Will GT Series ever get the option for a full Livery Creator?

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Is there going to be more car customization options? Are you going to be able to swap the engine or put decals on the car?

"Both are technically possible, and we might be preparing it (laughs)."

I imagine Kaz is somewhat ambitious to have a livery editor in GT. Even though this interview was for GT6, he was at no point in denial of the feature. They might be preparing it... he says. I doubt very much it would make GT6, but it can and should be one of their objectives in GT7.

A livery editor has been mentioned numerous times in the past by PD in their showcases prior to GT5. It must be something they're working on right now. I'll be somewhat disappointed if a livery editor doesn't make GT7, especially as they've been prioritizing customization options in more recent GT6 updates. Think about it. Brake pad colours, in car dials, custom built rear wings and car numbers.

One can only assume that PD's next target in the customization department is a livery editor.... or roll cages... or engine swaps... but that's another story ;)
Livery editor for GT6 was reeeeeealy plausible, i sense that they wanted something more for the so called "base models" i mean, they're maniacal in their work and i sense that they're working on a livery editor since the earliest GT
(i like to think that the custom liveries present in GT2 were a first experiment, if they'd release a livery editor it'd be something really complex and developed in depth) btw we can only wait for the moment.

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It bothers me to drive someone else's car while I payed that damn thing with MY money!
With the livery editor would come a racing team name, and if one thing lead to another, a sponsor-thingy similar to the first GRID.
This has been my attitude since GT4. After waking up and realizing that every race car had a design made for a racer or (usually) team, I've been wanting a Livery Editor so I could manage to come up with a design that identifies me. Otherwise, every race car is a loaner. So just to reiterate a few things:
  • A Livery Editor would allow you to race a car that had your unique identity embodied in a livery design, as shown earlier in this and other threads.
  • Liveries could be made easily with templates if you lack creative skills, or made for you by talented artists. They could be gifted or sold with in-game credits, or made by Polyphony or PD sanctioned artists for offer on a GT Marketplace, just requiring your name and racing number.
  • Online racing clubs and leagues would benefit a LOT from custom liveries, as similar liveries would identify teams. In addition, leagues would have the tools to create league specific graphics such as league decals, unique number plaques with "sponsor" names on them, associated window banners and other window graphics (car number, racer name), and certain fonts for the racing numbers.
  • Along with this, there could be a Forza-like GT Marketplace in which users could have a Store to sell liveries, decals, number plaques, or whatever they created including full race cars. For artists with the time to do so, this could be a ready made income stream, which I've enjoyed in Forza for a couple of games with correct, low-vinyl count decals and national flags. In addition as I mentioned, PD and sanctioned artists could provide these items themselves. Having Decal Bundle DLC would be a boon to car artists who find it too time consuming or expensive to stock their decal bin with sponsor logos. And fantasy logos would be fine, no licensing fees!
Johnnypenso earns a feather in his cap for his livery being selected for inclusion in P CARS, and I love the fact that Simply Mad Studios enjoys this friendly rivalry with Gran Turismo like that. Hopefully Kaz and the team will take this as a nudge to get that ball rolling. Remember, Whistle Stop found evidence of unused elements embedded in earlier GT6 updates that sure look like Livery Editor placeholders.

I'm going to skip Church and get to work on that friend's album project, but later in the week, I'll see if I can get back to Forza 4 and finish up some work on basic liveries on a few cars to illustrate what's possible with simple vinyl shapes and some tasteful decal placement. Might have to snap pics off the TV screen, because accessing my OWN ACCOUNT on the official Forza boards seems to be as hard as getting into Fort Knox. :P


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Johnnypenso earns a feather in his cap for his livery being selected for inclusion in P CARS, and I love the fact that Simply Mad Studios enjoys this friendly rivalry with Gran Turismo like that.
Oh no sir, I can't take credit for that fine work of art. 'Twas @FLX1981 that created that beauty. Note also that all the sponsorship logos on the car are GTP members:cheers: