Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo 6 Standard/Premium Cars, DLC, PlayStation 4, & More

At the “15 Years of Gran Turismo” event which saw the announcement of Gran Turismo 6, GTPlanet joined a small group of other U.S. journalists to be among the first to ask Kazunori Yamauchi questions about Polyphony Digital’s new game.

We covered how GT6 will deal with the “Standard”/”Premium” car issue, the future of the Gran Turismo series on PlayStation 4, and a lot more.

Not all of the questions are my own, but what follows is a complete transcript of the interview session.

Can you explain the game’s new lighting engine in more detail?

It basically means the energy expressed in each one of the pixels is going to be represented more accurately. When the focus on the camera is on a certain item, the blurring and brightness of the area around it and how lights affect the environment will be rendered with more accuracy.

Is there going to be more car customization options? Are you going to be able to swap the engine or put decals on the car?

Both are technically possible, and we might be preparing it (laughs).

Will there be “Standard Cars” in GT6?

We won’t be making all the Standard cars from GT5 into Premium models, and we won’t make all of the GT5’s Standard cars fully “Premiumized”.

Up until now, we used to categorize them as Standard and Premium because there were functional differences between them: some of the Standard models might not have tuning parts, or couldn’t be used in Photo Mode.  That will all be cleared so every model can be used in Photo Mode, and every car can have parts fitted for it.

In terms of graphics quality, the bad quality Standard models we’ve updated so they look better.

Will all of the cars have interior views?


(Editor’s note: This apparently does not apply to all of the cars which were listed as “Standard” in GT5. For example, two cars which were prominently featured in the GT6 trailer and its first official batch of screenshots, the Lamborghini Countach LP400 and Alpine A110 1600S, both appeared as Standard cars in GT5 but have apparently been converted to “full” Premium models – with interiors – in GT6.)


While improving the physics model, how do you keep the game accessible to a wide range of players?

I’ve mentioned some of this before but we are improving a lot of the driver assist functions for GT6.

The other thing is that it’s sort of wrong to assume that making it more real will make it more difficult to drive. Everyone here, I am sure you all drive; it’s not that difficult – but people who can drive cars straight suddenly can’t drive in a video game! That’s because the reality isn’t really all there.

Now that we know GT6 is a PlayStation 3 game, can you explain to fans why that is? Do you have any plans for PS4?

We do have plans for PS4, but, of course, we have an order of things.

First we’ll be releasing the PS3 version for the PS3, which has a huge audience already, and we’ll be providing updates every month and DLCs every month.

Once players have played it all out and enjoyed themselves on the PS3, then the PS4 version might come out naturally around that time (laughs).  Focus on enjoying the PS3 version.

What’s the reason for the dramatically shorter development time frame for GT6, compared to GT5?

GT5 was really hard to develop, because the PS3 is a really complex piece of hardware, and it was the first time we built anything with an extensive online component.

What was the most complicated thing about developing the first game, and what was the most complicated thing about developing GT6?

It’s hard to look back to GT1 now!

I think the hardest part of GT1 was to make something out of nothing, and to shape it and figure out exactly what a Gran Turismo game was going to be.

The main difference between GT1 and GT6 is the scale of the game, it’s about 100 times bigger in scale. Initially we had 15 people working on the game and now we have 150 working on the game. But i think the one thing that hasn’t changed is that everyone working on it really enjoys the hard work.

Are there other plans to bring the game’s GPS functionality to more real-world cars?

I can’t really talk about it today, but aside from just GPS, we have a lot of different things planned with different manufacturers. I can say you will see a lot of interesting things come up in the months ahead.

What’s the hardest element to re-create in the game: tire dynamics, suspension behavior, or aerodynamics?

That’s actually the three things that are really mystical about creating the physics in a car racing game. Actually the damper characteristics are one of the most difficult to re-create.

What is it like working with different manufacturers to get their cars in the game?

It’s been twenty years since we started developing the first GT, and it’s been 15 since the release of the first game.

We have a 20 year relationship with car manufacturers all over the world, and I think a lot of people who were involved with the first game in the series are still working at those companies today. Our relationships have become closer and closer, and that has given us a lot more access to the information and access to the automotive world.

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Comments (549)

  1. dannaryan

    As long as the cockpit views in the standards are improved then i’ll be happy. I actually found something out the other day on GT5.. On all of the standard cockpits there are no gear shift animations except… on the TVR Griffith.. Wierd eh?

  2. stix45

    So let me get this straight.

    Standards are back but will have better textures??

    Eh,guess i can live with that.

  3. Logoncal21

    also, please the singleplayer must be longer than GT5. it is so short GT5’s singleplayer. you guys can do that i mean, look at gt4

  4. Logoncal21

    please be buyable on playstation store when it’s fully released

  5. Hemasu

    Good work, and at last came my favorite car (Audi Sport quattro S1 E2). Thank you Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi.

  6. Jhwang

    I see what they’re doing
    Ps: Gt1 and Gt2
    Ps2: Gt3 and Gt4
    Ps3: Gt5 and gt6
    Ps4: gt6…….gt7. So basically they’re making gt games twice on every play station Sony makes. If that’s the case I think

  7. rex1825

    One thing more has come to me.

    Until now, you have managed to put in game a lot of cars which are pretty similar so to say.

    Since I am a BMW fan, I’ll try to explain on those models.

    Going from home menu to dealership. Choosing BMW.
    Now since BMW has a lot of models they are set like 1er, 3er, 5er, 6er, 7er and 8er
    When choosing one model, let’s take the 5er, a new list pops out, giving options of model No from E12 till F11.
    Let’s choose the E60.
    Now it gives us list of available engines and bodys for this particular model from 2.0i/d till M powerd models.

    This would give ppl a lot of easier way to find and buy car.

    There could be also (if game will have those) additional options for used cars etc.

    Also I’d like to ask if, since there are ppl playing with automatic gearshift, you are going to improve automatic mode so car acts like having real auto shifter.
    When mentioning this, some cars never had auto shifter and vice versa some didn’t have manual, why not implementing this in game?


  8. rex1825


    Just having 2 questions.

    First, at opening of GT 15th anny was said that GT6 will have all the cars from GT5 + additional 200. Does this mean that GT6 will have all cars from GT5 including DLC ones?

    Another question, is there any chance for having cars from older GT’s? I mean, most of cars were brought to newer GT, but some were forgotten. Let’s say, the BMW E38 740i (wich was in GT2) was in no other game after. Could it be possible to bring back legends like this one back to game?

    Cheers, and keep up the good work…

  9. Magic Ayrton

    Standard Cars.. No damage improvements… No sound improvements (Not all cars are rubbish but the best ones need a bit more (personality) .. model dual clutch gear changes properly as well as proper blow off sounds/chirps and turbo whoosh/whistle.. as in Gran Turismo 3!

  10. panjandrum

    It’s nice to see some more of the older cars made premium. I’m a huge fan of the Alpine and so that’s great news for me. As others have said, I too hope PD begins to move away from such a preponderance of Japanese cars and premium “daily drivers” and really concentrates on bringing all the truly beautiful and unique cars into the premium fold. (Let’s face it, we’ve all sat in plenty of Hondas and Toyotas, when playing a racing sim I want to climb inside a Zonda or a Jag E-type, or basically anything beautiful and/or unique).

    1. belovedconsole

      (Let’s face it, we’ve all sat in plenty of Hondas and Toyotas, when playing a racing sim I want to climb inside a Zonda or a Jag E-type, or basically anything beautiful and/or unique).”

      Not me. I only drive old or slow cars. Because they’re “normal”. For some reason I quite fascinated by the average car that the manufacturers make and the competition between those. I take a Honda from the 80’s out for a few laps and ‘feel’ it. I usually drive with ‘clear view’ or just the gauges. I like the feel on comfort tires, I like pushing the envelope of normal cars. So I do that and I say, okay what did Nissan offer at that time in that price range? What’s it like? Then I take it out for a few laps. Then Ford, or whatever. I really like the cars that people buy, and I only race those. I race fast cars when I have to. I love that GT series encompasses so much HISTORY. I love this museum.

  11. RobDoggy05

    I am getting over Gran Turismo being ALL about Nissan atm, its getting a bit much now and they better not bring it into GT6, and especially after watching the Xbox ONE reveal, the new Xbox looks more appealing now than ever before (and Ive never owned an Xbox)

    When PD release more details and if I see 70% of the new 200 cars are Japan bias.. Im out.

    1. JoeH187

      Good. GT has always been about Japanese cars primarily. Something that I hope will continue. If it’s not your thing, move on.

    2. townnet

      You think PD don’t want make a western car? Because western car manufacture purposely put the license high price to Asian people. Same like the case Konami PES very hard to buy western player.

  12. Nuuj

    Does anyone have any insight (beyond these articles) as to whether there are 200 actual New Cars, or is it 91 due to there being 1109 after the DLC on GT5? And whether the Countach and Alpine counts as two of the New Vehicles, or replacements for the Standard Versions?

    1. MeanElf

      My guess would be that as the track count is taken from the pre-DLC number, so would the car list.

    1. MeanElf

      Didn’t they say we’d be getting that already? I know the info sheet was refering to Photo Travel but it was implied that Photomode also had more options.

  13. pnbr0014

    i’m a bit upset that no one mentioned the game’s post vehicle upgrade sounds.. the stock cars always sounded great but from the moment you upgrade them the sounds get weird and nothing like they are supposed to be.. we can only hope i guess

  14. SaintSaiya

    Well I Watched the presentation and from all the details kaz explained,I assumed that car damage is not part of gt6,oh well better not have it if isnt good

  15. wraith of horus

    Just been watching some more videos. GT6 is using tesselation pushing the graphics to the limits. In the concept videos there are birds flying and leafs flying in the wind, could this be alluring to a more alive environment, with more types of weather effects and a more general dynamic environment?

    Several thousand custom car parts thats a LOT more types of unique parts than several custom wings, bumpers, extensions, front/rear splitters, and rear diffusers. He’s expanding the range of wheels which was very limited to a Lot more.

    So we have a new game engine. A new suspension engine, a new aerodynamics engine, a a totally new *first* to the game tyre wear engine. Lets hope we can have different tyre sizes and widths and tyre treads aswell. It’d complete GT6 if new custom parts can be added to any road car, race car, concept car/suv with any of the new several thousand unique parts.

    Also no info has leaked about how much you can customize your cars paints/vinyls. The ability to put your own unique liveries on any like in FM4.

    Tuning companies german KM automotive, and Yokohama racing both helping with tyre physics. I can’t help getting excitede even more when Yamauchi mentions new collaberations deals with new manufacturers. This could mean tuning companies with unique kits but thats my own speculation. A new telemetry data logging system from real time real car circuit racing being integrated into the game.

    New cars i noticed so far. Audi Sport Quattro S1 Rally car ’86, LCC rocket, Bilstein Audi R8 LMS Ultra 24hrs, Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’74, Renault Alpine, SLS GT3, KTM X-Bow R, Ferrari Dino 246 GT, 2013 Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG, Tesla Model S, 2012 Jaguar XKR-S. If anyone noticed any car that is or isn’t in GT5 please mention those too.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Yog-Sothoth

    More then car interior I would love to see hood cam for all cars which is imho a perfect view for riding with a steering wheel. If You could ask Polyphony/Kaz about this would be great because some cars have this view, also hood cam is possible in replays.

    1. Vortex1be

      I don’t know of any car that doesn’t have hoodcam to be honest would you care to list some and surprise me? I know some of them have a bad cam that seems like its on the roof though, but thats all…

    2. MeanElf

      Yes, it’s actually a roof cam – the bonnet-cam wasn’t in GT5. Y’know, I can’t recall if it was in GT4 or earlier.

      I think both options (bonnet/interior) are still important though, interior might be distracting for some but us non-wheel owners who comprise the majority of users, still need the option.

    3. YogS

      Most cars have roof cam, check TVR Tuscan Speed, Lexus LFA, Ferrari California and most if not all standards.

    4. belovedconsole

      I would like to see the hood cam/bonnet cam as well, I cannot stand that roof-mounted “car on a pole” thing. And please make the bonnet/hood move/flex with the car like in other games that effectively portray a hood cam. I am SO SO HAPPY to see the more articulated suspension movement. I love in replays watching the physics of the car and it’s wheels. If the car flexes during this portrayal, all the better. I am believing the cars’ behaviour during replays will appear less “brick-like” in GT6. I love the replays in Gran Turismo, because the camera angles are chosen so well, and because they change with the laps, but they’re always these wonderful shots, poised to show exactly what is happening where it matters. I haven’t seen other games do this with anything near the artistry of PD.

  17. kollosson

    I have to admit, i’m not over the moon about standard cars still being present however the fact you can now use them in photo mode would surely mean they have been updated to atleast stand up to close scrutiny so fingers crossed, everything else about the game sounds awesome, looking forward to updates as we swing towards E3 : )

  18. Weedfried

    Kaz San, i only ask one thinf for the next GT, bring back the qualify session before the race to gain your rank on the line. Enough with the chasing rabbit stuff.

    1. TomBrady


      I’m sick of the chasing the rabbit crap. It should be like it is in F1 2010. And I hate codemasters but that’s how it should be. There should be options to have a long weekend, short weekend, or just the race, and the cars should start together like in a real race, and the AI should be fast enough where they don’t need the stupid chase the rabbit crap. Save the chase the rabbit crap for license tests and that’s it

    2. braunracing88

      I miss the qualifying, too. Less chaos on the start, no matter how entertaining having to chase your way through the pack might be.

    3. Whitefalcon63

      Exactly. I’d love to see the AI more competitive and have a little race craft instead of following the one line around the circuit.

    4. e30 freek

      They should make multiple racing lines for the ai i think that would make it more interesting

  19. Nuuj

    The whole Porsche problem is simple, of course EA holds the Rights to Porsche’s Digital Imagery in a Video Game, and of course they charge others who wish to include them in their non-EA Games, and get to put them in any EA Game freely..

    Polyphony has Worldwide Fame and Devotion, and they haven’t really needed the Rights to make the Sales they desire, they wouldn’t even need RUF’s to keep their Base–they include them for those of us who want to drive a “Porsche”, at the end of the day of course they COULD afford to pay EA for the Rights to have the Porsche Brand in GT; but why would they?

    Polyphony doesn’t seem to be the type of Business that would facilitate or support such underhanded Practices, and paying them would be doing just that (and let’s not forget that EA is a competitor too)..

    As I said before, they don’t need Porsches–Forza forked over the coin because it gave them an advantage over GT (albeit a petty one) by being able to say “hey we have Porsches, and GT doesn’t” but GT’s Car List is so Expansive and Varied (and STILL growing) that the absence is not very glaring at all, there was once a time when GT had no Ferraris or Lamborghinis too–and it still blew the competition (who had those two Mega Brands) out of the water, no one will skip a GT because it doesn’t have one Brand..

    Porsche Execs themselves may want inclusion in GT Games, seeing as all Brands involved in GT have all the more exposure and accessibility, but the Terms of their deal with EA is a mystery, if anything Porsche is missing out on the Party everybody else is enjoying..

    I’ve said in other Blogs/Threads that “if we really want to put an end to petty business practices like that, we have to speak with our pockets and stay away from anything that has an EA Symbol on it”, I think that’s what Polyphony is doing..

    1. MeanElf

      In theory, this sort of practice is also hurting Porche, certainly if other games decline to include them due to the cost – Porsches nowhere except on EA games. Maybe they’ll learn from that too.

