Willow Springs 20 Mile Race

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  1. Ryk


    Helseth - One handed - Very impressive. Hope the recovery goes well.

    Did a few goes.

    RX7 Spirit R Type A
    446PP/292bhp/34torques/1270kg (SS 5/3 brakes) - No stop

    24.4/24.5/25.4/28.7 (1F4-2R5)(20% fuel left)

    24.5/24.3/24.9/31.7 (1F4-2R5)

    Last lap on both runs had the tyres just give up on me - and a 31.7 looks like I must have visited the desert. However A bit of tyre management will prevent that dramatic drop off of pace. Neither race was a win. Rosati got the win with a 11m14 and Mathews got a win by five seconds over Rosati next time out with a 11m16 - So I was never going to win with that grid.

    Version 1.04

    Shelby Mustang GT500 '13
    558pp/660bhp/87 torques/1733kg

    SS 5/3 brakes

    This car (I got mine in Jamaican Lager sponsorship livery)

    23.8/22.7/23.5/34.0 (2F5-2R5) (+40)
    41.9/27.5/24.1/29.6 (0F4-1R4) (Out of fuel!)
    I slide off on the final lap and my big fat 'stang dug a trench in the previously hard desert sand. (Good improvement PD.) - I also ran out of fuel on the run to the flag... maybe a second or two with coasting to the line...

    22.8/22.3/23.0/33.8 (2F5-3R5) (+40)
    42.9/22.4/24.0/26.1 (1F4-2R5) (Red light)

    Car is pretty swift when it laps. A bit wobbly handling - mostly out of turns... not wheelspin oversteer, just the whole car felt like it was rebounding after unloading the suspension after a turn... Odd and after a few corners I adapted (Like the Borg driver that I am.)

    The car is tyre limited on the left front, so when your tyres go, it is an understeering sandy end rather than the much harder spin out of control nightmare of when the rear tyres are shot. On worn rubber the crest at Monroe rise can get the back end to break lose under power... not bad for a very porky car.

    What about your favourite Norwegian Driver? No Helseth... No not even Hollywood Solberg.
    A.Nielsen in his Ford Shelby Mustang GT500...
    He pitted on lap 5 and 7 and was way way behind at the end of the race, such a backmarker the replay ended. (Camera Crew got bored waiting for him to finish!)

    Cizeta "Tuned"

    I did a bit of tuning to this car to see if it could be made less of a dog...
    I reverted away fro my SM/SS "Quick fix" and applied BeeBee9's suspension settings... well the guts of them. He wanted to drop the power via the restrictor for some PP target...

    I did a weight reduction1 1640kg -> 1459kg
    I then added 181kg of Ballast to the front bumper of the car. So the weight was still 1640kg. but now the front to rear weight balance was now... 47:53 - Better than 40:60.
    I then plugged in the custom Suspension settings...
    85/100 Ride Height (Nose raised up)
    12/10.6 Spring rate (Front springs much stronger)
    3/4 Shocks Jounce
    3/4 Shocks Droop
    3/5 Roll bar
    2°/1° camber
    +0.1°/+0.3° Toe in
    20/10/25 Differential

    This returned a car of
    I also bolted on a new aero piece (Chin spoiler) and a custom (Car colour) rear wing. The rear wing alters the rear aero score from the fixed 200 to a slightly alterable 205-215... I moved it down to 205(Minimum)

    To the track!

    27.4/27.8/27.7/34.1 (2F5-2R4) (Some fuel)
    42.3/25.7/25.9/33.0 (1F4-1R3)
    24.9/24.9/25.6/37.0 (2F5-3R5)

    Hmmm... not much of an improvement over my own swap the front tyres fix!
    The car does handle much more balanced than a stock SS/SS car. The car doesn't oversteer like the back wheels were made from supermarket trolley castors. But the car also seemed a bit - awkward. Probably down to the extreme ballast.

