What's the hardest event in GT history?

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Which is hardest?

  1. GT2 Licence IC-3: NSX at Apricot Hill

  2. GT3 Licence S-6 : Viper Team Oreca at Laguna Seca

  3. GT3 Licence S-8: Toyota GT-One at Monaco

  4. GT4 Licence IA-16: Nissan R92CP at Le Mans

  5. GT3 Time Attack 10: Ruf RGT at Complex String

  6. GT5 Sebastien Vettel X challenge: Suzuka

  7. GT4 Mission race 34: SLR at the Nurburgring

  8. GT4 Mission race 23: Nissan Skyline at Test Course

  9. GT6 GT Academy Final Round: GT3 GT-R at Spa

  10. GT6: Licence S-5: Veyron at Ascari

  11. GT5 Alfa Romeo 8C at Eiger Nordwand

  12. GT4 Opel Speedster Trophy

  13. GT4 Peugeot 206 Cup

  14. GT4 Formula GT World Championship

  15. GT5 B-Spec events at Monaco (lol)

  1. theteacher1907


    Took me 2 weeks every day with dfgt to gold Nurb. Getting used to the physics and limits of the car took a couple days. Took me 3 days at Suzuka and 30 minutes at Monza to gold. But still for me mission 34 in gt4 was my Everest. Eventually did beat it. That 2 minute alone was a killer lol.
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  2. FerrariF1GT

    FerrariF1GT Premium

    United States
    Where's the Historical Racing Car Cup in GT5? :confused:
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  3. GTPVenomZombie


    Took me over a year to gold that one. Mission 34 is easy compared to that, got Mission 34 done in 2 tries.
  4. RazorSharkz


    That one is easy if you get a Chaparal 2j or Toyota 7.

    I remember the Professional Series FF Cup in GT3 being pretty brutal, I had a Citroen Xsara Rally Car and couldn't win. I was like 12 at the time so it may be easy now but at the time wow.
  5. Grimm6Jack


    Never played Gran Turismo 2. I've played GT1 and for me it wasn't that hard most of the events, yes from GT3 and up it started to get hard:

    GT3 Licence S-6 : Viper Team Oreca at Laguna Seca - Got gold on 3rd try... Come on, this wasn't hard...

    GT3 Licence S-8: Toyota GT-One at Monaco - Took me some tries but it didn't take that much time. Managed to get gold as well.

    GT4 Licence IA-16: Nissan R92CP at Le Mans - Gold on very few tries as well. It wasn't hard either.

    GT3 Time Attack 10: Ruf RGT at Complex String
    - This took a while for me because I never used this car and I didn't like it either, but I took less than 10 minutes to clear it. Medium at best, definitely not hard.

    GT4 Mission race 23: Nissan Skyline at Test Course - Gold on 2nd try. Maybe it was because I saw a friend completing this mission before. But it also didn't look that hard, you just had to time correctly your splitstreams.

    GT6 GT Academy Final Round: GT3 GT-R at Spa - Very few tries to gold it as well, I love Spa, one of my favourite tracks, and I also liked the car.

    GT6: Licence S-5: Veyron at Ascari - This was HARD???? Gold on first try and by like 3 or 4 seconds. Maybe for those who aren't used to drive the Buggati it's tricky, but believe me, it is that easy...

    GT4 Peugeot 206 Cup - When I saw the AI in this Cup at first I knew I had to tweak a bit my 206, but it was still challenging, not so hard, especially if you compare it to the Opel Speedster Trophy one, now that was a b**ch to clear.

    GT4 Formula GT World Championship - Easy... It only takes some time, but even in B-Spec you could win most of the tracks and outrun the AI.

    GT5 B-Spec events at Monaco (lol) - Yeah, namely the one where you need the Chaparral 2j to win, he at first always crashes in the corner after the tunnel or the last corner, dunno how I won that one, guess I was lucky, because no matter how I handled my driver(cooled him down or not) he always seemed to crash, luckily at one point he didn't crash...

    Now to the real challenges that are forever marked in GT history.

    5. GT5 Alfa Romeo 8C at Eiger Nordwand - Took me more than like 20 tries at least, and close to an hour straight to clear it, and even so it was by like -0.020 or so from gold. Never did it again after.

    4. GT6 Ayrton Senna Brands Hatch Lotus 97T - Took me more than an hour to gold it... I was getting frustrated a bit at how many times I scored silver at like less than 0.100 away from gold. The degree of difficulty of this one was similar to the Alfa 8C at Eiger in GT5, just a different car and track. Also never tried it again after golding it.

