Turn 10 Reveals New Details on Forza Motorsport 8

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 8' started by GTPNewsWire, Dec 13, 2019.

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  2. ferhound


    So this new console will be like what Nintendo did with Wii - WiiU. I'm not digging this at all.
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  3. Krakenous


    Doesn't really tell us anything that interesting. I still resent the "all in" approach to everything unlocked from the start and for free, how exactly would progression even work? No good vehicle games are based on this concept...UNLESS, it means that you put your money into vast, vast, VAST upgrades into vehicles and opportunities to race and compete from grass routes style tracks up to world class race tracks. Even then...how would rewards even word, PC1/PC2 are so incredibly dull and boring because there is simply no progression, a sandbox world is fine for certain modes only IMO.

    Please, if anyone at MS or T10 reads these boards...don't give us everything from the start. I mean sure, don't "lock" cars behind BS races, forzathons, and "one only" events, money is fine...stupid hard-locking behind pre-orders and events is not especially if it's time based and out of our control.

    Just my two cents.
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  4. die996

    die996 (Banned)

    The whole "get all the cars from the start" is quite stupid. There're 2 better methods if you want to stop using money:

    · Only a few cars of each class are unlocked at the beginning. Wins progressively unlock more and more stuff. You can race "any class" but you still have to work to get the best vehicles.

    · Most cars are unlocked at the beginning but they're used/old/damaged. The paint looks a bit bad and the performance is not up to the car's potential. The more you win, the more cars get restored and you also unlock the ones that were locked at first.
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  5. Jezza819


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    Credits are ok I guess. I would rather have that than have cars locked behind achievement races or a system of license rankings. I don't do careers so progression doesn't really matter to me.
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  6. phillkillv2


    They need a racing license type system like Gran Turismo, you know?

    I think that would also be a good way to teach players about racing etiquette while making it worthwhile to progress through the tests/game.
  7. Northstar

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    Considering how credits are usually handled in Forza they might as well remove them. It really seems like the type of thing that could either be great or horrible and knowing T10 it could very easily be either one.

    E3 will be very interesting this year.
  8. Thomas2012


    My main complaints from 7 my first Forza were that the homologation system was... rubbish. I see what they were going for but I don’t feel like it works well in a single player environment. Especially if I’m turning up in a 30’s racer with fat tyres on them it’s just wrong to me.

    The drivatars on unbeatable were awful. Some tracks they’d be many seconds off the pace (up to 10!) and others they’d be seconds infront of the world record pace and impossible to catch. Obviously not something easy to fix but needs work.

    The challenges were great but needs more like Forza 4 which I have only played once and adored it. (I could be wrong about this as I played it many years ago)

    Oh and PC compatibility for me was a bit of a on off type situation, sometimes it’d crash no matter what, others it’d run forever. At least at high FPS!

    All in all, I did for the most part enjoy FM7 despite it’s flaws and I’m sure this one will be a good step forward.
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  9. Jezza819


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    The bad thing to me about a credit system is that it forces you to drive everything with all assists off in order to max the payout. To me it makes most of the cars in classes drive alike, very loose.

    Yeah it didn't take me long to not like the homolgation system either.
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  10. 05XR8


    There ARE two good games, I play, that allow users access to all cars from the start. The progression in F8, could be in choosing a specific series at the start and working one's way up to a top tier, or just stay in one series.
  11. PorscheHD


    It will better be a launch title no Forza no Xbox :lol:
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  12. RaceFuchs


    What makes you think that? Because the names are similiar? Thats the case with every Xbox and every Playstation. Nothing unusual with Series X. The only thing that has changed is the possibility to play this game on a PC, too. Or by simply using Game Pass instead of buying. And there is a question remaining: will this game run on an Xbox One console, too? Same goes for Halo Infinite. I suppose when streaming, you could play it on every device... and that might be Microsofts plan in the long term. That being said, is this new Forza cross-gen or not?

