What Is Your Fastest Car(s)

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  1. robarge_1


    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has tried for top speeds on all their cars or not. I love racing but I also like to see how fast my cars can go, even the sorry ass cars like the Daihatsus and ****ty Mini. I've done all 150 of mine. I'm bored so here they are, all of 'em......:smilewink

    1)Mazda Eunos Roadster- 369hp at 198.2mph

    2)Mazda Roadster RS- 345hp st 194.3mph

    3)Mazda Savannah RX-7infini III(FC)- 462hp at 205.5mph

    4)Mazda RX-7 type RZ- 784hp at 234.9mph

    5)Toyota Celica GT-Four[ST205]- 476hp at 196.6mph

    6)Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution IV GSR- 518hp at 204.3mph

    7)Chevrolet Camaro Race Car- 986hp at 225.0mph

    8)Chevrolet Camaro SS- 758hp at 229.1mph

    9)Opel Astra Touring Car(Opel Team Phoenix)- 824hp at 214.6mph

    10)Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Shigeno Version- 393hp at 189.2mph

    11)Spoon Sports S2000 Race Car- 360hp at 168.3mph

    12)Mazda RX-8- 513hp at 202.6mph

    13)Ford GT40 Race Car- 577hp at 224.1mph

    14)AltoWorks Suzuki Sports Limited- 241hp at 164.1mph

    15)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR- 573hp at 211.0mph

    16)Toyota Celica Rally Car- 444hp at 193.2mph

    17)Ford Focus Rally Car- 537hp at 201.4mph

    18)Citroen Xsara Rally Car- 380hp at 172.1mph

    19)Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype- 557hp at 200.8mph

    20)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car- 470hp at 194.5mph

    21)Nismo Skyline GT-R S-Tune(R32)- 885hp at 230.5mph

    22)Mine's Lancer Evolution VI GSR- 522hp at 197.8mph

    23)Toyota Vitz RS 1.5- 298hp at 155.0mph

    24)Toyota Celica TRD sports M- 431hp at 196.9mph

    25)Toyota MR-S S Edition- 303hp at 187.6mph

    26)NSX type S zero- 541hp at 220.1mph

    27)Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX STi version VI- 558hp at 217.2mph

    28)Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX STi version VI- 564hp at 217.7mph

    29)Lotus Elise 190- 293hp at 194.9mph

    30)Mini Cooper 1.3i- 172hp at 153.9mph

    31)Gillet Vertigo Race Car- 771hp at 660.3mph

    32)Nissan Z Concept- 609hp at 217.5mph

    33)RUF 3400S- 640hp at 223.6mph

    34)Ford Escort Rally Car- 526hp at 196.6mph

    35)Peugot 206 Rally Car- 471hp at 189.7mph

    36)Toyota Corolla Rally Car- 462hp at 190.1mph

    37)Subaru Impreza Rally Car- 473hp at 197.2mph

    38)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype- 485hp at 197.0mph

    39)Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version- 1869hp at 503.8mph

    40)Nismo Skyline GT-R R-Tune- 933hp at 230.6mph

    41)Calsonic Skyline- 934hp at 434.7mph

    42)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR- 602hp at 216.7mph

    43)Nismo 400R- 854hp at 225.0mph

    44)Chevrolet Corvette C5R- 1047hp at 378.8mph

    45)Mazda 787B- 978hp at 306.8mph

    46)Mitsubishi FTO GP Version R- 378hp at 194.2mph

    47)Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec II(R32)- 889hp at 236.9mph

    48)Toyota GT-One Road Car(TS020)- 1138hp at 248.7mph

    49)Volkswagon Lupo Cup Car- 278hp at 161.5mph

    50)Honda Arta NSX- 1047hp at 234.1mph

    51)Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car- 993hp at 254.9mph

    52)Subaru Legacy Blitzen B4- 534hp at 215.2mph

    53)Aston Martin Vanquish- 756hp at 228.4mph

    54)Ford GT40 Race Car- 708hp at 237.9mph

    55)Tommy Kaira ZZII- 969hp at 251.4mph

    56)RUF CTR2- 876hp at 254.7mph

    57)Nismo GT-R LM Road Car- 678hp at 201.9mph

    58)RUF RGT- 1115hp at 267.9mph

    59)Pagani Zonda S c12s- 1144hp at 264.5mph

    60)Shelby Cobra- 751hp at 226.9mph

    61)Audi TT 1.8t Quattro- 422hp at 189.0mph

    62)Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec II(R34)- 1035hp at 245.0mph

