Want a greater variety of Paint Chips? Try these Cars & Share your Favourite Paint Chips

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    NICKname [thank you!] updated the OP, sorted the cars by lowest price first (since it's probably what people are looking for), made a few corrections and additions.

    Are you getting a bit tired with only having a narrow range of colours available?
    By buying and selling a number of the least expensive cars, it is fairly easy to massively increase your stock of paint chips. This is a list of a few cheap cars in the dealerships that have a nice range of colours available.

    Remember that if you subsequently sell the car, you get 30% of the sales price back.

    Inexpensive Cars, with interesting colours, for sale for less than 40,000 Cr
    Daihatsu Midget II D Type '98:
    5,740 Cr - 6 colours including a metallic emerald green.
    Toyota Vitz F '99/Toyota Yaris F (J) '99: 9,800 Cr - 7 interesting colours, including gold and a nice cyan.
    Nissan March 12c 5 door '03: 10,950 Cr - 11 colours such as ''olives'', ''beans'' and ''lavender''.
    Nissan MICRA '03: 10,950 Cr - 10 colours such as ''coral'', ''kiwi'' and ''shamrock''.
    Suzuki Alto Lapin Turbo '02: 12,400 Cr - 9 colours including a nice strong yellow, 3 other colours are slightly unusual shades such as Lavender.
    Daihatsu MOVE SR-XX 4WD '97: 12,590 Cr - 6 colours, including a nice red metallic and a nice blue metallic.
    Honda FIT W '01: 12,600 Cr - 10 interesting colours such as ''coral'', ''kiwi'' and ''shamrock''.
    Suzuki MR Wagon Sport '04: 12,800 Cr - 8 colours, 3 shades of blue, and a creamy yellow.
    Ford Ka '01: 12,920 Cr - 11 colours, including a very bright yellow.
    Hyundai Tiburon Turbulence '99: 14,080 Cr- 7 colours including a yellow Gold, deep orange and a nice green.
    Mazda Demio Sport '03: 14,500 Cr - 13 colours, including a very nice orange, and a couple of slightly unusual shades.
    Daihatsu Copen Detachable Top '02: 14,980 Cr - 8 colours.
    Volvo 240 GLT Estate '88: 15,920 Cr - 14 colours.
    Triumph Spitfire: 17,200 Cr - 10 colours, includes French Blue and a nice Java Green.
    Opel Corsa Comfort 1.4 '01: 17,960 Cr - 14 colours including pink, green, blue etc…
    Citroen C3 1.6 '02: 18,130 Cr - 12 colours including a nice Yellow/Gold.
    Opel Tigra 1.6i '99: 29,140 Cr - Ananasgelb (maybe the brightest yellow that can be obtained cheaply?) and a few others.
    Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 '67: 30,000 Cr - 15 colours.
    Pontiac Firebird Trans Am '78: 30,000 cr - Select without the hood bird if you want the paint chip!
    Lotus Europa: 30,000 Cr - 9 interesting colours including Lotus Yellow, Wedgewood blue.
    Mini Cooper S '11: 30 300 Cr - 11 colours. This car is pretty much a selection of epic win colors, most of them are metallic!
    Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 TS '02: 30,590 Cr - 14 colours, 10 are metallic, is Azzurro Nuvola Iridescente a colour shift?
    Honda S2000 '01: 34,300 Cr - 13 nice colours including Lime Green Metallic, New Imola Orange Pearl.
    Lotus Elise '96: 37,600 Cr - 12 nice colours including Deep Purple Metallic and Chrome Orange Metallic.
    Honda 1300 Coupe 9 S '70 - 9 colours of which 2 or 3 are slightly unusual

    Mid-priced Cars with interesting Paint Chips, cars that cost between 40,000 to 120,000 Credits
    Lotus Elise '00:
    41,060 Cr - 13 nice colours including Lava Orange, Lightning Yellow and Laser Blue.
    Plymouth Superbird '70: 42,440 Cr - 28 colours available, including Vitamin C.
    Opel Speedster '00: 44 690 Cr - 9 colours.Amazing blue Europablau (it's eye-burningly blue), Very bright yellow (gelb), neat shade of orange Mandarin, nice red (Rabiatarot).
    Opel Speedster Turbo '00: 49 550 Cr - 12 colours.Pretty much the same selection as the normal Speedster but with a nice green LeMans-Grün, an interesting Colmarblau, it's a bit pinkish I believe. Unbelievably yellow Brilliantgelb.
    Jaguar E-Type: 50,930 Cr - 17 colours, a few metallic, have a look at cream and Pearl Grey.
    Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack '71: 58,360 Cr - 27 colours.
    Dodge Challenger R/T '70: 75,000 Cr - 20 colours including Sublime Green.
    Dodge Charger Super Bee 426 Hemi '71: 80,000 Cr - 29 colours. Lots of choices including: brown beige, green.
    Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71: 90,000 Cr - 31 colours!
    Honda NSX '97: 91,070 Cr - most of the colours are available on the cheaper S2000, however Phoenix Blue looks lovely.
    Lotus Evora '09: 100,000 Cr - 20 colours, have a look at Isotope Green.
    Ferrari 512 BB '76: 102,500 Cr - 25 colours including a nice gold and a deep purple.
    Lotus Esprit V8 '02: 116,520 Cr - 13 great colours, including Lava Orange, Lightning Yellow and Laser Blue (many of these are available with the cheaper Elise '00).

