller details that can often be just as poignant. Something GT has usually been pretty good at.
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  17. Johnnypenso

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    It's a big leap forward if it's incorporated into the physics model. Remains to be seen if it is.
  18. SlipZtrEm

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    Oh yeah, since he might not immediately see it: cheers to @Vspectra for first posting the images. We figured the discovery warranted its own thread instead of the existing physics one, which is closing in on 1000 posts for readers to sift through.

  19. bdj57

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  20. Ameer67

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  21. Donnced

    Spain valencia

    Mmmm...is Tyre flex functional or is it like driveclub (yes got also tyre flex and deformation in cars and bikes) only a visual detail?!
  22. Johnnypenso

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    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    No one knows...have to wait and see. If past history repeats (camber anyone?) we may have to figure it out through endless testing and bickering over the results and what they mean.
  23. bdj57

    Indonesia Jakarta

    Would be nice if this give a signal to improved tire model and physics. I just thought because this is also those kind of little details that GT always had imo. But I agree this might lead us into something else than just visual details.
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  24. infamousphil


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  25. citroengt1

    Croatia Zagreb

    Interesting. This would definitely be when taking photos of cars spinning their tires of the start line.

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  26. Garconis


    I saw this for the first time a few weeks ago, when I was watching a trailer of a rival racing game. It really was jaw-dropping to see something like that in a video game. Now, for Gran Turismo to introduce it, I am very pleased indeed.
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  27. SDSPOWER01

    Aruba Paradera

    I would not expect that level of flexing on the tires on GT (not even in slowmo) tho and given that the dragter has slick tires aswell.

    This trailer of GT6 however (which I believed I have noticed for a long time but did not really cared about it) caught my attention long ago as it also shows some tire deforming/flexing? :confused: :confused:
  28. Blood*Specter

    United States York Virginia

    I will always have a place for GT. It was the first racing video game I really loved. However, a simulation it is not.
    That title belongs to the likes of Assetto, RFactor2, i-Racing and to some extent Project Cars.

    GT is what it is. Without damage, day/night transition and weather. It is an arcade encyclopedia of cars.
    Adding an image of tire deformation does not a sim make. And still no discernable upgrade of engine sounds?

    Those looking for a true sim experience will look to other products and find what they seek. Those who love GT for what it was and will be will be perfectly happy with what is presented. And that's a good thing.:tup:
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  29. CLowndes888

    Australia Melbourne

    Tyre deformation was something that GT6 lacked completely and it kinda bugged me, because PCars actually simulated it. However, it wasn't really shown clearly (I'm not saying it couldn't be seen though). GT Sport HAS TO GET the physics of tyre deformation correct, otherwise what we see on screen is nothing more than a gimmick. It's one thing to animate the cars' movements but it's another to actually program everything into the physics engine. But it's a start for PD.
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  30. infamousphil


    Hmmm... tyre deformation... check. Tyre pressure... we'll see. Engine for said physics?..

    IDK but it would be nice. Others do such things and more. But I don't see any 'simulators' loosing their tyres completly, which I would be more interested in.

    Catastrophic failure of abused engines, transmissions and tyres are aspects that I have been looking for PD to commit to since Y2K. Really missing this in the so called 'Race for Real' lobbies... which SRF shouldn't even be an option.
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