Willow Springs 20 Mile Race

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  1. Ryk


    Yes - I have been running SS tyres and a Mandatory stop mid race.

    Looking at my run in the FT1,I was a bit of a guzzler on the fuel! On my usual run I needed more than 13 extra litres of fuel. As I knew I was pitting I was pretty rough on the tyres - You can get away with a lot of hard driving when you know you are going to do a stop for fresh rubber.

    I enjoy the race as the track is fun - and the added factor of tyre wear and fuel makes it as interesting as you want it to be.

    Get a race where you win but run out of fuel over the line... try the race again but use 5 litres less fuel.

    Going for a none stopper with a car that is marginal on fuel is a different challenge... As is making the tyres last.

    Doing a single planned stop after 4 laps is the safe option - But lets me see what a car can do - and what a good future challenge could be.
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    running SS tires on the BTR. Tried it once with SM then SS after pit stop. SS works best though just have to be careful not to burn them up. There is also a little magic going on in the diff and suspension settings
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    Nicely done Ryk!:bowdown:

    I have yet to win this race with the RUF BTR, a fourth and a fifth are all I have to show for it.:(

    I have beaten the Enzo Ferrari though.:)

    The Enzo was traveling up the S/F straight at the end of lap # 8 at 50mph, so I drove past and picked up a position.:)

    He forgot to stop at the end of lap # 7 for a splash of fuel, so he ran out!:eek:

    I guess I should stop complaining about the lap 7 pit-stops, they really do need some fuel for the final lap!

    See you on the tracks!
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    I'm pleased to report a win over De Angelis, Mathews and Bradley with my 504 PP, SS shod Stratos.

    The tuning and driving of it were very difficult, and some luck was involved, as Mathews pitted twice.

    Little tire wear and fuel consumption, and a 1:19.850 lap eased the way. Even so, this is not a car I want to spend more time with!
  5. Ryk


    Stratos is all short wheel base, changes direction like a two headed Llama on a roundabout.

    For fun if you added Ballast to help the tune (Right at the front) You can get a custom bolt on set of fake Fog lamps... If you pretend they are made of Lead/Gold/Concrete and painted white.

    Full speed (And beefed up power) your Stratos must have been quite hairy in the final two turns.

    Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

    I promptly resprayed the car in Samba Green. Fitted SS tyres and moved the Brakes to 5/3

    500PP - 442bhp/49 torques and 1585kg.

    24.8/23.3/23.2/32.2 (4F6-4R6) (+11 litres)
    45.5/23.1/23.1/24.2 (3F6-2R6)

    A win and despite the low tread depth the car is very drivable on worn tyres - certainly not a "Nightmare in a bubblecar."

    23.5/23.1/22.3/30.6 (3F6-3R6) (+11l)
    41.6/21.9/23.0/24.3 (2F5-2F5)

    Very planted car - what it lacks in power you make up in the ability to place the car on the track and run side by side with confidence - It can also take a bit of car vs car contact and not upset the car into a spin. (I'd never suggest hitting other cars, but sometimes they move in on you or even jerk across the track after they spin out.


    Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale
    - Latin vivo = "I live" and pario = "I give birth".
    Yes this is the Italian version of the Dodge/Chrysler (What are they called this week... SRT?) SRT Viper.

    Like the 8C the car is well balanced and relatively consistent on the tyres. It does drink - but 8.4 litre V10 - you'd drink heavily too!

    600bhp/1552kg 565PP
    21.8/19.5/21.9/32.8 (4R6-4R6) (+30L)
    41.2/20.2/20.5/21.7 (Red fuel light)
    20.3/19.4/21.0/29.7 (3F6-4R6) (+27L)
    39.7/19.8/20.4/23.9 (3F5-3F5) Out of fuel with 50 yards to go

    Easy easy wins - Best AI was Mulder's Enzo that pulled a 11m49 - everything else was over 12 minutes.


    Aston Martin One-77
    SS 5/3 brakes - No driver aids (Yes even the cup holder was set to zero.)

