To those who play Driveclub and Driveclub VR

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If you could keep one only, which would it be, Driveclub or Driveclub VR?

  1. Driveclub

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  2. Driveclub VR

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  1. tsupra1822


    I love driveclub vr it is what I have been dreaming about since I was a little kid. I understand what people can have problems with and that is with any game. Pro vs Cons there is always something. This is a wonderfull game. I am extremely happy that I can experience this with my ps4 whenever I want. The people that don't like this don't understand want is happening and don't really get it. Replay mode in passanger seat is amazing(was not im demo).Even third person behind the car looks amazing. Off course PC vr is better but this is something that can be experienced for a decent price. I do find it hard to go back to non vr games. Plus psvr will start seeing more PC vr apps and games ported, this is a very exciting time.
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  2. BrainsBush


    Sounds familiar @tsupra1822
    Have fun with DriveclubVR and don't forget to race the multiple challenges.
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  3. hobbsy


    I finally got round to trying out DCVR last night (just on controller, not my wheel), and was very impressed. I knew about the downgrade necessary to ensure stable game play, so there was no surprises in this area.
    One thing that has impressed me since trying the PSVR, is the responsiveness (in all games) of replicating movement from headset to screen image. its not absolute 100%, but it very VERY close (in my opinion, lets just say 99.5%), and for me this pays off in DC.
    If anyone else is like me, I've always tried to use the look left/right in racing games and not just relied on assuming there is a car/object there. But the problem I always get is, I end up going off line or missing breaking points etc. However I found that using the VR, it became instantly natural with looking into apex's or checking proximity of other vehicles, without compromising my driving, so yes i'm very pleased with this kind of immersion, and feel its worth the trade off to have.

    Having read several times that the pro offers a slight improvement in graphical quality, this is even more of a must to obtain.

    A question or two to those who have played a lot in VR. Have you experienced many feelings of disorientation?
    I don't suffer from motion sickness (in real world car, plane, train or boat journeys), so I was confident i would not be affected as much as others have. however last night once i finished running some laps, i started to look around the car more and generally messing around. This got me into doing doughnuts.... :D I could see that there was some tyre smoke etc. coming from the rear tyres and thought it would be interesting to have a look back there.... and just to be clear, all was fine up until this point.
    Oh dear :boggled:... within an instant, i felt like someone had just opened up a hole, and i'd falling into complete emptiness. It wasn't a nauseous feeling, but one of utter disorientation and dizziness, actually it was very much like falling in a dream!

    if you have experienced such disorientation, has it lessened the more you have used it, have you been able to adapt?

    As I see it, we need to train our brains to disconnect from the "expected inner ear movement", if at all possible... or as in my lesson above, don't be so stupid :censored: Muppet! :banghead:

    Now a more technical question on setup, for wheel users.
    How, where do you set up the camera, or rather have you found an optimum distance & height to position it?

    I was thinking of adding a mounting point, almost like a selfie stick, to put the camera in what I would think is the best position. I did something similar back for GT5 for eye/head tracking movement. For me, below the TV is too low, and on top seems a step angle.

    Cheers :cheers:
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  4. BrainsBush


    I recon that disorientation.Your brains are strange things and with VR we are fooling them around. Differs per person...Sometimes I just close my eyes a couple of seconds and start a new race and just look forward.

    See pics for position of camera. hope this helps? And now when I see these pics I certainly need to decorate a little bit. What a dull clean hospital room

    IMG_2101.JPG IMG_2102.JPG IMG_2103.JPG
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  5. torque99


    @hobbsy I also had that feeling it lasted for a good week for me, but I wasn't going to give in and just played 5-10 mins a night then took it off, I got used to it very quick and now put it on and have nothing. I would say the trick is to move your head not your eyes to start and start slowly.

    My camera is also placed on top of the tv and angled slightly down, it captures a wide area and you will find your head is only a small area on the screen when it shows you.

    What I like most is the accuracy of the hand movements. The gloves seem to move so close to your real hands you forget. You can obviously adjust the seat back up/down etc on each car. Sometimes during a race it does drift but an easy press of the options button and it goes back.

    The immersion is great, sometimes I don't play it for a week or so if I am taking photos in other games and each time I put it back it amazes me.:tup:
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  6. Denur

    Denur Premium

    I agree totally. In GT5 head tracking was very poor and 3D with glasses had too much of a graphics trade off.

    I have experienced no discomfort (I'm the kind of person that finds rollercoasters boring), but a friend of mine got sick at entering his very first corner in DC VR. He felt sick for hours afterwards.

    My camera is placed at the top of the television. This location works fine for both DC VR and other VR games. Depending on the game, I just have to adjust the camera's angle.
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  7. Glovesman


    DCVR - At first the motion sickness got to me, but I am now used to it. My biggest problem was PSVR drift where everything shifted to the left. I managed to cure this by accident. I moved my camera to the left about 2 feet as I was playing in a different position and forgot to move it back. Having the camera off centre has seemed to solve the problem.
    I have done a few 3 hour sessions in DCVR, with no sickness or screen drift.
    Despite the trade off on graphics, the whole experience is amazing.
    I think the drift was contributing to the sickness.

    Now my biggest problem is losing track of time. I put the headset on and the hours fly by.
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  8. Zero7159


    Drive club VR. I play it on my PS Pro with my accuforce direct drive wheel, Main Performance PC pedals and modded Fanatec Formula rim thanks to the GIMX software and an Arduino board. The immersion is great and the graphics better than I thought they would be.
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  9. JoeDaSnow


    United States
    I chose the Driveclub over its VR counterpart. I felt that it was less painful than DCVR and that I'm better without VR.