    Mercedes CLK 55 AMG: comes in a nice variety of colours

    Expensive Cars, those costing more than 120,000 Credits, but come with nice paint chips
    BMW M4 Coupé:
    120,000 Cr - Mineral White (metallic white paint)
    Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG (R230) '02: 125 000 Cr - 15 colours such as the very nice white Alabasterweiß, the fine bronze Travertinbeige, Red Magmarot, Cherry Bernsteinrot, and the neat purple Jaspisblau.
    Jaguar XKR Coupe '10: 155 000 Cr - 13 colours such as Red Salsa and the amazing Spectrum Blue Metallic.
    Jaguar XKR-S '11: 175,000 Cr - 16 colours. Lots of nice dark colours.
    Aside from its awesome French Racing Blue, it offers 2 nice black colors: Ultimate Black Metallic and Ebony.
    Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary '88: 182,000 Cr - For a nice black (Nero Tenebre).
    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG '10: 197 620 Cr - 10 colours (2 matte chips!) Quite obviously, its gorgeous red AMG Le Mans rot, stunning blue Gran Turismo blau, matte silver designo magno alanitgrau and the bronze-ish matte AMG Monza grau magno.
    Aston Martin V12 Vantage '10: 217,350 Cr - 22 colours, awesome Sunburst Yellow, interesting Madagascar Orange, cool Appletree Green
    fantastic Midnight Blue, equally fantastic Mariana Blue, bad shades of black and silver.
    Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupe '54: 237 690 Cr - 9 colours such as the nice shade of blue Blaugrau.
    Toyota FT-86 Concept '09: 300,000 Cr - Lime Green Pearl amongst other great colours.
    Lexus LFA: 375,000 Cr - 30 colours including Matte Black.
    Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept '10: 500,000 Cr - (the one with the carbon bonnet) has 9 colour shifts available, but I guess you really got to want them!

    If you want to add to the list of cars with good paint chips, Please use this template:
    [Make] [Model] 'xx: xxx,xxx Cr - xx colours, [comment]

    If you want to calculate the selling price of a car, use this formula:(Selling price is S, original price is P)
    (P : 100) x 30 = S or P x 0.3 = S [I do 10% times 3 when doing it in my head!]

    Car manufacturers with interesting paint chips:
    Obviously the famous Ferrari red (Rosso Corsa)
    Fiat: try the 500 R '72 for a nice bright blue (Turchese Farfalla), the 500 L '69 for a bright orange (Giallo Positano) and the Barchetta for a nice orange (Arancio).
    MG: MGF and TF.
    TVR: great for a range of colour shifts (The cheapest for these is the TVR Tamora at 70,940 Cr, you can choose from 21 colours including colour shifts).
    Volkswagen: Try the Lupo 1.4 '02 with Fantasiagrün and softblue, also the New Beetle '00 with 11 colours, and the VW Golf GTi '01 with 14 colours are worth a look.

    Suggested Paint Chips: [updated Jan 4th]
    Renault Avantime '02: 52,570 Cr - Noir Nocturne, vw polo gti called diamond black pearleffeckt, raven black (Toyota FT86), Brilliant Black, Berlina Black from the S2000 is blacker than most blacks. Metallic black paints - try tricoat black from the Cadillac
    Blue: BMW 120i/d Nautikblau is the best dark blue for BMWs, LCC Rocket has a very deep blue, Sky Blue (Honda Insight LS)

    the MEGA list of blue paints!!