    I had four runs with this reassuringly expensive, and powerful piece of handcrafted car pornography.

    21.7/18.8/20.6/50.5 (3F6-0R3)
    42.1/19.5/20.6/???? (4F5-0R3)
    ZR1(11m53) - MSV(11m56) - Hua(11m59) - MP4(12m17) - V09(12m29) - GTS(12m31)

    This race was a lesson to learn... Don't eat the tyres.
    So what did I do on the second stint... yeah butchered my tyres.

    The car is fast - but needs respect in the corners.

    21.0/19.5/20.3/30.3 (5F6 - 3R5)
    But the Huarya of P.Rosati did a 11m31

    He pitted on lap three... and then struggled with bad rubber for a couple of laps - 1m31.9 is a woeful lap time for a Pagani. His tyres on the final lap were... 6F7-0R3 - This Rosati guy drives as badly as I do!

    Attempt 3
    20.8/19.9/19.8/30.3 (4F6-2R5)
    38.2/19.4/21.0/25.9 (4F6-0R4)
    Second place!
    Rosati and I had a screamer of a race. I reeled him in only for my pace to fall off the cliff at the end and he re took the lead on the final lap!
    21.0/18.8/22.0/33.5 (7F8-3R5)
    45.0/23.4/24.0/24.1 (7F8-3R5)

    11m33 (Let's not forget he has a 20 second lead!)

    Attempt 4
    39.9/19.9/21.0/22.9 (4F6-2R5)
    11m34.0 (WIN!!)

    Rosati pulled another 3rd lap pit stop and killed his tyres on his last lap.


    Cracking race. Only because the Pagani made a race of it... the other AI cars were near 12 minutes for the race distance.

    The Aston you have to be smooth in the right handers - tyre squeal is actual the sound of you torturing the life out of the rubber... they are dying! best lesson I learn was soft and smooth. Clean gentle lines in the rights -

    In a nutshell.
    Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione - 11m50.1
    Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale - 11m34.1
    Aston Martin One-77 - 11m34.0
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    I got the Stratos to grip and turn at both ends. But it cannot abide even even an inch off the black stuff, nor most contact, else it may go barrel rolling.

    The Alfas and the Aston are delicious looking but untasted premium rides for me. Did you take advantage of the cockpit view? It's wasted on me, hooked on bumper cam.
  7. Ryk


    I use traditional GT Standard view - (Whatever you get with a standard car! With the dials!)

    Cockpit view is a bit uncanny valley at times - nice when you pit it forces you into cockpit while you are dragged though the pitlane. The Aston does have nice dials incar (At that price, it needs to have great dials!)

    The Aston gave me loads of "fun" racing the Huarya - You can't put a price on that...

    I did the LeMans 24 I cockpit only view in the Pescarolo in GT5 - that was good - open cockpit. But When I try GT6 incar I lose track of corners of the car and small gaps I could have driven a Speed 12 through, become become insurance claims when I drive normal car.

    Rocket and XBOW are nice incar - the McLaren F1 is good too.
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    At long last! My 500 PP BTR' 86 finaly made it to the top spot, but without any FXX cars in the grid. :)

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  9. Dotini

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    Honda NSX Type R '02
    495 PP/342 hp/1199 kg
    SS/96% PL - No SRF

    22.513/22.313/21.538/31.781 (5F7-6R8) +8 liters
    40.940/22.163/23.423/23.861 (6F7-5R7)

    2nd) Mathews/F1 +5.371
    3rd) Mulder/Enzo
    4th) De Angelis/Murcielago

    This was an easy, straightforward run, even though the car tends to plow and needs further tuning.
  10. helseth

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    Did a similar run today and won by just over 2 secs, but chose to opt for full weight reduction and no power add ons. Also changed the gearbox and suspension. BHP during race was 291. The NSX is a brilliant car.
  11. HBR-Roadhog


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    Nicely done :) I thought I was going to get a win it myself yesterday, no FXX, best car looked to be the yellow Enzo. I thought I have beaten this car several times already [actually was the black Enzo I beat] ran the race and the Enzo was under 12 minutes and so was the Viper around 11:48 I think. 3rd place for my BTR:(

    Another car I found that does good here at 500pp is the RUF 3400S. I ran it once yesterday, did not win but I was up against the FXX, and the Pagani. The 3400s was turning some quick laps low 1:20s with a bit of understeer that I still need to tune out. I think with a bit of work it may be able to take the win so long as the FXX isn't there. Possibly with the right setup may be able to beat the FXX but would not be easy.

