Would you pay to unlock all cars immediately? [poll]

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Would you pay a small amount in order to unlock all the cars in GT5?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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    Yes true, it's normal behaviour for people (and not only humans) to like being rewarded after doing something for it, just google "reward system".

    If I'm playing GTA I don't want all islands to be unlocked immediately either. It keeps things fresh and at a stable pace.
  2. t_w_a_h

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    I'd prefer not to have to pay but I think an option that makes all the content available for those who have no interest in the "collecting" or more generally the offline aspects of the game would be great.

    A proper game. Please define "proper" in the context of a sandbox driving "game".

    Also define "progress". I have learnt a bucket load more sim-racing technique and about racing fast and clean by playing online against fast and clean racers. I have learnt very little of use (I'd be tempted to say nothing, or in fact nothing but bad habits) from racing in A-Spec.

    I have seen so many "I'm level 40, better watch yo'self" guys finish a minute behind the pack online that I have pretty much satisfied myself that offline completion percentage mean nothing in relation to your ability.

    Skill. I laughed. It takes precisely zero skill to earn in game credits to buy cars. You could drive round and round in circles endlessly in LTW if you liked and still get credits to buy cars. Hell, lots of people did exactly that before the seasonals.

    Dedication. I'll give you that one as it absolutely does take a substantial amount of time spent doing something that isn't fun (offline racing against AI) in order to faciliate doing something that is (online racing). Depends on your definition of dedication though...

    I don't feel rewarded by this process, I feel quite bored. I feel I am wasting my precious (and limited) recreational time, learning nothing and gaining no experience (not XP, wheel time) by grinding to save up for a 15m credit car for a one make series online against real, fast, talented sim-racers.

    Citation [in context] please.
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  3. Spagetti69


    Good post twah.

    I can understand the collecting aspect of GT and fully respect people enjoy that.

    Just make all cars available to purchase with in game credits. No levelling up required.

    Keep a UCD for used cars at a cheaper price with miles on them.

    I'm sure someone has worked out how many credits it takes to buy every car in GT. and I bet it's a lot.
    Still a long time to get all cars but still accessible for anyone to get the car they require is the order of the day.
  4. t_w_a_h

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    According to the GT5 matrix the total cost of all cars is:

    491,114,254 of your finest in game credits.

    Which could amount to 3,508 wins (@200% bonus) in the LTW event at Daytona (17,540 laps).

    Think of how skilled you would be after that!!
  5. Spagetti69


    I would be a dribbling wreck.
  6. spikeyhairdude

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    No. i like to get my cars with the ingame credits. Much more fun to collect all cars.
  7. ExigeEvan


    I would pay, but not a lot.

    I've already invested my time to earn the money to buy the game. Why should I have to invest more time (and time is money) to have access to stuff I've already bought with real money?

    It's like buying a CD and being made to listen to the whole album just to hear the last song, your favourite.

    This is why I've never seriously considered buying GT5, unlike GT4 where I could download an unlocked game.
  8. Jamie661

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    Buy* ;)

    Belgium Belgium

    I think that counts for any game with singleplayer, especially since there's no real campaign in GT, although it doesn't have to be the main focus. And whether you like it or not online in GT is only an aspect of the game. I like cruising and racing offline from time to time, but it's not something that - without some kind of purpose - would keep me interested.
  10. Jamie661

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    PD should keep the idea where you have to level up in order to buy the cars.
  11. daus26

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    How but we just have an Arcade mode where everything (cars and tracks) are unlocked?
  12. mathieub33

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    Yes on day one of the release of the game.... too late now i have all the cars... but on november 2010 having all Standard with 0 millage... Wow!
  13. Spagetti69


    Whilst I fully disagree with this I would be interested to hear the case for levelling up.
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    Belgium Belgium

    Hmm, if we'd have to make an agreement then this wouldn't be a bad idea. We keep GT Mode as it is and have Arcade Mode with everything unlocked. And for online we could do the same, keeping them separate (a bit like we have Normal Race and Shuffle Race).
  15. FormulaKimball

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    Agree, basically I think the system in GT4 was fine. I'm cool with having a few "rare" cars that are only available in the UCD if you look on a particular day (like the blacked out versions of the R390, 787B, etc in GT4), but overall the UCD should be full of mostly cheap, beginner cars to get you started, maybe a few old classics now and then but not the super-expensive race cars, those should be at the dealership where they belong, and always available if you can afford them.
  16. Jack The Ripper

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    Absolutely not.
  17. DelVisco

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    I would if the price was right but isn't playing the game to unlock the cars half the fun?
  18. BobbyBRAKEaNek

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    No, absolutely not. No way in hell would I pay to unlock the cars ingame.
    They can make it an option, but I would never... ever, ever, ever, ever... ever, ever, ever, ever, spend my money on in game cars.
  19. Blank_Redge

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    ...well, as I posted in that other thread, while I don't see any harm in it, I personally wouldn't. The idea doesn't appeal to me.
  20. I think paying for the same content twice is just stupid. If it was a good thing to have all cars from the start then make the game work with that idea. Build the gameplay around that idea the players have access to everything from early on. The problem is I don't know any single player games that do it. I don't have any problems giving all cars, free car upgrades and full access to everything from the moment you start the game for the first time. But that is not gran turismo game. That's what racing games that don't have offline mode do. That's when the focus of the game is somewhere else than in the singleplayer campaign.

