What did you do in GT7 today?

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Group A. What else is there to do?
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4 more laps at Le Mans, crappy driving as always, enormous improvement of .4s (when I managed to get 2s advance on the best lap of the session which would have resulted in at least 1s improvement over my record time)

DW 5* see related topic ;)
I'm so far away from bronze at Le Mans, I feel like I'm playing a different game to everyone else... :embarrassed:
Gave up after another attempt and ran the DB5 in the Grand Valley 600pp and Historic races instead. A thousand times more fun and a thousand times less frustrating...
I did a whole lot of grinding the past few days and I have 50 million credits out of the about 60 I’ll need for 2 more F1 road cars and one more 917k whenever they do show up. I’m also going to get another 911 GT1 and another F50 as well but I should have time to grind for those before they sell out or else I’ll just dip into my other credits since I’ll have more time before the F1 and 917k show up.

I tried the Le Mans time trial since that’s a track I know very well and after about 4 laps in the R92CP I had Bronze at a 3:34 something and I didn’t see much room for improvement so I decided it was enough. It’s hard to justify spending lots of time lapping that course since I can get 825k for every 6-7 laps doing the grind event.

I was close to midnight so I did a round of Spa in the Bugatti VGT Gr. 1 to get my DW. I got a 4-star ticket that finally gave me the Bugatti invitation I had been waiting for. I bought just one Veyron for now but I’ll probably buy two more before it expires. I now have every invitation car and every car in general except the Ford Roadster and I got the game in early January so it took what 5 months to get all the invitations.
Bought the Porsche 365 and took it to Maggiore East.
Bought the Porsche Carrera GTS 904 and took it to Nurburgring GP Short.
Did the WTC600 race on Tokyo Expressway East in my Murcielago.
Bought the Tesla Model S, modified it slightly and took it Grand Valley.
Drove my Taycan around Grand Valley.
On the GTP account, I blundered about Willow Springs in a rented GReddy Fugu, barely making bronze time, then went a bit faster around Sarthe in a rented Sauber (which appears to be the meta), just missing out on the silver time. I then returned to Sarthe in a tuned-and-swapped 1973 BMW CSL (can't really call it a 3.0 anymore) for a dry 8-lap run. I set the FM to 5 to make it 4 laps, and the back tires just lasted 8. I had three sub-4:05 laps and finished with a 4:03.1 lap after crossing the finish line a 7th time with better than 40 seconds left on the clock.

Naturally, I got a 3-star Wheel of Despair. Naturally, I got the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr. As the Mitsubishi GTO was back in the UCD, I bought 2 for engine purposes, widening 1. I also sold some more duplicates to get above 55,000,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, I took the Nissan Silvia Touring Car to Sarthe. It's a "tweener", not quite getting 4 laps on minimal fuel savings (I ran out coming out of the Corvette Curves), but able to get sub-4:20 when you give it the beans. Still, a win is a win, as is the FOURTH (of 4 this month) 3-star Wheel of Despair (and 50th of 131 this year from workouts), which like 2 of the other 3, gave the smallest-possible 5,000 Cr.
I got home late from work so I only managed to grind around 3 million tonight. Took the 911 GT1 to LM, the Audi R18 to Sardegna, the Viper GT3R to Sardegna, and the NSX GT500 ‘08 to Sardegna as well.

I also did an arcade race at Laguna Seca in the Veyron I was finally able to buy last night. Then I equipped one of the 3 Ultra high RPM turbos and the Carbon Driveshaft I had won previously and took it to SSRX where I managed 275 MPH. Lastly I ran one of the turbo sports cars races in the Veyron which proved to be a very easy win.

I got a 4-star ticket that gave me another NSX Gr. B Rally cars that I already had.
1. Some laps in 3:29 - 3:30 with the Nissan RC92 on Le Mans. It's stupid but I'm too "stressed" to lap properly.

