What did you do in GT7 today?

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1. Some laps on Le Mans TT with the Sauber but mostly 3:30.xxx

2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ : Cr. 10.000 :boggled:

3. Grinded some credits in Spa - Still need Cr. 2.500.000 for the Cobra 🤩
4. Grinded in Le Mans and Tokyo

5. Bought another car... 🥰 (my 1st "20")


6. Bank balance: Cr. 39 ... :lol:
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A quick session before work to get the DW.
Went to gold La Sarthe CE after having learned the track in the current TT.
Also figured I need to finally start collecting credits, so started studying Sardegna for the WTC grind, and nabbed the 1.2M credits from its CE.
I didn’t have as much time last night because I work early today so I did one round of each grind race: Spa in the Jaguar XJR-9, Le Mans in the Suzuki swapped ‘89 BMW M3, Sardegna in the Lambo Huracan GT3, and Tokyo in the Ford GT LM swapped Focus RS but I managed to lose my CRB unfortunately.

I had a bit more time so I took one of my Carrera GT’s that I realized I never drove and did a full upgrade including all Ultimate parts. I took it to Sardegna where I had to short shift to get 5 laps on FM6, but that thing revs for days. I’ll have to take it to a race without fuel consumption after I get off work today.

I got another 4-star ticket worth 30k. With all the grinding I’ve been doing I have 36 million credits so over halfway to my goal of 60 million for two McLaren F1’s and one 917k.
I took my swapped Mazda 3 to LeMans. Actually didn't rain so if I had known that I could've went with a no stop strategy but I still won. I don't like the brakes on the swapped Mazda. I need to figure out where I need to set the brake controller. I took the Mazda3 to Sardegna but the brakes caused me issues so I changed to the 787b. I changed the rims on the Pennzoil GTR and painted them to match the car. I got a BMW i3 or whatever it is which I sold a long with some other cars I don't want. I didn't realize that the BMW was even in the game as I had never seen it before 🤣. I bought another Tuscan Speed Six to swap out.
What is the issue with the brakes? I noticed the stopping power is bigger when you put the controller to 1.
What is the issue with the brakes? I noticed the stopping power is bigger when you put the controller to 1.
For me it's hard to stop not quite like 65 Honda formula but it's takes longer than it should to slow down. It could be because I have the normal brakes for LeMans to get the pp down. I could probably add them if I cut power. But to be honest it is easily fixable through tuning or just slowing down sooner going into the curves.
With the new races all done, it was time to grind again. On the GTP account, weather caused me to miss out on an 8-lap run possibility with the Honda NSX Gr.B. The insulting 4-star Wheel of Despair spat out a Lamborghini invite. PTOOEY!

On the Plus account, it took 2 tries to get the Genesis G70 Gr.4 to work because of screwy weather. On the first run, I got fooled into intermediates on lap 2, then the rain really came only after I came down on lap 4 to put RH's back on because the left-front tire was gone. On the second run, I stayed out until lap 3, stayed on RH tires until lap 5, when I put the intermediates on, and did a third stop for RH on lap 6 as the rain didn't stay long. I ended up nipping Portilla as he stayed out on intermediates on lap 6.

As for the car, it's mostly a typical Gr.4 car, capable of sub-4:19 laps, but with a heavy wear on the front tires. They're marginal for 7 dry laps.

The...wait for it...3-star Wheel of Despair (the 2nd of 2 this month and 48th of 129 workout tickets this year) puked up the usual lowest-showing/lowest-possible 5,000 Cr. on an all-cash wheel. Never ****ing change, PD.
Today was another good day , day off, 2 races at leman , got 5 star today👀 !!! , went at the sea after
that and had a beautiful couple of hours.
At noon i did some different races that was very enjoyable using different cars for each one.
With " this & that " am close to 99 millions ( am not rich ,just stingy 🤣 ) and am waiting the 4 new cars that will show up tomorrow at LCD .

Irrelevant but have to buy new glasses , every track with dark environment gives me hard time .
I have discovered recently that you can create a custom race on GT7 that is quite familiar with the Shotuko Revival Project in Assetto Corsa, more details on this video:

Today, now that I don't feel the need to grind anymore for the time being, i tried my hand with this and I can say it's a lot of fun, I have set it to 10 laps and added 18 "traffic" cars to the race, with the last two spots being the race "rival" and me.

What I usually do is select a car and then let my rival take one of my cars that is about 70pp to 100pp above my car, both cars with sports soft tires as using racing slicks for this wouldn't be sense, and the race can be evenly tied with the traffic cars acting as a catch-up system of sorts in case I get overtaken.

Doing this and driving my P1 GTR while the rival drives my souped up Veyron SS, can be quite challenging because the Veyron is up on my rearview mirror the entire time I'm ahead, and if the AI gets caught up on traffic they still catch up to me quickly.

In case you're bored with this game as I am, try this, it's a lot of fun.

(Monetary payout sucks BTW, it's less than 20k)
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Did 5 crappy laps around Le Mans for the TT in the Toyota GR010.

Best lap could have been an improvement, if I had not taken a stupid penality at the turn before the Hunaudières...

DW gave a 6* !!! (no parts or engine, a true 6 ), and the wheel was very promising, with a stack of 5k, a stack of 10k (both of which are not possible with a 6) and an Audi RS5, a Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT '16 and a stack of ingot worth 1M

Got the gold ! Which is fine as I did not grind at the moment so a bit of cash is welcome !
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On the GTP account, I bought a second Maverick, painted it Ford Raven Black, put the usual GTP/WRS stickers on it so I know I used it for the WRS, and had a slow blast around Laguna Seca. After that, I decided to ignore the fact I only have one Alfa Romeo Giulia and that it sold out of the UCD last night, grabbed a can of Alfa Romeo Etna Black paint, and prepped it for the newest WRS time trial at Dragon Tail. It is a hoot despite having nearly 1100 fewer horsepower than the Maverick.

Before I ground Sardegna in the 2008 Honda NSX GT500, the 4-star Wheel of Despair harshed my mellow, puking out a semi-racing muffler.

On the Plus account, I dragged the Chevrolet Corvette Gr.3 out for a Sardegna run. It's reasonably quick, and does last 15 laps on tires, but it doesn't last 5 laps on fuel on FM 1. I turned it to FM 3 to get 5 laps out of the fuel, and could only get 1:43 laps on a clear track. Worse, Fraga was being his rabbit self, setting a fast lap of 1:41.3. Fortunately, I was able to come out of the pits right behind him to start lap 11 and turn 1:42 laps in his wake. Even better, I was able to save just enough fuel to turn up the wick on lap 15 and pass Fraga on the front straight for a 0.1-second win in 26:49.

The THIRD 3-star Wheel of Despair of THREE this month (and 49th of 130 this year) still gave the low-showing amount of credits, but it was 10,000 Cr. instead of the usual 5,000 Cr. Since the current odds began with version 1.17, I have picked up 4.90 more 3-star Wheels of Despair than I should have.
I wasted some time in a few lobbies only to realise that they aren't really worth my time. I then drove the Chapparal 2J around the Nurburgring.
I logged in to check the UCD and LCD then went back to playing D4.
4 hours in and it’s easy to say the game will consume the vast majority of my gaming time for the remainder of the year and probably more.
My time in GT7 moving forward will mostly consist of acquiring the new cars from updates, completing the new races/events and performing the new swaps only.
Bought and engine swapped the abarth. Its undrivable 🤣🤣🤣.
Did a run at le mans 700 to get back the money spent, and then logged off back to zelda 🤣
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