    63)Mazda Eunos Roadster- 328hp at 194.6mph

    64)Mazda RX-7 type RS- 719hp at 236.7mph

    65)Mine's GT-R N1 V Spec(R34)- 710hp at 214.6mph

    66)Loctite ZEXEL GT-R- 934hp at 565.5mph

    67)Subaru Impreza LM Race Car- 979hp at 233.5mph

    68)Acura 3.2CL type S- 459hp at 189.0mph

    69)Acura Integra Type R- 394hp at 183.9mph

    70)Acura NSX- 489hp at 205.6mph

    71)Acura NSX- 477hp at 208.1mph

    72)Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 24V- 462hp at 192.7mph

    73)Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Coupe- 679hp at 220.3mph

    74)Honda Civic SiR II(EG)- 397hp at 194.7mph

    75)Aston Martin V8 Vantage- 1008hp at 234.9mph

    76)Audi S4- 614hp at 219.2mph

    77)BMW 328ci- 465hp at 207.1mph

    78)Chevrolet Camaro Z28- 689hp at 230.9mph

    79)Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport- 778hp at 239.7mph

    80)Chevrolet Corvette Z06- 800hp at 236.8mph

    81)Chrysler PT Cruiser- 327hp at 166.0mph

    82)Volkswagon New Beetle Cup Car- 426hp at 166.0mph

    83)Nissan C-West Razo Silvia- 519hp at 203.7mph

    84)Honda S2000 LM Race Car- 956hp at 233.4mph

    85)Chrysler Viper GTSR Team Oreca- 999hp at 238.6mph

    86)Daihatsu Mira TR XX Avanzatto R- 180hp at 149.6mph

    87)Daihatsu Storia X4- 199hp at 147.8mph

    88) Dodge Viper GTS- 1094hp at 269.9mph

    89)Fiat Coupe Turbo Plus- 372hp at 185.7mph

    90)Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R- 705hp at 222.8mph

    91)Honda Accord Euro R- 339hp at 173.2mph

    92)Volkswagon New Beetle RSi- 467hp at 190.8mph

    93)Spoon Civic type R- 340hp at 185.7mph

    94)Mercedes-Benz CL600- 648hp at 204.2mph

    95)Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor- 429hp at 203.6mph

    96)Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car- 804hp at 455.8mph

    97)Toyota Altezza RS200- 462hp at 199.1mph

    98)Toyota Celica SS-II- 351hp at 183.6mph

    99)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR- 577hp at 217.7mph

    100)Toyota Altezza LM Race Car- 1016hp at 416.2mph

    101)Honda NSX type R- 521 hp at 217.3mph

    102)Mugen S2000- 385hp at 192.2mph

    103)Pagani Zonda Race Car- 1187hp at 368.7mph

    104)Lotus Motor Sport- 365hp at 200.1mph

    105)Renault Clio Sport Race Car- 517hp at 196.8mph

    106)TVR Tuscan Speed Six- 683hp at 230.0mph

    107)TVR Speed 12- 1085hp at 255.9mph

    108)Honda Raybrig NSX JGTC- 1047hp at 234.1mph

    109)Mitsubishi FTO LM Race Car- 979hp at 252.8mph

    110)Jaguar XJ220 Race Car- 966hp at 237.1mph

    111)Honda Castrol Mugen NSX JGTC- 1047hp at 234.3mph

    112)Honda S2000 type V- 553hp at 219.6mph

    113)Honda S2000- 552hp at 219.4mph

    114)Honda Civic type R(EX)- 440hp at 156.3mph

    115)Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car- 967hp at 463.6mph

    116)Panoz Esperante GTR-1- 1022hp at 256.9mph

    117)Honda CR-X Del Sol SiR- 282hp at 177.8mph

    118)Honda Integra type R 98 Spec- 500hp at 202.4mph

    119)Jaguar XJ220 Road Car- 694hp at 235.1mph

    120)Toyota Denso Sard Supra- 984hp at 240.7mph

    121)Nissan R390 GT1 LM Race Car- 1222hp at 719.9mph

    122)Lancia Delta HF integrade Rally Car- 429hp at 184.7mph

    123)Lister Storm V12 Race Car- 941hp at 234.4mph

    124)Lotus Esprit Sport 350- 1073hp at 272.9mph