    Brown: Mitsubishi Lancer '74 in Aso Red for a nice chocolate brown
    Isotope green from the Lotus Evora is awesome if you like Highlighter bright Yellow/Green, Le Mans Grun (Opel Speedster Turbo), spirited green metallic (Mazda Demio Sport), If you like interesting greenish colors check out the 90' Corvette ZR-1 in Turquoise Metallic
    Orange: LCC Rocket has a rather nice orange (Pearl Orange), Glutirange (Audi TT)
    Purple: Mini Cooper S '05 has a very nice purple called Black-Eye Purple Metallic. Both Nissan Skyline GTR Midnight Purple for 50,000 cr each
    Red: The Chevrolet Nova has Black Cherry, or something like that. A dark metallic red. Lava Red (Mazda MX Crossport - when sprayed onto a premium), 'Italian Racing Red' (Jaguar XKR-S '11)
    White: Lexus LFA, Pikes Peak White (source?) probably brighter than Grand Prix White, Arctic white from the new Mazda Demio sport, Super White II or White Solid (sources?), Bianco Isis (Audi TT I think) is very white, Mineral White (metallic white paint) BMW M4
    Yellow: Ananasgelb (Opel Tigra 1.6i '99), Liquid Yellow (Renault Sport RS '11), Champion Yellow 4 (Suzuki Swift)

    Capri's cream (El Camino)
    Loads from the Plymouth Superbird

    For Matte Paint Chips:
    Lexus LFA '10: Matte Black
    Lamborghini Aventador: Nero Nemesis, Marone Apus and a white matte called Bianco Canopus
    Mercedes SLS: AMG grau magno and designo magno alanitgrau grey (is Design Mysticweiss 2 also a matte white? probably not, please confirm!)
    Toyota FT-86 Concept '09: Matte Black

    Any cars offer a Matte Pink?

    For Colour Shifts:Alfa Romeo: Azzurro Nuvola Iridescente
    TVR Tamora (Tuscan, 350C, Cerbera also but they cost a little more)
    Toyota FT-86 G Sports Concept '10: 9 colour shifts
    Toyota FT-86 Concept '09: Chameleon Purple

    From Seasonal Events (Gold)
    Mercedes-Benz Vision GT Super lap: GT Chrome 006-W
    Alfa Romeo Mito Sport Hot Lap: GT Chrome 10-W
    Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione Hot Lap: GT Chrome 003-W

    To Check:- Other '70s American Muscle Cars
    - Check that the suggested paint chips are not available with a cheaper car
    - Add details of the paint chips awarded with the seasonals

    To Do:- Add credits, for those who have made suggestions
    - Credits are missing on the Honda 1300 Coupe 9 S '70 (how much does it cost?).

    Please Help:
    For the brightest Yellow, try GT6 polarized 038 (how to get it? answers given below, it was an Anniversary paint), so what is the brightest yellow a non AE GT6 owner can get?
    Try Ananasgelb from the Opel Tigra 1.6i '99 (updated above)
    Also the Cizeta canary maybe even brighter, and it can be won from a prize car
    Another post suggests: Giallo Modena and Dandelion Yellow are brighter/poppier.

    - Zaphod2002 asked for a blue that matches his real world 2002. BMW calls it Fjord blue which is a blue with a bit of silver to paint his in game 2002.

    - Does anyone know the brightest white and darkest black?
    Black Raven from Cadillac is a seriously dark black

    - Is there a paint similar to the Fire Black from the MP4-12C?

    - Any other cars give colour shifts, Chrome or matte paints? (see the lists above)

    - McLaren does not give paint chips.
    - Racing cars do not give paint chips.
    - Cars with stripes and unnamed colours do not give paint chips.
    - Gold the seasonals for Chrome/Matte paint chips.
    - Buy cars in colours you don't have (rather than choosing the preferred colour you already have which wastes the opportunity of building your collection, you can repaint most cars).
    - There are cases of paint chips having the same name, but are different shades, or even different colours!
    - When looking at colours, don't go by the small preview, often it is nothing like the actual shade (and sometimes not even the colour) of the paint chip.

    I have updated the title, to encourage people to share their favourite paint chips, please state the name of the paint chip, and how others can get it. Thank you!

    I expect, that requests for particular colours, or information regarding paint chips will be welcome, and am sure that responses will be forthcoming!
    Thank you to all those who have made suggestions:
    TheAdmiester, eSZee, KWZX10, grog, Zaphod2002, TopGearFTW, nickg07, TheeFrogmanlego, dixonbaps, ProjectWHaT, ZDUPH, pk3r72owns, DaveTheStalker, Mercury1, Aobrienm5, NICKname, Steve Mcqueen, Nurburgthing, matticus88, MuoNiuLa, goukipau, raven214, HuskyGT, Hermanvongerman, shoeboy4, NJ72, Madertus, MadCyclist, JogoAsobi, eran0004,
    Please be patient, I will update this, apologies if I have brain fade and miss someone!
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    I didn't pay attention to it yet, but do you get all the car's possible paint colors when you buy one??
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    What car do you think has the brightest and probably obnoxious shade of yellow? Do you know of a day glow yellow?

