Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: A Big, Bold Autumn

Golden leaves and darkening clouds herald the beginning of another Autumn season this week on Forza Horizon 4. A fresh remix of returning events and rewards will help keep anyone busy trying to complete their collections.

This week has a pair of loud American machines up for grabs, as well as updated prizes for finishing the weekly seasonal Playlist to 50% and 80%.

Fast and Loud

One car is worthy of noting in this week’s Seasonal Playlist: the 1971 Porsche 917/20. Being part of the highly dominant 917 bloodline, this particular version served as more of an experiment for Porsche.

The unusually bulbous body is the result of combining the aerodynamic advantages of the 917 K and 917 LH, and the butcher’s diagram livery led to the 917/20 being unglamorously christened “The Pink Pig”. Powering this machine is a 4.5-liter flat-12 pushing 600hp. Although the Pink Pig qualified in 7th for the 1971 Le Mans 24 Hours, it would retire following a brake failure. 1971 was to be the only race for the 917/20.

A new Horizon Backstage Pass is also available if you’re after a more exclusive car at the festival.

Let the horses out of the stables for Autumn’s Photo Challenge, as you’ll need a Prancing Horse for #TwoGenerationsOfStallion. Here, you’ll need to snap any Ferrari alongside the Uffington White Horse.

Seasonal championship prizes include the Hummer H1 Alpha and 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

A more appealing prize is the 1991 Peugeot 205 Rallye. During the time of the hugely successful 205 GTI, the Rallye was conceived as a cheaper alternative. Peugeot stripped the Rallye of many creature comforts, resulting in a weight of just over 1,700lbs. As a result, the 205 encourages you to thrash its 100hp 1.3-liter engine at every opportunity. Chassis tweaks also allow you to throw the car into corners.

You’ll need to complete the Autumn Playground Games if you want to get the 205 in your garage.

Autumn brings a new set of Super7 challenges for those looking to test themselves. Finish the seven cards and you’ll win a Bentley Continental GT Forza Edition.

Events and prizes for Autumn are below:

Retro Rally Rumble

  • Series: Dirt Racing Series
  • Cars: Retro Rally
  • Restrictions: B Class, 700 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, 25,000 CR, 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Autumn Developer Championship

  • Series: Road Racing Series
  • Cars: Modern Supercars
  • Restrictions: S1 Class, 900 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, 25,000 CR, Ferrari Enzo

Heavyweight Champions

  • Series: Cross Country Series
  • Cars: Heavy Hitters
  • Restrictions: A Class, 800 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, 25,000 CR, Hummer H1 Alpha

The Trial: Trials and Tribulations (Co-Op Championship)

  • Series: Road Racing Series
  • Cars: Ferrari
  • Restrictions: S1 Class, 900 PI
  • Prizes: Aston Martin One-77

Autumn Games – Series 39

  • Series: Playground Games
  • Cars: Super Hot Hatch
  • Restrictions: A Class, 800 PI
  • Prizes: Peugeot 205 Rallye

Super7 – Autumn

  • Completion Prize – Bentley Continental GT Forza Edition

Rannoch Shelf Danger Sign

  • Season Objective: 561 ft

Derwent Reservoir Speed Trap

  • Season Objective: 190 mph

Toft Speed Zone

  • Season Objective: 135 mph

Forzathon Events

Forzathon shines the spotlight on a German sports car powerhouse this week, with Porsche taking center stage. Grab any one of the Stuttgart sensations in your garage and get rolling.

Up next, demonstrate the motorsport pedigree of your chosen weapon by taking victory in three Road Racing Series events. Afterwards, relax with a marathon drive around the UK. With Porsche’s outstanding performance, 26.2 miles should fly past.

Bring this week’s challenges to a close by showing off Porsche’s surprise rallying heritage and winning a total of three Dirt Racing Series events.

Forzathon Shop

An eclectic mix of cars are in the shop for Autumn, headlined by the bold and brash Cadillac Escalade.

If you’re looking to make a statement at a gathering, or pretend to be in a rap music video, then the Escalade is the ideal car for the job. With lashings of ostentatious luxury, the Caddy has been designed with off-road abilty quite low on the priority list. With a 6.2-liter V8 making 400hp, it needs all that power to get the nearly 6,000lb bulk to move at a swift pace.

With the Escalade costing a rather dizzying 599 Forzathon Points, we advise looking towards the Auction House to search for a better deal.

If you want to go offroading without worries, there’s the 2015 Alumi Craft Class 10 Forza Edition.

Built to conquer some of the toughest desert rallies in the world, the Class 10 is capable of crossing the Baja at great speed thanks to its long travel suspension. In order to comply with rules for its class, the Alumi features a 2.4-liter engine making 196hp, which is more than enough to beat dirt trails and sand dunes into submission. The specially tuned Forza Edition also features a Destruction Skills boost.

The Class 10 will set you back 350 FP, which will save you a lot of time against trying to win one from a Wheelspin.

This week’s clothing and novelty items include the Golden Cap and the Clown Dance emote.

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