    Just tried the Willow Springs again in the 3400S. First time I loaded it the FXX was on the poll so I exited and tried again. This time no FXX. The Pagani was there but I thought I could take him. There was one other car that I missed in the lineup until I came up behind him on the last lap and could not catch him. that would be the F1 of course :(

    Result 2nd place

    F1 - 11:40
    3400s 11:42
    Pagani 11:48

    So at least I know that it is not hard to break 12 minutes with the 3400s, and it will do better with a little more tweaking and a few more laps of practice. My best lap this time was a 1:21.008 which was not quite as fast as yesterday but I was turning 1:21 most laps in it and that should be fast enough to beat most cars that appear in the race.

    3400S as ran
    500 PP
    353 HP
    SS tires pit on lap 5 for tires, no fuel needed.
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    Nice! Will try the 3400s tomorrow. Did the NSX '02 R at below 500 PP today and my that one is quick through the corners! The trick with Willow is carrying enough speed through the curves to avoid being pitted. The stock NSX is just too slow through the corners to compete with the FXX and the F1. Shaving weight is the key. Will try it again tomorrow to see if the SH tyres will last all 8 laps for a pit-less run.

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  13. Ryk


    Couple of "early morning after a late night" races here. (Is that Number 37 from the drivers big book of excuses?)

    1-Se7enty Se7en.

    21.0/19.8/20.0/30.8 (4F6-3R5)
    40.5/20.6/22.9/23.9 (4F6-2R5)
    21.1/20.1/21.1/31.8 (5F6-2R5)
    40.1/21.7/21.2/25.0 (4F6-0R4)

    Last run I went a bit hard into some corners and so paid the price as my last lap was a struggle on chewed up tyres...

    Best AI was a Huarya with a 11m20

    Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    506pp 543bhp 78Torques 1970kg
    SS Tyres 5/3 brakes

    The car is a big old chunk. And that weight hurts everywhere. Corners it overloads the tyres in the brake zones you feel like the Amoco Cadiz and even with a 5.4 litre twin supercharged engine it struggles to get going. The ride is pretty smooth though... The car also gobbles tyres.

    29.7/27.2/28.2/41.2 (1F3-4R6)
    12m48.5 (9th position)
    (No autographs today ladies...)

    I then had a go with my old V8S from TVRski.

    Ran bone stock... then repeated with a sports exhaust. This improved the engine note.
    As noted before the V8S is light so can easily do a none stop race. Its pace isn't super fast but the car has less than 250 ponies...
    448pp 238bhp 37 torques 1050kg (SS 5/3 (NONE STOP RACE)

    Not the best time in the world but if the AI want to practice pit stops...

    454pp/250bhp (Sports Exhaust)
    12m02 (Modded time)

    With the Sports Exhaust you are up to 250bhp... and you can add 50kilos of ballast in the boot to get the car to almost 50/50 but the PP value is 451... Which is a shame as with the ballast you are at 1100kg.


    Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    SS tyres 5/3 Brakes
    521pp 509bhp 58 torques 1680kg

    23.4/22.1/22.3/32.8 (3f6-3R6) (+22Litres)

    Car was nice, even balance good speed. Its brakes are not perfect so don't try for too much into a brake zone hoping for a last gasp pass...
    Last lap was poor as I had just over worked the left side and took the final corner too fast.

