Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Expansion Achievements Revealed

With just a weekend to go until the new second expansion for Forza Horizon 5, Rally Adventure, goes live, the new Achievements you’ll be racing for have been revealed via the Steam and Xbox storefronts for the game.

There’s 27 Achievements in total, adding up to a further 500 Gamerscore, and they’re largely awarded for completing tasks as you’d expect.

The storyline of the expansion sees you trying to ascend the ladders of three different teams, run by three of the main game’s core non-player characters. There’s Alejandra’s Apex Predators road rally team, dirt racing team Horizon Raptors under Alex, and Rami’s Grit Reapers which races on mixed surfaces but at night.

In each case there’s Achievements for joining the teams, for leveling up to the seventh tier of the teams’ “reputation” challenges, and for completing all of the reputation challenges for each outfit. You’ll also pick up one Achievement the first time you complete all of the events for one team and become the champion, and one for completing all three.

Alongside these, there’s Achievements for completing “Horizon Race” and “Horizon Rally” events. These are races which use the traditional FH5 HUD and the new HUD with pace-notes respectively.

Naturally there’s a bunch of new collectibles and Achievements for getting them all. You’ll need to grab 150 Pinata Trucks, 150 Night Crates, and 30 Reputation Boards to pick up the respective Achievements. Of course there’s also one for discovering all of the roads on the new Sierra Nueva map, and one for hitting three stars in every new PR Stunt on the map.

One that catches the eye requires you to bank a million “Skill Points”. We suspect — and really hope — that’s a slip-up, and actually means “Skill Score”! You can see a full list of the Achievements, their requirements, and the associated Gamerscore below:

Forza Horizon 5 Rally Expansion Achievements

  • Horizon Badlands Champion – Become the Horizon Badlands Rally Champion (50GS)
  • Completed It Mate – Complete all the Reputation Challenges (30GS)
  • Canyon Master – Earn 3 Stars from every freeroam PR Stunt in Sierra Nueva (25GS)
  • Picking Up The Tab – Win all three Team Champion Races (25GS)
  • Road Book – Discover every road in Sierra Nueva (25GS)
  • Welcome to Sierra Nueva – Arrive at the Horizon Badlands Outpost (25GS)
  • Cash and Rally – Make your way up to the 7th Tier of Grit Reapers Reputation Challenges (20GS)
  • Course Connoisseur – Win all Horizon Race events (20GS)
  • In The Still Of The Night – Join the Grit Reapers Team (20GS)
  • It’s Rally Time! – Join the Horizon Raptors Team (20GS)
  • Just Reppin’ – Make your way up to the 7th Tier of Apex Predators Reputation Challenges (20GS)
  • Keep Calm And Rally On – Win all Horizon Rally events (20GS)
  • Living up to the Rep – Make your way up to the 7th Tier of Horizon Raptors Reputation Challenges (20GS)
  • Pink Slip – Win your first Team Champion Race (20GS)
  • Road Rally – Join the Apex Predators Team (20GS)
  • Generating Alternate Smash Flows – Smash all 30 Reputation Boards (15GS)
  • Put it on my Smash Drive – Smash 150 Night Crates (15GS)
  • Smashlicious – Smash 15 Reputation Boards (15GS)
  • Smashtastic – Smash 150 Piñata Trucks! (15GS)
  • Backwards, At Night, In The Rain – Complete all of Ramiro’s Reputation Challenges (10GS)
  • Better Together – Win your first Horizon Race event (10GS)
  • Follow My Lead – Complete all of Alejandra’s Reputation Challenges (10GS)
  • I Ain’t Gonna Change – Complete all of Alex’s Reputation Challenges (10GS)
  • Life Skills – Bank 1 Million Skill Points in Sierra Nueva (10GS)
  • Rouen – Win your first Horizon Rally event (10GS)
  • That Time of Year – Complete any Seasonal Activity in Sierra Nueva (10GS)
  • Unlimited Rally – Cross your first Split-Gate in a Horizon Rally event (10GS)

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