Win DLC Codes with GTPlanet's Forza Motorsport 6 Photomode Contest

Hello everyone
you may submit only one photo?
thank you :)

Whoops, we should've mentioned that. Yep, one shot per person (though you can edit an older one out for a newer one if you've changed your mind). 👍
@SlipZtrEm Who were the Winners on this just out of interest. I seem to have missed it if it has been mentioned elsewhere..👍

That was quite rude of me to not announce it here, huh? I mentioned them briefly in our Blizzard Expansion live stream, but that was watched by only a handful of people! :lol:

The winners are:
@Overdrive003, @GTDNick72, and @Yui-san. Prizes will be sent out today: I'd like to offer an additional thanks to Overdrive for very graciously selecting the DLC that allowed for both of the other winners to avoid getting duplicates of stuff they already own. A very classy move, sir. 👍