Gran Turismo 5 Demo Hits December 17


Announced just hours ago on the PlayStation EU Blog, GT Academy 2010 will be held in a brand new demo of Gran Turismo 5 hitting the PlayStation Store on December 17, 2009. The demo will feature a stock and tuned version of the Nissan 370Z, and, while Sony has decided not to release the track just yet, I have been aware of the competition for some time now and GTPlanet can reveal the demo will include either Spa Francorchamps or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, Sony described the track as a “specially created section of a new Gran Turismo 5 circuit”, which suggests to me it’s the Indianapolis GP Circuit, as it is quite literally a “section” of a larger circuit. (Let’s not forget it was also the big track prominently shown in Gran Turismo 5’s E3 2009 trailer.)

The GT Academy competition will work much like it did last time, only it’s expanded to include all of the countries listed after the jump – though if you’re from the United States like myself, don’t bother looking. Although it’s more than a little disheartening to be left out of the competition for a second time, Sony’s blog post assures us that countries not included in GT Academy will still get to try out the demo. Bring on the 17th!

UPDATE:  A few more specifics have been announced on the GT Academy Facebook page: anyone who has ever held a national or international racing license or who is under the age of 18 is exempt from the competition. It will begin on December 17th and will end of January 24th, and will consist of two “stages”, each featuring new circuits:

Stage One – will offer Gran Turismo fans a sneak preview of the hotly-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 game, due for release during 2010. Competitors will record flying laps on a time trial-based track available via PlayStation®Network, accessed through PS3. Unlike the first GT Academy, participants will not have to enter the competition using the GT5 PrologueTM game itself, and so even more hopeful racing drivers are expected to take part.

Stage Two – the holders of the twenty fastest online lap times from each participating country will qualify for their national final event. Tensions will run high as they battle each other on another exclusive Gran Turismo 5 level for the chance to move to the next phase of the competition.

Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo series, shares Wijnen’s enthusiasm. “This has been a very rewarding partnership. The whole GT Academy concept is very close to my heart. Our target with the Gran Turismo series has always been to come as close as possible to a real driving experience. To witness the level of driving achieved by GT players after a relatively short space of time at the GT Academy was very satisfying for me and I look forward to seeing the 2010 finalists in action. I am also very happy to have the opportunity for our GT community to have a preview of the Gran Turismo 5 game.”

The online section of the game will run from 17 December until 24 January with national finals following soon afterwards. The GT Academy itself takes place from 26 February until 3 March. The two winners will have to quickly clear their diaries, as their intensive training programme will start immediately and culminate in one driver racing in the opening European GT4 Cup race that could be at Silverstone on 2 May.

UPDATE 2: The prizes offered for United States and Canadian residents has also just been announced. The fastest players from each country will be offered VIP access to the 2010 Indianapolis 500 race. For more details, see the official rules here.

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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Comments (136)

  1. blackkeymaestro

    If the US download does not show up in PS Store tonight, I’m making an UK account and hope to find the demo then!

  2. kingofcustoms92

    OMG, today is the 17th, im still at school, i don’t it will have it on the Canadian PS Store :S (im hoping they’ll put it on the canadian ps store) if they don’t, im not going to be happy about it :@

  3. RaWRespect

    This is what i’ve been waiting for another GT Academy. First was allready awesome and i’m hoping to qualify again in the first round. Will be a lot of hours playing !

    Some people from Holland here ?

  4. Incal

    Having Francorchamp (aka Spa) is Gran Turismo series is like to have Porsche or Ferrari as manufacturers.
    A game cannot calls “himself” the best driving simulator if it cannot propose the biggest sport car manufacturer and one of the most famoust track in the world.
    Francorchamps is the most exiting track in Formula 1. Less famous than Monaco but much more interesting for driver.
    Francorchamps is a real “circuit”, from the beginning, even the old one (almost 20 km).
    I defintively prefer Francorchamps than any other circuits. Any type of car can give you fun on this track: from 2CV to F1.