    3. GT4 Opel Speedster Trophy - I swear, I even had to cheat(crash against the AI, out of frustration) to win some of the races, and even had to ask for advice on how to tweak the car to be able to beat them, after that it was way too easy, like any other normal race. But if you don't know the formula(to tune your car and tweak) for this CUP, you just can't win(clean that is) this, the AI look like GT pros this time.

    2. GT4 Mission race 34: SLR at the Nurburgring - For starters, I played the NTSC version, yes, the one where you start at around 2:03 minutes instead of starting at 1:54 which is the PAL version, in which I have seen videos of guys overtaking the 300SL even before the end of the Nurburgring straight. I guarantee you, in the NTSC you are not going to overtake the 300SL before the 2nd to last corner, and you have to to be very, very good to overtake it in the last corner. I overtook the 300 SL even AFTER the last corner, we were already in the mini-straight for the finish when I passed it, and this was after like 10 hours AT LEAST. It took me 2 days straight to finally complete this. And the biggest frustration was to wait 2 damn minutes every time I restart it. Truly worth it of the final mission. What drove me to complete this was the fact that I was a big SLR fan(still am) and I really wanted the car prize Nissan 89C(was it?) for my collection of cars.

    1. GT5 Sebastien Vettel X challenge: Nuburgring GP - ... To gold this one it took me around a week... And am going to tell you straight away, you cannot gold this without the patch(no, not the patch where it's added a few seconds, it's before the patch where they finally add SENSIVITY to the controller), seriously without Sensivity I just couldn't get anywhere near gold and I struggled days to get silver... That's how hard this was. Even with the sensivity patch up(used sensivity 7), it still took me some hours to gold it, but silver was easy this time.

    And now for the King:

    0. GT5 Sebastien Vettel X challenge: Suzuka - Contrary to the Nurburging GP challenge, in this one, even after the patch, even with the controller at sensivity 7 I just could not get gold, it took me weeks to get anywhere near gold and I even stopped to complete other events of the game, and when I returned to complete this one challenge into gold, the final only one left, I took another few weeks to gold it... It was just ridiculous, it was like this event was designed for controller users to not gold it. Can't even remember how many times I had to get into the grass/sand, crash to finally master every turn of the Suzuka with this car using the controller... And that last corner... how many times did I failed at doing it perfectly because of how nervous I was to finish it... Going to be modest here... It took me like a 1000 tries to gold it, and again, am being modest here, I think it took way more than that, I restarded alone like 100 tries just from going into the grass in the first corner or breaking too much before taking it... I just had to do it perfectly, you LITERALLY cannot do ANYTHING wrong at all in this event, you have to be perfect in everything, BRAKING, TAKING TURNS, ACCELERATING, SHIFTING, EVERYTHING, and above all else, have the PERFECT TIMING. And yes, I managed to clear before the patch where they add a few more seconds, and after that it wasn't hard.

    PS: All of GT series I've played with a controller, never tried or had the money to use a wheel.


    Why isn't GT3s ever so difficult Pro Yaris/Vitz Race on the poll?
  7. Grimm6Jack


    Do Vettel Challenge in Suzuka and Nurburgring with a DS3 and before the Time delay and above all else, the Sensivity for controller Patches... Then post this again... :)

    Yeah, I guess the more experienced GT players find the Vettel challenges(in Suzuka namely and Nurburging, since Monza is easy) the hardest with a DS3, those who say otherwise either did it AFTER the patches or used a wheel.
  8. Draggon


    There was a trick to this one. I tuned up the Yaris moderately and was losing a second or two per lap at Laguna Seca. Despite a lot of practice it was elusive, so I threw all the mods possible at it. Then I started losing 5 seconds a lap. Yes, at Laguna in a Yaris. I just couldnt wrap my mind around this. I don't remember what made me think of it, but I entered with zero modifications, practiced, tuned up the car fully, and entered. Easy peasy win by a large margin. The AI looked at your car and the modifications and then set up the field according to what you entered with, not what you changed after practice.


    I actually found the Vettel Challenges to be easier for DS3 when you use the D Pad, the Analog is to sensitive for the X2010 and also not sensitive enough for good use like the Wheel.

    Though I never officially completed any of the Challenges, I did much better with the D Pad than the Analog Stick.
  10. RuddRacer


    United States
    I voted for Mission 34 but in hindsight the Vettel challenge at Suzuka is probably the hardest from a driving standpoint. Its probably more accurate to call Mission 34 the biggest pain in the :censored: ever that also required darn good driving too.

    Mission 34 was such a time sink with the long wait before the start, the ~7min you invested in each attempt and an AI that could DQ your lap at a moments notice. At least with the Vettel challenges you were the only car on the track and you could do many more attempts in a given amount of time.