    I ran the race twice, with a rese between as when I pulled my pitstop - I pause the game to write down the first three lap times and scribble down the tyres... but the game didn't like that!
    The first race had a Pagani (11m14) and a McLaren F1 (11m34).
    The second race had a Viper ACR (12m12), Diablo (12m12) ZR1 (12m16), Viper GTS (12m17) - So a close end to the race. Grid had a Veyron, ACR and a Murceilargo SV as the top three cars... So far the weakest grid I've seen... and I still end up in 4th!
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    United States
    The software developers at GT have a lot of work ahead of them as I find this with all the S races!!
  3. KilzoneStrife


    Is it weird that I just tried this and the A.I never made a pit stop at all? I mean, I did so (forget what lap it was, 4th-5th) and was in 1st place. After the pit stop, I could never claw my way back to 1st as the A.I just kept racing, not even needing to re-fuel?
  4. helseth

    helseth Premium

    Non-stop third place run in a 474 PP tuned Lancia Stratos '73 . Total time 11:41.063

    Tyres SS 5F7 3R5

  5. crooky369


    Found this race pretty tough and that was in a Mclaren F1 with SS tyres...

    Just found my tyres were wearing pretty quickly so had to pace it, so therefore I didn't run out of tyres completely by the end of the 4 lap stints. Overtook the lead FXX in the second corner of the last lap for a tight victory.
  6. Ryk


    Ferrari 365GTB4 "Daytona"
    (SS at 5/3 brake bias)

    24.8/23.2/21.9/30.6 (6F8-6R8)
    44.3/22.0/21.9/22.6 (5F7-5R7)

    I then put on a Sports Exhaust (Not really for performance gain just to test the engine note.)
    357bhp- 501pp at 45 torques

    23.2/20.9/21.0/28.0 (5F7-5F7)
    42.5/20.9/22.0/22.9 (5F7-5R7)

    Semi Race Exhaust
    366bhp - 504pp

    22.5/20.8/22.8/30.8 (5F7-5R7) (1 litre of fuel)
    44.4/20.3/28.4/22.3 (5F7-4R6) (Out of fuel!)
    Had an off in this race, and the increased power made the MPG drop. SO much I had to get an extra carton of Semi skimmed Petrol - and by the end of the race I was out of this - but I was only a second away from the line, so almost perfect fuel use. Not a tea cup more fuel than needed was hauled about the track unused - Colin Chapman would be proud. I guess the old guy who used Midnight Purple (II) ink would ot be too happy one of his V12's had run out of the 'vecchio benzina'.

    The car is great. Engine note was good - not great but nice enough, and the Exhausts were all okay - if a bit generic. The car handles very well 50:50 balance. Fuel use was near perfect for the race. And I guess a softer lap could get a set of Sport Softs pull all 8 laps... It would mean much more restricted pace in the corners... but Softer lines in corners also means less fuel used - For me anyhow. I often limit corner speed by running a higher gear less revs less "engine" going into the tyres. (5000RPM in 5th compared to 8000 in 4th gear say)

    I then had a quick go in the LCC Rocket - which I have avoided all year.
    I got it back to "stock" - but 1000 miles of running has hurt the engine or the chassis according to those sharks at GTAuto.

    I also ran 5/5 brake bias - 5/3 was a hang over from GT5 when it just gave cars a smidge of understeer when you lock up. The Rocket at 5/5 was very well mannered in the brake zones.

    The car was bashing the rev limiter in the big sweeper and after the line on the pit straight. 135mph or so.

    I then fitted the custom gearbox, and simply put the top speed slider to "180mph" This prevented the awful rev limited laps. Gaining about 10mph into the Sweeper - maybe more before I brake for turn 9 and for turn 1 (Castrol Turn)


    I then swapped to Sport Hard tyres...

    21.2/20.7/20.9/22.4 (9F9-8R9) (52% fuel left)

    And then only Comfy Softs (CS)

    24.5/24.3/24.6/24.4 (9F9-8R9)

    Car is great. You monster the corners, The down side is top speed isn't great so you do all your overtakes in the corners (Or past the pit lane...) The corner grip is so well balanced you can perform tough passes too. I ran an unknown outside line on the FXX in the sweeper. If you goof up or run wide - you eat sand and slow down faster than an F/A-18 on the back of the USS Ronald Reagan.

    1,096,000 credits earnt - should pay for a car wash from the race queens.
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  8. Ryk


    That really isn't fair as you started behind the Viper so covered more distance...
    Better luck next time!

    TVR T350C
    (SS at 5/5 brake bias)
    (Starmist Blue)

    24.0/23.1/24.0/23.6/24.5/32.2 (3F6-3R6)
    I made a late end of lap 6 pit stop as I thought I could go 8 laps on the same tyres... I thought wrong!