    This is - as anyone who has done a few laps here will know A.Small's V12 Vantage.
    He was in my race starting in 15th, but he posted a race time of. (Drum roll please...)
    12m56 - a cool Minute and change slower.

    Of course now I want to run every AI car...

    Best AI of thee day?
    P Rosati's Pagani Huayra with a 11m20 race time, Showing my Aston One 77 whom the boss really is.
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    This evening I was tuning in to the California high desert twilight zone, and happened into a lineup that has three rabbits; Mulder in his Enzo, Stevens in the Aventador, and Mcneil with his trusty SRT Viper GTS '13. These guys check out from the field, with Stevens and Mcneil pitting lap five, and Mulder going til lap six. On lap 7, one or more of them will pit again, leaving the outcome in doubt. Most of the time it seems Stevens will be ahead of Mcneil by about 10 seconds at the end, with agent Mulder making a fool of himself by seeing ET and pitting two laps in a row. However, in the event I recorded, this is what happened:

    Lotus Elise 111R '04 - 480 PP
    HP 284, 949 Kg, PL 90.0%
    No SRF

    Laps 1-4: 22.445/21.308/22.142/29.292 - 7F8/6R8 - no fuel
    Laps 5-8: 41.413/20.460/20.962/22.694 - 7F8/6R8
    Total time: 11:40.xxx

    1) Dotini/ Lotus
    2) Mcneil/Viper +17.xxx
    3) Silva/458 Italia
    4) Grimes/Diablo
    5) Stevens/Aventador - pits twice
    6) Mulder/ Enzo - pits twice
    7) Palmer/Ford GT40
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  15. HBR-Roadhog


    United States
    I just tried my Louts 111R
    SS tires

    No pit, 11:22
    Best AI time Pagani 11:27
    Followed by F1 and Enzo

    Tires were worn pretty good by the last lap, had to baby the car around the track and ran about 3 seconds slower than my fastest lap of the race. LR tire down to 4 entering the last corner but car still drove well.

    Easy win

    Another run Mazda Roadster 1.8 RS 450PP

    11:45.5 for the win, SS tires, no pit

    2nd. McLaren MP4-12C 11:46.5

    Tires were worn a bit but my last lap was just as fast as any of those before, only turning low 1:25s with this setup but good enough for a close win.

    Edit: One more race
    Suzuki GSX 500PP SS Tires, no pit

    I got knocked off track once early on but managed to catch and overtake the FXX in turn 2 on the last lap. Coming out of the final corner I had a bit of a lead but he came up fast on the straight. I saw he was going to pass me just before the line so I moved over in front of him and he slammed me pretty hard, spun the car around and backwards across the line for the win ;)

    FXX 11:17.146

    It is amazing just how well that little car holds the corners
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    Made a little thread comparing various cars laptimes at Big Willow. All cars are stock and on CM tyres. One thing is that even these times seem fast compared to real life laps at Big Willow.

    Big Willow time trials
  17. Dotini

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    United States
    ...now looking at nonstop runs...

    Suzuki GSX-R/4 '01 - 417 PP
    SS tires, HP 145, 840 Kg, PL 85.0 %
    No SRF

    Laps 1-4: 25.566/26.319/25.801/22.466 - no fuel, no tires, no pit
    Laps 5-8: 23.185/23.869/23.138/22.882 - 6F7/5R7
    Total time: 11:31.200

    1) Dotini/Suzuki
    2) Stevenson/Aventador +21.491 - pits lap 4
    3) De Angelis/Murcielago + +22 - pits lap 5
    4) Mathews/McLaren F1 +27 - pits twice <---fastest lap 1:18.2xx
    5) Bradley/ZR1 +44 - pits twice
    6) Mcneil/Viper - pits twice

    Running with a low power car is instructive, as it requires maintaining momentum, i.e., maximizing apex speeds and getting off the corners as quickly as possible.

    I had Mathews beat by a handful of seconds even before he blotted his copybook by pitting twice. The GSX-R/4 is capable of lower PP runs, but only by lowering its PL to below 85%, where I think it is good to draw a line.