    It took me about 1 month to gold all 3 of the Vettel challenges but it took more than 1 year (off and on) to gold mission 34. I passed the last car after the final turn in a drag race to the S/F line and consider that win my biggest driving achievement in GT. (partly because I refused to give up and kept trying for so long)

    It appears with each passing version of the game there are fewer of these types of events that create lasting memory's or excitement.
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  11. MrGrado


    Yes difficult license tests to gold in early GT games.
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  12. girabyt3

    girabyt3 Premium

    Yeah, easy for you. I remember I was crying of joy after ending it with gold, and that was last year...
  13. Grilesma Gt

    Grilesma Gt

    The seasonal event on GT6, on Red Bull at Andalucia, I tried not too many times, but I got the bronze and I got the prize and gone out, it's hard to do on ds3 with X2014 fan car
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  14. furryboy96


    Oh God. The final license test in GT4 on the Nurburgring was the worst thing I have ever experienced in Gran Turismo. It made me so mad that I stopped paying the game altogether for a while.:banghead: Word cannot express my joy and relief when I finally passed it!:lol:
  15. Grandea GTR

    Grandea GTR

    United States
    For me, it was GT1's IA-License with Special Stage Route 11.
  16. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    1. GT5 Vettel Challenge (Suzuka > Nurb > Monza, in that order) - I think I spent almost 6 hours each trying to gold the Suzuka and Nurb ones. I recently went back and tried again and got the gold in 1 hour though, so I have improved somewhat (more like the Tomahawk has desensitised me to the Red Bull's speed).
    2. GT5 Alfa 8C at Eiger - I'm just bad at finding the right line at Eiger, and the Alfa handles horrible. I still don't know how I managed to get gold to this day. Just pure luck.
    3. GT5 Murcielago Grand Tour - unknown track + complete darkness + life off oversteer = hell. I had to crank up my TV brightness AND turn on the racing line to gold this.
    4. GT2 Altezza taking right hand hairpin (one of the A license IIRC) - this is the last licence I golded in GT2. I suspect it would have been easy peasy with a wheel, but back then all I've got was analog controller so it took me 1 month to finally achieve gold :crazy:
    5. GT1 Prelude at Grand Valley esses before tunnel (also one of the A license IIRC) - last test I golded in GT1, 6 months before the above.
    6. GT1 Normal Car Event - used to give me nightmares before I learnt how to drive the Viper.

    In general races in GT have always been easy if you enter it with the max restrictions allowed. So that leaves events with predetermined cars and license tests. IMO the difficulty has decreased a lot in GT6. Hardest would probably be Senna at Brands Hatch, but even that is doable once you get used to the car.


    United States
    I can't speak for GT1, 2, or 3, but I can say that Mission 34 was the hardest I had ever done. And this was when I had GT4 7 years ago.

    When I FINALLY passed that mission by the skin of my teeth, I pumped my fist up and down and screamed for joy.

    Honorable Mention: GT Kart Shifter 125.

    Race 1 was easy, once I got the setup correctly.
    Race 2 was easy, except for the little nicks in the tracks that would throw my car off, plus the aggressive AI.
    Race 3 was hell. I could not finish higher than 8th to save my life, because the car would spin out if I drove into a corner a bit too hard and the tires would wear easily. It took a LOT of tinkering, but I ended up winning.

    Honorable Mention #2: Goodwood 5-3 (Gran Turismo 6)

    Getting in that Deathtrap known as the Red Bull X2010 was scary enough. Having to navigate the narrow Goodwood track in that car was bad enough. Having to do it in 32 seconds...:(.

    The first few times, I just did it to pass, then I set out to improve my time, and then I tried for gold, yet I failed, time and time again. It was very frustrating, but when I golded it, I felt a huge sense of relief. :cool:

    Honorable Mention #3: (This one is gonna come as a HUGE surprise to everyone here on GTPlanet) Cone Challenge #1 (Gran Turismo 6) and for one reason only.

    For my game, the Gold time to knock over 300 cones was set at 20 seconds instead of 21 seconds. I don't know why or how that happened, but it frustrated me to no end knowing that I had times under 21 seconds, yet it wasn't good enough for gold. Lo and behold, my Gold time was.... 20.000. :D
  18. ALeftRighter


    United States
    For me, GT5's Like The Wind event, now, I was using a fully downforced Mazda Furai, I remember all the times I raged at the Toyota Minolta taking me out, good times
  19. girabyt3

    girabyt3 Premium

    Now I'm playing GT concept on my new laptop, and I think here it should be the last license test (CZ3 Tarmac at Tahiti Maze). I even have a USB network Dualshock controller and low-speed run on the pcsx2 and I'm allways 1 second from gold...
  20. The87Dodge

    The87Dodge (Banned)

    United States
    Veyron license in GT6 was the hardest, because the Veyron doesn't handle.
  21. Aggserp4


    :censored: alfa :censored: romeo :censored: at the :censored: eiger :censored: norwand
    'nuff :censored: said.

