Forza Monthly Stream to Reveal “Horizon Road Trip” Theme and Audi RS e-tron GT

With the officially unnumbered Series 11 of Forza Horizon 5 entering its final week today, the Playground Games team is ready to unveil what the next month holds in a new Forza Monthly coming today, at 1600 UTC.

Update (September 8): The stream is on hold for unspecified reasons, and will be broadcast at a later date.

Update (September 12): PG has announced the rescheduled stream will broadcast at the same time on September 12.

We already know that the Series is set to be called “Horizon Road Trip”, with PG has dropping numbers from the Series names as of August’s update, but quite what it entails is something of a mystery at the moment.

Players browsing the “Coming Soon” section of the game’s Festival Playlist will see that new cars, challenges, and seasonal races are among what’s on offer — which is to be expected — along with the less standard note of “new body kits”. Hopefully all will be revealed during the Monthly stream event.

One thing we can say will appear though is a new car in the shape of the Audi RS e-tron GT, as PG has chosen an image of the vehicle driving through the fictional version of Guanajuato for the stream cover image.

This close relative of the Porsche Taycan is Audi’s take on a four-door electric executive coupe. It packs the same two-motor setup as the Taycan, but with power sitting at 637hp (475kW) for the hot RS model — midway between the Taycan GTS and Taycan Turbo.

All models come with the same 84kWh (net) battery pack as the Performance option on the Taycan, which is one of very few batteries compatible with full 800V, 270kW rapid charging — although you won’t need to take advantage of this in FH5.

As a brand-new EV to the game it’s likely to make an appearance in the Forza EV monthly event for Series 12, but other events and new cars are under wraps for now.

The Forza Monthly will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube at 1600UTC on Monday September 12, and you can catch it in full below:

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