    The Caterham, Elise(s), obviously MX-5, and maybe some others might do well with nonstop runs.
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  18. Ryk


    I too did a none stop run.
    Stock Subaru BR-Z
    SS tyres set to 5/3 brakes
    No driver aids.



    The car was very easy to drive. Sips fuel and treats its tyres very well. If you loon about the left rear can wear thin but the handling will remain very good even on the thinnest smear of rubber on the tyre.

    I ran again with the car boosted up a smidge.
    Chip and a Sports Exhaust.

    The engine note is better. Bit more gritty.
    12m05 (Modded with Chip and Sport Exhaust)

    T Stevens pulled a 11m57 and L Mathews did a 12m01 - Both pretty slow and double stopping in race one.
    Race two had Davenport's MP4-12C (You mean the Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee?) with an 11m46. L Mathews just managed to repass for second place with a 12m04. Rotter!


    Back to single stop test.

    BMW Z8
    (SS - 5/3Brakes - No aids No ABS, No cup holders)

    25.0/23.5/23.4/30.8 (4F6-2R6) (+2litres)
    42.2/23.9/24.6/27.1 (4F6-1R6)

    Got 3rd place! but the first two were.
    FXX of M.Aigner did a 11m19
    McLaren F1 of L.Mathews did a 11m27

    - I Also ran Ascari in the 10 lapper. (This isn't Willow Springs but a 12 minute race time at Willow springs in a pretty average FR car compares to Ascari if you look at the following...)

    25.2/25.1/25.8/24.8/32.5 (4F5-2R2) (+29litres)
    40.1/24.3/24.0/27.5/27.7 (4F5-2R3)

    The last laps for me were slower off pace as I was trying to overtake cars that were naturally faster than my Beemer and would repass on the next straight... then slow down into some kink or other corner as the AI for some reason really lose tyre performance in the last laps.
    AI Times -
    FXX - 24m45
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 24m46
    Enzo - 24m52

    Nice open top car. You have the option to fit a soft top in GTAuto.
    It did need 2 extra litres more on a one stopper at Willow Springs ... should be able to pull a none stop run with just a few short shifts. Not sure about the tyre life! Would have to use SH's I guess.

    Back to Willow Springs.
    I only had time for one run... So bought a new car.
    A Pagani Zonda C12.
    I gave it a nice coat of Lapis Lazuli paint... Removed the ABS and traction control fitted SS tyres and set the brakes to 5/3.
    22.2/18.8/33.9/27.3 (6F8-6R8)
    38.7/19.5/19.2/21.0 (5F7-5R7)
    (Bad time - a good time would be 11m25-ish)

    I managed to crash the car! - Which is odd as the car is rock solid to drive. Tons of grip extremely stable and fast in all the right places. It was a driver failure by me as I went through the sweeper and wanted to go to the edge of the track and swoop in for the final corner... but put a wheel beyond the white line while at full banana and went bounding into the desert. Car didn't reset but I lost a good 14/15 seconds with this detour!

    The AI however just self destructed on me. The 2nd placed car was the Viper GTS of F.McNeil who posted a 12m03 beating the FXX of M.Aigner's 12m04... where were these clowns when I was in my Z8?

    The Zonda is great. I am sure driving like an adult I could make a set of Sport softs last for 8 laps. The big engine is pretty great on fuel. The stand out thing is just how planted the car feels in those 100mph corners. Well they used to be 100mph... with this car every corner feels 10% faster.
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  19. Dotini

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    United States
    These are interesting, really startling difference between GTP and real world laptimes.

    One other thing that I would really like is some savvy guy to post a map of the circuit with the corners numbered and named.

