Forza Motorsport: Introductory Gameplay Revealed in New Video

Turn 10 has revealed the opening stages and tutorial of Forza Motorsport in its latest Forza Monthly show, giving players an idea of what to expect when they boot the game up in a little under a month’s time.

The initial gameplay period consists of three individual events, using both of the game’s cover cars — the Cadillac Racing V-Series.R 2023 and Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray 2024 — as well as a free “starter” car that players can select from one of three entry-level options.

Three of Forza Motorsport’s fictional circuits host the events too, with the brand-new Grand Oak and Circuit Hakone tracks alongside the returning Maple Valley circuit.

It’s Maple Valley that opens the action, guiding you through a practice lap of the course in the E-Ray for a tutorial session with the game’s basic controls and the driving line.

From there you’re thrust into the tail end of a 20-lap race at Circuit Hakone using the Cadillac. Your goal is simply to finish — although you’ll probably note from the video above that the AI is not exactly in its most challenging state…

That puts you into the initial avatar creation and — other racing games take note — that includes the option to select a female body-type as well as a male body-type, along with basic selections for your race overalls. Then you’ll select your free starter car.

There’s three options here, with the front-wheel drive Honda Civic Type R 2018, rear-wheel drive Ford Mustang GT 2018, and the all-wheel drive Subaru STI S209 2019. Whichever one you pick you’ll be thrust into a sample race event at a short “Club” layout of Grand Oak Raceway — as part of the Builders Cup Intro Series.

This series will consist of three races — with the other two rounds taking place at the Mugello Club Circuit and Kyalami. Each has a practice session, with specific goals to meet and a taste of the Track Mastery system, followed by a race against 23 of Forza Motorsport’s new AI. Complete that and you’ll gain access to the start of the Builders Cup itself.

We don’t yet know what awaits beyond that point, although T10 notes that among several “themes” for the Builders Cup there’s Modern, Enthusiast, Power, and Legacy Tour events, each with their own vehicle types; passing the Intro Series will open up the Modern Tour’s Practical Performance event.

You can keep up to date with all the latest information about Forza Motorsport on the GTPlanet forums and in our dedicated game Guide. The game itself launches October 10 on Xbox Series consoles and PC, and on Game Pass, with five days’ early access beginning October 5 for players who buy the Premium Edition or Premium Add-Ons.

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