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Quick review of my latest mod....

Brilliant but noisy...

Easy to install, just undo the 9 screws holding the metal base & clamp around the shaft, you have to cut the little cable tie holding the sequential wire in place as its a snugg fit but does not effect or trap the wire due to rounded edges.

Not even tightened it up to the fullest & it makes the world of difference but I might have to do my rubber collar trick for the bottom half of the shaft to dampen & protect from metal on metal noise & wear.

Edit: rubber collar damping trick installed & running absolutely spot on, quieter & stiffer 👍
I got the Nox3D mod with "rubbery" feel and I'm very pleased with it. Best feel yet. Okay this is starting to sound like a different kind of mod..

Anyway, cant comment on it's durability yet as I havent used for a prolonged period yet. Okay this is making it even worse..

Edit. Title of this topic worse still
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We need a video of that in action @Mr_D. Oh wait a minute, that sounds er... worse still! 🫣

Cough. Anyway back to PC2. 😉
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I took the 99 GT-One to race at LeMans. I didn't do any qualifying so I was at the back of the pack. I wanted it to be like GT7 🤣 . I started the race and I forgot that I had switched to MT so I it took me about 30 seconds to remember which button I set for upshifts 🤣. I think I got as far 29th place but I didn't really do any setup or anything. Probably should have done a qualfying session or least a few laps to get the car down. Anyway it was fun.
After a long break Inwent back to Pcars 2 and couldn't get my wheel work. I deleted the game and loaded everything again untill I finally remembered that there is a compatibility mode at the wheelbase...

Now I'm back and continued my career. There was one race left with the AMG tcr and then I could choose the European Sports Car series. I love LMP2 and right the start of the championship gave me a qualifying session in the rain at Red Bull Ring! What might be a mess in other games was simply amazing.

The brutal sound, the difficult sight (helm cam) and the awesome grip gave me a big smile. As a consolero this game is still one of the best!