    2. forzaturismo

      So the deal betwenn Porsche and EA is a lifetime’s deal???
      or it ll end someday??
      and hope that day PD ll put it on a GT game!!!

    3. Pit Crew

      It expired just last year but EA renewed. They and Porsche are just to friendly. I gotta support Kaz for sticking to his guns. RUF will have to Suffice for now, assuming there is still a deal between them and PD.

    4. RodSk8Dude

      To be fair, I would be OK with just having the RUFs as premiums, maybe having a few more, or other alternatives, like how Midnight Club 3 had a Gemballa (with Remix adding another one based on a porsche SUV and one based on a Ferrari F355).
      Test Drive Unlimited 2 also had RUFs and, although I didn’t have one there, I thought they were really nice. Just a shame that I don’t think RUF/Gemballa have anything/many based on classic Porsches (older than the Yellowbird that is), I would love to have a 356.
      Also, I really hate EA for doing this. They don’t even do much with the cars! If at least they did a new Need For Speed Porsche…

  20. vr6cas

    Im watching the V8 supercars right now on speed channel and they are at circuit of the americas in austin texas, looks like a nice track for gt to have, just thinking out loud dont mind me. lol

    1. Amac500

      I’m watching the race right now too and I think the they look like nice cars to have in the game to! Nissan is in the series now so our odds have increased, lol

    2. Philby

      “So the deal betwenn Porsche and EA is a lifetime’s deal???” That’s what I am thinking too. I ‘ve got fed up reading about this deal, how can nobody know any details about this? What is the cost? The expiration date, the terms, anything… It is ridiculous. And the truth is that Gran Turismo would be so much better with Porsche on board!

      On an another note since we have Fiat it would nice to add Abarth too.

  21. Philby

    As with everyone here goes my opinion about the latest dramatic turn of events in the Gran Turismo world.

    1) A new game awesome news obviously and only half a year away!

    2) In the driving/physics department things are looking up

    3) In Graphics of course the PS3 capabilities are limited but GT5 was very good and if the evolution is like the one from GT3 to GT4 I will be more than happy.

    4) Content a bit of a let down. I absolutely loathe standards in GT5 I have only the Veyron, the Countach, the Stratos and the XFR Jag from streecars plus some racecars. I wanted to see them go along with all the duplicates we don’t need them! I don’t count cars I count shapes! To have the same shape twice must be there for a reason… 599 gtb + 599 gto is welcome, but let’s say Impreza wrx ’00 + Impreza wrx prodrive style ’01 is not!!!
    Tracks ok no surprises here after all we have the best in the world already. As a personal favourite I would like to see special stage route 11 return and from brand new ones the Guia circuit in Macau would be my no.1 choice.

    5) Another request make the A-SPEC or campaign exciting! I don’t have time to be social or enlist in clubs even though I would love to. When GT1 came in the fore I was 15, now I am married and have to work 11-12 hours a day including the commute so when I spend a n hour I need it to be quality time!

    6) The constant DLC I think it is good, because it will be like opening a present every month even though you will pay for it, plus it keeps the game fresh but in has to be meaningful, for instance to have as DLC a car that is introduced after the game date release is great. On the other hand to see “standards converted to premium” for DLC is a rip off.

    That from a devoted fan.

    1. TomBrady


      I don’t have a problem with standard cars, except I do have a big problem with what cars are standards, like the veyron. It’s an outrage that they left the veyron as standard, and it better not be in GT6. There are many more I could name.

    2. Philby

      @Pit Crew , no not anything specific I am just suggesting that cars which are being converted from standard to premium such as the Jag XJR-9, the beetle that have already been implemented or cars like the Lancia integrale and the 155 touring car which will be available as premiums in the future shouldn’t be charged! So you can’t pay twice for the same car once to buy it in the game with average graphics and then pay for it again!

  22. Skelator71

    Updated version of my wishlist!

    $: Exceptional request!!!

    $ Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    $ Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
    $ Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
    $ Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir
    $ Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu
    $ Bugatti Veyron Blanc Noir
    $ Bugatti 16C Galibier
    $ Bugatti Super Veyron (?)
    Hummer H1
    $ Hummer H2
    Hummer H3
    Hummer HX Concept
    $ Lexus 2054 (from Minority Report)
    $ Lamborghini Reventón & Reventón Roadster
    $ Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
    $ Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
    $ Lamborghini Estoque
    $ Lamborghini Gallardo Concept S
    $ Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera
    $ Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni
    $ Lamborghini Murciélago LP 650-4 Roadster
    $ Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV
    $ Lamborghini Diablo SV
    $ Lamborghini Veneno
    $ Pagani Zonda F
    $ Pagani Zonda Cinque & Cinque Roadster
    $ Pagani Huayra
    Caterham Superlight RS500
    $ Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
    $ Alfa Romeo 4C
    $ Audi R8 GT (’12)
    $ Audi e-tron Concept
    $ Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupé
    $ Audi Q5
    $ Audi Q7
    $ Audi A Series
    $ Audi S Series
    Toyota Prius V
    Toyota Prius C
    $ Spyker C8 Aileron (& Spyder)
    $ Spyker C8 Double 12 R (& S)
    $ Spyker B6 Venator
    $ Spyker C12 Zagato
    $ Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R
    $ Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (’11)
    $ Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Concept
    $ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7)
    $ Chrysler Firepower Concept
    Scion xB
    Scion xD
    Scion tC
    Scion iQ
    $ Dodge Viper SRT, GTS & TA
    $ Dodge Viper SRT 10 Final Edition
    Mitsubishi RVR
    $ Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition
    $ Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss
    $ Mercedez-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series
    Jeep Commander
    Jeep Compass
    Jeep Wrangler (2012)
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Jeep Patriot
    $ Jaguar F-Type (’12)
    $ Jaguar XK (’12)
    $ Jaguar XF (’12)
    $ Jaguar XJ (’12)
    $ Koenigsegg Agera
    $ Koenigsegg Agera R
    $ Koenigsegg CCX
    $ Koenigsegg CCXR Edition
    $ Koenigsegg CCGT
    $ Koenigsegg CC8S
    $ Koenigsegg Trevita
    $ Ford Model T
    $ Dodge Duster
    Nissan 370Z Roadster
    Chevrolet Spark
    Chevrolet Sonic
    Chevrolet Cruze
    Chevrolet Equinox
    Chevrolet Traverse
    Chevrolet Volt
    Chevrolet Impala
    Chevrolet Malibu
    Chevrolet Tahoe
    Chevrolet Suburban
    $ Ford Fusion (’13)
    $ BMW i8
    $ BMW i3
    $ BMW M6
    $ BMW M3 E92
    $ BMW Z4 sDrive35is
    $ Rolls Royce Phantom
    $ Rolls Royce Ghost
    $ Audi TT RS
    $ Audi R8 (’15)
    $ Audi R8 e-tron Prototype
    $ Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI quattro (& Spyder 4.2 FSI R Tronic)
    $ Aston Martin Vanquish (’14)
    $ Aston Martin DB5
    $ Aston Martin DBS (& Volante)
    $ Buick Verano
    Buick Regal
    $ Bentley Continental Supersports Coupe (& Convertible)
    Geo Metro
    $ Infiniti QX 56
    $ Infiniti FX
    $ Infiniti Q50
    Mazda 2
    Mazda 3
    Mazda MazdaSpeed 3
    Mazda 5
    Mazda 6
    Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS
    $ Maserati GranCabrio
    $ Maserati MC12
    $ Maserati Birdcage 75 Concept
    $ Brabham BT46B
    $ Brabus TKR
    $ Marussia B1 & B2
    $ McLaren P1
    $ McLaren F1 LM
    $ McLaren MP4-12C Spider
    $ Porsche 911 (991)
    $ Porsche Boxster (& Spyder)
    $ Porsche 911 Speedster
    $ Porsche 911 Targa 4S
    $ Porsche 911 Carrera S
    $ Porsche 911 Turbo
    $ Porsche Carrera GT
    $ Porsche 911 GT3
    $ Porsche 918 (Spyder Concept Study, Spyder, & Coupé)
    Porsche 959
    $ SSC Ultimate Aero (& XT)
    $ SSC Tuatara
    More NASCARs
    More Formula 1 cars
    $ Audi R18 (LMP) ’12
    More trucks (Silverado, Sierra, Ram, etc…)
    Cadillac CTS-V
    Cadillac ATS
    $ Ferrari LaFerrari
    $ Ferrari 458 Spider
    $ Lotus Seven

    1. sangdude82

      there is a car wishlist for GT6 thread on the forum so please go there and post your wishlist. yes, we all want Porsche but we don’t know why we can’t get it on GT.

    2. Nuuj

      You even wanted an unrealistic Concept Car from an unrealistic Movie??

      Honestly a lot of your list consists of good welcomed suggestions–but realistically about 90% of them are unlikely to show in GT6..

      Licensing Issues abound, along with an over abundance of semi-duplicates (7-8 Veyrons? We’ll be lucky to get 2 Premiums) I don’t disagree with his wish for some new SUVs and Trucks, since they are in GT anyway why not add some to the mix? And I’ve said before that Bikes won’t be showing up for GT6, I would be ecstatic and it would be fun and exciting if they had a “Tourist Trophy Mode/Section/Spec” but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it..

      Posting a Wishlist here is useless anyway, even on the thread I don’t see the point lol..

    3. HarVee

      The jeep that I think has the highest chance of being included in GT6 is thee 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT8. Kazunori seems to stay away from the SUV & Pickup truck scene most of the times and if he does counter ground from that area of car culture he usually only picks the performance models.

    4. Whitefalcon63

      Did you go to work today or stay home and write that list? ;-) And by the way you should add the Ferrari F12 to that list and perhaps a few more classic Ferrari.

    5. Whitefalcon63

      Did you go to work today or stay home and write that list? And by the way you should add the Ferrari F12 to that list and perhaps a few more classic Ferrari.

  23. vr6cas

    Do you all want to know the real reason why porsche is not in GT? Well I will tell you, I believe this is true, it’s because of a beef with nissan and the almighty Nissan Gtr. Back when before the gtr was released nissan was claiming that the gtr would beat any porsche around any track. and porsche was mad at when they backed it up with videos of the 90,000 gtr beat it and other supercars costing double to triple its cost. lol it was embarrasing for porsche, esp after they set that blazing nurburgring lap time. So porsche was like ok you wont get our cars in that nissal sponsered game so our cars can get beat on by that 90,000 beast. And if we do get a porsche it will be the ones that can keep up with a gtr or the one that can beat it, the almighty 911 gt2 rs with over 600hp.

    1. sangdude82

      the racing games that you can download for free on your Ipad can have Porsche and not to mention that every single car in the Nurburgring 24 hour race gets sponsored by GT (including Porsche), it’s so depressing that we can’t have Porsche in the GT series…

    2. HKSBro92

      Interesting thinking but I don’t think Porsche is THAT butthurt over a little competition. I just think PD is not being aggressive enough.

    3. Andyc709292

      Doesn’t hold true when you think that in GT3 there wasn’t Porsche (was RUF even then), and not Nurburgring, and not the R35 either.
      As mentioned below, it’s about licensing – Porsche Unleashed from the distant past (when EA were great) I think was the death toll for Porsche in any other games.
      Not sure what expired with Ferrari, but in the past few years we’ve seen a glut of games with Ferrari in them, some even passable.

    4. HarVee

      No. Like Pit said, it’s EA’s SubLicense agreement with Porsche and Kazunori’s unwillingness to pay the fees EA ask.

  24. snaketus

    They really should get rid of those standard models once for all. Quality over quantity. And they should remove the requirement to collect huge garage of cars. I want and some people I know wants to be able to complete lot more races with their favorite cars. Not tune every single car in the game for one race.

    1. MeanElf

      The only requirement to collect a large number of cars in GT5 was the 1,000 car trophy. There is no obligation to get all of the cars and only a few races need just one car. If every car in the game had a race, there would have been about 1,100 races in GT5…

      Anyway, I like having them, especially as it appears there will be almost no difference .

  25. wraith of horus

    So the important answers. Lets study them more closely shall we?Kaz said standard cars will be updated to higher quality graphically. This is true.

    In gt5 some tuner standard cars you couldn’t upgrade them
    with performance parts upgrades. Well now you can. I think we will be able to upgrade standard concepts and racing tuner cars this time around to higher degree. He could also mean any car including standard concept road and tuner car can be fitted with wing bumper upgrades and more maybe. so this is true.

    He also said engine swaps are technically possible and we might be preparing it. Then he laughs. This is true. You will be able to engine swap this time. He laughs because he knows that this leaked out in the hacks ..so now they have to make it optionally available in game.

    So just to highlight we will get some new tracks. Higher quality standard cars. More tunable and customisable standard concept, road concept and racing cars even. Customization to a degree you can engine swap. A lot more cars. Some cars that were standard in gt5 now premium. Deal with tuner companies and parts or kits in the game – yokohama etc… physics model and lighting system upgrade so polished graphics too. Whole new interface faster menu loading, new damage model because physics model is completely new. The game will be more connected with online community, social networking features.

    But I would wish they finally get a deal with porsche like fm4. I love my fm4 porsche cars which look amazing. Also tyre size and width lile in forza would be good and drivetrain swaps also. This could be part of the customization upgrade but we don’t know to what level yet or extent customization will be except engine swap.

    1. sangdude82

      the funny thing is even some free-to-download racing games that My brother plays on His ipad has Porsche on them. so I can’t understand why GT series can’t have Porsche…

    2. Pit Crew

      He didn’t say engine swapping was gonna be applicable in GT6. Doubt we will see it before GT7.

  26. CrazyBrazilian

    GT6 will be the Pokemon Cars collection from Sony. You must “Catch ’em All”. LOL.

    Think I will pass GT this time.

  27. Neilson248

    Cars I would love to see in Gran Turismo;

    Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO
    Ferrari 333sp
    Ferrari F40 LM
    Ferrari F50
    Ferrari F50 GT1 Concept
    Lotus Esprit V8 GT1 (I believe this was in GT2)
    Lotus Elise GT1 (this was in GT2)
    Nissan 300ZX IMSA GTO Race car (my favourite car from GT2)
    BMW 320i STW
    George Plasa BMW 135 Judd Hillclimb
    George Plasa BMW M3 GTR Judd Hillclimb
    Roush Ford Mustang V8 IMSA GTO
    Holden Commodore V8 Supercar 2012/2013
    Ford Falcon V8 Supercar 2012/2013

  28. TheGTGuy

    Anyone notice that in the Gamplay video replay of the X-Bow that the engine sound has improved and is better. I thought It was the same until I listened to the replay.

    1. Lambofanghini

      It does sound throaty when he manually shifts the gears near the end. I love and play GT5 a lot but agree with most who say at least 5.1 surround is needed to have the best sound. After hearing it at a friends house in 7.1, I would agree. Hopefully the demo will give us a little of what was stated above. I’m sure the sound will improve in GT6 but it’s still a day one buy from me regardless.

    2. MadmuppGT

      I always say the same thing… when I bought my 5.1 system with a decent sub the difference was mind blowing. I think the sound was always designed for 5.1/7.1 and subs.

    3. pnbr0014

      I have a pretty good 5.1 system and the sounds still are bad for cars you upgrade.. the lamborghini gallardo sounds exactly the same as the 458 italia when full exaust upgrades are put on.. so do the LFA and the Murcielago and the Zonda R and the Audi R8 V10.. the stock sounds are definitely good enough for me its the after market sounds that they got totally wrong.. i’d also like them to get the standard Le Mans cars right.. the Mercedes C9 is the biggest example.. in real life its the throatiest gruntyist most terrifying sounding V8 in the game its a mosquito..