    Edit: from the Willow Springs website

    • Turn 1: "Castrol corner" is a 90 degree high speed left-hander.
    • Turn 2: "The Rabbits Ear" is a double apex sweeper
    • Turn 3/4: "The Omega" is an uphill and downhill section with camber change, this is the most technical segment of the layout
    • Turn 5: A quick left-hander that sets up for the fastest sections of the track
    • Turn 6: "Monroe Ridge" is a gradual bump. It is common for fast riders on higher powered motorcycles to lift the front wheel over this downhill section. A good line and drive through this turn is essential for a good lap time.
    • Turn 7: "Repass Pass" - a slight bend in the track.
    • Turn 8: High speed right hand corner. The lead in to this turn is the fastest section of the racetrack and coupled with the turn itself - probably the most critical for a good lap time. It is also the fastest turn on any racetrack west of the Mississippi River.
    • Turn 9: Decreasing radius right hander, with a big dip right before the apex. A good line through this turn is crucial for top speed on the front straightway to the start/finish line.
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  20. HBR-Roadhog


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    Just tried the Mazda RX500 out there at 500PP with SS tires
    No pit stop needed. Total race time 11:11.478. LR tire at 5 coming around the last corner. Best lap 1:20.048.
    I was running against the F1 and the Huarya both pitted twice and finished in the 11:50s

    Last check point showed my Mazda ahead by just over 42 seconds.

    Great little car, easy win, lapped 1/2 the field with this one :)
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  21. blakev03


    I won in a mildly modded c6 zr1
  22. Ryk


    Mustang Boss 302 - (What is this! No paint chip... I only got the car because of the paint chip!)(Buy me now Green or some such name.)
    SS tyres 5/3 brakes - no aids
    24.9/23.2/23.7/31.2 (2F5-4R6) (And some fuel!)

    Left front is weak. A very planted car, brakes are smooth and don't lock up easily. It is pretty solid in the sweeper... until the left front gives up then you will lack the grip to carry the speed...

    I don't remember much of the car as the next car was supreme.

    ASL Garaiya
    (Resprayed in Alfa Red)
    SS tyres 5/3 brakes - No aids

    26.4/24.9/24.2/23.0 (No stop)
    24.4/25.6/25.1/24.9 (6F7-5R7)

    Not a win but a great time. I repeated twice, both 11m40 results - one due to a Turn 9 roll over (At speed, kept the car I gear and only lost 2 seconds!) The other I was in traffic so unable to get the maximum from each lap.

    The car has excellent grip. Over 100mph in Castrol Bend and 105 solidly through Rabbits Ear. The last bit you need a lift to get the line right to really attack the final corner at 110mph in a nice smooth arc. The down side is. the car only has 197ponies and it runs out of steam over 120mph and struggles to et much faster unless you are in a slipstream. The car is "rubbing" resistant... Which is good as you will pass cars in corners... and they may turn in on you when you are side by side in another corner.
    It also lets you pull a proper, four wheel drift to gain a nice line. I tried it at the left hander at the end of the Omega section. The balance in the car inspires driver confidence.

    Armed with this I went to Ascari... pulled laps in the 2m20s-2m23s area and a race time of 23m59.7 - Which is far more than you need to win.

    It is very kind to its tyres. And has enough fuel to do another 8 laps at Willow Springs.
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  23. Ryk


    Did a few runs today.

    All bad.

    Dino by Ferrari.
    SS tyres, 5/3 Brakes... no aids - None stop race.

    27.9/27.9/29.4/38.2 (5F7-0R2)

    Can you see what happened? It was going quite well then the rear tyres went all silly. The car has more oversteer than the Garaiya. so you have to correct a lot in corners. This lose back end makes the tyres wear out quicker... and it you lean on the tyres a lot they overloads and run thin pretty swiftly.
    The car is fine to about 125mph then 5th gear is a "cruising gear" so you miss out on a high rev band gear at top speed. Also the gear change into 5th seems very ... cumbersome.
    If you drive with a bit of care you may get close to a 12 minute race time... But your lines in corners need to be line of least resistance smooth as a pair of Silk French Knickers.

    Jaguar E Type
    I am afraid to say I tried the car but the boys at Coventry loaded it up with so much understeer I got out of the car and ... put it in the stockyard - not sure what it does... but I've heard that cars go missing. The Garaiya and the Dino spoilt me with nimble handling.

