TPC Presents: 300km of Blue Moon Bay, COMPLETED, Winner: PhilTaylor17

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United Kingdom
I'm ready!

Rota, Province of Cádiz, Autonomy of Andalusia
Awesome Race! Thank you @Adam Barber for hosting.

Congratulations to @Philtaylor17 for a well deserved win!

I haven't reviewed the replay, probably do that tomorrow, but I would like to apologize to all for any problems I caused during the race. Raced hard and tried to get out of your way during blue flag conditions. I really must apologize extra to @Philtaylor17 whom I turned into causing your spin on turn 7 and @GT5Apex for spinning you on turn 4.

I did set a personal best of 01:10.xx on 2 separate laps - cool for me.

Finally that was my first official online race in cockpit mode only and it was fantastic. I am expecting more races to come in cockpit mode.

I cannot wait for the next series. Enjoy your racing!
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United Kingdom
Congrats to @Philtaylor17 on the win.

That was good fun last night. The first stint for me was pretty much non-stop battling with @Drex124
Sorry for the tap into the hairpin early on @Drex124. Just missed my braking point.
Had an incident with @john_ydg - thanks for giving the place back. Otherwise some good, hard racing.
Made a few mistakes at the T4 right hander trying to carry speed through. Critically never big enough to spin.

I lucked in with @GT5Apex tangle with @Timm Sheehan as it saved me having to make a pass.

This was the first online race with my new pedals. Much better than my older ones as I could be smoother and more consistent under braking.


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United Kingdom
Thanks @Adam Barber @Timm Sheehan @DelboyD :cheers: GG guys

Thanks for organising a great race @Adam Barber. This felt like a real classic Gran Turismo endurance race.

Great racing from everyone in the field, especially @Pigems and @Michelin Man on the podiums :cheers:

No worries at all @Timm Sheehan, from what I remember you and someone else were together side by side, I thought I saw a chance for a cutback to pass you both in one hit, then when you got wheelspin I was where you would normally have been able to safely drift into, it wasn't really necessary for me to go for it considering I had a gap behind me but racing instinct takes over I guess and it looked like a fun party to join :lol: either way I didn't spin really just had a little slide :cheers: hope you didn't lose too much time from it.

The race went by pretty quickly really, qualifying was tricky, I wasn't hooking my sectors up properly, and @Pigems was throwing down some really fast laps from the start, managed to get it by barely a tenth at the end.

Then the race started ( thanks to @El_Beardo and @Drex124 for the short shifting tips with the supra on the warm up lap :cheers: I'd only picked the car the night before so didn't realise that was the way to drive it, saved me some fuel too probably )

Opening laps looked fun, every time I checked the leaderboard on the start/finish it felt like every position had changed, kinda helped allow the draft to be broken which helped, and then just stuck to the two stop, I think the way the fuel worked out it was worth it, it meant a quick 5 second stop with no fuel needed until the second stop.

So yeah, enjoyed the track, enjoyed the race, look forward to the next time we're all on track together :cheers: GG everyone
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