  29. Felix

    Well at least we have a little more light on how GT6 is going to be. “Prey they went to Prodrive and scanned the P1 as well as the rally cars”

  30. JohnyPiston

    Yup Kaz, no being lazy with those dampers when KW Suspension is IN DA HOUSE! Holy Cow I cannot wait for this! Too bad he did not also complain that the Tyre model was difficult to get right ..it would have shown me that Yokohama had also cracked the whip a bit!

    1. Pit Crew

      Yeah… umm lets give Kaz credit for having the vision to actually petition KW and Yokohama to assist PD devs in bringing more realistic dynamics into the driving/handling physics into GT6.

      You make it seem like they barged in and threw their weight around…I don’t get that.

  31. KiingMaxx

    I would like to see a “sell your car online” or a “trading hub” kind of thing, name your price but have a reasonable limit, also being able to preview other people’s cars online and see their specs and tuning mods

  32. vr6cas

    I would like if they said bye bye to B spec, and hello to C spec free roam, I would also like them to say bye bye to the car gifting system, everybody earn your own cars or use a classified system where you could buy someone elses car if they wanted to sale it, or like borza an auction system.

    1. bretlei

      I dont think free roam would work in a game like GT it is a racing sim not NFS. And if it was put in the game somehow. It would be a novelty feature that no one would user after the first or second time.

    2. Andyc709292

      C-Spec…. When you’re out driving around and some AI passes you in the other direction in your car. LOL!

    3. Pit Crew

      Thing is some cars can’t be earned in A or B spec modes, and not everyone wants a UCD car with high miles. ( Check the Marketplace ) I like the Level cards and gifting, it promotes friendly social interaction.

    4. MeanElf

      I’m with Pit Crew on the keeping of gifting. Well, gifting is preferable to the Forza trade model. Okay, I haven’t played Forza but it occurs to me with a user-generated car dealership you’d spend more time watching out for certain cars than actually playing the game.

      With the UCD you look and cycle, no need for hanging around.

      Having said all of that, maybe if you could flag up certain cars that you are looking for in an online wishlist within the dealership, that might work. Presumably though you’d still be bidding against others, unless the person that made a car available could sell as many copies as they wanted…

  33. PinappleJuice

    Looking at the trailer and i’m wondering, with the SLS GT3 being without a livery, could there possibly be a livery editor? I mean i don’t think they would allow us to race a pure race machine without a livery. Also if there is a livery editor would we have a marketplace like forza? Sharing, rating designs, that be great.

    So excited.

    1. TheGTGuy

      I was thinking the exact same thing, although I was watching a race in the GT series and there is an SLS without liveries in the race.

  34. KFM

    Thank you for having my question answered, Jordan. Not the answer I was hoping for, but it’s good to have an answer, either way.

  35. nascarfn

    Quite whining about it gt6 it’s actually going to be much better and did you people really think gt6 would have 1200 premium cars seriously the ps3 can’t even handle that, and it’s going to be updated every month so any problem will be fixed, if you don’t lke what pd is doing go play your stupid forza games. y’all have a good day now..

    1. gtone339

      I’d rather have at least 500 ‘Premium models’ instead of having 800 standard models + 400 premiums imo. ;)

    2. tpark103

      I’d rather have a real Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston I’m unfortunately stuck with my Hyundai and GT which I enjoy for now. I do like hearing the occasional board Forza fan come in here and bash. Bottom line is we all have choices and are entitled to our opinion. Thank you for leaving yours but, it would probably be more appreciated in a Forza forum.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      The PS3 can’t handle 1200 premiums? Are you serious? I know it’s not possible to make that many in a 3 year time frame, but the more disc space you have, the more cars you can put in the game. And Blu-ray discs have crap loads of space. And love how you tell everyone to just go play Forza. Classic.

    4. tpark103

      Yeah………I love the fire and passion. So allow me retract my comment. I read so many comments bashing GT that sometimes I when a true has a good opinion I slip up and mistake it for the other. :)

      My bad

  36. Normalaatsra

    Having heard of reformatting models, I really hope the Standard models are visually pleasing. It’s like GT5 quality with no interior, which is fine by me.

  37. mus001

    what does it mean? he do not care about our mouth? standard cars again and again? 7 new tracks only?

    Kazunori really take us for idiots

    But why they still want to keep the standard models in gt6? Why it does not change the list of cars? reduce all variants and put more of European cars

    In forza we have x6m, M6, Tuareg …

    while there was still nothing, the same list since GT4
    and even if they do not want to change the list, why they do not convert standard models in premium models?

    If it takes much time to convert, why it does not remove cars?

    it really take us for idiots

    put in a ps3 ps2 graphics

    what a shame it gt6!! what a shame!!

    1. gtone339

      He does have a point, if the game reviewers sees GT6, they’d think that it’s just another update for GT5..

      So they rate the game below 8/10.

    2. MeanElf

      I was amused by the comment that GT6 has the same car list as GT4 and that it hadn’t changed…

    3. brianwong

      7 new tracks but several configs per track. Besides, if they cover most of the famous circuits it really doesn’t matter

  38. testorz

    I’m a bit shocked that this game wasn’t announced for the PS4 but I’m hopeful we will, bar any delays, see this game come to fruition on schedule !

  39. Neilson248

    the most important thing is that PD is looking after the physics. It sounds like the physics alone are going to make GT6 amazing. everything else is just a bonus.

    1. HuskyGT

      Something different? We still don’t even know what other things the game will offer. If it’s a GT5 rehash, then it will be an epic game. I´ll sure be playing it much longer than I did with GT5.

  40. PikachuRacer11

    I cannot say that GT5 was great, there were several glitches and online rooms dropped connection somewhat easily. But, at least the updates and patches put it in the right direction. I liked it, but I think GT5 could of been better if it had enough time to settle out the bugs and improve features.

    As for the Standard vs Premium issue, I think having standard cars alongside premiums in GT5 wasn’t too bad. The standards almost looked the same outside as the premiums (other than the sticker lights & being slightly more pixelated), though it’s biggest downside was the lack of interior (blacked-out interiors) in cars that had roofs over them. However, a low-resolution interior was found on roadsters like the Caterham Fireblade and Jay Leno’s Tank Car or roof-less race cars like the Formula GT, but they didn’t have lighting in the interior for night driving.

    If PD claims GT6 will have improved Standard Cockpits, then this means standards will have better interiors than those on GT5 or GTPSP. Hopefully, one thing they did to improve it is that they provided all standard cars lighting for their improved interiors (no more blacked-out interiors or interiors that can only be seen in the daytime).

    It would be even better if standards had premium-like interiors (or even that there was no Standards), but that may not happen until GT7 or GT8.

    1. tpark103

      Ok we’re all glad you had a chance to get that off your chess. It’s been mentioned a few 100 times.

    2. testorz

      I would agree with you ! I always the GT series in general left something to be desired that PD just never gave us ! Hopefully we’ll get a taste of that in GT 6 !

    3. Nuuj

      We know for sure that they are making the Outward Appearance better on them overall along with Functionality and Customization, but the Interior may stay the same “blacked out” interior, it’s possible that they’ll give them a nice, but Generic/Badgeless Interior if they bother with it–but we’ll have to wait until it releases to know, I’m sure they’re in no hurry to showcase the “Former Standards” in any Demo or Preview Video etc..

      Just like the nature of Standards remained a mystery to us until GT5 had hit shelves, the same may happen with these, unless they’ve done such an amazing job that they’d actually WANT to show them off in Previews (not likely)..

    4. PikachuRacer11

      Also, I wouldn’t mind that with the new suspension tweaks, they can make the ride height and physics get further manipulated by the amount of ballast in your car.

      Example: Have you ever seen a person carrying tons of items in a small commuter car? The suspension goes down depending on where the heaviest mass is located, and makes that person’s car easier or harder to steer.

      What I’m saying is… 200kg (440.9 lbs) of ballast in a car would cause a car to put more load on the springs, which can reduce ride height on softer springs, while also making the car grip a bit better or worse by adjusting the center of gravity and load transition based on the position of the ballast, if it’s moved further front or further back.

  41. HuskyGT

    I cannot wait any longer… I’m very curious on how the new customization will be. Would be awesome if we could choose wheel size.

    1. tpark103

      That would be spectacular. There are so many unanswered questions. You would think would the amount of power in the the platform it wouldn’t be asking much.

    2. Nuuj

      That wouldn’t be a far fetched aspect since it’s a very basic and frequently used Technique, more likely too–since they are working with a pair of Companies that could give lots of valuable input on such Customization and how it would affect Handling and Physics on the Virtual Track/Road, if it was made possible it would be interesting to see how it would affect their PP system..

  42. kazach

    Ahhh the selling argument – gt5 cant be bad because it sells so well. With that logic, iam guessing you kids alao loves justin beiber? He outsells most any other band/group today…

    1. MeanElf

      Ah, but there you have said it – I actually like older bands which have outsold Bieber and will always have fans; so allow me to extend your comparison logic – it is why I like the GT series, it’s classic and solid, not a here today, gone tommorrow fad kind of thing.

  43. jhw93

    I’m really excited about GT6, i just wanna express some of my thoughts on the concerns of others and give a little wishlist if you guys don’t mind;
    My thoughts on other peoples concerns;
    Damage – Not really concerned about this, GT6 is a driving simulator, so the focus on is the realism of how the cars handle and feel to drive. It’s not a racing simulator, so I wouldn’t expect things such as damage or A.I. to have a particular focus.

    A.I. – A.I. is actually not that bad in my opinion, I watched a video comparison (with that other game) where the player left his car in the middle of track, in GT5 the cars drove around him whereas the cars in the other game blindly drove into him. So this shows that the AI in GT does at least have some intelligence. However, I do think they could be a bit better and push you a bit more, not a major issue though.

    Standard cars – They can ruin the immersion a bit when you see em on the track but I only recall a few times when I had to use them. So you can almost avoid using them completely, it is daft to think they could re-model all 800 std cars when each one takes up to 6 months to create.

    Engine sounds – Nothing wrong with engine sounds imo, they sound great on my speaker system. You have to remember that GTs focus is on accuracy, if a car sounds boring in real life it will sound boring in the game. Forza and Shift engine sounds are far too angry sounding imo, they sound nice initially but constant heavily distorted sound over a period of time can get really tiresome. In forza, the ford fiesta sounds like a wrc rally car….

    My wishlist;
    Some rare/not well known cars – I remember in GT2 when we had companies such as Vector and Venturi, it would be cool to see there cars in premium in the game.
    Some classic tracks from older GT games – Loved tracks like red rock valley, grindewald, midfield raceway and etc.
    Livery editor – The announcement of new wheels and aeroparts has got me interested, I’ve always wanted to create my own racing car thats personalized by me. So a deep livery editor that you could use to import your own decals n stuff would be very cool.
    and…. oh yh… pleeeassse put the Ferrari F50 in, its my dream car and the ferrari test drive game is rubbish so I want it in GT lol.

    What ever GT6 turns out to be i’m sure it will be ace and that I like many others will enjoy it as I did with GT5.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      A tight and twisty mountain road would be nice as well. It’s really cool that GT6 will have a lot of realistic courses, but sometimes I just want to take an AE86 down a tight, winding mountain pass to blow off some steam. :)

  44. go6

    I can not wait to see whats in store for gt6. Keep it real. some people don’t even drive cars fast/ although you might want to sell million of copies to get every ones attention the fans are already loyal…….making the online part work great would be a huge boost. I could really care less for doing a 24 hr race offline. With a mic in my ear and a few friends I could race all day. Make online races run efficient please :)

  45. mistamontiel

    BOO.. don’t make damn PS4 owners get the best of us..

    Wait for it or make GT7 for PS4 !!!!

  46. andyshem

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have things like classic roads from various countries? Like Route 66, a German Autobahn, drag races down Broadway… anything else anyone can think of? And either lots of Formula 1 cars or none. Not 1. How silly. Also, what about famous cars from films? Such as… Herbie (bad example) or the starsky and hutch car, or Fast and Furious cars for example?

  47. andyshem

    I think the best way to solve everyones track problems, they should make the Course Maker better! Actually let us all have total freedom over the track we want to create instead of those silly parameters. We all know there arent enough tracks in GT5 compared to the number of cars and surely KAz it wouldn’t be that hard to just take the schematic for, lets say Grindelwald or Tahiti Road Course or El Capitan and just ramp up the graphics and scenery to PS3 level.

    Also can we please have the Ferrari LaFerrari, Mclaren P1 and Pagani Huayra. Cheers. And bring back the full racing modifications from GT2. Sorely missed.

    1. MeanElf

      I don’t think PD can give us unlicensed real-world tracks, though there should be nothing stopping you or anyone trying to make one. It has already been done for a few racetracks using the GT5 course maker, almost.

    1. rumbalumba

      Most people who want damage aren’t in it for the penalties, but for the explosions. These are the type of people who would ram their cars non-stop and replay the hell out of it. They think GT is NFS or Burnout or some arcade racer. To hell with them. Kaz isn’t too keen on damage because IN THE REAL WORLD that’s the last thing people want to see. Now, if people ask for penalties for driving recklessly, I am down with that. Too bad most whiners are the kind of people who would bump other cars online and wouldn’t let others pass by them. Most GT enthusiasts who play online or offline would just let the AI pass them by and would try to overtake them at some point during the race.

      Implementing damage isn’t going to change most people who play this as an arcade game. They’d just turn it off offline due to the “difficulty”, or would go and wreck other people’s cars online. People who only want damage for the visuals of it all are just shallow. There are so much more things to improve upon (like the suspension, which PD already showed) yet these people couldn’t care less about those things and instead would go and whine more about why cars don’t crash the way they want them to. Pathetic, indeed.

      The suspension and the tyres are already big improvements but nooooooo we don’t wan’t that we wanna see awesome car-piling damage whine whine whine.

    2. monildan

      not at all.. all i expect from a damage model is that if by chance i miss my braking point and ram my car at a barrier i should not be able to drive the car with the same speed and handling.. anybody who loves GT knows they are not going to get crazy explosions.. those type of people are not the ones serious enough to comment on gtplanet asking for explosions when they ask for damage. if it is known as the real driving simulator, then damage is a very real part of driving..

    3. tpark103

      Damage is and livery are great but, the most important thing in a sim is how accurately it simulates the driving experience. I hope some these fluffy things that all the VIDEO GAME BOYS AND GIRLS like get included and for the rest of us sim racing fans, improvement upon the quality racing and tuning is most important.

  48. sangdude82

    Can’t we have some more city tracks like New York, Seoul (apparently they were in GT series before) and may be Chicago?

  49. sammo85

    I would like a hill climb track as well, (not piles peak) I love the Goodwood hill climb, could do a run what you brung.

    And for all you haters, if you don’t like gt5 anymore or don’t play it, then why are you on this forum.

  50. RandomCarGuy17

    I hope if Kaz actually does dlc every month this time that these following race courses get included in dlc:

    – Rome (Night, Short, Circuit Classic)
    – Tahiti (Circuit, Road Course, Maze, Safari Course)
    – Seattle (Circuit, Short)
    – Grindelwald
    – Red Rock Valley
    – Complex String
    – Road America
    – Road Atlanta
    – Watkins Glen

  51. monildan

    what about damage? everywhere i read, all i see is people complaining about standards, sounds etc.. is nobody concerned about damage? are they going to enable damage in A-spec at all?

