What changes have you noticed since the update (08/01/08)?

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  1. BreakerOhio


    This update is good.
    Changes are very noticeable.

    I've noticed better online experience after the update.

    12 car grids most of the time. Better sound, better driving feel and control.
    I've been playing the Fuji Online World event and have not had a single disconnect after the race begins.

    All my online races have been a lot of fun with the new update to the collision detection and knowing when to ghost and not to. Definitely noticeable change in the ghosting. When drivers are off their lines and swinging back and forth and cutting through your path, the new system knows to turn them into ghost before they hit you. Much better.

    The improved physics make driving with a RWD car worth it. Oversteer techniques can be used to be more effective in grip racing now compared to before...where in the old version any sign of stepping out the rear to just slightly rotate the car meant disaster to your speed.

    The physics of before are still present, RWD can still spin out and oversteer into a drift that does mean disaster to your speed, but when not going for drift and going for control and speed, the overall feel in how the tires grip and handle feel and seem more realistic to me from my own personal experience and from watching many racing videos and seeing how professionals steer with a RWD car and how it affects their speed and such. Feels better.
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  2. djcorrosive


    Who believes they should put REAL BLOW OFF VALVE sounds on the cars?
    Those BOV from gt2-3 or whatever are just pathetic for a next gen racing game that is the great gt5p
    I for one would love to be able to hear a real blow off valve go off. who agrees?
    i been wanting this sort of thing in a game for such a long time now.
  3. unv412


    I also heard that it can cause cancer:nervous: so be warned you people who disconnect!!!!!