  5. noname

    Ok, i am really lost now! So many misunderstandings that I dont know what to believe anymore.. JORDAN, if you read this, please answer me.. I live in Denmark (Europe).. Will I be able to join the competition? Some people says that its only for the americans and canadians, and some people says that its not for American and Canadians, but everyone else. Please reply, im so confused ;'(

  6. cory

    well, that’s exactly my point. looking at rain tire treads, they all start towards the center of the tire and taper in a general outward pattern. i assumed that, as the tire rolled on a wet surface, the point in the center would make contact first, and any water that got caught in the tread would be brought down the channels and pushed out the side of the tire. the way those 370z tires work, as they rolled, they would bring water to the center of the tire and trap it there, causing it to hydroplane. i don’t know that for sure, its just how i always figured it worked. and i know this is really breaking down every detail, but isn’t that what this wait is all about?

  7. ralph89

    I’m not sure if this is the right guess, but I think the reason why the tires are mounted backward is for rain?

  8. Tim

    I am wondering Have polyphony done this because it’s near completion and they want to show off certain aspects. or is it simply a way to do the Academy competition?

    ethier way it’s encorauging to get a demo at least and the chance to actually play GT5 is good because it will give me the go or no-go to make me spend more money and get the special edition which I at we dont know much about.

    I must say the 350Z in the shots is looking outstanding and I really do think the folks at microsoft have got something to worry about (I am not a fanboy and never will be I personally was dissapointed with Forza I personally found no enjoyment with it and turned it off after just 15 mintutes of playing)

    Bring on the 17th i did not enter the academy last time and wont this time but at least i can try the demo.

  9. haris

    Greece is part of Europe yes or no??????
    Europe is A GREEK NAME yes or no?????
    Then why is OUT of that????????
    To all Greeks that they still feel a little bit
    proud for their country,
    DON’T BUY OR DOWNLOAD GT5 untill the
    PD and Sony put Greece in their plans.

  10. Big Ron

    I bet, the track is just Tokyo. Why not, it isn´t necessary for PD on which track the users get their fastest lap and it isn´t necassary to use a real track.

  11. nick

    so does polyphony expect me to download the demo for 1 new car with one track to race onwhen i already have prologue? that is a huge waste of bandwidth, am i missing something here?

  12. taekwondo4ever

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if we live in the U.S., can we just make a European PSN account for the demo?

  13. chris

    yes warden, i know ford isint australian, but im talkin about the fords that are made here in aus, not the ones made in america! do u guys over in the USa have ford falcons? idk if u do but they would be fun to have in gt5, but im a holden person, of if ur american, GM!

  14. tameem


    the demo is available in every country as long as you have access to PSN you should be able to download the demo

  15. cory

    i could be totally wrong here, but the tread pattern on that 370z’s tires doesn’t appear to be very… useful, i guess. It looks like a directional tire mounted in reverse. In the rain, the it would bring water towards the center of the tire, not push it out. and if its for grip, might as well not bother with tread at all. my thoughts.

  16. Warden

    chris Says: why cant they put more australian cars in, like more holden’s and fords!

    umm hate to be the one to tell you this chris but ford IS NOT australian.

  17. yanfloist

    Alright! A demo!! The 17th is not too far away. I’m going to be playing it all winter break, no school!! YEAH!!

  18. chris

    man why cant PD introduce some australian tracks, like the bathurst track, one of the best tracks in the world! and why cant they put more australian cars in, like more holden’s and fords!

  19. thatone_guy

    How can the USA be left out of GT Academey again!?!? This is total bullcrap. During the tanner foust competition I believe I came in 32nd by the time the competition ended. I am right up there near the top of the leaderboards on time trials when I can devote enough time into them. This is extremely dissapointing that Americans are being left out of GT Academy.

    Good news about the demo though I guess…

  20. Zmann42087

    If the track is Spa-Francorchamps, this demo would literally keep me satisfied until GT5’s release (March ’10). If it’s Indy? Fugetabowtit.

  21. Joshua_TechNow

    Yes, But I Dont understand why only for europe?? People have been wating all across the world for this. Even a simple demo of GT5 will get the public going crazy! Looks like I would need to create a European account to download this, come on it’s a Nissan 370z/Tuned with how much power. Plus the Stock version ! You Guys remember GT-HD demo, that had about 20 cars included in it. I’m Going to download this Demo when it comes out… i’m not missing out on anything from the gran turismo series. [this includes this too]

  22. exgeeinteractive

    HAHA Jordan just leaked SPA.