    Nope :(
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    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. :) :tup: :tup:
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    You can get Mattle Black from the normal 2010 LF-A.
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    I'm pretty sure everyone knows TVRs have some trippy colors. I think the cheapest model they have has the most variety of the color shift chips.
  7. KWZX10


    The toyota gt86 concept (the one with carbon hood) have nice colors too.
  8. Nurburgthing.


    Didn't cross my mind, how could i forget this :odd:?¿

    Thanks to the OP for getting this ball rolling, i've shown my appreciation through the medium of button pressing.
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    My favorite manufacture for paint chips is oddly Plymouth (specifically the 71 cuda), there are some great metallic colors and gold/ bronze-ish colors for rims, and the best lime green (in my opinion) "Curious Yellow".

    DaveTheStalker, My guess is that the brightest yellow will be from one of the special GT paint chips, I have them and they are very bright.

    Edit: I went to the game and checked the yellows and the GT6 polarized 038 is the brightest yellow I have at the moment.
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  11. TopGearFTW


    A lot of the 70s muscle cars have a ton of vibrant unusual colours. The Dodge Challenger is a good one (or Charger maybe... I forget. Maybe both :p). Things like Sublime (bright green) and Banana (guess...) for instance.
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    Vitamin C
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    The best black is on the countach xD glossy yet black.. all other glossy blacks are a dark grayish!
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    I did this myself a few days ago but only to get some of my favorite colors from GT5. Ill check your list out and see if I like any of those colors as well. Thanks for taking the time to post the list.
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  15. dixonbaps


    The Mini's have some pretty cool & cheap colours.
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  16. ProjectWHaT


    Lexus LFA gives you A LOT of variety of colors, including pink, neon green, matte black, etc.
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    So the McLaren's still don't give you paint chips when you buy them. :(
    Shame too, I wouldn't mind Fire Black for a few cars.
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  18. pk3r72owns


    Golding the Seasonal Events gets you
    Chrome and Matt colours.
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  19. DaveTheStalker

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    In the 15 AE paint pack, PD added a lot of matte paints, but got rid of matte yellow :(
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    The coolest colour in the game I think can be found on an old Mini Cooper if this is helpful. Hawaiian Blue Metallic. Beautiful! I had a fleet of 350GT's and Corvette Coupes in GT5. I had to keep buying the bloody minis to keep supplies up!:lol:
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    OP updated, thank you for all of the replies!

    No, only the colour you choose. So best to go through and buy all of the interesting colours in one go - otherwise it is really easy to get confused!

    Thank you. The LFA has some amazing colours, bit of an expensive way to get many paint chips. However, at least in GT6 the chips don't get used up.

    Yes, good call. I'll check and add some details later on. Added details about the TVR Griffith in the OP

    Thank you for reminding us, will have a look and update

    Yes, Thank you. My aim was to look at the cars costing less than 15,000 cr, however with the high paying Seasonals, the repeatable Red Bull events I suppose our flow of credits has eased up quite a bit! So I will look at the higher priced cars.

    Such a shame, I really like the orange!
    Thank you, yes. I think Gold on all the seasonals gifts another paint chip. I hear that they are not randomly awarded, but we all get the same one?

    Thank you. I read a post on another thread said that these paints were not so useful. I have them, and have not found many uses for them.
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    the aventador has amazing quality in its pearl paints and i think has a matte black too
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    United Kingdom
    I thought you were kidding, then I checked the Plymouth Superbird '70
    Good call!!
    Nice choice of 28 colours available
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    I got my shot of vitamin C last night. Feeling much better for it today.
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    United Kingdom

    You are right about the pearl paints, although I was hoping to find some paint chips a little more cheaply!!

    Is the matte black the same as the one that comes with the Lexus LFA? (which is a little cheaper!)
  26. NICKname


    15th Anniversary Edition if I'm correct.
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  27. Steve Mcqueen

    Steve Mcqueen

    If the names are the exact same in the paint description it should be the same paint
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    United Kingdom
    You would have thought, but I am not so sure.
    I have Gold Metallic at least twice, they are all different shades
    Same for Pearl Orange, I have 2 and they different colours - one being almost red, the other almost yellow
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  29. Nurburgthing.


    No. the matte black from the LFA is a little lighter than Nero Nemesis from the Lambo. Nero is my choice of matte black everytime.

    Marron Apus is another matte colour from the Aventador range thats worth getting too.
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    The Triumph Spitfire 1500 '74 Gives some interesting colours;

    Cost is just 17,200 and it has 10 colours
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