Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: Rumble in the Sunshine

The baking heat of the sun over the UK means that a brand new Summer season has begun in Forza Horizon 4. Series 51 has now officially started, meaning a fresh reset of events and more chances to grab the latest rewards over the next four weeks.

Fast and furious performance legends are in the prize pool for Summer, plus another set of cars waiting to be claimed after completing both the seasonal and full playlists to 50% and 80%.

Smoking Hot

Kicking off the Summer seasonal rewards is the 2018 Honda Civic Type R.

The current FK8 generation of Honda’s venerable hot hatch is one of the most extreme-looking and performing versions around.

Although the styling may be seen as overdone, all of the slashes and scoops are functional. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine has some slight upgrades over the FK2 generation, producing 316hp exclusively through the front wheels. Due to this, the FK8 receives extensive chassis upgrades to get that power on the road or the track.

A car that’s even more potent is the 2018 KTM X-Bow GT4. Purpose built for racing to GT4 regulations, the X-Bow needed to undergo significant modifications to make it legal.

The biggest change was the addition of a canopy which also gives the benefit of improved aerodynamics, as most of the KTM’s design needed to be smoothed over to allow for greater downforce. A 2.0-liter turbocharged Audi engine makes a respectable 326hp, which may not be much by GT4 standards, but is balanced out by the X-Bow’s light weight.

Complete the full playlist and you’ll get a new Horizon Backstage Pass and an Emory Porsche 356 RSR

Summer’s first Photo Challenge for the new series needs you to go into a snake pit. #PrizedPossession wants you to snap the very intimidating and dangerous 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Over at the seasonal championships, the prize pool includes the Volkswagen Global Rallycross Beetle and BMW M3 GTS.

One particular car that stands out is the 2004 Honda Civic Type R. Although it’s only the second Civic to use the fabled badge, the EP3-generation Type R is often regarded as the finest variant in the Honda’s legacy.

The upgrades to the handling created a car that begs to be driven hard through corners, but the star of the show is the the Civic’s naturally aspirated 2.0-liter VTEC engine. Making 200hp, the EP3 demands that you rev it all the way out to its 8,000rpm redline.

You’ll have to win the “Boiling Point” championship to bring the Civic home.

Summer also brings a Showcase Remix event in the form of “Motocross Purposes”. Here, you’ll be strapped into an Ariel Nomad for a dash through the forest against a team of dirt bikes.

The newest Monthly Rivals event sees you trying to tame the 1,900hp electric Rimac Concept Two at Astmoor Heritage Circuit.

You can also help spice up Series 51 by engaging in the latest Super7 challenges for this week. Finish all seven cards and a 2012 Ford Mustang Shelby 1000 will be delivered to your garage.

You can view the latest Summer events below:

German Engineering

  • Series: Road Racing Series
  • Cars: German cars
  • Restrictions: S1 Class, 900 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, 25,000 CR, BMW E92 M3 GTS

Boiling Point

  • Series: Dirt Racing Series
  • Cars: Retro Rally
  • Restrictions: B Class, 700 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, 25,000 CR, 2004 Honda Civic Type R

Forest Monsters

  • Series: Cross Country Series
  • Cars: Rally Monsters
  • Restrictions: S1 Class, 900 PI
  • Prizes: 15,000 CR, 25,000 CR, Volkswagen Global Rallycross Beetle

The Trial: Honda Cup (Co-Op Championship)

  • Series: Road Racing Series
  • Cars: Honda
  • Restrictions: A Class, 800 PI
  • Prizes: 2005 Honda NSX Type R

Summer Games – Series 51

  • Series: Playground Games
  • Cars: Muscle vs Tuner
  • Restrictions: A Class, 800 PI
  • Prizes: 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z

Super7 – Summer

  • Completion Prize: 2012 Ford Mustang Shelby 1000

Bamburgh Dunes Speed Trap

  • Season Objective: 225mph

The Great Ridge Danger Sign

  • Season Objective: 915.4ft

Oldweir Speed Zone

  • Season Objective: 150mph

Forzathon Events

This week’s Forzathon looks at one of Blackpool’s finest ever sports cars, as the spotlight turns to the 2005 TVR Sagaris. Jump aboard this fiberglass rocketship and head onto the open road to kick things off.

Up next, find the longest stretch of straight road you can and unleash the TVR’s power in order to reach its top speed of 185mph. After that, swallow some brave pills as you’ll have to earn a total of 10 Daredevil skills.

Round off this week by heading to the races and taking victory in a Road Racing Series event at the punishing Goliath.

Forzathon Shop

Homologation specials are front and center in the shop this week, with the 1994 Toyota Celica on the main stage.

Regarded as one of the greatest rally cars of all time, the ST205-generation Celica intended to pick up where the ST185 left off in the World Rally Championship. Although its racing career was highly successful, the ST205 was infamously embroiled in Toyota’s cheating scandal during the 1995 rally season.

Despite this, the road car would go on to become a cult classic in JDM circles. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine makes 255hp, coupled to a four-wheel drive system to allow for rapid progress when driving down a twisty road in any weather.

Even so, the Celica is an expensive investment at 599 Forzathon Points, but whatever your opinion on its history, this remains one of the coolest rally-bred machines around.

If you need a bit more muscle to go racing, there’s the 1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV.

As its name suggests, this Commodore was built in order to homologate the racing variant to Group A specifications. It was also the first car to be built by the Holden Special Vehicles skunkworks. The road version features a revised bodykit that was made from plastic, earning it the nickname of “Plastic Fantastic”. Despite this, drag was reduced significantly.

Powering it is a 5.0-liter V8 making 241hp. Despite the low power output, it is capable of being thrashed without tearing itself apart. Holden only had to make 500 units for homologation, but demand was so high that an additional 250 units were built, although the final models struggled to leave showrooms.

The Holden is also 599 FP, but it will be a worthy purchase of one of the most iconic Australian sedans ever made.

Clothing items for this week are the Pike Biker Jersey and Pelican T-shirt

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