Latest Forza Horizon 5 Stream Will Detail Mexico’s Biomes

Playground Games will broadcast a new stream in its “Let’s Go” series today, revealing more details about the next game in the Forza Horizon series, Forza Horizon 5.

It’ll be the fourth video in the series, following on from the original launch show, a look at how the team captured the skies of Mexico, and an in-depth discussion of the game’s new audio standards last time out.

This time, the episode’s focus is Mexico itself, and specifically the virtual version’s interpretation of the country’s “biomes”. If you’re not familiar with the term, a biome is a region covered by relatively similar climate conditions which sees the same sort of flora and fauna populating it; in gaming terms, it means areas of a certain geographical kind: desert, forest, tundra, lowlands, mountains, and so on.

For Forza Horizon 5, these biomes will consist of regions like living and sand deserts, hills and the already famous volcano, tropical and rocky coasts, farmland, jungle, swamp, and some urban biomes such as the feature city of Guanajuato.

Though the FH5 map is a stylized version of the country, each of these biomes is inspired by a real area within Mexico. As with the previous video on capturing the sky, we’ll likely hear about Playground’s trips to Mexico to record the essence of these regions for digital recreations.

The stream will go live at 1730 UTC, and you can catch it in full below:

As with episode three of Let’s Go, the stream will follow on from the regular Forza Monthly show. This month’s instalment will detail what’s coming up in Series 38 of Forza Horizon 4, and we’re due for something of a shift in format for the update which arrives in August.

That’s because Series 37 was the last update with planned vehicle content, as the Playground Games team moves to FH5 to ensure the game lands this November. This doesn’t mean the game’s support has ended — there are unspecified plans for 4‘s future we’re likely to see after 5 arrives — but from Series 38 and on we’ll see recycled content from previous Series, starting at Series 7.

The Forza Monthly live stream will also feature some information on FH5, with the show set to include Mexican street artist Farid Rueda in a discussion of the murals seen in the launch trailer. It all gets underway at 1600 UTC, and you can watch it below: