What's the hardest event in GT history?

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Which is hardest?

  1. GT2 Licence IC-3: NSX at Apricot Hill

  2. GT3 Licence S-6 : Viper Team Oreca at Laguna Seca

  3. GT3 Licence S-8: Toyota GT-One at Monaco

  4. GT4 Licence IA-16: Nissan R92CP at Le Mans

  5. GT3 Time Attack 10: Ruf RGT at Complex String

  6. GT5 Sebastien Vettel X challenge: Suzuka

  7. GT4 Mission race 34: SLR at the Nurburgring

  8. GT4 Mission race 23: Nissan Skyline at Test Course

  9. GT6 GT Academy Final Round: GT3 GT-R at Spa

  10. GT6: Licence S-5: Veyron at Ascari

  11. GT5 Alfa Romeo 8C at Eiger Nordwand

  12. GT4 Opel Speedster Trophy

  13. GT4 Peugeot 206 Cup

  14. GT4 Formula GT World Championship

  15. GT5 B-Spec events at Monaco (lol)

  1. paddycars1


    Know your talking cinnamonOD!
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  2. K3Tuning

    K3Tuning (Banned)

    Certainly did. When I got everything in GT5, unfortunately dont have it for years. It makes an interesting subject tho comparing how the cars perform GT5 to GT6, I believe the GT6 car down a couple hundred hp IIRC
  3. Grimm6Jack


    Try the GT5 one pre-patch (with no controller sensivity patch) with the time to beat GOLD at 2:10... Basically 20 bloody seconds off of GT6's painfully easy 2:30. What the heck? Sure 2:10 was only for the 0.1% of the GT fanbase but to make it a free pass by adding 20 seconds more? What was PD thinking?

    If the best you could get on GT6 was a 2:25, no way I believe you did less than 2:10 on GT5. I remember doing 2:13:xxx in GT6 on my first try and I did quite a lot of mistakes. And the car itself(X2014)is actually slightly better in corners than the X2010 in GT5.

    GT5 Suzuka Gold took me a gut and a heart to get. It's the single most difficult challenge to get Gold on any GT series period.

    I'll probably try to get the game again and not use internet to try to pass this challenge at it's original time and settings and make a video of it. I sure as hell was very proud of myself when I finally golded it.
  4. nostradavor2


    I tried today few laps at Suzuka with that RB thing and got 2:15 in 10 mins or so.. But I'll brag when I get gold.. I wanted to ask something else.. I was reading Gt5 Bspec forum today and there is like 30 pages thread about Monaco historic car thing. I actually did SSs of tunes to have it when I get home because I was going to try it for the first time ever (originally never played bspec before this new save from this year).. When I came home I saw that I left my phone in car but tried anyways.. I got Toyota 7, put RM tires on, MR turbo, BB 7/6, Top Speed 260 and maxed rear downforce. Haven't touched anything else.. Since Im not delighted with bspec this time either but am determined to get 100% on gt5 I've sent my best bob class 20 in the race. There were 2 2J's in grid and one of them starting in 1st place so I thougt its not even going to be close. To make long story short, he(bob) won in 1st attempt.. If anyone is still playing, he can pass 2J after long straight (tunnel) if he gets good exit out of the corner. Only thing is that you need to press overtake sooner than you think you should. Was this patched to be easier or was I just lucky to win this on 1st attempt?
  5. Dolph Drago

    Dolph Drago

    United States
    You were lucky not to experience the misery of Bob turning into the chicane too early and nailing the wall race after race...
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  6. nostradavor2


    He actually got around crashed Ferrari no problems.. He was on 6-7 position for first few laps and managed to catch 2j who went pretty far away. That's why I thought PD has improved bobs maybe after original problems. Only thing that he did was bumping into the wall on the final corner but only slightly. When he was hot he kind of oversteered little bit and avoided it, but when he was in the lead last lap I told him to calm down and than he actually bumped it in worse angle and almost lost win at the final corner but managed 0.3 win with both 2j's straight behind him.
  7. nostradavor2


    Why wouldn't you use the internet? Time to beat is still 2:10. You can just leave controller sensitivity to 0.
    Anyways I remembered I said I'll come here when I finish it so I confirm my vote. Suzuka is by far more difficult than other events in GT series.