    That's what online racing sims do because the car selections is about hundred times more limited and the game is actually built around the fact that the game expects the player to drive all cars at some point. But more importantly they give all cars and all content straight to you simply because there is no good gameplay mechanic to make the players to earn the cars. And players want access to all cars because they want to race those cars against other people simply because there may not even be ai to race against in the game.

    Some games do the progression using online competition against other online players. iRacing has a system where you must drive the lower rated cars enough to get access to higher rated stuff. Step by step. Most other games like rfactor and rf2 give you the access to everything because the core gameplay is all about driving the cars. Against ai or against other people.

    For gt game it is different. The game is not about driving all cars. It is not about getting instant access to everything. GT is a career mode game where the key aspect of its gameplay is about unlocking the content by playing the game. I'd go as far as to say the career mode in gt is more important than the driving. The game has more or less carefully laid out career mode where you progress not just by driving the cars but also by managing your credits, tuning your car, buying new cars and by unlocking new content.

    Just like in an adventure or roleplaying game. You start with some poor character who has only dull fork as his weapon and the character is too weak to kill even drunk cats with it. But when you play the game you gain access to other equipment, different equipment and more challenging enemies. You won't kill 20 feet tall orc with that dull fork but if you have some wits and a cursed goblin eater sword and antipoison armor then you can do it. And having that progression is key element in the game. If for some money you could get access to all armors and weapons would it make the game better?

    If the game has a problem with the career mode then the game must change things. If nobody likes to earn content by playing the game then the game is broken. Then it is a bad game. If only some part of the players likes the career mode then it is the job of the game to offer something else for those who do not like the career mode. That something else should not be a money grab but other way to play the game. Be that another game mode, division of offline and online gameplay or something else. But not money. More money leads to just problems.

    So what if gt6 for example offered a game mode with all cars and content for free early on? Note I said for FREE! First of all there is no reason to make that game mode to cost money FFS! I hate the absolute lazyness and greedyness of the whole idea that in order to make a game playable for you you need to pay for it twice. If people want to play gt6 with all cars from the beginning then pd needs to make a game mode that works with that idea. It is and should be only about gameplay and game mechanics, not about paying for the same game twice.

    Being forced to pay for the game twice would also lead to bad things. If the game is selling progress (credits, exp, content) for real money the game developer would have INSANE desire to gimp the career mode to encourage the users to spend more money in the game. If you sell can openers you do not sell cans that can be opened without a can opener. Look at forza 5 and its stupid moneygrabbing ripoff microtransaction system. That's what happens when you allow players to pay to be able to skip playing the game in order to get access something. It's direct result is that the grinds are longer, the game is a lot more grindy. So hell no! Paying to unlock all content is just incredibly stupid idea and let's hope gt6 is not a microtransaction hell like forza 5.

    I don't have anything against game mode where all content is available from the first moment. But make it a game mode and not a money grab.
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  21. Seems like OP wants arcade mode but with more meaningful progression.
  22. MoLiEG

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    This isn't Shift 3, it's GT6.

    NO, just NO.
  23. sayba2th

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    Once again this should be about choice, those who want to can and those who don't can go the old fashioned way. All cars bar prize not so much as you get these as a cherry on top for your "good performances" or make them all available but have a special livery for the prize cars (if that's being done again). I don't think one should be forced either way in today's world of options and choices
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  24. Johnnypenso

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    I'd be all for this as an option. By small amount I'm assuming maybe $20 or less. I'm in the minority, but I'm not looking forward to any part of the game except online. ASpec doesn't interest me in the least but more and more I'm thinking I might have to do at least some of it just to unlock cars and tracks. The ability to shell out $20 and skip everything offline would be a Godsend for me:cheers:
  25. Streeto

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    This is a GT5 thread guys...
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    Cool story bro.
  26. sayba2th

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    :banghead: sigh, so much for my superior education skills when I mistake a 5 for a 6. Better be careful I pick up the right version of GT on December 5, whoops make that 6th :sly:
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  27. Johnnypenso

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    ...in the GT6 Forum and the OP is a mod...so I think we can safely say it's ok to comment on it as if it pertains to GT6 or the GT series as a whole. :)
  28. p3bucky

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    Depends, if by unlocked you mean they are able to be purchased with in game money, then yes. But if it's like the NFS Time Saver packs then no.
  29. Streeto

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    So you're saying, since a moderator made the post, it's OK to bump an 18 month old topic?

    The fact that it's not related to GT6 is also fine I suppose... we all know how GTP mods love those off-topic threads!

    Excellent logic, sir.
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