    Back to topic... i think this all sounds rather good. A new tyre model is the best thing that can happen to Forza. But we will see if it turns out to be a proper sim this time around.
  13. Ande3200


    If they have all cars availble for buy its good. But if its free from credits, its pretty boring in my opinion i like to grind up for my cars. Hopefully next gran turismo will have that feature left, as more and more games seems to remove that
  14. zargdin


    Just to add my voice against the "all cars available at start" idea.

    Part of the enjoyment of any game is the sense of progression. It would be like getting a shooter/rpg type game with all levels and weapons and upgrades available at the start.
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  15. Lukanyon


    I'd like a system similar to Driveclub's, where you unlock cars by leveling up.
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  16. davygravy


    Lock cars away in career. Like the old games and GT where you could only get a certain car from winning certain championships.

    Keep all cars unlocked in Free Play and Multiplayer. That way if you're into hotlapping like myself it's better.
  17. warp9engage


    The simple solution is: make them unlockable in career and available for all in Free-Play, as other members have said. I don't have the free-time or the patience to grind away for hours on end every day, so I do like the option to just pick up and play. Don't like to grind, go to Free-Play. Want progression, go to Career.
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  18. adam thompson

    adam thompson

    I love and still play Forza 7 so I’m all for it and can’t wait. Updates and details sound really good. Hope they can introduce a i updates and lets gooo
  19. yippiekiyay92


    Aspects for me that I consider important to take for the next Forza 8:

    - Better modelling cars. Gran turismo Sport is very ahead in this aspect. Even premium cars from Gran Tursimo 6 looks better in dealership than forza.
    - Accurate sounds, as the real ones.
    - Delete all forza edition cars. I don't understand the reason to put these cars, looks really pathetic as ricers cars. All with the same stupid look, RWB or Liberty walk style. Put authentic cars.
    - Put more elegant interface like Gran turismo series.
    - Better background song for the main menu.
    - Put official motorsport brands for suits, helmets, gloves, etc. Same aspect as forza edtion cars. I don't understand the reason to put suits like a Baseball player, Clown, and others…... This is a serious game or is for kids ?
    - RUF should be come back as TOYOTA and SEAT. More CITROËN cars, this Brand is underrated in the series. Where is the Saxo VTS, Xsara, AX, ZX ?. Also missing very important cars in the 90 era and early 2000, as Opel Calibra, Volvo 480 turbo, Alfa 147 GTA, Peugeot 106 rally, Ibiza GTi, Nissan Pulsar GTi-R, Kadett 2.0 DOHC 16v, incomprehensible.
    - Flames from the exhaust. Put in, but on really Racing cars or very tuned. If I driving a car as stock setup why is showing flames as a flamethrower ?
    - The movement of the exhaust, wipers and rearviews while i driving are so exagerated.
    - Include a maintenance section for the cars with the purpose to change the oil, brake pads, air filter, and others wearing elements.
    - Km should go up in analogical odometers, not only in digitals.
    - Tsukuba circuit should come back.

    There is time for it to go on sale but if you want to be a game again for car enthusiasts you should consider some of these aspects. A fan who has been playing since 2005 tells you.
  20. Spacewolf1


    They can simply open access to all cars from beginning only via rent (no tune, no livrery) and force players to buy car for unlock tune and livrery ability.
  21. ClydeYellow


    Is not, unless we are talking about certain "legacy" models (i.e. the Subaru 22B) which are infamously inaccurate.

    Gran Turismo Sport has better materials and lightning, and as a result the models look "better" even when they really aren't. But the gap between Forza and GT has steadily decreased, with a huge jump forward in graphic fidelity with Horizon 4. And the next Forza Motorsport should come out on the XSX and make use of ray tracing, too.

    Most of those cars are "very important" only to Southern European Hot Hatch Aficionados like you and me; most people playing Forza don't care about them. And with that being said, the Pulsar GTi-R and Mazda 323 GT-R may be coming to Forza Horizon 4, together with the 205 Rallye; in all likelihood, to be retained in future titles.
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  22. MikeV27

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    The physics update sounds good, not sure about no in-game economy though. What they really need to do is figure out if they want to make this a serious racing game or not. For years they have been trying to appeal to everyone and the series has been stagnant at best as a result. Leave that for Forza Horizon.
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  23. pennanton


    Well that screenshot suggests turbofans are a customisable option. That alone is a worth the price of admission.
  24. Codemastersk


    - Put more elegant interface like Gran turismo series.
    - Better background song for the main menu.