    125)Lotus Esprit V8-SE- 1074hp at 274.5mph

    126)Mazda Demio GL-X- 276hp at 162.9mph

    127)Mazda Roadster 1.8 RS- 333hp at 195.9mph

    128)Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo- 1069hp at 261.4mph

    129)Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo(New Version)- 1070hp at 250.9mph

    130)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi Makinen Edition- 576hp at 214.4mph

    131)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII RS- 585hp at 215.4mph

    132)F090/S- 731hp at 220.8mph

    133)Nissan 180SX type X- 493hp at 219.1mph

    134)Nissan Fairlady Z version S 2seater- 925hp at 253.2mph

    135)Nissan Fairlady Z version S twin turbo 2by2- 925hp at 252.7mph

    136)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition w/stripe- 576hp at 214.3mph

    137)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI RS- 572hp at 216.5mph

    138)Nissan Sivia Varietta- 289hp at 179.5mph

    139)F688/S- 840hp at 228.2mph

    140)Nissan Skyline GTSt type M(R32)- 438hp to 186.9mph

    141)Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car- 1011hp at 245.2mph

    142)'91 Nissan Silvia K's 2000cc(S13 2000cc)- 493hp at 217.1mph

    143)'88 Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc(S13 1800cc)- 502hp at 218.7mph

    144)SuperAutobacs APEX MR-S- 519hp at 212.1mph

    145)Nissan Silvia K's aero(S14)- 495hp at 215.4mph

    146)Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero- 529hp at 218.1mph

    147)Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec- 882hp at 241.5mph

    148)Nissan Pennzoil Nismo GT-R- 923hp at 481.5mph

    149)Opel Calibra Touring Car- 768hp at 220.0mph

    150)Opel Speedster- 369hp at 202.0mph
  2. Greg Mariani

    Greg Mariani

    i believe this is a cheat from contra. good one lol
  3. Pako

    Pako Moderator

    United States
    LOL, or is it:

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start

  4. Pako

    Pako Moderator

    United States
    Oh sorry, forgot:

    272.? MPH in my 787B w/ no weelie.
  5. Greg Mariani

    Greg Mariani

    oh yeah bluedawnrider, i forgot. that game was awesome though!(contra)
  6. Pako

    Pako Moderator

    United States
    :lol: indeed, talk about a blast from the past. :)
  7. ajmiles

    ajmiles Premium

    United Kingdom
    I have managed without any tricks, (i don't know how to do any anyway :) ) 435kph in my 1030 summin Viper GTS.
  8. ajmiles

    ajmiles Premium

    United Kingdom
    oops :) if u didn't guess, i meant 1030 HP,


    when you say mph, do you mean you are getting mph in gt3 or kph, as i cant find where to change the readout, if you can? pal version.:confused:
  10. i got a top speed of 1267mph
  11. NocturnalPS

    NocturnalPS Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Well robarge_1 ive only played with 4 cars as for top speed

    4 Cars ive done top speed soo far

    Dodge Viper GTS: 277mph or 443.2kph

    Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R: 216mph or 345.6kph

    Lotus Esprit V8 SE: 281mph or 449.6kph

    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Turbo: 271mph or 433.6kph

    all cars were purchased and tuned all the way
    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  12. GT3Maniac


