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If they did introduce Pikes Peak again in the future I'd much rather they did on the PS4, I cannot see the PS3 coping all that well especially with all the trees and foliage, as well as the general scale of the thing :lol:
I'm currently working on a project. It may be for PS4, but I believe it is for PS3 with the limited information I have. The 3D models I'm making have to be limited to around 30 polygons each with a 64x64 texture. :crazy:

Just emphasizing how limited the PS3 really is! Well there can be up to 4000 of those things on the screen at once, but that's still only 120,000 polygons, which is just 1 car from PD.

It's not that I'm not playing GT6 because of the lack of a course maker. I'm not playing GT6 due to the lack of career mode content and that I've completed everything months ago.

I'm sure you've been asked this before, but have you tried doing online competitions? GTP ES is very fun, as well as other competitions that I have attended in the past organized in GTPs Racing forum. Just trying to help out, even if it's a tired old question. :gtpflag:

I doubt there will be anything from GT6 in GT7.

I believe the "we build GT6 with PS4 in mind" refers only to assets like cars, tracks, textures.
Umm... you seem conflicted, your whole post is contradictory. I think that they will use as much from GT6 as they can for GT7. The more stuff they are able to save the more "stuff" they can cram into the next game in a shorter amount of time.

If they can, they will.
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Does anyone recognize this track?