Live Stream: Forza Horizon 5 Let’s Go 7 to Dig into Horizon Adventure Single Player

The latest “Let’s Go” preview for Forza Horizon 5 will stream later today, September 7, and reveal more about the game’s single-player mode.

Playground Games certainly hasn’t been shy on revealing details about FH5 so far, with its dedicated streams coming once a fortnight after the game’s original official unveiling.

Thus far we’ve seen information on the game setting of Mexico, details on how the team captured the country’s skies, and the new audio recording and synthesis techniques employed for FH5. In recent weeks PG has revealed the full map, and almost 150 of the cars you’ll be able to drive at launch.

While we’re certain that we’ll see more of the cars coming to FH5 — both new and returning — in this week’s stream, and on social media later in the week, that’s not the focus this time out. Instead the episode will look at the “Horizon Adventure”, the campaign mode in FH5.

Although we’re not entirely sure what to expect, the PG team has revealed a few little scraps of information already in its streams.

Firstly, there’ll be more than one Horizon Festival location — in fact six of them — and some of the campaign will center on the player exploring the map to find new Festival sites. We also know that the Festivals deal with different race types, and we’ve seen the Apex Festival for road races and the Wilds Festival for dirt races in previous streams.

A Q&A session revealed that the player leveling system will be familiar to Forza Horizon 4 players, although further details are still under wraps. If you’re not familiar, FH4 saw players gain “influence” within a selection of different categories — for the various stunts, race types, and individual story groups — which also increased their overall level. Once a player reached level 200, they’d reset to level one again but with a new icon in their profile to indicate this, similar to a prestiging system seen in other titles.

PG has promised that the campaign will be “quite different”, so it remains to be seen exactly how this will work and we’d expect today’s stream to reveal more details on this.

The stream will go live at 1700UTC today, September 7, and you’ll be able to catch it in full below.

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  1. HuskyGT

    As long as they maintain the freedom of previous entries, I’m fine. No forced upgrades/downgrades. Freedom to play any event with any car. If I can play the entire campaign from beginning to end with either a stock Honda Prelude or a Bugatti Veyron I will be happy.

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