    I pity the fool who cares.


    the v8 SE...281 just tuned..or did ya play around with the settings??if so can i have em? :D
  14. ajmiles

    ajmiles Premium

    United Kingdom
    MPH = MTSC
    KPH = PAL

    And there is no way to change it, which is annoying since all UK's speed limits are in MPH ..... i am not a KPH person.:(
  15. NocturnalPS

    NocturnalPS Staff Emeritus

    United States

    here you go for the lotus v8 SE oh and by the way i hit 282mph just awhile ago

    spring rate 4.0 4.0
    ride hight 89 89

    limited-slip initial torque 0 10
    limited-slip accel. 0 40
    limited-slip decel. 0 20

    do in order here

    Auto setting wide 42
    Final 2.500
    1st 4.268
    2nd 2.692
    3rd 1.891
    4th 1.399
    5th 1.090
    6h 0.783

    Active Stability Management 0
    TCS Controller 0

    and i did this by going outside the track at seattle circuit ll

    and if you try this on the test track my top speed there (because of the turns) is 274mph :burnout: :cheers: :burnout: :cheers: :burnout:
  16. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    Man you guys must have alot of time on your hands to test all of them and then type then out and post them here. LOL :D :burnout:
  17. robarge_1


    I'm not working right now that's why I've got so much time. At least not until I get back to the states that is. So yeah I got a hell of a lot of time right now!!:D

    I'll drink to that..... anyone else??:cheers: :cheers:
  18. Zero


    speed12:220.4 stock no upgrades
  19. Zero


    civic type r 468hp 172.5mph
  20. Zero


    one question how in the bloody hell do u get your miata's over 190mph??? i think your lieing about that cuz there aint no way a 369hp miata can go that fast, and u couldnt have used the wheelie trick since that works round 230mph

    and yes i know i am posting 3 things in a row becuz i was searching through his claimed speeds and i found different ones that either i beat or i believe were lies
  21. robarge_1


    Ok I'm not lying about anyone of my car's speeds. And the way I got my Miata over 190mph is like this. I put my ride height to the max, 108mm. I also left my car in 5th gear because when I hit my 6th it wasn't gaining speed as quickly. That's all I did to it. And if you guys have a question about anything I did just ask how I did it, don't doubt anything I did. Most of the stuff I learn how to do is off the internet from you guys. I just try what I learn with all my cars. Most people here think the wheelie trick can be done with cars that only has 1,000 or more horsepower but that ain't true. There's a hell of a lot more cars that can do it with way less HP than what they're saying. Anyways nothing here about this game is worth arguing about to me. Can't we all just get along??:eek:
  22. NocturnalPS

    NocturnalPS Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Hey robarge_1...........

    i belive what you said. i dont think you were liying

    :burnout: :teleport: :burnout: :teleport: :burnout:
  23. Lancer evo 19

    Lancer evo 19

    u didnt try with the lancer did u? i got 312.8km/h at 369bhp. the problem with the lancer is that its top speed doesnt change unless u change the gear settings. remember this ppl.
  24. esg


    Hi Guys

    Yesterday my Escudo was flying at 705 mph (after a wheelie at th e TEST COURSE) it was great!!!

    1129 km/h !!?!?!
  25. Lancer evo 19

    Lancer evo 19

    i dont have one yet...... the best car i have is the viper Gtr (1110hp and 418.6km/h) and the polyphony001
  26. klandrader


    hey robarge can i possibly bug you to find out how your 787b was set at i can get it over 272 mph???but you got it to go 306??? how?? thanx:) :confused:
  27. Zero


    Toyota GT1 RACE CAR- 1183.6mph or in kmh -1904.819558
  28. Zero


    Only 701.53mph?!?!?!? I 've gotten my Escudo over 1500kmh which is over 932.1mph.

    And guy 1129km/h isnt 705mph its 701.53 as i pointed out above.
  29. BMW///M3

    BMW///M3 (Banned)

    somebody has a little too much time on their hands:D
  30. Zero


    Who u talking bout BMW///M3?????