    Even though I like GT very much, it is not a good idea. I agree in an elegant interface, but avoid at all costs trying to look like Gran Turismo, which is a dificult task.
    Even though people didnt like the look and feel 7 had, they tried to add a little bit more of its own personality into the game (my only issue is that the songs repeat a little). The rockabilly inspired songs feel more like an meetup event or something rather the ominous, gallery art feel of GT.
    I like the menu songs of FM6 and 5 for example, but they are too much similar of Gran Turismo with some choir here and there (in the case of FM5, FM6 ditched the choir songs which make them seem even more like a GT knockoff).
    My idea for a modernised, cleaner song for Forza without sounding like GT would be like the opening song for Forza Horizon 4, A Moment Apart by ODESZA. It is classy and ominous but not entirely into the lounge music territory GT always has.

    About every car from the start, I can agree about online and such because it makes matchmaking easier, but having all cars from the start even on career I find it awful. Project Cars has this and even though the career have some really cool ideas that bring more management aspects into the career of the driver instead of only relying on the car collection, having the option to jump to the supercars right from the start is quite underwhelming.
  25. HBR-Roadhog


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    I definitely do not want a system where all the cars are free from the start. I also do not want a system where some of the cars are almost impossible to get. Earning credits to buy cars and upgrade them is fine and gives incentive to play the game more to get that next car on your wish list. In Forza 7 they had some cars that were locked and could only be gotten by either running in some online event that was only available for a few days or maybe from the specialty dealer if you caught it at the right time or some special rival events which made some of those cars very difficult to get and that is not a good thing.

    Personally I have always liked the games where you start with one modest car and work toward earning your next one. Every game I have tried that lets you drive anything you want always lost my interest right away.
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  26. Jezza819


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    I'm exactly the opposite. I will lose interest quickly if I'm forced to start in an old low horsepower car and work my way up through slightly higher horsepower slightly less crappier cars. I just don't have the patience for that. I still play PC2 today and never get bored with it.

    As a 100% Free Play player I definitely want them to finally put some real intelligence into their AI car model because they are awful in FM7.
  27. BoneSawTX


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    Credits are an issue for all of an hour, then it’s what do I do with these.
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  28. SoapBoxRacer


    Just adding my $0.02...

    - Bring back fictional tracks from FM4 (Fujimi Kaido, Camino Viejo/Iberian International/Ladera, Positano)
    - I'd prefer cars being locked behind achievements/progression. Just make it reasonable.
    - If nothing else, just don't force online play by locking content behind online play. This personally is kind of deal-breaker.
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  29. beyond72


    While I think this would be a good time to draw a line between the Motorsport and Horizon series, in regards to wacky cars and driver suits.
    The world doesn't need a GT Sport clone while PD is still around. Forza's USP is their car upgrade system and their a game for all skill levels approach. So I'm guessing they'll build upon the upgrade system but realistically doubt they'll bring in a ranking system for on-line, I think we've already seen how the race regulations will work.

    As for the presentation, while I like GT's, they should just do more of those intros we got for FM7 but without the fictional drivers or better still use some real life racing clips as introductions to certain races. FM4's intro was great but after that the presentation went really dry, they should try and keep that energy going for the whole game and maybe even include some history of the cars, manufacturers or races.
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  30. ShakesMcQueen


    I'm interested in hearing more on what they mean by "built not bought". I've long-maintained that I'd love to see a racing game that made your car collection more personal to you somehow, versus a Pokemon-style "gotta catch em all" thing where you just try to own all of them, and 90% of them you either never touch at all, or dabble with for five minutes.

    I'd also be curious to see what progression looks like in a game where getting credits to buy cars is no longer the core loop.
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