    1. PepeMickey

      we haven’t see or heard anything yet so we can’t really know or have an opinion on it but the standards and crappy sounds are pretty much confirmed so we complain about what we actually know.

    2. monildan

      that is my point.. nobody is asking any question about damage..not once has kaz mentioned it nor any journalists have posed any questions about damage. I am just surprised that gt6 is considered to be a racing sim and nobody has damage on their mind..guess we will just have to wait till e3 to know more…

    3. infamousphil

      If you’ve been a member of this forum you should know that Kaz don’t dig damage. And I agree with him. We don’t scratched paint chips are ugly and the time to do it right is time consuming. But if yall are going to start demanding it… I want to see flamin Ricky Bobbys, dancing around burning wrecks while the survivors drive by ;)

  52. Blood*Specter

    Kaz said:

    “Up until now, we used to categorize them as Standard and Premium because there were functional differences between them: some of the Standard models might not have tuning parts, or couldn’t be used in Photo Mode. That will all be cleared so every model can be used in Photo Mode, and every car can have parts fitted for it.”

    That works for me, and it will work for most of you once you see the actual game. I won’t tell people they should not bitch about what they don’t like. Because like them I will talk about things I’m not happy about. At the same time, I dig the game.
    And from what I’ve seen and read so far I think it will be off the hook good. I might be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    1. MadmuppGT

      The quality of Standard cars never really bothered me to be honest. But hearing the news that they’ll all be ‘fixed’ so parts can be used and photo mode used is a massive step in the right direction I say…

      and I cant be the only one who thinks that after the latest update most of the standard cars in GT5 looks very nice indeed.

  53. Nokkien

    They are giving the new fans, new cars, new tracks and all that is good and I support evolving of the GT series.
    But they should not forget us that have played the whole GT series, and still are playing the GT games to come in the future.
    3 tracks and an honorable mention is the only thing I want from GT6, because there is no track in GT5 that comes close to them in quality.
    The tracks are from the best game so far in the GT series, GT2:

    1. Grindenwald
    2. Tahiti Road Course (not the rally course).
    3. Red Rock Valley

    These are the best tracks in any GT game created so far (with honorable mention: Pikes Peak Hillclimb).

    It don’t matter if these comes as a DLC package soon after game release, as long as they come to GT6 both on PS3 and PS4.

    This is more important than the Standard/Premium issue, and I hope Kazunori Yamauchi and the other good folks developing GT6 understand this. ♥

    1. Rionmoon

      Red Rock Valley?


      That’s way old school nonsense. Going back to GT2, nobody want’s that.

      Apricot Hill is way mo’ betta’.

      Pikes Peak Hill Climb?

      DUDE there are off road games if that’s what you want to play!

      This is GT baby!

      So you don’t think I’m totally bashing you I will say this: Thinking back I believe I have more FUN and enjoyment from GT2 then ANY of the other subsequent games.

    2. SavageEvil

      Rionmoon not sure what GT you started at but Pikes Peak hill climb was an epic course in GT2, it’s a paved road now but GT is about many different types of racing disciplines not just one or to. Pikes Peak belong in GT, why would we have all those off road cars? Red Rock Valley was a technical but fast course like High Speed Ring but better in overall design. Apricot Hill is from GT1, talking about Red Rock being old school, sheesh.
      Your post is completely weird in tone and direction. “This is GT baby!” What is that supposed to mean, if this is GT then you know it includes Rally.

  54. Blood*Specter

    “Up until now, we used to categorize them as Standard and Premium because there were functional differences between them: some of the Standard models might not have tuning parts, or couldn’t be used in Photo Mode. That will all be cleared so every model can be used in Photo Mode, and every car can have parts fitted for it.”

    That works for me, and it will work for most of you once you see the actual game. I won’t tell people they should not bitch about what they don’t like. Because like them I will talk about things I’m not happy about. At the same time, I dig the game.
    And from what I’ve seen and read so far I think it will be off the hook good. I might be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  55. RedDragon

    Due to Kaz’s answer to the questions about engine swaps and decals I get the feeling that there will be some sort of livery editor. It will probably be some what basic at first but get better and closer to Forza’s editor in terms of quality and amount of stuff you can add to a car.

    1. Rionmoon

      Seeing as how I don’t trust anything PD does or Kaz says, I’m anticipating more paint chips and possibly a few “stickers” like door numbers.

      I’m not going to get my hopes up to have them seriously dashed again.

      BUT, we’ll see what comes from E3

    2. infamousphil

      That’s my take on what he said, Moon. A broader range of wheel options and paint chips and stickers. Six bolt wheels for the Vipers and manufacture and tuner house stickers to paste onto the cars. Maybe some racing stripes. Whatever he does, other than doing nothing, will be an improvement.

  56. Blood*Specter

    I really felt the GT6 preview was first seen in the Academy on-line last year. The feel of the cars and dynamics were much better and very different. Also, I suspect most have noticed the now famous “Ninja Editing” PD has become so good at.
    I have no doubt they submit game changes no matter how tine anytime the have a chance. So yes they are completing GT5 and laying the foundation for GT6. PD and Kaz are not dumb. But we as customer/user/fans need to pay attention.

    The have been tweaking sound and handling. Now when I install a fully adjustable tranny, I no longer get the sickening wine drowning out the exhaust note. The GT Academy this year will bring even more changes. To Kaz it’s all about subtle detail and being accurate as possible. This game will grow and evolve until Kaz no longer has the love to continue.
    Yeah, its about money. But the whole GT franchise is about one guy who loves all things cars.

    1. Both Barrels

      I also noticed when they cut down the transmission noise. It was a crappy trade-off for a good gearbox, only to have to listen to that dreadful whining. GT6 is going to be very satisfying for MOST fans.

    2. BMfan

      I hope that you realize that a fully adjustable tranny is a racing gearbox,if you actually listen to proper racing cars you will hear that same whine.

      You guy’s complain because it’s not “real” enough yet you moan when they make something sound real.

      If you ever watched the Top Gear episode when Tiff Needell drove the road version of the Merc CLK-GTR he even complained that the racing transmission drowned out too much of the racing spec V12.

    3. Both Barrels

      You’re right, it’s a proper sound for a racing gearbox. But when it drowns out the low note of a V8 in a fully insulated performance sedan, it’s annoying and unnecessary. If PD could adjust the level of sound for variations in cars stripped of all sound insulation…more things that would take forever to complete.

  57. omgitsbees

    I think that had Gran Turismo 5 been a really good racing game from the start, and didn’t need 2+ years of patches; the excitment for Gran Turismo 6 would be much higher. We all knew this would happen, that people would be a lot more hesitant and demanding of GT6 once it was announced. A lot of long time GT fans felt burned, and so it’s not surprise that people are cautious this time around.

    1. e30 freek

      ^A patch that changes everything and includes a whole lot more? They got a new tire which wasnt even here before they have been working with a suspension company to achieve realism and alot more

    2. Rionmoon

      This IS GT5.5 despite what Kaz says or what is revealed at E3.

      Am I going to be a hater and not buy it?

      Hellz no

      Because I darn near killed a PS3 playing GT4 waiting for GT5 to come out so I’m not going keep doing the same dance with GT5 over and over till GT7 or whatever comes out in 4 years just on principal or because GT6 isn’t the fantazmigoracal game I want it to be.

  58. Dude27

    To all the wannabes PD police dpt…
    Maybe it’s because of your sheeple mentality that the GT serie stayed so long in this religious and stubborn state of conservatism… think about that, diehardliners…
    GT serie must evolve or it will die, period. Milking the fans and hiding the long term big defects under the rug of false “novelty” is not gonna lead anywhere soon.

    1. New Yorker

      It’s been evolving since day one. Die? Are you serious?? It’s the most popular driving sim in the history of video games, loved by millions. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the hyper-critical opinions of the small percentage of GT5 players who are hardcore – i.e. most of the people who read and post on this forum – represent the feelings of the vast majority of casual users.

    2. rumbalumba

      lol @ die. It’s Sony’s most popular franchise. Gran Turismo 5 sold twice the amount of a Call of Duty game on PS3.

    3. Flagmo-T

      Sold copies is one thing – how many that plays it after a couple of days is another – lots of race interested people, don’t like GT’series at all – But anywho’ A new generation is coming every year, and that is what Sony counts on – Pure business it is –

      I had a run on Nurburgring last night, and it was an Ok feeling, but it looked Awful as a driving experience’ sadly enough .
      and the most annoying thing to look at, was the Spectacular filter on the Flat grass, and the ridiculous Trees, and Square Hills side, specially in Camera focus areas hehe – hope to see some big improvements in the overall Tracks graphics ( except for the cars, they are totally overdone in my honest opinion )

    1. Sauber_C9

      What do you expect? Them to go through over 800 cars and remodel them? I don’t think you can comprehend how long that would take.

  59. Blessorship

    Ive got to stop reading the comments. I read an interesting article. I get all excited thinking about getting my hands on the next GT game. Then I read a bunch of pissing and moaning, and the excitement is gone.

    Great article. Definitely some good questions asked. Thanks.

    1. Hawker4

      +1 I think GT6 will have come a long way from where GT5 was/is currently…the more realistic simulating of light, suspension and tires is enough to get me excited. I think the reason there is always so much pissing and moaning on this site is because probably at least 90% of the site users have no earthly clue how much time it takes to develop and create a game and have unrealistic expectations! I am thrilled that PD puts more emphasis on the physics of the game for that is what makes it fun for me. If all you want to do is create liveries…go buy Forza! Forza is a great game too! I just prefer the physics and time and effort that PD puts into their game as a whole.

  60. Peersie13

    i think they should definitely bring back the red rock valley speedway because i think that was the best track from gt2 and then they removed it when gt3 came out and i was gutted when it wasn’t on there but thats why i wish they could bring it back for GT6 because that would be amazing to see it again

    1. dylansan

      It very clearly says TZ3 Stradale on the center console. Sorry you got your hopes up (though a premium Supra seems likely).

    2. pepeferrari

      Sorry to disappoint, but it´s the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale, the car that appears at the beginning of GT6 trailer :)

  61. stippe

    I’m really dissapointed. It may be that this will be the first GT game that i will pass on, or may get it later when price is lover or if it turn on really great. Already had bad feeling about standard cars in GT5 bu I really beleived that u will notice difference and that PD will polish it. First when I read about 1200 cars my hopes was crushed as I assumed that ‘stanradrs’ will again be majoroty of car roster. Thats raelly big donwgrade, specialy after played FM4 (Forza) and was amazed by their roster (it was obvious that game are made by US company) but there was actualy nice balance of car represented and nice number small city cars to fine collection of pure racecars. Thats something that GT MUST get its attention. I really dont want to see every possible versions of manny Skylines, Lancers, Supras, Corollas, Imprezas, etc… ,and specialy as ‘standard’ ones. GT need to competely abandon that ‘philosophy’ and they actaualy can have nice roster of some 400-600 premium cars, and thats more than enough.
    Also as many pointed, tracks (textures) quaility and details is so weird. Some track look amazing and some pretty ‘meeh’. It really feely like those moded PC games (GTR2, rFactor, to name a few) that have some really amazinglyy good looking tracks and some not (most ported/converted from even older games).
    I really like GT (series) and want GT6 to be amazing game (I really hope that I will eat my words after its finished), and I still play GT5 from time to time but I actually dont enjoy in it like i was enjoying in all previous ones (GT3 had about 200 cats but was still amazing game).
    And to end this; Its not about quantity, its should be about quality…

    I just had to put a few words because I’m really passionate about (good) racing games and I’m a HUGE fan of Gran Turismo from days of when I ever played first time GT1

    1. MeanElf

      I understand your points to some extent, but to say you’ll only get this later when the game is cheaper is odd. It points more to not liking the price than the standard/premium balance, because whatever is in the game at the start will still be there later on.

    2. stippe

      I meant that it will not be preorder or day1 buy, and may buy it later because will definitely have good physics and will be enjoyable to drive atleast that 400 (or so) premium cars, similar like it is with GT5 (I used standard cars just when I have to, cant see point of them). And depending how situation with PS4 and GT7 (or maybe GT6) on PS4 will advance, so thats why I actually MAY skip this one, but again game may turn OK/right and may get it too…

      From some point of view I can see why standard cars was in GT5 (big announcements/big expectations), but I always thought That Kaz will see good points and bad points of GT5 and try to ‘do right’ for next on (anyway I even didnt expected GT6 on PS3), and from announcement that GT6 will (apperently) will have monthly DLC ‘standard’ cars definitely have no point (except to to some sick car count, which would be OK if its done properly), converted them into premiums, but again who will want to drive that many wariations of Sylvias, Skylines, RX7s, etc.. one of those version is just enough, one from that generation, if some versions are ‘desired’ at all but I will not like get in tastes polemics that never turn right (you never can satisfy all).

      …and GT games become too big task for PD (to make in reasonable time) and to deliver what I belive they want to give us. I’m not programmer not have some skills in that are (so this will be very biased) relevant for that, but my recommandation for PD (if I actualy dare to) is to do all base work right (base game with physics, sounds, carer mode, licence tests all all that for what GT is know for, some decent car number with variety and some tracks too) and later develop game with regular DLCs in view of some cars and track and maybe some other goodies from time to time.

  62. Rapid46

    The only thing that matters to me is the physics and feedback through the wheel, I’m not interested in interiors, exteriors, premiums, standards, replays, Photo mode etc etc just give me a wide variety of tracks and cars that handle true to life and I’ll play the game all day long. The true extent of the game hasn’t been announced yet and the amount of people crying about this, that and the other is shocking!!!

    1. bigspleen

      You find it shocking people are complaining about poorly done things in a game? What are you slow or something? What good are physics if the game around those physics is bad?

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      Well on this site criticism makes you a water and praise makes you a fanboy. I love the GT games but I also have very gripes or things I wish were done differently. At the end of it all tho, its all about whether not you wanna dish out $60 on this product. I prob will. But mainly because I’m a loyal fan .

    3. GTHEAD87

      Physics, cars and tracks is all gt wasade for. Its the trolls who want it to turn into a motorsport game when its a driving simulator, thats what forza is for.

    4. Stephanos82

      @Bigspleen if I answer to your comments, I’ll probably get banned for life..
      @Rapid +100 bro

  63. MyFavoriteGame

    I’m not gonna complain like others on this site. I love the,GT series always have, but I’m not gonna purchase this game if there are no custom livers or GT cars. Damage physics I’m perfectly ok with, yes, the visual damage models are terrible but that’s secondary to the actual racing experience. Kaz really needs,to put his ear to the ground on this one. I need custom liveries, multi-class racing (at least on spa, le man and nurb). And I would also really like team based racing, like in real life. Online championships would be nice to. I think the car selection is just fine, just more racing versions of the road cars. I only have 7 cars on iracing and I play that game for at least 15 hrs a week.

    1. CrazyBrazilian

      I’m agree with you. I think that Kazunori has lost the focus on GT. What’s matter about have 1200 cars in the game. I have been playing GT5 for a while and haven´t used even 15% of the cars in the dawn game. Why Kazunori not just concentrate in better fisics than just put more cars and more cars and mora cars and……like, whats is his problems? What would be the difference beteween “standard” cars in GT6 in PS3 and PS4? Why do not just put 300 premum cars and everyone will be happy like GT3″

    2. Pit Crew

      Kaz lost focus? LOL Im stupified…Kaz is Bias, some might say arrogant sure, but lost focus because standard are gonna stay??? Dude…Your just caught up on GT5s negatives and can’t get over it. Did you even read the transcripts of the interview? Did you understand the answers? Did you understand the questions ? Pitty.