    26.1/26.6/30.5/38.8 (2F5-0R3)

    Tyres were doing well but as the tread thins, the grip drops so you slide more and wear the tyres much more than normal, which gives you even less grip. I stillgot the win as the AI here was terrible...
    Veyron 09 12m17 (G.deWit)
    GTR Black - 12m23 (A.Nakagawa)

    A proper single stop on lap 4 should be much faster as you can push hard for 4 laps. The car is good, solid. Lacks a bit of ultimate top speed but is swift in and out of corners. Not a great under heavy braking and wasn't pin point during turn in either. Only 5 gears so very simple - Engine is very drivable - woefully underpowered compared to the AI. Fuel is fine for the whole race.
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  9. prescription7


    I tried with the Toyota GT 86 tuned to 450PP that I used for the Seasonal Event. It performed excellently, the tires never really dipped below 40% of the tire life and it didn't lose much pace even at the very end. I was able to barely win against the Huayra.

    Toyota GT 86
    11:55:2XX (1st place, Huayra was +1.05 seconds)
    Sports Softs, 0 stops
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  10. helseth

    helseth Premium

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (price car)
    Weight, transmission and suspension tuned to 490 PP, using SS tyres non-stop 2F4 4R6.

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  11. Ryk


    Had a go in two of the AI cars...

    The McLaren Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee of G Davenport.

    I used SS tyres at each corner and left the brakes at 5/5 but turn the ABS, TCS, SRF ... well all of that girlie-man stuff.

    I had tested at Ascari - Fantastic car, but when the tyres start to go... everything goes pear-shaped. (I found if the rears dropped to "3" then you were either going to have to nurse the car or do you very best Ron Dennis Impression (That would be to 'reverse' into a wall at 150mph in a McLaren road car. (Actually means running out of talent and spinning the car ... and end up hitting a concrete wall backwards.)) (Hope those nerdicons are turned off or that will b one eyed smiley fat guy with an extra lard chin.)

    Ascari - 23m23.8 with two woefully slow fifth laps on chewed up rears... best lap 2m09 - worst? 2m37 (In lap)

    Back to Willow Springs.


    18.1/17.3/17.9/27.6 (5F7-4R6) (28litres)
    36.4/16.3/17.5/19.9 (4F6-3R5)

    I repeated the race as I was obviously way too conservative on my opening stint.
    17.0/15.4/17.1/24.1 (4F6-3R5)
    36.7/16.4/16.8/19.0 (4F6-3R5)

    If you push too hard the tyres wear down and will dramatically lose grip - this is extra hard in this car as the fronts are gripping well - so the balance of the car shifts to the front...
    The car is very fast. into corners and through them. And out of them... I was crossing the start line at 160mph and doing over 150mph through the Sweeper easily with no danger of the car going of road.

    Brakes do lock up at times. But the speed you are chucking the car about it is to be expected.

    Excellent car - just don't expect a paint chip.


    Jaguar XKR-S

    G.Bryan usually drives this car and - let's be honest - most of the time he is a mobile chicane. A Big lumbering heavy chicane that if he wanders into you - your car tends to come off worse.

    I'd just got off my jet from Italy (Rome - weather was great.) After the recent seasonal. I was not expecting much... But swapping to Sport Softs may make the difference? I hoped so, as stock this car was a dog on Sport Hards on Stone Cobbles.


    24.7/23.2/23.9/31.3 (2F5-5R7) (26litres)
    41.5/24.6/24.6/31.5 (0F5-1R6)(Out of fuel)

    Engine sounds great. 5 litre V8 and a blower. Super. Smashing. Great!
    Suspension seems good but it has one thing I really don't get along with in a car and that is weight. If you push the car hard the tyres will take the double whammy of your right foot as you push through corners and your left boot as you put the anchors on into the corners.

    No way for a none stop run it drinks fuel like a hell raising actor. (Oliver Reed?) , a careful caress of the tyres through corners could get them to last for 4 laps; so a sub 12 minute race is very much on the cards - if you resist the temptation to give it the beans through every corner. And that engine will tempt you like a half empty bottle of single malt.

