Play Gran Turismo PSP with a Steering Wheel

If you’ve played Gran Turismo PSP, the thought of hooking up a steering wheel to the little handheld console has probably crossed your mind. The only problem, of course, is that the PSP isn’t compatible with any wheel on the market – or so we thought. GTPlanet user tingri discovered the above clip created by YouTuber RacerS2, who’s done the impossible with a hacked PSP and a collection of other software programs. Although he doesn’t provide a tutorial on how to get this working yourself, you might want to consider the one big caveat before taking on a project like this: GT PSP doesn’t support analog gas or brake controls, so it’s all or nothing when you press the pedals.

Of course, don’t forget: you can use a PS3 controller with the new PSP Go and use its TV-Out functionality if you’re craving a ‘bigger’ experience. For now, though, RacerS2’s project may be the closest anyone can ever get to being ‘behind the wheel’ in Polyphony Digital’s portable racer.

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  1. ismellbacon611

    i agree i mean… like i absolutely love gt5 …. probably more than most , but nfs shift demo for ps3 is pretty ligit when it comes to racing games … i wouldn’t buy it fully but at least race the demo.

  2. G0N

    gtone Says:

    Areyou being scarcastic or just being a Geek?

    im sarcastic dude .very sarcastic .

  3. Flagmo-T

    weeeee I’m getting my PSP-Go Tomorrow, so I’m just in time to get a free GT5psp version, But Hmm in this situation a 40″ Sony 100hz isn’t the best choice LOL WHAT!!!..

    It’s great that the Driver is driving the rally Part hehe, I’m sure looking forward to that—>Marts Maybe !! :O)

    PSN: Team_MoFF-No2

  4. GTO_VR4

    [quote=gtone]Areyou being scarcastic or just being a Geek?[/quote]

    you forgot retarded.

    ps i know html doesnt work here.

  5. tvensky

    the PD have to make this sort of thing in the first place!

    If GT psp would have a career mode.. then I “just maybe” would buy it..

    there is no point of it.. they could just port GT4 into PSP and save A LOT of time… :(

    I want GT so bad.. cant wait to drive my favorite cars in Nurburgring.

  6. David

    Im so sick of hearing about GT PSP, and playing it with a wheel on a big screen is pointless because its just GT4 but worse. This damn title took so much dev time away from GT5 all for nothing, it recieved un impressive reviews and there has been no buzz about it whatsoever because its taken so long. Its just one massive anticlimax. This was a PSP launch title! If it came out back then then it would have been impressive.

    I swear its more a GT5 car unlocking tool rather than anything else.

  7. S3 Racer

    Gt psp is great, but on the way on little screen, wanna play on big screen: play GT5P or Gt4 on ps3 on 1080p, looks alright just limited steering and no clutch :(

    Or for the badasses: put a magnifier on it like on the old Nintendos LOL

  8. oyeah001

    GT5 soon enough and quit bitching about the best game blah blah, every game is enjoyed if user likes it or not….

  9. gtone

    GON Says:
    October 5th, 2009 at 12:46 am

    you can take your psp to the beach with your DFP or g25 !!!

    or a long trip in bus with your DFP and your psp.


    Areyou being scarcastic or just being a Geek?

  10. GON

    you can take your psp to the beach with your DFP or g25 !!!

    or a long trip in bus with your DFP and your psp.


  11. Napopleon_Ist

    @DaveTheStalker, viejaloca

    actually i’ve made it with a 19″ 720p LCD and the graphics are well… feels like the old days when playing 640×480 PC games ! with a hell of aliasing ! i played GT psp with the dual shock 3 instead of the wheel i have to say this is quite an amazing experience. and i’m proud of my fat psp since i thought i would never be able to display it on a big screen. i’ll try the 40″ screen later.

  12. Matthew

    Dear Heavenly Overlords,

    Warp me to March so I can pass up all of the screenshots, newsbits, and random rumors

    I want the game

    Thank you

  13. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    i played my GranTurismo PSP on the big scram and it looked horrible on it.because it is not run on 1080p it look crap it is only runing on 480p it look like a psone game on the big scram it is that horrible.

  14. G-Ram

    Blown up like that, I’d imagine it probably looks worse than GT4 graphics wise… might as well just play that.

  15. Watevaman

    Without analog control, I really don’t see a point for this. I mean, the steering wheel is a plus, but meh.

  16. NInjaGhost

    This is sad that we have to settle for stuff like this instead of playing GT5…. Nice invention, major props to him, but I wish this we didnt have to do this and play game that Steering wheel was made for

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