    3. MyFavoriteGame

      I honestly don’t care about standards or premiums, tho the premiums are nice. I really just want race cars. For example, we have the Ferrari 599, why not the 599xx? It really cant be that difficult. A wider variety of body kits and custom liveries would kinda solve that problem, but like I said, I’m gonna wait. Don’t really expect to be disappointed with this game, just really hoping they don’t lose focus on this one.

  64. GTHEAD87

    It would be sweet to see the ford escort series 1 rs turbo, opel manta 400, vauxhall cavalier or some other retro hatchbacks and saloons.

  65. Flagmo-T

    Hehe I Just found this interesting topic . 25 tracks we haven’t seen in GT5 yet – lol yes it was one of these stupid mistakes from PD, it shouldn’t have been there .. gtplanet.net/24-new-track-logos-discovered-on-gran-turismo-5-website/

    I’ve learned one thing with Sony/PD/K.Y you can only trust what you have installed already, anything said/ written is yet to be shown before you really can believe in it ;)

  66. TheGTGuy

    The GTR Tokyo concept that’s in GT5 is a premium car with no cockpit view so if the standard cars are up to that quality in terms of textures and polygons in GT6 then Ill be very pleased and then don’t mind Standard cars.

    1. drag lab 101

      The 2001 Tokyo Motor Show Concept GTR is not premium in GT5.. It’s a standard car. The GTR prototype is premium but not the Tokyo Motor one.

  67. carfreak13

    i wouldn’t mind seeing those 2013 Nascars in there, imagine driving those beasts. Or even the 2012 models are cool.

  68. ZedMan1996

    Well its good that they are updating the standard cars well enough so that they can be used well in photomode. Sounds to me that they might look pretty good as standards this time.

  69. [joel]

    I´m buying this gaes, that´s for sure…but all I want is that Sounds and Damage Engine to be improved.

    Also, to be able to swap engines and can make my owns paintjobs.

    Lookingo foward to this game

    1. MeanElf

      I don’t think it will be possible to swap engines – and even creating your own paintjobs isn’t fully confirmed yet. Though E3 might bring more info on that front.

  70. Escort mk1 yum

    All I want is to be able to Personalise my car, I can spend hours on other games, just making my car Unique, so I wish I didn’t read that, sounds like a dlc, not sure if I’ll buy this one

  71. GT-Davey

    Why won’t Kaz just let go of the standards? Wouldn’t it of been better to bring all new premiums to GT6 instead of the rubbish standards. I’d rather have about 500 premiums in gt6 instead of about 950 standards and 250 premiums. The standards belong in the past with GT4 and PS2.

  72. infamousphil

    You guys are trippin like 50lbs 1yr olds… asking about sound, AI, damage and Porsche. Shame on you. Kaz has already answered those questions. Yall just don’t like the answers.

    We all know why Porsche is not coming. Nope, not gonna be happy until Sony gets into a legal dispute over how a Porsche got into the game.

    Not gonna be happy until we get unbeatable AI that has all the 0s and 1s to do perfect laps 24/7.

    You don’t dig the sounds PD has chosen to spit at you? I have a suggestion. Brace yo lips tightly and repeat after me… BRAAAAAAAH… BRAAAAaaaaah…cheecom… braaaaaah….. mmmmmmmmm… vrooom. vrooom. eeeeeeerrrrrrrr…. BRAAAAAAAH… BRAAAAaaaaah… cheecom… braaaaaah…

    If you want straight answers, the questions must not insult the interviewee and the interviewer must know which, of the better, questions are more likely to be answered.

    Lastly, I just cain’t find scratched up paint jobs attractive… but since yall demanded it. Where’s my flaming Ricky Bobby avatars dancing around their burned out hulks? Wheredayat!? ;)

    1. Flagmo-T

      @HKS Racer – misspelling because it really doesn’t matter how it’s coming out – but ya Complaining about the complainers is the most fun thing on this forum, so many policemen trying to sound like adults with a knowledge, and on the way hitting 50 year olds with a bat – lol it’s hilarious really :P

  73. Kratos_Q8

    an interview with KAZ and not to mention for him :

    – AI
    – damage
    – Porsche

    is (sorry to say this ) but is a FANBOY interview now at PD they think there is no problem at any of the points i mentioned and will just be there in GT7 , GT8 GT9 ….

    1. jangelelcangry

      As long as EA Games still teasing other companies with Porsches in their game covers, dont expect any Porsche on any racing game other than:
      Real Racing (I think)
      Need For Speed

    2. MeanElf

      How was that a fanboy interview? It was a bunch of journalists. I also think that PD rely on more than Q&As to determine what the fans want.

  74. anotherone10

    If people really expected nearly all the standards to be converted to premium, they are mad. Thats just too much too expect given the time frame and the amount of detail PD put into the cars.

    1. Flagmo-T

      I agree 100% – and of course it’s a good thing that they are updated to look good in the game, and that’s a big plus for GT, so that’s defo one great Q/A from this interview ;)

      And to be honest, the new Silverstone Video do show a lot more smooth corners and general stuff on the track – and Grid2’s Xbox Video do show some fantastisc Graphics, meaning that the PS3 will be able to show some great new tracks, so i’m looking forward to the GT6 Demo it will be much better looking i’m sure :)

  75. Flagmo-T

    I’m still wondering about the new tracks, which will it be – all new ones or are we actually going to see some of the long waited old ones ( only 5 yet to be announced. A good question could have been: Will there be new tracks coming for the DLC, or is it just the 7 new tracks and that’s it for GT6.

    I so much Miss these tracks: and 2 of them, we have seen in GT5 graphics already ^
    Citta de area – youtube.com/watch?v=8RlOvr3jtCA
    ^ Grand Canyon – youtube.com/watch?v=4zr7A7dRrt4
    ^ Costa di Amalfi – youtube.com/watch?v=mT6sWhyYBoc

    But maybe PD/KY is putting all the energy into Real Life Race tracks for now on, like Mount panorama and Silverstone..

    There is not one single Real type of Motor racing championships, that can be set up and played in GT, not one, and that is a pity tbh, but i guess you can’t get it all, so if you don’t like Drifting or Nascar or even the Rally part ( doesn’t feeel like rally ) then it’s a very expensive game to play hehehe . ohhh bugger’ Me the donkey again oink oink :P

    Thanks Jordan, you are not to blame, but the funny section in the news paper is alot more interesting to read ahaha.. I’m just Not kidding ..

    1. MeanElf

      You’ll need to pay attention more I think. The seven locations were stated as being new to GT and monthly DLC will bring more tracks and cars. Y’know, if you aren’t going to spend time reading the info then you will only have yourself to blame.

    1. Tvensky

      how about we could build up our own trees, tune them and decide at what speed they will grow, t hat would give GT much more racing depth :)

    2. Leggacy

      Want realistic trees? Go for a walk in the woods! Want realistic virtual racing come and play GT. Seriously, if you have enough time to look at the foliage then you’re not going fast enough.

    3. KiroKai

      It’s a reasonable request. Photomode is a big feature of the game and it’s annoying that most tracks are still stuck somewhere in the GT4 area graphic-wise. It’s not just trees, the textures overall are pretty bad.

      PD spend so much time on their graphic engine but they don’t seem to bother textures enough.

    4. MeanElf

      You should see the Drive Club backgrounds…far worse. It’s a bit of a trade-off situation I think.

    1. MeanElf

      And one of those asking the questions was Jordan – are you saying he hasn’t played any GT games?

    2. Leo0308

      I said its like they hadn’t not that they hadn’t. Maybe Jordan just wasted the opportunity.

    3. MeanElf

      Well, time was limited, as it usually is with these kind of events. Personally I found the Q&A to be enlighening – not bad considering the number of people asking questions.

  76. vlonjati77

    Jesus,this world is full of selfish mother fukers complainers.Spoiled leaches.Bottom barrel of the society.

    Cant wait for GT6.Premiums or standard I will enjoy the game that Kazunori puts passion in it.

    1. steve30x

      Be careful. You have to kiss ass around here or you will get in trouble. You arent allowed to say such things about the whiners on this site.

    2. BMfan

      The problem is that they moan about something that they have so little info about and when they are told that the audio was recorded from a bad source.

    3. Pit Crew

      Please follow the AUP. If you can’t make a constructive opinion without profanity, you probably shouldn’t post.

    4. steve30x

      It doesnt matter if he is right to complain. The rules are so tight on this site that you have to kiss ass and let the whiners whine while you stand by and get frustrated watching it happen. Its also against the rules to swear.

    5. vlonjati77

      steve3x I never kissed anyone’s ass in my life(except women :) and i will never will.This is just a site It wont effect my life,I just commented something ,who doesnt likeit can deal with it.I love GT but my comment was also in relation to real life that people are whinners does not appreciate and are selfish.Anyway Its just wasted of time for me commenting.Have a good day.The moment you become asskisser is the moment you lose dignity as a man.BYE

    1. Mubble

      Because it’s unimportant and pointless. There are 6,578 more important things that take priority over tyre pressure. Do you want screen wash as well?

    2. Willfred_1

      in racing, tyre pressure is a very big part of setup
      you can check whether the setup is working right.
      heres how it work as it seems you do not understand the importance of tyre pressure

      we use the tyre pressure to see if the tyres are working well if the pressure is too high it will reduce grip. so we aim to get 22psi in the wheels all round when hot. if it higher we let some pressure out.
      for instance on a local race track we started with 17 psi all round when cold when it came back he back to wheels were 24 and the driver complained of losing grip so what we did was reduce the pressures when cold to 16 this solved the problem and after a 20 minute race the pressures were 21.5 and 22 the driver was happier.
      every one in racing plays with their tyre pressures

  77. vr6cas

    KiroKai your are right tho so true, some is liking the interview but what did he really anwser and what was asked? nothing of importance, questions about GT1, really? whoever asked that needed to be excused from the interview!

  78. KiroKai

    I’m unsatisfied with this interview. I understand that there are limitations of a time frame and respect brought towards the person you interview but…

    No talk about sounds or AI? No mention of anything people ask for, from things simple to implement like independent chase cams or free roam gameplay (which would be quite an obvious question after seeing the open town scenery and the announcement of new track creator functions). Instead we get completely random questions like ‘What was the hardest part of development on GT1?’ or ‘How is it like to work with manufacturers to get their cars into the game?’. Who cares about that right now? We want GT6 related info and if the time and questions are limited, it should be used better.

    Besides some vague answers about Standards and how they will not become Premium, this is pretty much just a repeatment of info that was given at the presentation (except the PS4 thoughts, but that was told by Yamauchi in an interview that was published on IGN on the 15th already),

    1. Neilson248

      @Kirokai… if you want free roam gameplay, try Grand Theft Auto… Gran Turismo is aiming to be a full-blown driving/racing simulator not a free-roaming game.

    2. Madertus

      Free roaming was being developed for GT5, Neilson. They dumped it for some reason. The remains of Free Roaming ‘mode’ can be sometimes seen in Main Menu, when we see Hondas driving around a white city; I’m 100% sure it was the base of free roaming in GT5.

      And Kiro is 100% right, pretty much no questions about the game itself were asked.

    3. User6r8

      @Neilson248 and @KiroKai
      I agree with you both…. But GT is a racing-game, you play it when you wanna go around Nordschleife as real as possible, BUT if you wanna nice sounds and good looking cars and having action play NeedforSpeedMW2…
      GTA-I love it- is nice for free room driving but I miss there real cars…
      So all in all i play NfSmw2, GTA IV TBOGT/V and GT5/6… A good mix

      PSn: GOLF-6r8

    4. Neilson248

      @Madertus. Yes I’m sure they dumped it because they realised there are more important things to focus on. The majority of GT fans want a game that replicates real life driving as much as possible. Asking for free roaming in this context is completely irrelevant and a waste of time.

      Yes i agree that not much was disclosed about GT6 in this interview but isnt that just typical of Kaz and all businessmen for that matter?

    5. KiroKai

      Neilson, I get your point, but it was just an example I used since it’s popular in the forums and I support it myself, to proof my point about not enough game-related things being asked, like Madertus said.

    6. FiftyBelowZero

      KiroKai, listen. If I were there, I would ask Kaz those “random questions”. I mean, YOU CAN WAIT A COUPLE OF MONTHS FOR THE DARN GAME! These people were talking to the legendary Kazunori Yamauchi. You can wait for GT6. They can wait too. Asking about the hardest parts of development, what was GT1’s development like – if they didn’t answer those questions, they’d never get the answer to those questions, ever, in their life. Have patience! Wait until December, then you’ll know everything about GT6. These journalists were interviewing him, asking him questions which they’ve probably wanted to ask for a very long time.

    7. researchALLwars

      @KiroKai, I sincerely apologize for the ridiculous responses you have received from our peers to your very poignant post. You are 110% correct in your statements about this abject interview. Don’t let these scholars of ni get you down, and keep fighting that good fight. Also check the “better sounds” thread in the GT6 forum. There is video of this interview, and sounds were in fact brought up…

    8. Neilson248

      lol i only voiced my opinion about things like free-roaming taking time and resources away from more important things concerning driving… otherwise I agree with KiroKai if you read my posts properly

  79. lemans2005

    I think standard car models isn’t the biggest problem of GT6. The most I concern is still not every car has proper cockpit view….

  80. HKS racer

    Jordan did you try to ask something about the sounds? In KTM gameplay video the sound wasn’t promising. Same old annoying whine synth. I’m concerned.

    1. e30 freek

      It flipping said before its sound was recorded with something not better than a potato and Jordan himself I think said the sound had improved a little just wait till the demo :)

  81. novcze

    yeah bloody DLC every month, they have content ready because otherwise he will not announce it, but they decided to milk players even more through DLC and not have everything available from beginning.

  82. Banane

    I was a bit scared, as I heard about the 1200 cars. At this point I already knew, there will be the Standards and Premiums. But somehow it is okay, because it raises the variation of cars during races. Interior view is not that important, if you sit in a different car, altough having a wanted car just as Standard IS a disappointment, no matter what. So they at least modified the grafics of the Standards so you do not have to suffer eye-cancer overtaking an SLK 230. Another guess I would make, what is obvious according to the trailer and the screens (Countach and Alpine A110), is that there will be 200 brand new cars, but also some of the Standards will be premiumized. He says kind of: Some Standards just are not necessary bein “premiumized” (the repetetive cars maybe?) but there seem to be enough to be Premium at a time! Just to mention a number.. about 500-550 Premium Cars seem realistic?
    What I want to say is, there will be much more “new” cars, at least as Premium. So.. somehow it is ok though, not ÜBERGEIL but ok.. or… I just deny the facts..

    ..still I am very, very excited about the game!! Can’t wait for the demo and the release.. I will buy it anyways.. I know that for sure!

  83. vr6cas

    Someone brought up a good point, the PS3 used PS2 cars and called them standards right?. Now how much do ya’ll wanna bet that for the PS4 they will use premiums and have like 800 of them and then have PS4 spec Ultra Super Premium cars like maybe 100-200 of those esp since the PS3 are so called (next gen) and then people gonna say they dont want premiums? LOL, I guess GT4s cars were (next gen) that already had a slot waiting for GT5 as standards, GT5s and GT6s premiums are waiting for a slot in GT7 on the PS4, rite next to the Ultra Super Premiums LOL!