    If the car lost 300 kilos then... it would be a great car but there is a Mass Effect here.
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  12. Ryk


    TVR Speed 12
    (Stock) (With a rear wing... but default set up otherwise!)
    200/465 aero- 80/50 ride height 0.5°/0.5° camber
    SS tyres and 5/5 brake bias.

    21.0/19.4/19.0/31.3 (5F7-5R6) (29litres)

    I know it is a repeat, but I hope my driving has improved... and I think last time I ran this it was with full aero.
    The car is just as fast in a straight line... it are those pesky corners the three headed monster has trouble. Brakes feel weak but this will be down to the sheer speed of the car when you reach the brake zone.

    I think I was nursing the tyres too much... Maybe I could have driven harder over each 4 lap stint.


    Tommykaira ZZ-II
    SS tyres - 5/5 brakes
    80/80 Ride Height
    1.0°/0.5° camber
    120/200 aero
    572pp/542bhp/55 Torques/1000kg

    All stock. Comes with a fair chunk of free magic aero grip and a sprinkle of wheel camber for added cornering prowess... sneaky.

    17.2/17.2/16.5/25.0 (5F7-6R7) (15 litres)
    35.0/17.9/17.5/19.9 (5F6-5R6)

    The car was great for a four wheel drive. I usually find they have so much natural understeer they are a nightmare to drive - The ZZ-II was almost neutral, certainly not a pain to drive. That first run felt easy and the car was pretty good on its tyres... If I could save fuel...

    So I tried for a none stop run on Soft tyres.
    18.7/18.9/22.6/26.7 (1F4-2R5) (Out of fuel)
    (None stop on SS tyres)

    Out of fuel, but I was on the pit straight and was up to 130mph before the engine cut out and I coasted over the line at 110mph... so not a huge loss.

    The car isn't close to how fast the Cerbera Speed 12 was on the straight line stuff... but in the corners it was very planted and eager. - May have a play about to see what is best from a stock car... more aero or less... camber or even some low riding fun.
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  13. Ryk


    Audi R8 4.2

    516pp/414bhp/44torques/1560kg (SS 5/5 BB) (100/200 aero (Stock))

    26.1/21.9/21.7/26.8 (5F7-4R7) (16L)
    40.1/20.8/20.5/29.3 ....
    11m47.0 (Off last lap)

    28.2/25.5/21.2/27.7 (4F6-2R5) (16L)
    39.1/27.6/21.1/26.3 (4F6-1R5)

    22.8/21.1/20.9/26.2 (5F7-3R6) (12L)
    40.0/19.9/21.0/21.7 (4F6-2R5)

    The car is fun but you need to pay attention - the car is nimble and has a very drivable amount of oversteer - This may bite you if you let your mind wander.
    The car isn't that fast in a straight line, crossing the start-line at 140 mph, and the Sweeper could be taken flat-out, gong from 140 up to 150mph before I had to think about the brakes for the final turn.

    The car feels nimble, but the lack of a rabid engine and the natural aero and the weight means wheelspin is absent. Left rear is the weak point, but you can push pretty hard on low levels of tread.

    Pitting out - the re-join will be at high revs in 2nd gear, so be ready to upchange right away - and you can take Castrol flat out straight out of the pit lane.

    Good fun, but mistake will drastically hurt race pace.

    AI of note?

    F1 - -11m20 - 11m26 - 11m24
    FXX- -11m32 - 11m31 - 11m31
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  14. Polsixe


    Sounds like a lot of random AI action, some folks end up with easy and feel its a fail, others have good races. I found it a good challenge, finally winning with an Italia in 11:51, and a Skin of Teeth trophy, but have seen a 11:12 McLaren F1 win and a 12:12 Aventador win.
  15. HBR-Roadhog


    United States
    A lot of it depends on how the AI pits, often the faster cars will pit more than once and that will add 20-30 seconds to the time they take on the race.
  16. minkxxx


    Thanks for the tip on the Tommy Kaira ZZII '00. I managed both the Willow Springs 20 mile and the Apricot Hill 20 minute races with this car;
    only NA,
    SS at Willow Springs,
    RS at Apricot Hill.
    PP 579
    Max Power 542
    Weight 920kg
    TCS 0
    ACM on
    Centre Diff about halfway
    Diff: 5 5
    45 45
    5 5
    Plenty of downforce and suspension to cope.
    I'm stoked about this car. It's a little champion!!
  17. Ryk


    Cadillac CTS-V
    521pp, 555bhp, 76 torques, 1940kg

    What did that nice Nascar chap (With all the badges and logos stuck on his fireproofs) have to say about American Cars...

