Forza Monthly Stream to Preview Rally Adventure Expansion & Horizon Midnights

A Forza Monthly stream is set to go live later today, Monday March 27, as the Forza Horizon 5 festival evolves and, for a second time, expands later this week.

The stream is scheduled to get underway at 1600 UTC, and the primary purpose is to dig a little deeper into the Rally Adventure Expansion which arrives on Wednesday for those who’ve purchased it or have relevant bundles of game editions, and the new Series 19 update which comes along in an update on Tuesday.

Of course we already know plenty about Rally Adventure thanks to previews across the past month. It brings along ten new cars, all themed around off-road driving — though there’s plenty of road rallying action too — as well as a new map area called Sierra Nueva (“New Mountains”).

You’ll be racing to become champion of each of three teams that specializes in different rally disciplines — with road, dirt, and mixed-surface all represented — chasing down 27 new Achievements to be crowned the ultimate rally champion.

The expansion also brings new features like an optional rally mode that sees the traditional HUD and guidance elements replaced with a pace-note system.

Series 19 also gets underway on Thursday this week, with the title “Midnights at Horizon”. Aside from the detail that this will see a longer night period in FH5’s day/night transition, we’ve yet to hear too much about the new series so this stream will be a good chance to find out more — including any new cars that are on the way.

While the Playground Games team did post a teaser last week, it’s proven particularly hard to decipher; as far as we can tell, something will be going on at the Horizon Stadium — other than just reverting to its normal state after the Stadium Stunt Park is removed at the end of Series 18.

You’ll be able to watch the stream from 1600 UTC on Monday March 27 on Twitch or YouTube, and we’ve embedded it at the top of this article too. There’s no word yet if a Horizon Let’s Go stream will follow on as usual, but the 90-minute run time of Forza Monthly may well encompass it.

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