2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ : Cr. 10.000... :boggled:

3. Daily race on Tsukuba only for the fun (finished 8th:lol:)
I tried a couple of cars at LeMans 1st I tried the Vulcan but the fuel economy was bad so I switched to my formerly glitched DB 11. I was able to get exactly 3 laps with it. I pitted on going into lap 4 and I had to guess about the tires because it was raining and I went with wets. I could have taken hards or inters an been okay. I ended having to pit sooner than I wanted because the wets lasted 2 laps and fell to 3rd place until I got to Mulsanne and got 1st back and won going away. I started messing around with the Maverick at LeMans and I think it can be viable in that even it will only get 2 laps it is so fast you can make up the time. I m going to try it next time I play. I need to take it out to the classic LeMans and see how the car is there. I sold some cars to get closer to getting the Mark IV. Got 5k from a 3* ticket.
Started the SF menu book as not enjoying sport mode races with the lag. Did a no stop on mediums on hard difficulty and no assists. Though I went on TC1 for last 2 laps cause of tire deg

Lost clean race bonus as AI just barged into me and I spun and hit the barriers once on lap 8. Lost an extra 160k credits and 12 seconds to the leader on that incident. They pitted once and always on softs. Fuel management isn't needed, finished on 15% all out driving.

Won by less than a second because of the shunt 😅


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On the Plus account, I grabbed the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 and went to town at Sardegna. It is surprisingly quick - I had a 1:41.0 lap, it will almost do 6 laps on a tank of fuel, and I could have gone with no tire changes had Fraga been an issue - he pitted for fuel on lap 4. I finished in 26:47.

Five play days in June, five 3-star Wheels of Despair to make it 51 of 132 on the year. For the 4th time, it puked out the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr. (itself double the expected 40% rate), this time on an all-cash Wheel of Despair. I'm sure I'll get that 3-star ratio up to 50% before too long; I'm already ahead of the 38% expected rate for Collector Level 10-14 (though that has 1- and 2-star Wheels of Despair possible), and not far off the CL 15-19 rate of 44% (where the 3-star is the worst one can get), despite being at CL 50 since last summer and supposedly only having a 30% chance of getting a 3-star Wheel of Despair.

On the GTP account, I grabbed two 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera RS's for future engine puproses after mistakenly picking up two 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS's (which I held onto for future tuning purposes), widening one of each. For my 4-star Wheel of Despair, which spat out a completely worthless Porsche invite, I sent the Renault R.S.01 non-GT3 to Sardegna. Is it just me, or is Fraga less of a factor? He had two 4-lap stints, despite having enough fuel to go 5 laps on his first stint.
I took the Nissan RC92P to Sardegna. Had a good race. Then I took the Maverick to LeMans. I was only getting 2 laps on FM6 but I was making it work. When I did my 1st pitstop I realized I didn't buy wets or inters. So I had to hope for no rain and after 4 laps it looked like that might happen but it decided to rain and not just a light sprinkle either it was heavy rain. I tried to make it around the track but the wasn't happening. I started over ad switched to the AMG GT3. It felt a little slow but I was able to pull ahead of F. Portilla on lap 6. After that I adjusted my tune for the AMG and ran a couple of laps LeMans with it. I added a turbocharger and a full race transmission and it was like night and day. I bought the Mark IV from legends and added all of the available parts to it and took it LeMans. I also started working on a livery for it. I got 10 cr from another 3* wheel
-Engine swapped my already customised Supra, repainted it and gave it a widebody. I then took it Tokyo Expressway East.
-Repainted my McLaren F1 to Papaya
-Repainted my custom SLS to Green Hell Magno or whatever you call that AMG GT-R colour and drove it on Tokyo Expressway East.
-Fully modified my Audi R8 4.2 and drove it around Daytona Road.
-Drove my fully modified F40 around Tokyo Expressway East.
-Drove my fully modified Dodge Viper SRT10 around Tokyo Expressway East.
-Drove my fully tuned Nissan R32 GT-R around Road Atlanta.