    Remember the car is HEAVY.

    I wasn't looking forward to this car. The design looks like a 12 year old drew it in the 80's. An Aston looks good. A Jaguar, Looks good; A Mercedes... oh well - Retro is SO last year...

    26.5/24.6/26.5/34.1 (2F5-2R5) (32litres)
    47.3/25.4/26.4/28.5 (2F4-2R5) (Red light)

    Amazingly this run got 3rd place... and almost had 2nd. The ever so sleek Alfa retook 2nd place on the run in from the final turn. You know you don't like a car when you are willing another car to bat your ca to the line. That Alfa has some different styling.

    Why is an Alfa cool but a "Different" Caddy is as cool as a trip to the hospital? Maybe in years to come they will look back on the CTS-V with the same nostalgia as they do those old 50's Caddys with big fins hanging off the back.

    (Back in the day Nostalgia used to be a medical ailment. Ah, the good old days!) (Write that one down.)

    The car is a big lardy bucket. BUT it isn't that terrible to drive, it is just slow and feels slow and heavy in corners, hurting the tyres.
  18. Ryk


    Shelby Cobra 427

    536pp / 484bhp/ 66torques / 1068kg
    I removed the chrome trim from the front and left the front bumper struts (Dangerously sharp metal.)
    Respray in Starmist Crimson (TVR) and bought some old school spoked wheels and painted them gold.

    Bolted on Sport Soft tyres... Turned off the driver anaesthetic's.

    I had three goes. And Jeff Gordon was silent.

    22.4/21.3/21.9/32.3 (6F8 - 3R5) (No fuel)
    43.2/24.8/22.4/23.9 (5F7 - 3R5)

    22.0/21.1/21.9/36.9 (6F8 - 4R6) (No Fuel)
    50.2/20.2/22.6/23.7 (5F7 - 3R6)

    22.1/23.9/21.6/38.2 (6F8 - 2R5) ( 2 litres)
    41.2/21.5/27.7/22.8 (5F7 - 2R5)

    I went easy in the first race. Would the fuel and tyres do a none stop. At first I thought it may, but I felt the left rear was falling away pretty quickly.

    The second race was good but I came into the pits ahead of a cluster of cars... who all passed through me in the pit lane... then when my lollipop guy should have let me go, he held me. Held me far too long and every car I had passé don the track trundled out of the pit lane... grr!

    Third race. I pushed too hard, and got bogged down in the sand after the sweeper when the rear tyre finally had enough. I also had some heavy door handle bashing action after the rabbits Ear on the second lap... Every lap I could see the skid marks as I was almost "pitt"d by P.Saari (Gallardo) I then had to save - and save and save again all along the straight - Not sure how I saved it but I am looking forward to watching the replay! long ribbon of curving skid marks from the exit of Rabbits ear, through th first time split and then into the brake zone for turn 3 (Left).

    Car -
    4 gears, gets up to 150 over the start line, but the rev limiter gets pummeled close to 160... if it oly had a tall 4th gear...
    SS tyres give it lots of low speed grip - way too much to be honest - You can take the Sweeper's 900 foot radius flat out 140-150mph - but the car does judder about a bit. And you lean on the left rear. Good white knuckle fun though.

    Car is Light, so you get into and out of corners quite well but if you are in traffic you will tend to get bullied in any contact - so be careful.

    Fuel is borderline. If you drive hard you will run out. If you short shift it is pretty easy to go nonstop or not need any fuel when you do pit. (But a tyre change gives you enough time for quite a lot of free fuel.)

    Tyres - Left Right is the tyre to watch. It starts off well but the harder you drive the quicker it run down, it is quite good at low numbers - except if you are pulling over 150mph in the sweeper... then you may have to save a fishtail.

    Handling - soft wallowy sloppy - but as a FR car it is very predictable.
  19. Ryk


    Saleen S7


    No aero, you can adjust Ride Height and Tyre Camber (I left mine stock)

    This car looks sleek but drives oddly. It kind of washes out in high speed corners - which meant I had to alter how I drive. basically more slower in and earlier turn ins.