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  8. CozmicDragon


    My top 5 would be these. Be aware that I have not played GT5 yet:

    1. GT4 Mission 34 - SLR McLaren '03 at Nordschleife - The Nürburgring is my worst nightmare. To this day, I have not managed to complete a full lap of the Nürburgring without going off track, and I don't think I ever will. This is a challenge I never cleared legitimately, and it will stay that way in the near future.
    2. GT4 Speedster Trophy - As you may know, the AI cheats in this event, and have cars that are way faster than what the player can get. I got by here with sheer luck, and a lot of ramming. I don't care about dignity. If the AI plays dirty, so will I!
    3. GT6 Goodwood Challenge 5-3 (Red Bull X2010) - Let's take a moment to consider that this one challenge took me more attempts to gold than the other 14 Goodwood challenges combined. That's how difficult this challenge is on a pad. The X2010 is near impossible to drive on a pad, as you need to have a fighter jet pilot's precision to even keep the car on the track, let alone be fast enough for the gold. But once you nail that perfect run, it's so satisfying. I actually saved a replay of my gold run to keep as a motivational video, as something to remind me that nothing is impossible.
    4. GT3 Professional MR Challenge - Another case of cheating AI, though in this case, it's GT3's obnoxious rubberbanding at play. This one event pretty much ruined GT3 for me, and the rubberbanding is the reason why GT3 is my least favorite main series GT game. You can bring a JGTC NSX to this event, and the AI will still keep up with you, even though they are using road cars, in flippin' Trial Mountain!
    5. GT1 License IA-7 - Griffith 4.0 at SSR11 - A speedboat on wheels, on the hardest fictional track in GT history, with physics that just accentuate the TVR's handling problems, and a strict time limit. There is a reason why this is the only license test in my top 5, and it's because it has all of the elements to provide a very frustrating experience. I was put off of beating GT1 for a long time because of this test.
  9. nostradavor2


    This thread is great because I revisit this events for fun from time to time.. I wish to have ps2 to go through all of them..
    Did Alfa 8C on Eiger, 0 assists, 0 abs, out of 3 tries I golded it 2 times..

    And like a week ago I did the funniest one.. Monte Carlo BSpec.. Toyota 7 again... My Bob is still 100% at Monaco, he killed all grid with huge gap.

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  10. Grimm6Jack


    This is my PAL version of Mission 34.

    The challenge itself is not that hard. I consider it very hard in the NTSC version. But I tried to do a 9:04 in the PAL version (which is what I have at the moment) to prove that I can also do the NTSC and I did before but did not capture it on video. Now I bought a good avermedia capture card and got it.

    I noticed right away, the PAL SLR in Mission 34 is much harder to drive than the one in NTSC. The oversteer on the PAL version is just ridiculous. I figure doing a time like this (just below a 9:07) on a much harder to drive car would suffice.
    I've done better laps (mid 9:05s) where I did mistakes like go wide into the grass but since those weren't clean laps I didn't want to post the video on them but rather this one instead.

    As you can see, I missed a few braking points, went wide a lot, and some overtaking some cars (namely the 190E) made me lose a lot of time. I also shifted way too early on 2 ocasions (if the car was real, chances are, the engine would've blown up).

    I will keep trying to go for that 9:04 or lower since I know I can do it, but damn waiting almost 2 minutes every time I do a mistake in this track just tires you... Which I probably figure it's the hardest part of this challenge. At least in the Red Bull challenges you can restart right away while you are "warmed up" or "in the zone", this just kills your momentum.

    Need to get a copy of GT5 again to try the RDX challenges... again...

    BTW, you guys can add to the list:

    GTS: Hamilton Challenges: Diamond times.

    Using a DS4, I struggle to even gold some of the events, let alone be anywhere near Diamond. Surprisingly, the mission with the C9 in Nurburgring wasn't that difficult to get Diamond, then again I love driving that car. The AMG GT3 on the other hand... meh...

    Panorama just grinds my nerves, by far IMO the hardest. I hate the track and the car... Can't even get the gold time.

    I think these challenges were really made for people who use a steering wheel. Because there's just no way a player like any of us with a DS4 can rival the times of someone very skilled using a wheel, let alone a F1 multiple world champion who actually put in the effort to do those times. The turning input on a steering wheel, as well as the throttle and brake control and response are just on a different level.
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