Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races: Trouble at Mill

A new set of Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races is now available for the week, with a debut for one of the game’s 34 circuit locations.

The v1.15 update introduced a feature whereby one of the three races now doesn’t cause any gain or loss of Driver or Sportsmanship Rating points — and it looks as if Race A will be that event each week as it’s now three from three.

You’ll be counting your blessings for that this week, as Race A would otherwise be an SR graveyard. It’s a four-lap, one-make race for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition road car, but it takes place on the Sardegna Windmills course.

This is a short, dirt loop, with some pretty unfriendly bumps and surprisingly solid tape fences quite close to the track. With 12 cars dicing for position, it’s not going to be the cleanest of events.

If you take your own car to the event, you’ll need to remember to fit Dirt tires, as they aren’t standard equipment. However the rental car will come with them already fitted.

Race B takes you to Trial Mountain, with the first appearance of the reverse layout of the track. This means the tight final chicane is now the tight first chicane, and the final complex will take some practice to get right.

The four-lap event is a Gr.4 race for cars with Racing Hard tires and, as you might expect, has a leaderboard largely dominated by AWD machinery right now.

For the final event of the week, Race C, you’ll be heading to the familiar location of Suzuka Circuit. It’s a ten-lap race of the full Grand Prix course this week, for Gr.3 cars.

Fuel consumption and tire wear are turned on again, at 6x and 5x respectively; that means it’ll drain fuel six times faster and you’ll experience the equivalent of 50 laps of tire wear.

That might come into play late in the race, as cars are required to use Racing Medium tires. There isn’t a mandatory pit stop, so you’ll face no punishment for no-stopping other than pretty sketchy tires in the closing stages.

Once again, “Balance of Performance” (BOP) is in effect for all three races. That means all vehicles have a specific power output and weight setting to roughly equalize one-lap performance, with tuning and settings tweaks prohibited.

In order to access the Daily Races, you’ll need to unlock Sport Mode, by completing Menu Book 9 (“Championship: Tokyo Highway Parade”) in the GT Cafe single player hub.

With GT7’s Daily Races so far updating to the same weekly schedule as that of most of GT Sport’s life, we’d expect the next new set to arrive on Monday June 20.

Race A

  • Track: Sardegna Windmills, 4 laps
  • Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo ’15 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP
  • Tires: Dirt
  • Settings: Fixed
  • Start Type: Grid Start
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

Race B

  • Track: Trial Mountain – Reverse, 4 laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP
  • Tires: Racing Hard, Racing Inter/Wet
  • Settings: Fixed
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

Race C

  • Track: Suzuka Circuit, 10 laps
  • Car: Gr.3 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP
  • Tires: Racing Medium, Racing Inter/Wet
  • Settings: Fixed
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 6x
  • Tire use: 5x

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