    SPA SPA SPA!!!

    F2007 – Down the hill towards the Legendary Eau Rouge 190 MPH at the bottom of the hill. 5G in compression, 4G in lateral forces


  23. FlareKR

    Time to break out the European account again (after being terribly dissapointed by Supercar Challange beta, wtf was that).
    Too bad the comp is only for 18 and older (not to mention Europe). I guess they won’t trust a 16 year old who’s a much better driver than all those wanna-be ricers.
    And why do the front tires look like the back tires?

  24. Maximou

    If I remember well, some cheaters were disqualified from last GTAcademy’s time trial. I think it’s something PD, Sony and Nissan take quite seriously.

  25. reaperman

    PD’s release timeframe is still lame, but this demo should shut me up for a couple days. I assume the usual PD time trial rules still apply though. Cheaters won’t be disqualified and clean laps won’t be rewarded. Turn the one who cheats the best into a race car driver?

  26. Mickle Pickle

    There seems to be confusion amongst you guys..

    so to make it clear:

    The DEMO will be available for all to all in each and every country of this planet earth… so long as you have a working PS3!

    Only the competitions finalists are to be from the above-listed countries…
    The players from any other countries NOT listed, can still play the demo, but they will not be eligible for the competition… there might or might not be a separate competitions for them and us North Americans.

    Again: on the 17th, everyone will be able to drive that 370z ;)

  27. Rick

    it would also be cooler if this was an add-on to Prologue!!!! also, we should question the track choice.

    1. this demo is in Europe
    2. it has to be Spa because of where the demo is first at
    3. i love spa and loved it in NFS shift

    i hope you can see some logic here

  28. JDigital

    And yes, Volk TE37 are the wheels… (how a car enthusiast would not know those particular wheels is kinda strange… whats next, don’t know LMGT4s?)

  29. Ennur

    The track could still be Spa because it used to big a lot longer than it is now a days.
    So they might have the old track as well as the new one (the new one being a section).

  30. Jeff

    I have read a lot of comments and im pretty shocked that nobody has mentioned this, I live in the US but have an account on my PS3 thats registered in the UK, it takes 10 minutes to make one and the demos are avaliable on my US account too….just do that

    1. Jordan

      @Jeff: Because it’s not that simple. As with most competitions, you’ll need to verify your eligibility with Sony before any prizes (or advancements in the program) are awarded. If you’re not a legal resident of a valid country, you will not be able to continue. But hey, wouldn’t you rather go to the Indy 500, anyway? ;-)

  31. Max Mosley

    At least it won’t be on the Tokyo R246 track. Im sure we are all quite sick of it. Look forward to a newer track. Altohugh im not sure if Indianapolis will be the track selected for the demo. After all the Indy track is in the USA but the competition only
    only applies to European and Oceania based nations. surely Spa or even Bathurst would be more appropriate. Possibly even an actual track used in the GT4 calender would be a more logical choice.

    An as to why the Nissan 370Z and not the GT-R or another Nissan; the 370Z competes in the GT4 racing class for amatuer racing drivers. Anything more powerful, and it will have to be in a higher class for more experienced drivers.

  32. CarBastard


  33. dennycrane1


    Finally a demo! I have been waiting so long for this game and I finally get to play it!!!

    Thank you Kaz.


    I am SO excited, but at the same time I’m so upset that they aren’t extending the Academy to Canada…maybe next year?

    Ahh this is going to be a hard 2 weeks!

  35. Alan

    I only just went out today to buy dirt 2 thinking that there was noting else coming out from pd until gt5 then i get home and find out a new demo is coming out, brilliant, thanks, great timing

  36. Mickle Pickle

    Christmas comes early this year… what a surprise, the kind we all have been wishing for…
    This is a AWESOME substitute for GT5P Spec IV! ;) AND to keep us WARM during this transition between GT5P and GT5!!

    We got the Prologue, we are getting THE real Demo, and we will get the ReAL Thing in the Spring 2010!

    @ MadDog10885 Says:
    December 3rd, 2009 at 11:43 am
    Yeeeeeha!!! I need a new Steering Wheel!!
    Does anyone know how to explain this to my girlfriend??? :-P
    I suggest you be REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE to her until then LOL LOL
    GOOD Luck Man !!

    as for the tires: Do the orientations of the treads really matter… Well i know they usually are reverse way of what is shown here… but in this configuration… the car will not blow up will it?