    Cizeta V16T
    I Mori is an AI driver in this race... I never really thought he was that good...
    Then I drove this car with Sport Softs... Dear me. This car just hates its own Rear Tyres. Like some Emo-Goth-Punkette Grrl with self loathing the car runs a lap, pretty neatly and swiftly... but what you don't see is the way it self harms its own tyres.
    The bolted together pair of Lamborghini V8's to a transversely mounted V16 makes my "BRM" juices flow... engineering magic.
    However Physics tends to look down on creative Engineering. And all that weight puts far too much load on those tiny rear wheels and onto the rear tyres.

    I will try to fix it by...
    Driving properly...
    Fitting SM tyres to the front to move the balance of the car forward and take some of the load from the rear tyres. (Much as I did with the Ruf BTR *911*)
    Best lap 2m23.1
    Race time 13m23 (Still faster than the Jaguar XKR-S of G Bryan)

    I.Mori has run a 12m30... I will beat this... oh yes.

    You can fit a few Custom bits to this car... a Body Colour Custom rear wing (A bit Ferrari F40 like) and some chin spoiler, doorsill skirts and rear diffuser body parts.
    What colour would Tony Montana paint his Cizeta?

    The Stereo however is loaded with the Scarface Soundtrack... Nice.

    What this space as I try to Push it to the Limit... I'll try not to Shake it up, tonight.
    Rush Rush - Don't forget to get the DVD (Note to self)
    Vamos A Bailar... Oh not the rears tyres..."I'm hot tonight" - She's on fire!!
  24. HBR-Roadhog


    United States

    That car is and has been in the last 3 GTs one of the worst I have ever driven, I have spent many a hours in GT 4 and few in 5 and 6 trying to get that car to where it actually drove somewhat decent and have yet to get it to a point that I don't want to send it to the crusher for scrap.
  25. prescription7


    Tried this race with a stock Ruf 3400S

    Sports Softs: 12:02:XX with no pit stops
    2nd place (lost to McLaren F1)

    Sports Mediums: 11:52:XX with no pit stops
    1st place (McLaren F1 12 seconds back)
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  26. Ryk


    Cizeta V16T

    I altered the tyres to SM/SS to balance the car. Simple basic physics kind of fix that a cheapskate "I don't like messing with dampers and otherwise getting my hands dirty type of driver will resort to.

    Did it work? Well you still have to drive with care...

    25.0/25.7/24.9/36.9 (6F7-2R4) (+25litres)
    44.9/25.2/27.6/46.6 (?F?-0R?)

    I was doing quite well but in traffic I got pushed about a bit which made my last lap very tough on the rears... and sure enough I guessed I had more in that left rear than I did, I oversteered wide at the sweeper. (In a filthy dirty sideways slide that a D1 driver would just consider showing off.)

    Rinse and repeat...
    26.4/24.6/24.4/34.5 (7F7-2R4) (+21 litres)

    Not too bad. The whole "fun bit" in this race is getting to the end without killing the rear left tyre - And you never really know how much life is left in that tyre until it gives up on you mid corner at speed.

    To compare My old Mucker, I.Mori was also in the race in his V16T...

    27.5/ (10F10-8R9
    30.1/ (9F10-7R8)
    29.6/ (9F9-5R7)
    26.5/ (8F8-3R5)
    53.0/ (7F8-1R3)
    31.2/ (10F10-9R9)
    51.1/ (9F9-7R8)
    Too slow to complete the race...
    Mori was very very slow in the corners 80mph in the final corner

    Volkswagon Nardò W12
    1,250,000 kazulas
    591bhp/63torques/1300kg (fitted with SS tyres at 5/3 Brake Bias)

    The Nardò also has a custom Suspension set... left stock.
    And some Aero downforce, which you can adjust. (Low/Default/High)
    50/120/150 (Front)
    50/200/350 (Rear)
    I left it as 120/200 (Stock)

    20.1/17.2/17.4/27.1 (5F6-4R6) (21litres)
    38.6/16.3/18.1/20.1 (4F6-2R5) (red light)

    I then had another go.