    25.7/19.1/19.2/28.9 (4F6-3R5) (21L)
    38.4/18.7/19.2/20.8 (3F6-3R5)

    21.5/17.1/18.3/29.0 (4F6-4R6) (16L)
    37.2/17.7/21.6/24.0 (3F6-2R5) (Out of fuel - Coasted over the line doing 84mph!)

    18.9/21.6/20.2/28.3 (4F6-4R6) (17L)
    38.0/17.9/18.4/23.8 (4F6-3R5)

    19.8/18.7/18.2/28.8 (4F6-4R6) (18L)
    37.7/22.1/19.1/20.2 (4F6-3R5)

    4 runs?
    Well I got a tough set of AI with the Huarya of P.Rosati and the FXX of M.Aigner. Both of which only pitted once and were generally very nip and tuck having their own race. Only the last race did I manage to pass them and stay in front. But the Saleen has the chops to get the win. But if you muck up you tend to end up in the sand... Even my fast winning race had a trip to the sand (Lap 6) - A future test would be to try to complete in under 11m20.

    It never suddenly fell off the cliff, but if you do push the left rear it can let you down... but the handling in high speed stuff is not to be relied upon anyhow.

    Fuel - You will need more... Remember to push hard in the first stint so you can go easy in the last 4 laps to make sure of going the distance. A Short shift through Rabbits Ear or into Monroe Rise should give you a gallon or so extra juice over a race.

    It feels funny on cold tyres... it is fast but it does understeer a smidge under moderate braking load. It is a quirk I didn't expect. Also if you lean on the rears they can over heat and then the car can get an odd pendulum effect - So take care if you countersteer with the reflexes of an gunfighter... as it can result in much sideways action - a modest case of the Lancia Stratos disease. So moderate your 'Dab of Oppo' and you will be fine.

    Pit Crew
    These guys look so funny in their Pink Black and Gold baby grows and booties.
  20. Ryk


    Lotus Carlton
    472PP/ 375bhp/57Torques/1655kg FR SS (5/5 BB)

    30.1/27.4/28.3/35.0 (2F5-5R7) (4L)
    47.4/2.6/31.3/47.9 (0F4-4R6) Out of fuel

    The Red line is low relative to the rev limiter - but the power band is thicker at lower revs than usual. The car has slight understeer and it is a grind into corners. I didn't enjoy the car much. And running out of fuel was - silly... I also left the track ... so out of fuel I accelerated up to the 50mph pootle speed you get when you car is running on "fumes".

    3,704.6 miles driven at Willow Springs.
  21. KWpilot


    I thought this was funny (for those of you who watched this show) I had never noticed the other driver with that name til after this. The truth is out there!

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  22. Ryk


    S'dana Scully and Phox Mulder are at it again?

    The FXX Files!


    I had a go in a Ferrari F40 today.
    It was terrible! - Well I was driving it. I managed to beat the Polish dude in the other F40... but only because he ran out of fuel on the last lap!

    My Controller is still upset at all the work I do driving cars with no ABS. And my Controller has chosen to be extra grumpy - swapping to "Look behind" view mid race.

    No times - The gears are pretty tall - 2nd dealing with many corners you'd take in 3rd normally. The car is very flighty - and twitchy in turns. The big rear wing gets a natural Aero score of 0/50 - not very much.

    Considering this car evolved form the 80's Ferrari GTO it felt a lot less willing to go fast... Or maybe it is my daft controller.
  23. Ryk


    version 1.09
    Just had the Osteriechring... A 1 ring... Red Bullring update and a few cars. The Prius Le Mans racer (TS030) and that Lexus racer in a nice shade of Orange...

    But on another thread someone said the Previous tricky cars had been fixed... Cizeta V16T and the Ruf BTR stood out.

    So I went to the garage - and pull the dust sheet off the BTR... Nasty Paintchip wasted on that! Still when I drive it I can't see what I did to the car.

    I altered the set up... Previously it was stock - but I had altered the tyres to Sports Mediums on the front and Sports Soft on the rear.
    Sports Softs make the race a tyre issue - The Mediums on the front was a concession to the balance of grip. I just swapped the tyres to Sport Softs front and rear.