  84. JIBU-R

    Some car’s i really missed in GT5, i hope them in GT6 but i fear it’s a no no. But there is X-Bow, so what about Ariel Atom also, more Caterham’s and what i missed a lot is Radical’s, and i think it’s a waiste of time but Porsche… damn it. And because there isn’t those, give us more Ruf’s please. And one came my mind also now is that, this game should have some smaller series formula car’s, not always need to be those million hp car’s and everyone is just banging them on the wall’s and other car’s, little less hp so there would be some tight nice battle’s between racer’s, not just Demolition derby…

  85. Longa23

    Please: build RUF’s and BMW’s in Premium
    or give EA some money for the Porsche license…!!!

    PLEASE….!!!!! PLEASE….!!!!! PLEASE….!!!!!

    1. Banane

      I thought the Porsche Licence is not EA’s anymore? Because.. Forza 4 had Porsche, and it is not EA.. there is still hope!

    2. Banane

      Oh.. seems there was a bit of Information I missed.. but I would not declare 30 Porsches as “a few” :D

  86. Mubble

    I seriously believe the reason why no PS4 game is due, is because they’ll only do so once they have 100% premium cars mapped.

    1. Neilson248

      I’m sure its got more to do with marketing and profits than anything else. The PS4 is gonna push everyone’s pockets much further than any other console before and there will be many people like myself who are not going to get one until the price comes down to something acceptable. Sony and PD can still make a lot of cash from the current 70 million users on PS3.

  87. Gwenbors

    LOL, while I agree with outofspace, this interview is really piquing my interest all the more.

    Totally right that the extreme differential between standard and premium car options made the problem significantly obvious and significantly worse. Also agree that standardizing your experience, regardless of your car preference, will make things infinitely better.

    Suddenly looking forward to GT6, and anxious for the demos to get a feel for the physics in July.

    (And certainly hoping to see a well-rendered MkIV at long last. :) )

    Nice write up!

    1. outofspace

      yeah dude, i just don’t understand why they spend time to make tho old supra premium & not the latest one….it has no point…+ is 1 of the most popular JP cars!also i hope to see a D1gp DLC with 5 or 10 to D1 cars :-)

  88. JaySamurai

    Owwww looks like an opportunity missed. Kaz must of had a spell over the room for them to forget to ask about the sound.

    “Kaz after complaint’s about engine sounds, what steps have been taken to improve the quality of the car audio?”
    Never mind at least we got some insight in to the development of GT6, once again thanks to jordan.

    By the way I think i have problems, am i the only one at some point during everyday has to watch the silverstone video, anyone else suffer with this?

  89. MrSkyline

    This tells me all i need to know, GT6 will also an unfinished game, just like GT5. I’m not going to pay for a game with PS2 graphics and soundquality.
    And to be able to “finish” the game, you will have to buy DLC? Well f*k you too.

    1. MeanElf

      PS2 graphics…c’mon that is strtching it way too much. What games on PS2 were you playing that looked this good?

      I also doubt very much that you’ll need DLC to complete the game, at least not in terms of trophies etc. No game stoops that low. DLC is an optional extra. You might get PS+ trophies attached to certain vehicles or tracks but they do not count toward the platinum…

      Try checking your facts before blurting.

    2. MrSkyline

      Are you guys realy that stupid and that naive? With PS2 graphics i obviously mean the standard cars in GT5 that were imported from the PS2 without any new textures or remodeling. Ofcourse evertything looks better at 1920×1080 compared to 720×576, but the models are not the quality i expect from a GT game. (i checked to be sure of the following statement) Even the Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) car models for the PS2 <— PEE ESS TWO were of higher detail than the standard cars in GT5.
      We are 7, almost 8 years later and we are receiving a GT6 game that still has these crappy models? They say they improved on them, but i want to see it to believe it.
      And for the DLC, you receive a game with 900 ugly cars and 300 nice cars, but to get more you will have to pay more. And about the premium cars, some are just different versions of the same car, so you won't even get 300 unique cars. Game developers now days give us unfinished crapy games and update it later (or never) because they can. And stupid consumers accept it. GT4 didn't have that option, so they finished the game before we got it. I was not pleased with GT5, and it looks like they are just going to continue with this crap in GT6.

    3. MeanElf

      Not really sure what naïveté has to do with it…but yeah, stupid, that’s me all over…a fact proven by my wasting some more time to answer and possibly correct your rant.

      Those ‘PS2’ models were not ported directly, they had work done on them – okay, not the same amount as their more fortunate cousins, but they were not moved over ‘without any new textures or remodeling’.

      As for your concern about them being in GT6 still. I know you conceded that improvements have been made and that you are keen to see that for yourself – so why not wait until then instead of going off half-cocked?

      Lastly, if you don’t like the business model, then don’t buy – it is that simple. You really are basing so much of your blurt on conjecture.

    4. MrSkyline

      Sure someone “did some work” on the models, but the models are not at all meeting the quality standards set by pretty much all other race games on the PS3. And it’s still fact that the NFSMW models on PS2 are of higher detail than the GT5 standard cars on PS3. That’s just a shame to begin with. Now they announced that there will still be a difference between standard and premium cars in GT6. Yeah they might have improved, but they wouldn’t have made that statement if it wasn’t noticeable. The only conclusion you could take from that is that the quality of the models is still very low compared to pretty much every recent race game on PS3 since the level of detail of the car models in current race games is on par with premium cars in GT5. Premium cars in GT6 won’t be a lot more detailed since the console doesn’t allow for that.
      Anybody who is not blinded by Polyphony’s rose scented farts will conclude the same thing. It’s to bad so many people fall for that, this way they will continue serving us unfinished games with expensive DLC and in the end we will never get a quality game.
      I realy like GT games, but i will not buy any more unfinished crap, i made that mistake with GT5.

    5. MeanElf

      Fair enough that you are making a stance by not buying the game – I do think it isn’t quite as black and white as you are implying though.

      No one knows how much the monthly DLC is going to cost, or if a season pass will be used for those who already know they’ll want it all. From reading between the lines it does seem to be more of a disc-space saving solution than money grabbing – but that is just my take on it. DLC for GT5 was more often than not free, with only a few packs that needed to be bought. If I am correct about the online tracks, then I should think they’ll be reasonably priced judging from past history.

      Other games producers do charge a lot, notably EA and that does need to change. PD though have a different rationale.

      I’ll wait until the game appears or a reveal of how the re-imaged standards will look before judging.

  90. mobiletone

    i just hope the AI has a bit more ‘life’ to it in GT6. that’s the reason i went over to the ‘other’ console driving game.

    1. mobiletone

      also they need to sort out the game when running in 3D mode, the in-car view is borked. this is down to Kaz using a post processing 3D effect rather than actually coding the 3D into the game engine. i forget the name of the effect but this is why the white track lines etc don’t render properly as the software assumes brighter objects are closer and splits the parallex way too much causing massive ghosting.

  91. vr6cas

    LFA “nurburgring edition” please, so i can beast in a all stock supercar room on stock street tires, and run a 7.14 (2nd place on the ring btw) non of that racing soft over here lol, and a 1997 volkswagon mk3 GTI vr6 please in premium would be nice mr KY?

  92. vr6cas

    Thats is so true while the lambo and the alpine is nice and all I coulda picked two different cars to convert from standard to premium. lol. Like the volkswagon R32 and the Acura Integra type R 01.

  93. HarVee

    Well, I’m glad that there is a bit more clarification on the standard car debacle. I guess I could actually tolerate standard cars on this sequel considering they will supposedly have access to the features Premiums will have.

  94. TheGTGuy

    There’s so many duplicates of GTRs and other cars in GT5 but if PD modelled 2 cars of the bunch id be happy for the rest to be Standard.

  95. mickoafna

    Nice interview :)
    I love the fact Kaz said there’s going to be a DLC every month. Really hope that’s true :)

    1. HarVee

      I’m not. After seeing what they had to offer us with GT5 dlc, I’m not so sure I want monthly dlc anymore.

  96. Quakebass

    I’m hoping that the main focus of the upgraded standard cars is on textures – you can do wonders with just textures, taking your focus from the poly-count. It’d be nice if the increased the poly’s, too, though…

    It is disappointing to see standards return, but it looks like the line between standard and premium is much more blurred – for that I’m happy. I guess it’s a bit much to ask of PD to give the full premium treatment to 600 – 750 cars (obviously some aren’t returning), but even so…

    Now, there had BETTER be NO standards in GT7. I know it’s bit early to start talking about that, but it’s a serious issue.

    I’m still interested to know about the comments on new tracks. What do they mean by “new” locations? All-new to the series (Silverstone, Bathurst, etc.), or all new to GT5 (Seattle, etc.)? And does it mean REAL locations? It wouldn’t make sense to advertise “new to GT5” for an entirely new game, but who knows.

    Also, there isn’t any clarity on sounds, but this really isn’t a big issue to me. The physical feeling comes first to me, then visuals, then the sound. (Obviously smell and taste are out of the question… And I could REALLY care less about “smell-o-vision”, but I doubt this will ever happen. And it shouldn’t).

    No clarity on AI or A-Spec improvement either… But there’s still E3.

    I’m glad that PD and Kaz is more open – it shows that they are confident that they can get done what they say they will. It seemed Kaz would ramble about things he’d like to do for GT5, but wouldn’t be able to do in reasonable time, giving us vague answers and broken promises. I think GT is turning back around from GT5, but it’s definitely left an impact on the series as a whole.

    I think REALLY great things will be coming for us on the PS4 iterations on GT. Looking forward to the future.

  97. researchALLwars

    reporters then watch as Kaz buttons his stylish jacket…. and flies off INTO SPACE!


  98. phil_2001

    Meh, the physics and gameplay is what matters the most that’s why this game will sell like crazy. And some of the premium cars look funny as opposed to their standard analog. You either are graphics and SFX whore, or a gamer. Most of us are gamers of course. I never even used Photomode, but I played GT5 and still do a lot.

  99. vr6cas

    @TokoTurismo You claim to be the ultimate gt fan and you will play all day and agreeing with everybody that says something positive and giving +1s to people that says something you like, this is not facebook, if you love gt you have to give respect to your fellow gt players, you may not agree with some stuff they say but telling them to beat it is not respecting there opinion. One minute your loving kaz and thanking him and the next your telling one of his gt fans to beat it, and if you wanna be gt #1 fan then you gotta learn to take the good with the bad.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Well I haven’t claim to be a ultimate fan and loving Kaz!? o_O But I understand what you’re saying. Guess I’ll need more learning and respecting. :P

    2. researchALLwars

      lol!!! TokoTurismo needs his own anime show. Or at least some hilarious short clips or something. This post right here would be a classic episode! Learning and respecting!!!

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Hahaha! Imagine that, I would love to create a show series like that. XD

      “Remember kids. You gotta *learn* to *respect* others.” :D Hahaha!

  100. vr6cas

    Yea I was talking about the standard high beam toggle, would love the tag lights to work as well.

  101. TokoTurismo

    I say the standard car hater haters (the ones that really hate the standard cars even when there improved), should just not get GT6 and BEAT IT! I’ll love for the new GT fans to replace you, they’ll be sooo much better and fun to have than having babies like YOU around!


  102. SavageEvil

    People still complaining about standard cars, give it a rest in fact just don’t get the game and shove off. Kaz said that majority of the “standard” cars will be able to use the visual upgrades, instant buy for me as I enjoyed GT5 entire garage. I just hope that those aero parts actually function for every car you apply them to. Now for interiors I’m guessing that those prototypes that had no finalized interiors still won’t have one for the game so I don’t expect it for such vehicles but the other “standard” cars better actually have the camera interior view and I better be able to see the hood and rear spoiler(if one is attached) from inside the car.
    I am happy that they are doing something with the cars as long as we don’t lose any, sorry but half the fun in GT5 was finding a car tuning it and being thoroughly surprised by it’s performance.
    Getting rid of cars for the sake of what exactly? Pointless argument, they are already there why remove them there are millions of players who drive anything and everything in GT5, never hurts to have options.
    Stoked that all cars will be able to use visual upgrades, finally the S7, Viper GTS-R and a few other can be tuned into race level type cars. I cannot wait to delve into GT6. I see opportunity to have even more fun, screw complaining about it. GT7 on PS4 they can have all same visual level cars but for GT6 let the holidays come quickly I want to play it regardless of the car visual level split. All about the joy behind the wheel friends and you can’t cry about things that you can’t change, accept it and move on. It’s not like Kaz wants those sub standard looking cars in there but why on earth would you remove such a bulk of cars when they are just as driveable as the rest of super pretty ones?
    Hell no PD doesn’t need fan input on which cars get premium treatment simply because catering to people that way is going to create problems, upgrade what cars they can get access to and move on. Fans can be annoying and requesting things that may not be possible or feasible. Just sort through your list and choose cars to best represent a manufacturer and check availability and then do it that way, screw voting and all that other stuff, waste of time. Save that for new cars not in the series(Koenigsegg, Ascari, Italdesign) and cars that should be brought back(Vector, Venturi, etc…). Missing and forgotten models of cars Jaguar XJ-R15, Lotus Elise GT-1. GT6 is close and from the sounds of it it’s already ahead of GT5, let’s forget about whining about things that will not change by release. We can play GT6 and whine to Kaz about what needs to be changed for GT7. Hope they don’t remove cars ever again.

  103. vr6cas

    Its going to be cool to see some of the people cars on gt6, since we are getting alot more options to customize, rims, livery, different body kits and wings, theres going to be alot of different looking cars on the track and not the same cars all looking the same with different colors and rims, everybody is going to really be able to show off their own taste.

    1. drag lab 101

      vr6cas… That is something I look so forward to. I’m very excited about this feature myself as its one I love in a car game. I love designing decals and changing the car to fit my tastes as much as tuning and racing the cars. It’ll be so nice to start some car clubs and see all the different looks and personal touches each Gran Turismo user goes with. I’ve wished for this on Gran Tursimo myself for awhile.

    2. JaySamurai

      Yeah it would add so much more value, i think i would even go as far as login online just to see what other users has created. As far a livery’s goes that’s one thing i admire about the Forza series.

    3. drag lab 101

      I hear that Jay… I can’t tell you how often I get on Forza just to detail a car. It’ll be a much welcome feature for GT. I’ve wanted to paint my Nismo’s on GT forever now!
      I’d love to see a storefront style worked in where created decals ect can be sold or traded.
      I’d also like to see in terms of DLC.. The option to purchase single cars instead of forcing the whole pack on a user.

    1. HuskyGT

      You mean in the Standards? I would be surprised, yet very pleased if you could. Who knows, it might be a possibility.

    2. infamousphil

      Fantastic question, VR6. Time is the only reason I can come up with. But we’ll see soon enough if the new standards get high and low beams and improved views from inside the cockpit. Important to remember that GT5 was initially released without cockpit views for the standards but were upgraded later.

  104. SaintSaiya

    What about csr damage? Did they improve it? And hope the make some trucks premiums and the gnx buick premium and of course the veyron

    1. infamousphil

      When it comes to damage, all l ask for is wrecks to be found ablaze at trackside while the race continues. The survivor falling or leaping out of the carnage, possibly in a ball of fire, Ricky Bobby style, would be an added bonus as well as a teachable moment ;)

    2. NT110

      That shoukd be like a minigame or something lol. You have to try to put out the driver befors he gets crispy. You longer you take, the longer they wont behhb n

    3. NT110

      Wow! Sorry! My phone glitched out and autosubmited!
      Anyways, the longer they wont be able to drive the next race. Kinda like how in B Spec, drivers got tired aftsr races and it affected their future driving.