    17.8/17.0/16.0/27.4 (4F6-4R6) (21litres)
    37.9/16.7/17.2/19.2 (4F6-3R5) (Red light)

    The car is "Genetically Superior" - An engine that is Ice cold. The engine note is crunchy and the revs freely. Loads of grip. It isn't too much of a drinker and is kind to its tyres.

    What would it say if the car could talk? ...
    Pure Alpha - That's how I roll.
    - Nardò : Going deep, Taking it to the max.

    The AI in the last race pulled a 11m19.9- Not bad for a FXX, but I think it is time for the Silver medal ceremony.

    Is a sub 11 minute possible? If the Ai doesn't get in your way... yes. The car is very fast through the final corner (120mph) and has the power and low drag genes to let it get up to a real speed before you have to slow it down.
  27. HBR-Roadhog


    United States
    Ballast is cheaper and more effective, add ballast shifted fully to the front then if desired do stage 3 weight reduction on the car to get the weight closer to the original but with better balance.

    That car really is a pig though, understeer in almost all cases then extreme lift off oversteer and power oversteer to boot, it is almost undrivable.
  28. Ryk


    Introducing... Your family of drivers for the Jackrabbit Springs 20 mile event race.

    Sport Soft Tyres
    W.Bradley - Corvette (C6) ZR1
    G.Bryan - Jaguar XKR-S
    G.Carboni - Lamborghini Reventon
    G.de Wit - Bugatti Veyron 2009
    L.Mathews - McLarenF1
    O.McClure - Corvette Stingray C7
    I.Mori - Cizeta V16T
    P.Mulder - Ferrari Enzo
    A.Nakagawa - Nissan Skyline GT-R Black Edition
    N.Peredes - Lamborghini Murcielargo
    R.Piccalo - Ferrari GTO 1984
    P.Rosati - Pagani Huayra
    A.Small - Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    C.Wannemaker - Audi R8 5.2

    Sport Medium Tyres
    M.Aigner - Ferrari FXX
    F.Cacares - Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    T.De Angelis - Lamborghini Murcielargo Super Veloce
    I.Dyer - Lexus LFA
    B.Silva - Ferrari 458
    T.Stephens - Lamborghini Aventador

    Sport Hard Tyres
    W.Andrews - SRT Viper ACR
    G.Davenport - McLaren Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee
    P.Edwards - Corvette (C6) Z06
    K.Grimes - Lamborghini Diablo GT
    H.Kuisana - Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale
    H.Mathieu - Ferrari 599
    H.McClain - Aston Martin One-77
    F.McNeil - SRT Viper GTS 2013
    L.Morel - Bugatti Veyron 2013
    A.Nielsen - Ford Shelby GT500
    V.Ortiz - Cadillac Prius
    O.Palmer - Ford GT 2006
    P.Saari - Lamborghini Gallardo
    D.Schaub - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
    F.Wimmer - Ferrari California
    A.Zielinski - Ferrari F40
  29. 05XR8


    U.Serone (me) 12:17.367 5th Place, using an Isuzu Bellett 425pp 192hp/853kg SS tyres, no pit stop,
    just under half tank full

    1.F1 11:23.165
    2.Huayra 11:38.106
    3. ZR1
    4. Mp4-12C

    Fastest lap: Huayra 1:18.585
    My fastest: 1:27.353
    Slowest Best Lap: Shelby GT500 1:28.967
    Interesting to see different tyre compounds used in the field
  30. helseth

    helseth Premium

    Did a run this morning one handed in a stock, non-aided Ferrari GTO '84 (can't use my left hand atm due to surgery). Used manual gears, mapping up-shift to right padle and down-shift to circle. SS tyres and a medium pace got me the victory. Pitted once for some fresh tyres, no fuel. Rear at 6 when pitting and crossing the finish line.

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