    Also where are ALL the GTPSP licenses?
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  22. ToyGTone


    Mission 34 & Red Bull GT5... 'nuff said.

    (Okay i'll admit, plenty of races and licenses in older GT are hard)
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  23. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    Those arcade mode time trials in GT3

    Red Bull X Challenge in GT5 (And the X2014 Fan Car laps in GT6)
  24. MCFerocious


    All of the expert level races in GT6 seasonal events are very difficult !!
  25. kurtismylover


  26. mrclep

    mrclep (Banned)

    And I thought I was the only one who had trouble with the 206 CUP in GT4 - Also remember a TimeTrail in GT4, were you drove a Citroen Xarara VTR. It was such a bitch! But I would also say the RedBull Challenge is by far, the hardest race yet! Never beated the 2nd misson. :(

    EDT: This is the one I´m talking about

    He makes it look so easy! :/
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  27. Dotini

    Dotini Premium

    United States
    For me, the hardest race in all of the Gran Turismo that I know, was the Autumn Ring round of the Hyundai events in GT4 for maximum A-spec points.
  28. dxm8975

    dxm8975 Premium

    I've had GT2, GT4, 5 and 6 myself, and I'm just going to say the Sebastien Vettel challenges were BY FAR the hardest one of all that I gave a try of at least once, from among those missions generally considered to be "challenging" by numbers of players.

    About GT4 there are also some difficult missions for sure, but if you want my opinion they were in fact nowhere near the Vettel challenges in terms of "how hard" the missions are just because you can't do the short cut anywhere during the mission, whereas in most of the arduous GT4 missions minus license events you surely can so as to make the situations advantageous to you.
    (Say the R92CP mission race at Re Mans track you can choose as the 18th mission race challenge, the TAKATA NSX challenge at Suzuka (Mission 29), and the said Mission 34 of SLR Mclaren at Nurburgring you can make it a lot easier to be on the first to finish the race by doing the short cuts at every corner / going along the barrior at Karussell which saves you several seconds rather than just sticking onto the proper driving line inside the corner - it's worth trying that if you've already learnt how to not hit the hood of the machine on the guardrail, to avoid the 5 secs penalty. :) )

    The other "hard" missions in Gran Turismo 6 such as the Veyron challenge at Ascari track the car was just too horrendous at deceleration and at the corners for turning as you guys know, you can't be safe even at the slight turns / curves / chicanes and hairpin corners unless you're on the right path for the proper driving line... The acceleration is also nutty and you just can't stop that oftentimes even when you're enough used to that car. Coupled with the lap time required for golding in the test the handling of this car just sucks too much - but still this can't cope with the Seb Vettel challenge that are mostly a nuisance no matter you good you may be, for the reasons already pointed out above by Grimm6Jack. :(

    Oh, and about the events in GT5 and GT2 I'm not going to comment about them as I can't really remember precisely how they were to me. :p

    Yeah I do second your opinion in saying "it was like this event was designed for pad users no to get the gold prize in it". I also gave them dozens of tries with a pad and I just couldn't get the hang of handling the car which is crazily fast and frightening to drive at corners, even when you did almost everything just fine I usually end up screwing up the race by a very tiny mistake at the very end of the race. :( I still continued attempting to beat the mission after they added a patch to the events but still couldn't even get silver with all the aids available in the setting menu :( (Gave a try in other two races(Nurburgring and Monza circuit) but only ended up attaining bronze.

    This might be due to my poor driving skills at GT but it seemed to me like it was almost impossible to get the gold with a pad like some of the races in earlier version of GT5P which were also extremely hard to win(Masked GT-R at Suzuka, for instance, Kaz just seems to like to make things absurdly harsh for the starters to do. :scared: )... I was no longer patient and determined than ever, the old days I was spending hours doing the TTs back in 2008 so after realizing how daunting they were I entirely stopped doing the challenged over and over again.... The Seb Vettel challnges were just a :censored: compared to the Ascari track license test with Veyron and fake 24 "minutes" endurance races you can pick from the events for Super class.
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  29. Ryan81


    OMFG, that was horrendous lol. Do love the car, though. One of my favourite cars of all time.
  30. Flying_Kefran

    Flying_Kefran Premium

    I have picked the GT2 event... mainly because at that time the game was "pad-only".

    I have always been so slow without a ffb steering wheel that any gold license was nearly impossible for me.