  105. vr6cas

    Has anyone noticed during the presentation when kaz was speaking and he showed the pictures of the rim selection that two of the rims were turned sideways and if you look they were different sizes, one was realy wide the other was skinny, so i think we will get our staggerd look.

    1. HuskyGT

      That woud be simply fantastic! Finally the ability to adjust the wheel size or even offset hopefully.

  106. Nuuj

    I know this is totally off-topic but upon changing my Sound Settings I see that a lot of us are mistaken about Engine Sounds in GT5, I literally spent the last hour watching old Replays of mine in awe listening to sounds I never knew this game was capable of, even turned down the music to drink more of it in lol..

    I did notice that some vehicles’ Engine Notes were a little muffled (Nissan 370z in particular), and some of the Ferraris did share very identical sounds (especially with Upgraded Exhausts) one could argue that Ferraris in general have a certain note that sounds and feels almost exclusive to their Brand anyway, but in the Ferrari Exclusive Race Replay it was a little glaring when almost the Whole Field sounded the same..

    Either way nothing reminded me of a Vacuum after I changed my Settings to [Living Room//5.1] I’m angry and embarrassed that it took me this long to discover this..

    Though my sound gripe is (mostly) dead now it would be selfish for me to no longer be concerned about it, I hope Polyphony throws a little more consideration toward those who may not necessarily own Surround Sound Systems in future titles..

    1. SlowInFastOut

      ha ha if only it were that easy, you could play GT5 in a movie theatre and the sound would still be terrible, the samples are garbage, if you’re fooled by bass and EQ on a sound system then i’d avoid making comments about it.

    2. MLRSparco

      I own a very good sound system and it still doesnt compare to the real thing, yes some cars do sound better than others but there still not up to the standards of forza I shouldn’t have to change any settings to hear a better engine note, alot of the cars in gt5 sound hideous. Maybe 50 out of all the cars sound decent, if that.

    3. HuskyGT

      The sound quality is not the issue, my friend. GT5 has outstanding sound quality like no other game. It’s the SOUND SAMPLES. So many cars having the wrong engine sound.

      Here’s an example. The E46 M3 shares the same sample with the E92 M3. No matter how loud you crank up the volume or how many thousands of dollars your 7.1 home theatre costs, the E46’s stock exhaust will still sound like a V8, when it shouldn’t.

      There are tons of examples I could mention, but I’m tired of doing so all the time.

    4. Nuuj

      Well 1st SlowIn, I changed the Game’s settings not my Sound System, and furthermore your System must not be as good as you tout because though my Whole House is Sony Bravia everything (which is higher end)–it isn’t even the best name out there if you have money to throw around, and yes some cars are off but the sounds are far from “hideous” I’m sitting here now watching replays and it sounds exactly as it would if I turned to a Live Race on Television..

      Forza doesn’t use realistic Engine Sounds, they use overly aggressive angry Engine Tones that sound great, but don’t fit in a Simulation, they have the Sound Sampling Restraint of Fast & Furious 5..

    1. SavageEvil

      It’s a Q&A session, they didn’t ask it so he didn’t reply to an unasked question. More info to be given at E3, Gamescom and TGS…sit tight good buddy, more will come in time.

    1. phil_75

      Bet it wasn’t GTplanet that asked the “standards” question.
      No one mentions sounds to Kaz so he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong either!
      Why don’t they say whilst at Silverstone, “Kaz why doesn’t that KTM or any other car racing around out there sound anything like it does in game? it really ruins it for those of us with EARS!”

  107. DYLAN777-is-not

    I’m happy they fixed the bad graphics of the standard cars so they now can be used in the photomode, too bad theyre not all premiums though

  108. Nissan Cima

    Looks like I’ll be skipping this Gran Turismo as well. Some of the standard car models date all the way back to GT3 which was released 12 YEARS AGO!!!!!! Let’s not forget that the massive amount of Japanese duplicate cars still remain. They need to just get rid of standard cars in general.

    1. Nuuj

      From what we can piece together, a Standard car in GT6 may be able to stand next to a Premium without much of a glaring difference, maybe tinted windows (since the interior will not be incorporated) but if we are able to apply the same upgrades and accessories to each, and the term Standard won’t be used, I’m thinking they won’t be so bad this time around.. Even in GT5 they look much better than they did in GT3, I’m playing GT5 looking at a replay of a Cerbera Speed 12 now as I type/text this, even though its Standard there is no way this would have been rendered in GT3..

    2. SavageEvil

      Those cars came from GT4 not GT3, in fact GT4 is basically where all the standards came from that and GT PSP. There are car from GT3 that didn’t even appear again like the Lister Storm street car, there is only the Race car in GT4 and 5. Many cars in GT5 looked bad because their textures were low resolution and weren’t updated to higher levels of detail so they wouldn’t look so bad especially when painted in lighter colors, jaggies in the wells and along sloping lines of the car were the most common ugly sight. Also the standard cars brake discs never glowed from hard braking, this could change in GT6 to match the slight upgrade to the texture maps and possibly slightly increased polygon count to fill in gap areas which look really bad.
      Heck I want to see a standard car in GT6 now, I want to see one of the ugly models like the Subaru Legacy GT 3.0.

  109. Lewis_Hamilton_

    Some good questions and pleasing answers for a short interview, actually restores some positivity for me. My one and only forever lingering request will be in regards to sound improvement. Wish that question could have slipped in there somewhere!

    1. infamousphil

      I really wish you’d change your name, Louis. It drives me to places I REALLY want to be ;)

      LOL… no homo

  110. hobanator24

    I think I understand how the standard cars are going to work in GT6. Kaz said that all of the cars from GT5 will be retained in GT6. Most likely, he has heard the complaints about too many MX-5s, 3000GTs, Civics, Skylines, etc… Hopefully, he made at least one of each generation of those cars premium, while leaving all the duplicates as standard. So for example,
    -There should be one premium EG & EK Civic.
    -One premium FC & FD RX-7 (& hopefully an FB!)
    -One premium R30, R31, R32, R33, & R34 Skyline.
    I think you get my point.

    1. Tenacious D

      I think this is most likely what they will do. They know what the fans love and what the car makers want, so they should give us a good roster of Premiums. With the Countach made Premium, this bodes well for the Saleen S7, Spirra, Veyron and many other high performance cars. I’m looking forward to race modding all of them I can.

    2. hobanator24

      I also understand how certain cars might be difficult to convert to premium models. Take the Dome Zero for example. Isn’t there only one in existance? I can assure you that getting an interior view of this car is probably damn near impossible. So that may remain standard in GT6

    3. Nuuj

      I always figured that if they could render at least one version of those Clones in Premium, they could just Copy that Model and change the Badge and/or Performance etc and have each one Premium..

      Say they had One Premium R34, and copied it repeatedly and applied the different details that seperates each R34 (Special Color, Badge, Hood Scoop, Decal, etc), they’d have every R34 Premium.. Guess it wouldn’t be that simple..

  111. 2012GT325

    It’s fine that they don’t have the time and resources to make all the 1200 cars premium, but what I don’t get is who decides what becomes premium and what remains standard? There are like 25 different premium Skyline GTRs in GT5, yet the ONLY Bugatti Veryron is a standard car?! WTF?

    And, for a long time playing the game, I didn’t even know the Jaguar XF was in GT5. Then one day I noticed it in the used car section and was shocked that they had taken the time to license and scan this new car and yet it was a standard one!

    1. sepulturite

      There’s alot of cars in the game that were new to gt5 and you would’ve thought would’ve been premium, like the veyron and the jag xf, the others are the Audi r8 lms race car, but what happened was they ran out of time and these cars that were planned to be premium had to be put to standard, cos the game just had to be released, Sony didn’t want any more delays

    2. MeanElf

      I don’t think that an online vote would be a particularly good idea – too many opportunities for a slew of bogus votes to swing the result around to suit any particular interest group’s wishes.

      Possibly if GT6 was to be released with a code in the box, which each owner could then use in an online vote for a future vehicle line up decision – but that would be a headache and take far too long.

      See how it pans out in GT6 first. It’s their game and they have always done a fine job of making so many cars available, I trust them to continue to do a good job.

  112. JonnyLpizzaman

    I’m excited to play a new GT game. Plain and simple. Is that not the reason we are all here? I want to see the next step this franchise makes and I want to take part in it.
    Race the cars you want.
    Stop complaining about premium or standard. To say you won’t buy the game because of that reason is equal to cutting up your license (real life) because you don’t like how the others cars on the road look. Learn to appreciate things instead of finding faults.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      I have to disagree. I most likely may be getting the game, but I don’t blame people for not buying it because of inconsistencies.

  113. HKSBro92

    “Both are technically possible, and we might be preparing it (laughs)”

    I hate answers like these lol

    1. Streeto

      More (quite a lot apparently) custom body kits and ways to “personalise” your cars has been announced already, I think he knows it’s what people want with regards to engine swaps etc. so I hope he will pull through.

      I hate that answer but there is some hope behind it.

    1. 2012GT325

      It’s actually sad that a giant of the automotive group such as Porsche (who single-handedly define sports cars) are ignored and not even mentioned. It would be good of Kaz (an auto enthusiast) to at least acknowledge the fact and explain if PD/Sony have made any attempts to have Porsche in future GT games. I’m just not buying the “others own the license” and we can’t afford it excuse.

    2. rumbalumba


      Yeah, just like how there’s no other company makes an American Football Madden game except for EA.

      EA has the license, plain and simple. If you refuse to accept that fact, then you can just go away with your conspiracy theories.

      On the flip side, RUF has gained a lot of recognition through the Gran Turismo games. GT has been more than just a video game. GT made it possible for cars and car companies to transcend regions even.

  114. Redlamborghini

    The only thing I’m worried about gt6 is I hope the game won’t use up massive hard drive space for my 80 gb ps3. Lol, I’m still going to buy it no matter what.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Hmmm. Maybe if you’re not returning back to GT5, theres always deleting its updates which takes up a lot of gigs. That’s what I’m planning to do once I get GT6, since I won’t return to GT5. :)

    2. 2012GT325

      I agree as I have about 9 GB left on my 80 GB PS3. I was planning to purchase the PS4, but as GT6 and GTA V will both be on the PS3, I may just upgrade the HDD with a larger, faster, more efficient SSD.

    3. HuskyGT

      I still have like 60gb out of my 160gb Slim. I’ll try not to download more stuff from the PSN until GT6 is out. still, I don’t think it would use more than 10gb.

    4. MeanElf

      After my savegame got corrupted, I didn’t bother with doing the pre-install second time around and in truth, it hardly made any difference – so I saved myself 10Gb straight away :)

    5. HuskyGT

      I never did the pre-install either. Never felt that I needed it. however, all the updates really put a huge weight on the game file.

    6. SavageEvil

      It’s not that big a deal, just delete game data and you’ll regain Gigs of space. GT5 takes up 11 GB as of the final update a few weeks back, so if you don’t plan on playing it in depth you can delete that game data. I’ll probably never play GT5 again after purchasing GT6, but I will keep the game though.

  115. jsilverstreak

    as long as every car is available as soon as you have the level to unlock it i’m fine with the standard cars, the thing i hated about the standard cars the most is that they were in different menu that could only access like 30 cars a day

    1. HuskyGT

      That’s a good point. They should make a used section in every manufacturer. Kind of like they did in old GT’s so all cars are available. They could only toggle the mileage, price and color.

  116. omgsean1

    I will buy GT6 after play demo because I was care about both “Standard/Premium” cars for drive around track in my option as I like them, but there are still too many copies to pick as favorite like Skyline GTR and Miata.

    1. jsilverstreak

      alfa romeo, the whole presentation is on youtube, they showed it with texture also, i think its the one they use in the trailer in slow mo

    2. TheGTGuy

      My bad, it is the Alfa I thought u meant the 15th anniversary picture with the blue cover over the car. That car is the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish.

  117. ILoveCars

    they just can’t make them all premium cars. By gt8 all cars will be premium and after that it should be a lot easier to add premium cars because their will be no looking back just moving forward. and atleast the standard cars for gt6 don’t look as ugly. Now about those sounds? Yeah lets beat the dead already beaten horse.

    1. ChadEsposito

      Nobody is asking from them to make them all premium. They should just ditch 500 useless clones.

    2. sepulturite

      Nope don’t agree there chad, I’d much rather have them in the game than not at all, there’s alot of good cars that are standard, and I wouldn’t want them to not be in gt6

  118. DSUjoeDirte9

    Dissipointed about standard cars but honestly i wasn’t expecting 1200 premium cars either. Im glad there polishing them up to a higher standard and will be more tollerable fo rme to drive. :)

    Hopefully they chose to make more desired cars premium instead of less wanted cars…. like a prius…

    Why make a prius premium when i know for a fact there are a lot of people who would want like a premium Veyron or R92cp.

    1. ChadEsposito

      Because car manufacturers demand that. They want current daily drive models there to serve as advertising for them.

    2. DSUjoeDirte9

      yeah… Im going to freak out though if theres no premium 7th generation celica in the game though. :)

    3. Ravicale

      I like occasionally racing oddball cars. It provides a nice break between the Lambos and Ferraris.

    1. HuskyGT

      HAHA!! This really made my day!

      That half baked hideous thing called Shift was a torture to play, but it had really nice A.I actually. Very unpredictable and very aggressive. It felt almost alive. But the rest of the game sucked in epic proportions unfortunately.

  119. ChadEsposito

    Yet, nobody asked about the sounds, and if they will ever pay money to get a sub-license for Porsche from EA, just like the T10 guys did. As usual with this guy, the answers are vague when it comes to important stuff and obvious when it comes to irrelevant or already known stuff.

  120. samdu

    On the one hand, I understand the disdain for the Standard cars in general. On the other hand, I understand the realities of time and that there are basically two options when it comes to Standard cars – either cut those cars out completely, or keep them in as Standard cars. How anyone could come to the conclusion that the former is preferable to the latter is absolutely beyond me.

    1. SCER

      ChadEsposito, most people disagree with you, in that no cars is better than some lower quality cars. Most people want those cars to be kept in the game. More is better than less.

  121. jhw93

    I see a few people are showing strong concerns regarding standard cars being in the game, I just wanna share my thoughts on this. I agree with people about standard cars… if it was my decision they should be taken out. However, to be objective about this we have to look on the other side of the coin. Non of us probably don’t know the true reason why they put standard cars in the first place but I think they put them in simply to give us more cars to use since as though there was only around 200 premium cars or so at the time. A thing that I noticed whilst playing GT5 is that I only recall having to use standard cars an handful of times during the campaign, so for the most part you can avoid using them. The only problem I have with them is that it ruins the immersion a bit when you see em on the track whilst racing. As GT6 will have 200ish more cars which are very likely to all be premium giving us 800 standard and 400 premium cars… theres nothing to complain about really. 400+ premium cars is pretty damn awesome, remember with GT3 when we had to ‘make do’ with a grand total of 190 cars or so? and that game has sold over 15 million i believe.

    1. TomBrady

      Look, anybody complaining about standard cars is being a spoiled little brat.