    First race I ran into tyre issues - left rear. The car was okay on new tyres but at speed and heavy loading the left rear would just give up - overheat and wear thin... which means you get even less cornering ability. And if you've never driven a BTR at speed with worn rear tyres - you'll earn some macho stripes - if you survive.

    26.5/26.1/27.6/39.2 (7F8-1R4)
    42.3/24.7/37.2/50.7 (7F8-1R3)

    Started well but the left rear gave up - The more I pushed in corners the more I would spool up the left rear - big long dirty tyre marks - on the 3rd and 4th lap the car just won't be able to lap with the same vigour.

    I repeated the race... But dove with a little less gusto - try to conserve the left rear tyre.

    Ruf BTR (SS/SS - 5/5brakes - stock - ABS=0 TCS=0)
    27.0/26.1/26.5/35.5 (8F9-2R6)
    44.0/26.4/27.5/26.3 (8F9-3R6)
    9th place!

    Tyre wear was better - 9/7/5/2 and 9/7/5/3 Left rear - wear after 1/2/3/4 laps. When the tyre is down to 5 you can really feel the lack of grip at the back corner -

    Slower first couple of laps meant that the final coupe of laps were not one way trip into the boondocks. Is it just me or does there seem to be much more vegetation off track than before?

    AI cars (Race 1/Race2)
    Aigner (FXX) 11m26/11m28
    Rosati (Huarya) 11m28/11m40
    Mulder (Enzo) 11m53/11m50
    Davenport (Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee) 11m55/11m55
    Morell (Viper GTS) 11m56/12m08
  24. TexRex

    TexRex Premium

    United States
    Interesting, when a points tie in a championship results in the player taking the win.
  25. usielx313



    I peronally asked the same and the rokect was the best option do far!!!! you will just take the corners buddy!
  26. prescription7


    Ok, this goes against the 'underdog' nature of the thread but this was actually harder than I thought...

    Bugatti Veyron '13
    Stock settings. What makes this tricky is that the Veyron will run out of fuel after 3.75 laps. So this race is a two-stopper! Not knowing that, I initially drove on Sports Hards and ran out of fuel before my tires were worn.

    I tried again, on Sports Softs, pitting on Lap 3 and Lap 6. The Soft tires go off really suddenly in the final few corners before you pit, and the car has a lot of momentum once it starts an unintended high-speed slide!

    (1st) Best lap of 1:18:4XX (I think it was set on the final lap.)
    The Aventador was 5.8 seconds behind.

    What makes this fun is that it really is a compressed version of real race strategy. All of the cars are running different pit windows and it's hard to predict the true running order until the final two laps. By putting on laps 3 and 6, you mostly avoid the traffic and can run on your own for a lot of the race, which helps make up that deficit.
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  27. Dotini

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    There have been many improvements to the AI in the 20 miles of Willow, such as they no longer double pit. Also, your race can be easily lost in the insane pitlane marshalling if you're not careful. So after 10 months away from the game, I was delighted to learn this event has become more interesting than ever.

    One way to avoid the pitlane problem is to pit either very early like lap 3, very late such as lap 7, or not at all. To do either of these strategies requires a car that will do more than 5 laps before wear gets such that you're spinning out or losing time by going too easy.

    Another way to make it easier is to race against lineups which omit rabbits like the Huayra and FXX. Recently I raced against a lineup that featured the Aventador, Viper and Murcielago as the 3 fastest AI. They consistently finished the race in 12 minutes. I was able to win by at least 10 seconds in a 500PP Lotus Elise '11 by running softs and pitting once. But I could win by over half a minute by running the same car on the medium compound without pitting.
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  28. Dotini

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    I'm pleased to report a resounding victory over Aigner (FXX), Mathews (F1 '94), Mulder (Enzo) and Davenport (MP4-12C) with my flat-floored Elise '11 running at 519PP on medium tires with no pitstop.

    Total time was 1:19.972, Best lap at 1:21.206 and MoV was a goodly 6.473 seconds, with no SRF and no blocking. With further tuning I hope to reduce my Elise closer to 500PP against this formidable lineup. I devoted considerable effort to tire mileage, and was able to achieve a very safe 4/6, 4/6.
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  29. Maldoxx


    I won this with a stock MP4-12C, very comfortable race. The Veyron guy pitted a lot, so it was a piece of cake.


    Finished and won in LCC Rocket, pitted in lap 6, just one stop