Tokyo Expressway East is perfect for my modified monsters.
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Well I would have 1.5 million more credits but my internet/cable crapped out in the middle of a Spa 1 hour race and when I was about to get my reward the game totally stopped working. I decided to use my phone as a hotspot and was able to get back into the game and yup, 1.5 million credits short and no DW ticket. So I did the race again. The 4-star ticket gave me yet another Porsche invitation but I actually wanted to get another Carrera GT so I’m pretty happy about that. Did another round of Sardegna in the Tomahawk Gr. 1 and lastly the Hypercar Parade at Trial Mountain in my swapped 86 GT Limited. Just can’t get enough of beating the expensive hypercars in a Toyota 86 even if it has 845 HP. Ended the night with 57 million credits.
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1. Banked the Cr. 250.000 from my Willow Streets bronze score 🥉

2. Tested the new TT on Tsukuba with the TT: my PB is 1:10:257 for now but I plan to join the "Below 1:10" gang as soon as possible

3. ⭐⭐⭐: Cr. 5.000... :guilty:
4. I've joined the "Below 1:10 on Tsukuba" gang with a PB at 1:09:958 - Still silver for now...
I jumped back on last night to continue my grind for that 911 GT1. I did three Sardegna races, all in different cars. First was the trusty 911 RSR, second was the other trusty 962, and third was a new to me TS030. The TS030 has to have the worst visibility out of anything I have ever driven. Had a couple of spins, but still lapped everyone and was generally on the pace of the 962. It might be my go-to now even though it isn't a Porsche. 😲
Didn't do it yet but the plan goes like this : 2 griding races to buy the old ( very old in fact ) Maserati and tomorrow ill buy the Plymouth.
Perhaps is a worthless move but who knows what the future will bring .

I guess tomorrow 959 will show up again since we have a bit of Porsche festival and at the used car section right now.
With the addition of F40 and F50 later i think ill be ok having enough cars from the LCD and leave the crazy prised cars for Christmas holidays 🤭 .
Also am waiting to see if 962 show up again what Hagerty price will be 👀 .
Prity much another griding week and am waiting Sunday to enjoy and other things .
So ...... I'll start digging and the road to " freedom" is close .

I can't even remember what was the last time that i bought a new car from brand central!!!!!!
Am so stingy or is my idea ?
Daniel i see you laughing again and before you quote this , here is your answer:
I can't even remember what was the last time that i bought a new car from brand central!!!!!!
Am so stingy or is my idea ?
I very rarely buy cars from Brand Central because they are always there and I can get a car from any time I want. I have been focusing on getting cars from legends Once I get most of the legends I want I will focus on brand central
3 more laps at Le Mans TT without race infos on the screen, a bit less slow than yesterday, optimum 2s below best lap... consistency is failing, but maybe with a bit of training everyday...

DW 6* yes ! arf, parts 😔 I won a S stroke up for Honda NSX '02 (which I don't have...)
On the GTP account, I took my 250,000 Cr. for barely getting bronze in the online time trial, then took the Lamborghini Huracan Gr.4 to Sarthe for some more credits in what turned out to be a soaking 6-lap laugher. The 3-star Wheel of Despair (Is there any other kind anymore? That's 7 of 11 this month between the 2 accounts.) puked out the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr. (for the 6th time of the 7 3-star Wheels of Despair between the 2 accounts this month).

On the Plus account, it was the McLaren 650S Gr.4's turn at Sarthe. It takes a bit of fuel saving to make it 3 laps, but it will turn 4:20 laps and last 7 laps on fuel.

The SIXTH 3-star Wheel of Despair of SIX this month (8 of 12 between the 2 accounts this month, and 52nd of 133 on the Plus account since the current odds were set with the 1.17 update) puked out the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr. for the 5th time this month on this account and 7th time overall this month. Considering 3-star Wheels of Despair are supposed to pop up only 30% of the time, and 5,000 Cr. is supposed to pop up on only 40% of the 3-star Wheels of Despair, something is definitely broken because between the 2 accounts this month, I picked up the 3-star Wheel of Despair 75% of the time and the 5,000 Cr. booby prize on 88% of those 3-star Wheels of Despair. Further, on the Plus account, I'm up to getting 3-star Wheels of Despair over 39% of the time since the current odds were set.