      What PD could do is not include them at all. Then we would miss out on 800 cars, tons of which are unique to the series and have given us countless hours of enjoyment. And for the people who think they should convert them all, it would be nice but that’s unreasonable to expect. 1200 cars is a ridiculous amount to expect them to model. Look at how much detail’s in the premiums. Forza 4 did enhanced detail cars like that, but there’s only 30 of them for autovista, GT6 will have 400 at least.

      If GT6 released with 400 premiums, and then offered the 800 standards as DLC, for maybe 10-15 bucks, I think you would be crazy not to buy them. Instead, we’re getting them for free. That’s the way to look at it.

      The real question is though is whether there will be GLARING omissions like last time. cough VEYRON cough

    2. infamousphil

      The way I see it, Tom, is that there’s a lot of man hours being spent on upgrading the standard models to GT6 specs. Concentrating on the exteriors… remember the “premium” GT-R concept car has no premium interior view. I think it more feasible for the rest of the cars to get the same treatment. I can imagine the interiors being more difficult.

    1. jjurasic

      They do! It should be in the upper right just next to the top of the article, if not it’s likely your ad blocker is hiding it.

  122. MeanElf

    Like the majority here, I think that was a good interview, or at least the answers and how they were less ambiguous gives a lot of hope.

    I can relax now aknowing a lot of these things and hopefully those who shot off the mark yesterday before knowing anything more fully about the game will also be satisfied enough until E3 and then the demo.

    Unlike many (apparently), I enjoyed GT5 – warts and all – so I am even happier now about the prospect of GT6. PD seem to have really thought about how to get around the problem areas and come through with the goods.

  123. leeson

    Wow straight-forward questions AND straight-forward answers!
    That’s the most revealing interview with Kaz yet.

    Then there’s this:
    “Both are technically possible, and we might be preparing it (laughs).”
    That’s the same thing he said a few years ago about bringing old GT tracks into GT5. “Oh, I didn’t realize people wanted that, yes, it’s possible”. Something along those lines.

    Anyway, good stuff. I’m surprised he said modelling dampers is the most challenging aspect of the physics.

  124. 5m0k3w33d420

    I don’t know what you guys are whining about. I think, for once, he gave clear, precise and easy to understand answers. U might also add that I was very pleased with them.
    I will be buying GT6 because I believe all hard work should be rewarded. It may not be the game I want (not being a PS4 game), but it’s still something they’ve worked hard to create and make enjoyable. While we all want to see standard cars phased out, it’s downright silly to have believed they could “premiumize” all standard cars. There’s just too many of them.
    While they’ve been taking the beaten path lately, it’s promising to see they have their heads pointed in the right direction still. They want the game to grow and mature, and they have the ability to make that happen. We must begin preparing our bodies for Gran Turismo on PS4.

    1. tpark103

      I think I’ll pass on that. You can keep 17 of those 25 MX-5s standard I wouldn’t miss them. You can keep 20 of those 29 Skylines standard again I wouldn’t miss them. You can keep………

    2. HuskyGT

      We will have around 1500 new premium cars but we will till be carrying around the 800 oldies.

      Those 800 cars are here to stay. I would honestly miss them if they were gone.

  125. chevyisthebest

    at least not all cars r gonna be standerd…..like kazunori said that some standerd cars were from gt5 are gonna be premium right?

    1. MeanElf

      That’s my take on it too – if they are indeed examples of ‘cleaned up standards’ then there should be no more cause for complaint.

  126. Boosted_01_R

    Why buy GT6 when its the same old thing….. more premium cars and bam, here’s GT6 ?…… Look PD…. I will not buy a game to have to be buying the good Tracks that was left out…… NEW Cars on the other hand are understandable….. Spending a lot of time to make driver aids better……Really, what a waste lol……….. FOCUS ON THE RACING, AND THE REALISM

    Might be the first GT game I will not buy if the Racing, Realism, and AI doesn’t improve A LOT……. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way

    1. rumbalumba

      Look, airhead. You haven’t played the game. Have you played the game and felt the physics? No. Have you even seen the game in person? No. Shut up and get out of here already.

    2. chevyisthebest

      that’s a load of crap ur giving cause u gotta inprove driving aids for one,and u cant just focus on raceing and realalism,(if this was what u meant) gt5’s nature out of track surroundings were crap. and the shadows

    3. TokoTurismo

      Well since you’re leaving, I can’t wait for a new GT fan to replace you! Don’t the door hit you on your way out. Ta taaaaa.

    4. Starciller

      I’m with u man on the driving aids and the realism. I’ve said this before if you don’t know how to drive without driving aids go back to your need for speed stuff and leave us to our “racing simulator”. As for the realism, some of us would actually like a racing sim so we can have the feel of a Ferrari or a race car without going out and buying one. Some people complain about the shadows and the off track surroundings, it’s a racing game not a nature walk. I thought the graphics in GT5 were alright it was the realism i was concerned about, I just want more realism that’s all.

  127. TheExtremist

    I’m disappointed about the “standard” cars still being featured. Hopefully when it comes out on PS4 GT6 will show it’s full potential of change.

    1. gtone339

      Or……they skip GT6 being ported over to PS4 & start from scratch again – GT7. More delays as ususal…..

  128. TomBrady

    Love how he always gives such ambiguous crap for answers. I know he doesn’t speak english but come on man. This is getting old. I suppose it could be worse, he could sound like a totally full of sh** used car salesman like Dan greenwalt LOL

    1. leeson

      In what way did he give “ambiguous crap for answers”?
      He didn’t evade the questions here as much as he often does. I’m surprised he changed his tune and actually gave us some info.

    2. MeanElf

      They seemed pretty straightforward answers to me – one or two that could be interpreted several ways but the majority were to the point.

    1. Tacobell18

      Did you actually think that there would be 1200 fully premiumized cars on the PS3 version? Wow… people nowadays lol.

    2. sepulturite

      Exactly Taco, some people on here are so brain dead that they think 800 cars can be turned into premiums in 3 years along with all the other things that needed to be done for the game!

  129. mcalva98

    Good for them! They are trying to make a really good game, just looking at the alpine and Lamborghini, means that they are trying there best to make more premium cars. Good work PD and Kaz!!! I can’t wait to play GT6

    1. chevyisthebest

      ur the only one so far that I c who’s not cursing Kaz and him still having standard cars in the game

    2. mcalva98

      Why would I, I’m a fan of GT, Kaz has worked hard on the game, at least he’s being honest about standard cars

  130. blackjack

    “Once players have played it all out and enjoyed themselves on the PS3, then the PS4 version might come out naturally around that time (laughs). Focus on enjoying the PS3 version.”

    After reading this I’ll be very surprised if GT on PS4 comes out any time before 2015. So much for GT being a launch game on the PS4. :-(

  131. hobanator24

    Loved the answer for the engine swaps & livery editor. Although it would’ve been better to ask why they were absent in GT5.

  132. fureddo

    It seems Kaz and his team did a lot of work since GT5 has been launched. Most of the fans’ concerns have been addressed with even more surprises to come. This time they seem to have dealt with the “standard cars issue” as it should. Whiners will complain as usual about some cars not being premium; but is it honestly humanly possible to completely re-modelize all the 800 standard car from GT5? And is it a big deal compared to all the new things they have in store for us? (New physics, enhanced graphics…)
    I was really disappointed by GT5; but I’m all the more enthusiastic about GT6. Can’t wait for their next demo!

  133. infamousphil

    Alrighty then! Next stop, GT6! You guys did not disappoint in your questions and Kaz did not beat around the bush. Very good information. Just as l expected. GT6 is going to be an improved GT5. I can do this for the next 3 years.

    ‘… new DLC every month…? I’m going to hold you, Kaz, and PD to this. Don’t let us down ;)

    1. MeanElf

      Agreed there. One of the better Q&As about this series and there seems to be a fair amount to be excited about in GT6.

    2. TomBrady

      I’m already going to put money on the fact that it won’t be every month DLC, and even if it is, it won’t last as long as they say it will. Like usual, they won’t give a definite answer so that way they don’t have to do what they say. Just like the DLC for GT5, they’d didn’t come even close to what they originally said. That’s the way of PD sadly

    3. MeanElf

      Whilst I don’t agree, I do understand in light of what happened with GT5’s DLC promises – I just don’t think it was a precedent.

      I am interested in knowing for how long the monthly DLC is intended to run – one year, two…I suppose that all depends on the popularity of the DLC roll-out.

  134. RandomCarGuy17

    Awesome, better looking standard cars with more customizable options. Thanks for the information Kaz! And now my excitement for GT6 has increased.

  135. GT911

    Standard cars, shouldn’d be in first place! They should choose the most representative models that they have license and make them Premium, and that’s all…

    1. infamousphil

      You don’t have to use the standard models, GT911. Try to remember, GT is encyclopedic by nature. A very important part of GT is historic information. Something very important to me and many others. Also, GT5
      has more Premium models than any other driver out there. GT6 will surely add more.

    2. MeanElf

      As the guys have said, you’ll have more than enough ‘premiums’ to play the game and the rest are just extra icing for the completists as well as those who like particular cars.

      I’m sure you don’t want myself or anyone else telling you how to play the game – well I’m equally sure those who have no problem with the old standards will appreciate the same courtesy – after all, they like the option to use these cars in the way they want.

      Without these cars only makes the ‘premium only’ club happy. Having both types in makes everyone happy, as there are enough cars in the game that you don’t have to use a ‘standard’ if you don’t want to.

      I’m happy that a number of them have received visual upgrading and that we can use them in photo travel now – I never could understand why that was not possible in GT5. Happy chap :)

  136. TokoTurismo

    I’m happy the standard cars will equal with the premium cars, such as there given more modification, using them in photomode. :) Plus there updated as well, but Kaz was really honest about them. Thank you Kaz and PD, I knew you can do it. :D

    Even more excited for GT6 now! XD

    1. TokoTurismo

      Oh, and if you’re reading this Kaz and PD. Thank you for fulfilling my dreams in GT6. I’ll aways support you to the very end. :) Happy 15th Anniversay of Gran Turismo. Cheers

    2. HuskyGT

      You’re right there!

      This was honestly more than I expected. I didn’t think converting all Standards would be possible, but hearing that they did sort it out by making them fully functional as Premiums and possibly given them some graphical love, makes me want this game NOW!

      And don’t forget that we still don’t know how many of those Standards were given the full Premium treatment. The Lambo and the Alpine are a witness of that. I just know they are not the only ones.

      There is only one thing I’m pissed about. That we’re still in May…

    3. TokoTurismo

      You’re absolutely right Husky. I’m really proud of Kaz and PD, they’re everything they can to make us happy, and I thank them for that. :) It almost feels like there won’t be Premium/Standard sides anymore, but instead all cars are equal with each other now, meaning there “cars”. :D GT6 at day 1! :tup:

      I want time to go fast and the months to pass fast, I want GT6 now!!! XD hahaha.

  137. Ramosis

    I really don’t understand some design choices. Again, car models with different quality (althought same funcionality). This year we’re moving into PS4 and PD keeps using PS2 models, cars without cockpits… Since team is small, why not to outsource car modelling? GT series are very profitable and they could do such “investiment”. Sure I buy GT6 in first day, but with some sour taste in my mouth…

    1. infamousphil

      I feel you, Ramosis. But there’s no need to be sour. Try to keep in mind, GT is way ahead of every other driver out there, as a whole. I dig modeling enough to volunteer some time with PD’s developement work. But the cost for keeping the staff happy to work hard and napping under their desks ain’t cheap.

  138. Nuuj

    Standard Cars are laid to rest (for the most part) and that is very pleasing, a lot of them weren’t terrible looking, and apparently the worst of them were the ones they targeted for upgrading, I’m pleased that their functionality will match all the other cars.. And I hope my Precious Toyota Supra made the cut *crosses fingers*

    1. HuskyGT

      I’ll eat an old Sixasis controller I have if the Supra isn’t Premium now XD

      My guess on Primiumized standards:

      -Toyota Supra MK IV
      -Toyota Sprinter Trueno
      -BMW 2002 Turbo
      -BMW M3 E46
      -At least one old Corvette (hopefully the C4 GS or ZR1 *cross fingers)
      -Jaguar E-Type
      -Bugatti Veyron (or I bet there will be a new Premium Veyron like the Super Sport)
      -Ford GT40
      -Chaparral (either)
      -Ruf (At least the sexy BTR or the Yellowbird. Although I feel there will be new Premium Ruf models)

      Those are just a few I feel they are Premium now. Oh! And don’t forget a Dodge Ram, PD! That’s an icon in Gran Turismo for being the most random vehicle choice ever. But it has to be an old 2004 1500 Hemi Quad Cab. If not it doesn’t count XD

  139. doodlemonoply

    *Hopes that the Lexus GS300, Lexus SC430, Supra, Honda Fit, and BMW M3 ’04 are more like full premiums*

    1. HuskyGT

      You can bet on the Supra RZ and the M3 at least. I just know those had to be turned into Premiums.Those two are the most wanted Premiums since GT5 was released.

      Even though I’m not really into the JDM thing, the Sprinter Trueno is another car that deserved to be Premium. The Veyron, the Mercedes 190E, a street Zonda perhaps (although I feel we’ll be seeing the Huyara).

      Can’t wait to see how the standards have been given some love. If they can now be used in Photo Mode and also be tuned, that means they certainly look better than before.

    2. doodlemonoply


      Yeah, I forgot about those cars. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I typed that. lol

  140. BkS

    I think the fact they were honest about the standard cars, actually makes this more acceptable. Sure I would’ve liked no standards, but considering this is the PS3, I’m fine updated standards, and the fact I can now use them in photomode makes it all that bit sweeter.

    Thanks PD for being honest. ^_^

  141. Foxiol

    Some answers are not so good. Oh well, why instead of having all those standards…nah…why ask if I am not going to get a proper answer…

    Same sounds and standards again. Hope to see this for the last time.

    Game looks better, physics which worries me a lot are looking incredible, lot of cars to try, lots of great tracks, hopefully livery editor and customization, track editor revamped. It will be good.

    Sad for those couple of bad things that the game needs to get rid of.

  142. gtone339

    You forgot the ask him this question:

    1. Did you guys improve the engine sound of all vehicles in GT6?

    Guess not right?

  143. Snake55wildcat

    Fantastic news on the standard car topic, they may not look as great, but ALL cars now have the same functionality, that’s enough to satisfy a LOT of people i hope!


  144. HuskyGT

    Very nice. I’m sad about the standards, but his answer gives me hope that I was right. There will be a couple of standards that we love that are now Premiums, and the other standards must look much better now.

    Yes, I’m sad, but at the same time I’m happy that we cleared this out now and we don’t have to live with the doubts for months. I’m impressed Mr. Yamauchi on how fast you’re doing all this. Thank you for your answers!

    Can’t wait for it!!!

    1. hobanator24

      I think that he made at least 1 of each car premium, but left all the other cars that had minor differences such as skylines, mx-5s, Imprezas, 3000GTs, etc.. as standard. This really boosts my hopes for a Premium 22B STI!

  145. nascarfn

    Wow thank you so much and I thank you Kaz to for giving real answers. not trying to be rude but its been a while since kaz has given straight answers not all hazzy a few were but i like whats been going on here lately. lots of info, straight answers this is amazing

    1. HuskyGT

      I know, right? It hasn’t been a week since the announcement and they already gave a date for a demo and Yamauchi San gave us so many straight answers already.

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