TPC Presents: 300km of Blue Moon Bay, COMPLETED, Winner: PhilTaylor17

United Kingdom
Derby, UK

23rd of January, 2021, Blue Moon Bay Infield A
Lobby will open at 14:00PST - 17:00EST - 22:00GMT and qualifying will start roughly 15 minutes later, race should last about 1 hour 40.
Time of day: 17:00
Laps: 90 + formation lap

Tyres: Racing Mediums
Start: Manual Rolling Start
Grid Order: Fastest First
Boost: Off
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tire Wear: x1
Fuel Depletion: 1x
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 Seconds
Tuning: Prohibited
Ghost: Off
Penalties: Weak
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Assists: Counter-steering Assistance, ASM, and Auto-Drive prohibited.
Qualifying will last for 10 minutes
  • Cars are to follow pole position who will lead the cars around at a maximum speed of 62mph/100kph
  • Cars may start at leaders digression before the start line once all cars it class are on the main straight
Car choice is limited to 3 per car to help ensure a more varied grid.

A custom B.O.P is being used so make sure to correctly apply it before racing & practicing.
  • Stock Livery is prohibited
  • Nothing that breaks either GTSport or GTPlanet TOS
  • Window banner is free choice
  • @GOTMAXPOWER/GOTNOBRAKES/Everyone Heretical/Blasphemous liveries are banned, eg putting liveries from other manufacturers on a car
  • Tyre brand/manufacturer is free choice
  • Required number board can be found HERE, Please apply in game board, set race number, and then remove board. This ensures the correct number shows above your car, in game.
Number board to be placed clearly on the side of the car
Chosen tyre decals to go in these general areas:
  • Try and race cleanly and fairly, for example if you get a pass done with a bit of a shove it's the right thing to do to give this place back and pass again in a clean manor,

  • If/when being lapped, do not yield position, or move off line unless safe to do so. It is the responsibility of the faster driver to make a safe pass,

  • Don't abuse the track limits
  • Have fun!

If interested please sign up with the following:

GTP name -
PSN name -
Race number -
Car choice -

Have fun and good luck!
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United Kingdom
Derby, UK
Entry List: 16/16

GTP name - Adam Barber
PSN name - GTP_Abarber95
Race number - 95
Car choice - 458 GT3

GTP name - El_Beardo
PSN name - El_Beardo_Grande
Race number - #61
Car - RCZ Gr3

GTP name - Michelin Man
PSN name - TheSweeney_
Race number - #11
Car choice - NSX Gr3

GTP name - Drex124
PSN name - Drex125
Race number - #3
Car choice - RC-F GT3

GTP name - DelboyD
PSN name - DelboyD
Race number - 5
Car choice - 458 GT3

GTP name - Kuraudo
PSN name - Dexter_HUN
Race number - #86
Car choice - 650s GT3

GTP name - GT5Apex
PSN name - Sunshineonleith
Race number - #93
Car choice - R8 GT3

GTP name - Pigems
PSN name - TPC_Pigems
Race number - #420
Car choice - NSX Gr3

GTP name - GTP_Guido
PSN name - TPC_Guido
Race number - 23
Car choice - Mustang Gr3

GTP name - Timm Sheehan
PSN name - tmsheehan
Race number - 921
Car choice - Alfa 4C Gr3

GTP Name - Centuritron
PSN Name - Centuritron
Race Number - 74
Car Choice - NSX Gr3

GTP name: Philtaylor17
PSN name: V1_Evo_
Race number #17
Car choice 650S GT3

GTP name - The_Tullster
PSN name - TPC_Fudsy
Race number - 81
Car choice - V12 Vantage

PSN name - Desert_Penguin_
Race number - 9
Car choice - AMG GT3

GTP name - John_YDG
PSN name - John_YDG
Race number - 28
Car choice - NSX GT3

GTP name - Michael Leue
PSN name - Hansa_27ML
Race number - 27
Car choice - Corvette

Reserves: 1

GTP name - Kermit_2142
PSN name - Kermit_2142
Race number - TBD
Car choice - TBD
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United States
Grand Rapids,MI
You got a race Number.

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