  37. Donald

    I’m mixed. Part of me likes idea of a updated GT engine and a chance to experience the the vibe of GT5 before it launches but another side of me wonders why they wouldn’t update the existing GT5:P to include the new content in a mode.

  38. maxpontiac

    I will be downloading this game via my European account if it doesn’t arrive in the US PSN Store.

    This is exciting news!!!

  39. Silvadeus

    :( So while European residents have a shot at a career in racing…. we in the U.S. get to attend the Indy 500? :( *Cries*

  40. Bram87

    Am I the only one who is wondering whether there will be damage shown in the demo? I hope it does, that way they can get some feedback on their damage model.
    This is going to be so awesome!

  41. Tony

    I hope it’s the Spa. In my opinion is one of the greatest circuits in Europe and for me it has always been disapointing not to see that track on GT-series.
    I once drove around it with my Volkswagen and it felt amazing. Although my car didn’t go that fast but I felt like Schumacher!

  42. goonersems

    yeah we need more info but great news is spa will be in gt5 c’mon 17 december hope we get a release date as well soon for the rest of the world

  43. Watevaman


    The left spoke says Volk Racing Wheel and the right says Ray(‘?)s Engineering.

    And I can’t wait for the demo. Although a demo for 3 months before the release?

  44. caasimun_18

    Its so nostalgic…i remember when i got gt4. It was raining lights were out and here it was the game i waited for, for so long, i was soo eager to play it then when the lights came on, i put in and…it didn’t work “read disk error” my face went pale…i felt like everything was taken from me i felt naked in this world, right now my physics mark went down by 3% i was top of my class and now 5 people are ahead of me…i feel that same feelin i had, but now i feel joy, joy that i remember that feelin the feelin of hoping for something good

    Thank you Gran turismo for making my darkest day come to light!

  45. Jack_uk

    Look at the 370z tuned version’s wheels. What make are they, can’t make out the logo on them. BTW great news on the demo. Can’t wait for the 17th. Bring it on!

  46. The Masfer

    Omg this is amazing earlier My 80gb ps3 broke so I bought a new 250gb slim on amazonthis morning and that will be delivered by the 15th

  47. Miura1

    @Vlad Mares: You’re right! Tires ARE mounted backwards.
    That will probably mean we will have races driving backwards…

  48. Andrew

    I don’t give a fuck about the competition but the demo is amazing news. Huge surprise too, and of course this time it’s actually a good surprise.

  49. jay gatsby

    I thought I would get this kind of news during christmas…good job PD, good job Jordan!
    maybe just put this update into GT5P, ya?

  50. ralph89

    It’s a download for me :). Awesome!!!!!!! I hope it’s SPA and that tuned 370z looks interesting. Good thing it’s FR layout, not some Front wheel drive car. Now we’ll find out how PD improved their physics engine.

  51. Yup

    peter, read more carefully :)

    “Sony’s blog post assures us that countries not included in GT Academy will still get to try out the demo.”

  52. S3 Racer

    Yop made my hole 14 days!!

    yeah and those in the us. We other europeans cant participate either. I m form Luxemburg, an they could easily let us join belgium or germany. Thats bad just like last time. But we still can look at the rankings and than look how good we are.

    And at least we got a demo. We expected cole pieces from PD for christmas :)-.

  53. [UK] ANDYW

    Finally!!!! Something to keep us going til March 2010!

    I’m hoping it’s a little more than just the academy tho… maybe some ‘The Making of GT5’ videos like in GT4:P???

    Hopefully this is part of a much bigger upgrade for GT5:P

  54. Aleksandar

    I don’t care much about the GT Academy but a playable demo, my god.. christmas did come early this year!

  55. JVH1982

    While the demo is great news, I wonder why it is that the US is being left out of the GT Academy again… There has to be a better reason than an ocean of separation (Australia and New Zealand aren’t any closer to EU than we are).

    What gives?

  56. overdriver

    First to comment!

    I’ve read it and posted the link 10 seconds before on previous news! Oh man this is sweet!

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